Thematic collecting

Thematic collectors should see Richard Donithorn’s document listing all Swiss stamps by Zumstein cat no with a subject of Art, Crafts, and/or Designs. Click here here for more detail.

Swiss Trial Prints

The 7th Edition (September 2015) of Swiss Trial Prints, produced by Derrick Slate, has now been added to the website. Click here for the Swiss Trial Prints Catalogue to view and download the 164-page catalogue for free.

Identifying Rayon issues of 1850-1852

A series of informative articles written by HPS member and expert Werner Gattiker. Appearing in the newsletter from 2012 onwards, these help collectors identify and separate those ‘difficult’ stamp issues. For example, the Rayon Issues of 1850-1852 have various ‘types’ derived from the lithograph printing stones use. ‘Type Tables’ for Rayons I, II, and III can be found here on the website.


Fiscal and Cantonal Material written by his father and contributed by Chris Duston