Between June 1972 and December 2009 a monthly Did You Know column appeared in the Helvetia Philatelic Society’s Newsletter. Edited by the late Michael Rutherfoord, our member in Zurich, the column contained snippets of topical news and views from Switzerland, and included information about many diverse subjects, such as postal rate changes; railways and TPOs; postmarks; reviews of books and other philatelic publications; new stamp and postal stationery issues; changes to the postal system, and many more. Michael continued to contribute thought-provoking articles regularly in the Society’s Newsletter up until his death early in 2011.

The articles have been compiled into PDF format, did you know

From 1972 until 1986, Michael also included a monthly “Question” in his DYK column, with the “Answer” appearing the following month. The questions are sequentially numbered to enable easy location of the corresponding answer. However, the numbering differs from that found in the original copies of the Newsletter, where a miscalculation in the sequence was discovered whilst converting the articles to PDF.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with what’s happening philatelically in Switzerland, and read the many other interesting articles published in current issues of the Newsletter, please contact the Society’s Hon. Secretary on 01453 766751 or email: