Helvetia Philatelic Society

for stamps and postal history of Switzerland

Founded over 70 years ago, we pride ourselves on being a friendly and welcoming society for collectors and students of Swiss stamps and postal history. Our membership is located both in the UK and throughout the world. Beginners and experts alike are welcome to join and participate in our activities. To find out more, click here.

What’s New

Summer (July / August / September ) 2022

The next meeting in Salisbury (Scout Hall) is scheduled for 29th October.

The next Zoom meeting for all members will be 18.45 UK time on 4 October 2022.

In addition, there will be a special zoom meeting for newer members. The date to be decided after poll of newer members. Newer members will be sent an email about this and asked about dates. For anyone who has not used Zoom don’t be put off as it is easy to use.  This is a link to the Zoom Instructions on our website. 

Holiday Reading?

Members of the Society can borrow books from the Society Library. Here are pictures of three that Bob Medland our librarian brought to the Society Annual meeting. The full list of library books is on our website here

Upcoming National and International meetings

Philatelic Congress of Great Britain is being held at the Jurys Inn Hotel, 245 Broad Street, Birmingham (centre of the city) from Thursday, 8 September 2022 to Sunday, 11th September 2022.   

Autumn Stampex 2022 will be held from 28th September to 1st October at the Business Design Centre, London. The theme of the event will be “Africa” with invited displays from leading specialist societies in that area of collecting as well as the full range of competitive exhibits.

Check Covid travel regulations before going to a meeting- for Switzerland https://travelcheck.admin.ch/home

News of these and other meetings can be seen with more details on the Association of British Philatelic Societies website www.abps.org.uk

Did you know there are six post offices in Switzerland that offer a full Philatelic service counter? Basel, Zurich, St Gallen, Bern and Lausanne.


Message to all Swiss Vignette Collectors from Ruud Dulmus

After 15 years of 🔎 research I proudly present my 🎓OPUS MAGNUS🎓
For collectors of Swiss vignettes, the “Pén” catalog 📗 was published in 1981, which contains around 10,000 poster stamps. Forty years later I have created a 🖥️ digital catalog 📙📘📗 with more than 35,000 vignettes. 👏 In particular, I would like to thank my family for their support during the countless hours of this life’s work. 👍 I would also like to thank some specialized collectors who have helped me complete this catalog with their expertise. 👏

I invite you to take a look 👓 at www.ch-vignettenkatalog.ch

Ruud Dulmus Amsterdam / Lugano, May 18th, 2022

Members Area

Your committee has discussed whether to have a “Members Area” and decided to keep the existing open access for all. You are welcome to submit displays for inclusion on our site and unlike the newsletter there is no length limit. Do you have an interesting or specialist collection? – if you are prepared to share your knowledge by scanning your pages these can remain on our site for years to come

Helvetia Society Subscriptions 2022

The Membership Subscription is only 10 Pounds – for this you will receive electronic copies of the Helvetia News Letter, the right to participate in Society physical and online meetings and you can participate in the Society exchange packet.  If you wish to receive posted copies of the Helvetia Society Newsletter the subscription rates are as follows £22 p.a for Great Britain, £26 p.a for Europe, £30 p.a. for Rest of the World. We welcome membership from anyone anywhere in the world who is interested in Swiss Philately. There is an application from you can download if you click the Join us tab.

Our Website – Please, please  

Let me know how I can improve our website. I will be especially grateful for any notification of any errors or difficulties you encounter. Tim Hargreave webmaster@swiss-philately.co.uk 

Are you interested in Swiss stamps and postal history?

Why not join our Society, and enjoy all the benefits that membership offers.

To find out more please contact the Secretary on

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Are you interested in Swiss stamps and postal history?

Membership of our Society has many benefits including a monthly newsletter, regional and national meetings, a superb lending library etc.

To find out more please contact the Secretary on

01905 423091