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Stamp Issue Designs: 1936-1941, by Hans Gaudard (PTT)1948Jan(2), Mar(2), Apr(2), Nov(2), Dec(1)stp
New Issues: 19481948Jan(6), Jun(3)stp
Hotel Post: by E F Hurt1948Jun(2)htl
1948 First Flight: Geneva-Martinique1948Jun(4)air
Exhibition: IMABA, Basel 19481948Jul(1,2), Sep(4)gen
Liechtenstein: Swiss stamps used in 1921; postmarks; postage dues1948Jul(2,3)fls
Helvetia Philatelic Society: inaugural meeting of the London Group1948Sep(5), Nov(3)gen
Day of the Stamp 19481948Nov(3)stp; pmk
Helicopter Flight: First Flight; Zurich - Kloten - Dubendorf1948Nov(4)air
Soldier Stamps of Switzerland, Edythe Rawnsley1949Jan(2)mil
New Issues: 19491949Feb(1,2), May(3)stp
Forgeries: Zurich 4 and 6 Rappen; how to detect forgeries1949Feb(3); Apr(2), May(3)frg; stp
Pro Aero: special stamp 1949; special postal flights - La Chaux-de-Fonds - St. Gallen - Lugano1949Apr(1), May(3), Aug(2)stp; air
UPU: 75th anniversary; background information; stamp issue1949May(1,2)stp
Standing Helvetia: the 25c green, by Dr K Strauss (continued in 1950)1949Sep(2), Oct(2) stp
Day of the Stamp 19491949Nov(3)stp; pmk
Standing Helvetia: the 25c green, by Dr K Strauss (continued from 1949)1950Jan(2)stp
Swiss History on Stamps: Commemorative and Pro Juventute stamps (continued in 1951)1950Feb(1,2), Apr(1,2), May(3), Jul(2), Sep(3), Nov(3)gen
Booklet Stamps: Tête-Bêche and Se-Tenant pairs, by E H Spiro1950Feb(2,3)stp
Sitting Helvetia 1881-1882: by H de Watteville1950May(5)stp
New Issues: 19501950Jun(1)stp
Sitting Helvetia: Gold and Bronze stamps, by Dr. G Fulpius1950Jun(3)stp
Standing Helvetia: 1882-1907, by H de Watteville1950Sep(1,2)stp
Pro Juventute: new issues1950Oct(1)stp; pro
Campione D’Italia: by E H Spiro1950Oct(4,5)gen
Postal Rates: Letter Rate, Postcards, Parcels, Registration, and Express Delivery 1951Jan(1), Sep(3)phs
Swiss History on Stamps: Commemorative and Pro Juventute stamps (continued from 1950)1951Jan(2), Apr(2), May(2), Jun(2), Sep(2)gen
Standing Helvetia: 1882-1907, a new study, by K Hoffmann1951Mar(3,4), Apr(3), May(3), Jun(3)stp
1943 Miniature Sheets: centenary of Swiss Stamps1951Mar(2,5)stp
Exhibition: LUNABA, Luzern 19511951Apr(1), Jun(3)gen
Courvoisier: printings1951Apr(4)gen
Pro Patria: new issues1951May(1)stp; pro
Pro Juventute: new issues1951Sep(1)stp; pro
Landscape Definitives: the “Grimsel Dam” issue of 1949 (z.301); two printing plates1951Sep(2)err; stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: John Dickinson’s Silk Thread Paper 1951Sep(3)stp
Pro Patria: by H Gisburn1951Oct(2), Dec(2)stp; pro
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: The Strubeli Issues (continued in 1952)1951Oct(3), Dec(3)stp
New Issues: 19521952Jan(1,2)stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: The Strubeli Issues (continued from 1951)1952Jan(3), Feb(3), Apr(3), Jun(2)stp
Pro Patria: new issues1952Apr(1,2)stp; pro
Kocher stamps: 1952Apr(2)lbl
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued1952Apr(3)stp
Who's Who on Stamps: Albrecht von Haller (1708-1777)1952Jun(2)stp
Pro Juventute: new issues1952Sep(1)stp; pro
A Philatelic Tour of Switzerland, by H Gisburn1952Sep(2), Oct(2)stp; phs
Tell Boy issues, by E H Spiro (continued in 1953)1952Sep(3), Oct(3), Dec(3)stp
Who's Who on Stamps: Jörg Jenatsch1952Oct(2)stp
Pioneers of the Sky: 40 years of Swiss Air Mail (continued in 1953)1952Dec(1,2)air
Genuine Cantonals: Basel Dove - what to look for1952Dec(2)stp
Pioneers of the Sky: 40 years of Swiss Air Mail (continued from 1952)1953Jan(1,2), Mar(1,2), Jun(3)stp
Genuine Cantonals: Geneva Small Eagle - what to look for1953Jan(2)stp
Genuine Cantonals: Geneva Large Eagle - what to look for1953Jan(2)stp
Tell Boy issues, by E H Spiro (continued from 1952)1953Jan(3), Mar(3), Jun(3)stp
Genuine Cantonals: Double Geneva - what to look for1953Mar(2)stp
Who's Who on Stamps: Nicholas von der Flue (Bruder Klaus)1953Mar(2,3)stp
Pro Patria: new issues1953Apr(1,2)stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued1953Jun(2)stp
Genuine Cantonals: Vaud (Waadt) - what to look for1953Jun(2)stp
Pro Juventute: new issues1953Jul(1), Sep(2)stp; pro
New Issues: 19531953Jul(1), Sep(1,4), Dec(1)stp
Genuine Cantonals: Neuchâtel - what to look for1953Jul(2)stp
Zurich-Kloten Airport: stamp issue1953Jul(1,2)stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: Strubeli Varieties1953Jul(3)stp
A Philatelic Holiday in Switzerland1953Jul(4), Sep(3)stp
Genuine Cantonals: Winterthur- what to look for1953Sep(2)stp
Who's Who on Stamps: Jean Georges Naegeli1953Sep(3)stp
1919 Airmail Issue: propeller overprint on Helvetia with Sword1953Sep(3)air
Pro Juventute: Tete-Bêche sheets1953Oct(1)stp; pro
Genuine Cantonals: Basel Dove - what to look for1953Oct(2)stp
Double Geneva: information1953Oct(3)stp
Perforations: Line and Comb perfs on 1900 and 1924 UPU stamps1953Dec(2)stp
Who's Who on Stamps: Johann Kaspar Lavater1953Dec(2)stp
Pro Juventute: Philately's Alpine Garden1953Dec(3)stp; pro
Day of the Stamp 19531953Dec(3)stp; pmk
New Issues: 19541954Jan(1)stp
Specimen Overprints: information 1954Jan(2)gen
Who's Who on Stamps: Father Gregoire Girard1954Jan(2)stp
Pro Juventute: Philately's Alpine Garden1954Jan(3)stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues1954Mar(1)stp; pro
Pro Patria & Pro Juventute: 25c or 30c; which value is the most useful? 1954Mar(2)pro; phs
Swissair: Inaugural Flight Zurich-Geneva-Rio de Janeiro-Sao Paulo; 1954Mar(2)pst; air; pmk
End of the Postage Due: advance notice of withdrawal1954Mar(2)pdu
Ticino Ovals, Edythe Rawnsley 1954Mar(3), Jun(2)phs; pmk
Proofs and Essays:1954Jun(1,2), Sep(2)stp
An Introduction to Postmarks (messengers etc.), Edythe Rawnsley1954Jun(3), Jul(3), Sep(3), Oct(3), Nov(4)phs; pmk
Who's Who on Stamps: Gottfried Keller1954Jun(4)stp
Who's Who on Stamps: Alexander Rodolphe Vinet1954Sep(2)stp
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued1954Sep(4)stp
1954 Balloon Flight: 1200th anniversary of the town of Henau, St. Gallen1954Sep(4)air
Pro Juventute: new issues1954Oct(1), Nov(1)stp; pro
1948 Airmail Issue: reprint of the 40c (z.44)1954Oct(2)air
Day of the Stamp 19541954Nov(2)stp; pmk
Tell: 40 years of the Tell Head, by E H Spiro1954Nov(3)stp
New Issues: 19551955Jan(1,2)stp
Tell: overprints1955Jan(3)stp
Landscape Definitives: the “Grimsel Dam” issue of 1949 (z.301)1955Feb(1,2), Jun(2)err, stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: The Strubeli Bisects1955Feb(3)stp
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued1955Feb(3), Jul(2)stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues1955Feb(3)pmk
Zurich: Tube Mail 1955Feb(4)gen
Book Review: Swiss Stamp Booklets; Tête-Bêche and Se-Tenant Issues 1904-1954, author Ernest Müller 1955Feb(5)lit
Who’s Who on Stamps: General Henri Dufour1955Feb(6)gen
Pro Patria: new issues1955Apr(1)stp; pro
Old Currencies/Postal Systems (Geneva, Zurich, Basle, etc.)1955Apr(4)phs
Printing Stamps: Surface, Lithography, Recess, Photogravure; information from Harrison & Son1955Jun(1,6), Jul(4)gen
1941 Historical designs: background, by Hans Gaudard (PTT)1955Jun(3)stp
Who’s Who on Stamps: Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827)1955Jun(4)gen
Geneva: 1846 "Cut Out" stamp (z.7) 1955Jun(5)stp
Exhibition: Lausanne 19551955Jul(1), Nov(4)gen
Pro Juventute: Stamps and the Naturalist1955Jul(3), Sep(3)pro
Pro Juventute: new issues1955Sep(1), Oct(2)stp; pro
United Nations: 10th Anniversary stamp issues1955Oct(1,2)uno
Day of the Stamp 19551955Oct(2), Nov(2)stp; pmk
Zumstein: 50th Anniversary1955Nov(2)gen
Standing Helvetia: an introduction, by George Caldwell (continued in 1956)1955Nov(3)stp
All about Switzerland (continued in 1956)1955Nov(5)gen
New Issues: 19561956Jan(1,2)stp
Standing Helvetia: an introduction, by George Caldwell (continued from 1955)1956Jan(3)stp
Swiss Meter Marks: an introduction1956Jan(4), Feb(3), Apr(4)phs
All about Switzerland (continued in 1957)1956Jan(5), Feb(4), Apr(6), May(6), Jul(4), Aug(6), Dec(4)gen
Karl Bickel: 70th birthday celebrated1956Jan(6)gen
The problem of Gum:1956Feb(1,2), May(4), Aug(4)gen
Pro Patria: new issues1956Apr(1,2)stp; pro
End of the Postage Due: withdrawal of 1938 design; validity to 31 December 19561956Apr(1)pdu
Geneva: Large Eagle of 1848, by E H Spiro1956Apr(3), May(3)stp
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued1956Apr(4)stp
Postal Coach: 50 years of the Postal Motor Coach1956Apr(5), May(4,5), Jul(3), Aug(5)stp; phs
Swissair: 25th Anniverary; Publicity stamp issue1956May(2)stp; air
Simplon Tunnel: 50th Anniversary; special postmarks; history1956May(4), Oct(3)rly; stp
Stamp issue: 1938 League of Nations and ILO stamps (z.211-214); varieties1956Jul(2)stp; err
Sursee: 700th anniversary; postmark1956Jul(2)pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues1956Aug(1,2)stp; pro
Peace Issue: 1919; varieties 1956Aug(3)stp; err
United Nations: ILO service stamp issue; advance notice1956Aug(4)uno
United Nations: ILO/WMO service stamp issue1956Oct(2)uno
United Nations: withdrawal of "Courrier" stamps1956Oct(2)uno
Franchise Stamps: (continued in 1957) 1956Nov(1,2), Dec(3)stp
Postal Stationery: by E H Spiro (continued in 1957)1956Nov(3), Dec(3)pst
New Issues: 19571957Feb(1,2), May(5), Jul(1)stp
Postal Stationery: by E H Spiro (continued from 1956)1957Feb(2), Mar(2)pst
Franchise Stamps: (continued from 1956) 1957Feb(3), May(4)stp
Day of the Stamp 19561957Feb(3)stp; pmk
Bern: background; drawing by Fred Bieri1957Feb(4)gen
Fischer Post: postal markings; FD, FF, CD ,CF1957Feb(5)phs
Ambulant Post Offices: history of Train and Ship Cancellations, by E H Spiro1957Mar(3,4), Apr(3), May(5), Jul(5), Sep(3)rly; lac
La Chaux-de-Fonds: background; drawing by Fred Bieri 1957Mar(4)gen
Swissair: Inaugural Flight Zurich-Geneva-Tokio1957Mar(5)air
All about Switzerland (continued in 1958)1957Mar(6), Apr(4), May(6), Jul(6), Sep(4), Dec(4)gen
Helvetic Republic: 1798-1803; The Post; early postmarks1957Apr(1,2), May(3), Jul(3,4)phs
Pro Patria: new issues1957May(1)stp; pro
Tell: paper variety on 20c (z.174z); long fibres1957May(2)qry
St Gall: background; drawing by Fred Bieri1957May(4)gen
United Nations: WHO service stamp issue1957Jul(1)uno; stp
Liechtenstein: Swiss stamps used in 1921; postmarks; postage dues1957Jul(2)fls
Winterthur: background; drawing by Fred Bieri 1957Jul(4)gen
Pro Juventute: new issues1957Sep(1), Dec(3)stp; pro
The Salvage Issue: 1942; missing blue colour 1957Sep(2)stp
Who’s Who on Stamps: Colonel Ludwig Pfyffer (1524-1594)1957Nov(2)gen
Who’s Who on Stamps: Johann Rudolf Wettstein1957Nov(2)gen
Swiss "Cito" markings: by Edythe Rawnsley1957Nov(3)phs
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues1957Dec(2)pmk
1941 Historical designs: inflated prices1958Jan(1,2)stp
Day of the Stamp 19571958Jan(2)stp; pmk
Ambulant Post Offices: history of Train and Ship Cancellations, by E H Spiro (continued from 1957)1958Jan(3)rly; lac
Pro Juventute: 1957 Insect Stamps1958Jan(4)pro
All about Switzerland (continued in 1959)1958Jan(6), Feb(2), Apr(2), May(2), Jul(2)gen
New Issues: 19581958Feb(1), Jul(1)stp
Internment Posts: Bourbaki, Gratis label; Postal Regulations, etc.1958Feb(3), Mar(3), Apr(3)gen; mil
Postmark: NIEDERUZWIL two-line boxed cancel; Temporary cancel 1958Feb(4)qry; pmk
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: display to the Northern Group by L Moore1958Mar(1,2), Apr(1,2), May(3), Jun(3)stp
Who’s Who on Stamps: General Theophil Sprecher von Bernegg (1850-1927)1958Mar(4)gen
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues1958Apr(4), May(4), Jun(4); Jul(6), Sep(2)pmk
Pro Patria: new issues1958May(1)stp; pro
Cancellations for Special Events in 19581958May(2), Jun(2), Jul(2)pmk
Cancels: Special Postmarks; early cancels from 1851, etc.1958Jun(1)pmk
Hotel Post: by E M Hamilton1958Jul(3), Sep(3), Oct(2)htl
Cross & Numeral: Tête-Bêche discovery1958Jul(4)stp
UPU: 1900, by W R Morrison1958Jul(5,6), Oct(3,4), Dec(3,4)stp
Pro Juventute: new issues1958Sep(1), Nov(1)stp; pro
1953 Mobile Post Offices issue: Retouches to 10c. (z.314)1958Sep(2)stp; err
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued1958Sep(2)stp
Who’s Who on Stamps: Philipp Emanuel von Fellenberg (1771-1844)1958Oct(4)gen
1941 Historical designs: paper changes1958Nov(1)stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: The Strubels - The Munich Prints (continued in 1959)1958Nov(3,4)stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: The Strubels - The Munich Prints (continued from 1958)19591,9,10,15,16stp
All about Switzerland (continued from 1958)19592,6,18gen
Liechtenstein: new issues195928stp; fls
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues19594,18,28,39pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1959 issues195920,28,30,36,39,44pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 195919592,40pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues195916,28,30,36,39,44,48mpo; pmk
New Issues: 195919595,21,24stp
Schaffhausen: Bocksried private parcels office changed name to Hochstrasse 19592gen
UPU: 1900, by W R Morrison (continued from 1958)19593,7,11,19,23,27,31,35,41,49stp
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued19596stp
Who’s Who on Stamps: Hans Konrad Escher von der Linth (1767-1823)19598gen
Who’s Who on Stamps: Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918)19598gen
Hotel Post: Belalp195911htl
Postal Rates: Letter Rate & Printed Matter changes195912phs
Postal Rates: Airmail surcharge for printed matter195912phs
Postal Rates: Postcards & Pre-printed card changes 195912,24phs, pst
Postal Rates: Personal delivery, Registration, and Express Fee changes195912phs
Day of the Stamp: origins, Edythe Rawnsley 195913stp; pmk
Standing Helvetia: display to the London Group by Dr. K Strauss195914stp
Pro Patria: new issues195917stp; pro
1959 Glider Flight: Egerkingen Nature Reserve 195924air
Pro Juventute: The Arms Stamps, Edythe Rawnsley (continued in 1960)195925,26,29,30,34,38pro
Official Stamps: discontinuation of the 1942 overprinted stamps195928stp
Exhibition: NABAG 1959, St. Gallen195930,42gen
Landscape Definitives: the “Grimsel Dam” issue of 1949 (z.301A); double print195936,39err, stp
United Nations: new issues195937uno
Postmarks: how to interpret the Abstempel-Werk Handbuch, by R L Christian195940,46,48pmk
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued195940,44stp
Pro Juventute: new issues195943stp; pro
Day of the Stamp 1959195944stp; pmk
Rayons: The Rayon Issues and the Framing of the Cross, by L Moore195947,48stp
Pro Juventute: The Arms Stamps (continued from 1959)19601,2,11,12,21,29,36,37pro
Switzerland and the Habsburgs19603gen
Liechtenstein: new issues19604,20,35,49stp; fls
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues19604,18,34,38,40,49pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1960 issues196022,26,34,38,52pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 1960196026,30,48pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues196010,18,22,34,40,52mpo; pmk
New Issues: 196019609,35,40stp
The VERBANO postmarks of Lake Maggiore, by Laurence Moore19605,10,30lac; pmk
Rayons: Lithographic printing, by J D Blyth19606stp
UPU: 1900, by W R Morrison19607,14,25,32,33stp
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196012,38stp
Definitives: Cantonal Messengers; designs for the new issues196015,16stp
Campione D’Italia: by Edythe Rawnsley196017gen
World Refugee Year: overprinted Service stamps196018,34stp
Pro Patria: new issues196019stp; pro
1960 Balloon Flight for World Refugee Year196020,30,38air
1960 Balloon Flight for the Children's Villages196030air
Swissair: Inaugural Flight Zurich-Geneva-New York196020air
Helicopter Flight: Vaduz-Zurich196020air
Cross & Numeral: Tête-Bêche discovery196022stp
The Cantonal Messengers, Edythe Rawnsley196023,24phs; stp
Machine Cancels: new cancel for Philatelic Bureau196030pmk
Jörg Jenatsch: letters, by L Moore196031,32gen
Recess Printing: information196034gen
Battle of Giornico:196036pro; gen
Rhine Navigation & The Swiss Merchant Fleet: 1954 Publicity Issue196036stp
United Nations: ILO/BIT service stamp issue196039uno
United Nations: OMM service stamp issue196039uno
United Nations: OMS service stamp issue196039uno
United Nations: ITU/UIT service stamp issue196039uno
United Nations: UPU service stamp issue196039uno
United Nations: BIE service stamp issue196039uno
Who’s Who on Stamps: Numa Droz (1844-1899) Statesman - PJ 1955196040pro; gen
UPU: 1900 (third issue), by W R Morrison196041,50,51stp
Pro Juventute: new issues196043stp; pro
Day of the Stamp 1960196044stp; pmk
Graubünden Cantonal Post: The Reichsboten mystery196045phs; stp
Railway Station Cancels: by R L Christian (continued in 1961) 196047,48rly
Railway Station Cancels: by R L Christian (continued from 1960) 19611,2rly
Swissair: essays for the special flight Geneva-New York 194719612air; stp
1938 Gordon Bennett Balloon Race19613air
Who’s Who on Stamps: Stefano Franscini (1796-1857) Statesman - PJ 193519614pro; gen
Postal Coach: Andeer-Avers; extended to Cresta; last horse-post Crüt-Cresta 19614phs
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues196114,18,30,34,42,46pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1961 issues196118,22,30,34,44pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 1961196113,18,22,26,30,40pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues196118,22,30,34,46mpo; pmk
New Issues: 196119615,6,36stp
1961 Balloon Flight for Europa Week19616air
1961 Balloon Flight for the Swiss Association for the Blind196134,38air
UPU: 1900 (third issue), by W R Morrison19617,16,29,37,38stp
Geneva: the Canton and its Stamps19619,10,11,12stp
Jörg Jenatsch: letters, by L Moore196112gen
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196114,34stp
Pioneer Airmail Stamps: 1913196117,21,25air
Pro Patria: new issues196119stp; pro
Liechtenstein: new issues196120,41stp; fls
Bern: Clock Tower196122gen
Semi-Postal Issues: (Pro Juventute, Pro Patria), by J J Eusebio196123,24,27,28,30pro; stp
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad, Edythe Rawnsley (continued in 1962)196131,32,43,45,46,53gen
Industrielle Kriegswirtschaft: War Board of Trade Issues, by M Tripet196133,39stp
High-value Definitives: 'Disciples' 196135,36stp
Definitives: Cantonal Messengers - difference between sheet and coil stamps196139err
Rocket Mail:196140,41,48phs
PTT: Postal validity of Swiss stamps196141stp
Pro Juventute: new issues196143stp; pro
Day of the Stamp 1961196144stp; pmk
The ‘R.L.’ (rayon limitrophe) marks of Switzerland, by Laurence Moore196151,52phs; pmk
The Pioneer Aviators 19621,2air
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad (continued from 1961)19623,7,8gen
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues19624,8,18,26,30,36,46,52pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1962 issues19624,8,22,30,38,46pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 1962196213,20,30,34,45,50pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19624,22,26,30,38,46mpo; pmk
New Issues: 196219625,13,35stp
Lake Maggiore: Ship Postmarks, by L Moore 19629,10,16,17,39,40,41,42lac; pmk
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: by G Kuisel196211,12,16,21,25,29,33,37stp
ITU/UIT: change of location for mail196213gen; uno
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196213,34stp
Pro Patria: new issues196219stp; pro
Basel: new Philatelic Bureau at Elisabethenanlage 7196220gen
The Salvage Issue: 1942 196223,24,28stp
Currency: "Batz(en)’ in the Belfrey, by L Moore196227phs; gen
Route Marks: by R L Christian196231,32,43,53phs
Liechtenstein: new issues196234,52stp; fls
Exhibition: Vaduz, report196236fls
Postal Rates: parcel rate changes196244phs
United Nations: new issues196245uno; stp
Swiss Maritime Mail: postmarks196245,48phs
Straightline Handstamp: STACHELBERG196248pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues196247stp; pro
Day of the Stamp 1962196250stp; pmk
Printed Postcards: new series of 32 cards issued196250pst
The Splügen Route: 196251,52gen
New Issues: 196319631,2,11,39stp
Route Marks: information, by R L Christian (continued from 1962)19633,5,6,7,16phs
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues19634,22,32,46,50pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1963 issues19634,22,32,46,50pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 196319637,22,28,38,42,43,56pmk
Postage Dues: a study, by J M Schumacher 19639,10,12,23,26,30,35,36,40,44,45pdu
Rayons: The Rayon Issues and the Framing of the Cross, by André Nussbaum196313,19,27,28,31,41,45stp
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196316,56stp
The Postal History of Switzerland: 15th - 19th century, by Dr. K Strauss 196317,18,20phs
Pro Juventute: new issues196349stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues196321stp; pro
Pro Aero: special stamp 1963, special postal flights - Bern-Locarno and Langenbruck-Bern196321,22stp; air
Pro Aero: pioneer flights of 1913196325air
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues196328,32,50mpo; pmk
The Gotthard Road: information by E Rawnsley196333,34phs
Cross & Numeral: 1882-1906 196337stp
Liechtenstein: new issues196338,48stp; fls
Helvetia Bust: by H Robertshaw196347,48stp
Helvetia with Sword: by H Robertshaw196353,54,56stp
Swiss Maritime Mail: Paquebot, Posted on Board, Corr. Pachi, etc.196355phs
Slogan Cancels: 1928 issue196458pmk
Nachnahme Covers: early covers 1851-1883 196457phs
Luzern-Stans-Engelberg: new railway link196456rly
Helvetic Republic: 1798-1803; a rare cover196455phs
Franco/Swiss Postal Treaties of 1828-29, by G Caldwell196453,54,55 phs
Day of the Stamp 1964196450stp; pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues196449stp; pro
Bundesfeier: the game of Hornussen; 1951 stamp issue196448pro
Printed Postcards: new series of 32 cards issued196446pst
Express Labels: 196438lbl
Esperanto Label: SVISLANDO; 1st Esperanto Congress 1906, etc. 196426,36,56qry; lbl
Geneva: 3rd International Conference on Peaceful uses of Atomic Energy196434gen
Pro Juventute: fixed period of validity introduced196434pro
Pro Patria: fixed period of validity introduced196434pro
Zurich: Centenary of the Bahnhofstrasse; 29 August 1964196434gen; pmk
27th International Conference on Public Instruction; 6-13 July 1964196434gen; pmk
The Importance of Pen Cancellations: items in the Burrus auction196433,39,40,45phs
Provisional Stamps: overprinted stamps (including airmail); 1915 onwards; postal rates196431,35,41,47,48stp; phs; air
Automation & the Swiss Post Office; reorganisation; postcodes; 9 regions, etc.196429phs
Official Stamps: stamps with perforated cross; forgeries, etc.196427,28stp; frg
Basel: Burrus Swiss auction196425gen
Bern: new Philatelic Bureau at Parkterasse 10196424,34gen
Slogan Cancels: 1964 issues196424,30,36,46pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues196423,26,32,36,46mpo; pmk
Liechtenstein: new issues196422,38,50stp; fls
Pro Patria: new issues196421stp; pro
Exhibition: EXPO '64; special post offices, etc.196420,50gen
Post from Swiss Mercantile Ships196418phs
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196416,38stp
UPU: 1900 issue, display to the London Group by DR. K Strauss196413,17,18stp
Mixed Frankings: stamps of different issues, by L Moore196411,12,19,20,23phs
Cancellations for Special Events in 196419649,12,30,46pmk
Express Labels: information, by I Tillen19647,16lbl
MPO 4: introduced at EXPO '64; with trailer19646pmk
Publicity Cancels: Rütschwil; 9606 - code number used to introduce postal codes 19646pmk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues19642,23,26,30,36,46pmk
New Issues: 196419641,5,37stp
Postage Dues: modern usage, by G Ritchie19651,2,11,12pdu
Nachnahme Covers, by J Bühler 19653,4phs
Zurich: new Philatelic Bureau at Fraumünsterstrasse 16 19654gen
Early Miniature Sheets, Edythe Rawnsley19655stp
Postal Rates: early rates from 184919657,8phs
Mixed Franking & Bisects: 19657,8,9phs
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196516gen; stp
An Introduction to Postmarks (messengers etc.), Edythe Rawnsley (see also 1966:4-5)196555,61,65phs; pmk
Aushilfsstempel (Temporary) Cancels (see also 1966:8)196542pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19656,32,36,40,47-48,62,66mpo; pmk
Lake Maggiore: Ship Postmarks, by L Moore196517,18lac; pmk
Standing Helvetia: display to the London Group by Dr. K Strauss196519stp
Cancellations for Special Events in 1965196540,50,58pmk
Cross & Numeral: 1882-1906 196533-34,37-39stp
Express Labels: 196525lbl
Holiday of 1853 (Tell, Swiss Guard of Paris, Rigi etc.) with stamps196545-46gen
Kocher stamps: (see also 1990:25-27; 2002:52)196548stp
Landscapes: 1934 Issue, by A Gullis 196541-42stp
Liechtenstein: new issues196524,47,58stp; fls; pst
Lion of Lucerne: information196545-46gen
NABRA: miniature sheet - error in printing196536err; gen
NABRA: news from the Bern NABRA Exhibition196542gen
New Issues: 1965196515,16,31,48pst; stp
Postage Dues: numbers issued for the 1940 series196535pdu
Postal Rates: Federal Post Regulations from 1849 196525,28phs
Pro Juventute: new issues196557stp; pro
Pro Juventute: warning of forgeries on the 5c (1964) and min sheet (1937)196539frg; pro
Pro Patria: new issues196531,47stp; pro
PTT: Pro Juventute: numbers issued for the 1964 series196556gen; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues196512,20,30,36,40,48,62,66pmk
Sitting Helvetia: Gold and Bronze stamps of the 1862 issue (see 1970:60)196549stp
Slogan Cancels: 1965 issues196526,36,40,47-48,62pmk
Special Postmarks of 1964 196523pmk
Specimen Overprints: 196552gen; stp
Standing Helvetia: 1882-1907 196533-34,37-39stp
Swiss Guard: information196545-46gen
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad196552gen
Ten Years of "Werbemarken" Propaganda Stamps196521,29-30stp
The B S (Basle Suisse) handstamps 1724 – 1816196535phs; pmk
TPO Postmarks of the Swiss Private Railways, by A Yates 196543-46,53-54pmk; rly
"Timbres As de Pique" (Ace of Spades) - licence for playing card in public196616gen; rev
50th Anniversary of La Cinquieme Suisse (New Helvetia Society)196628gen; stp
Architectural Definitive Series, by Edward Swindale196627,31,39stp
Architectural Series: The Bellinzona Controversy, by J Eusebio 196657stp
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues196624,34,39,43,51,62,70mpo; pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 1966196610,21,34,40,46,50,57,62pmk
Coil Stamps:19666stp
Coil Stamps: new issues196626stp
Currencies/Postal Rates during the Transitional Period 196657phs
Definitives: Cantonal Messengers - Varieties, by A Gullis 196641-43err
Express Labels: (see also 1965:25)19663,32lbl
Forged Postmarks: warnings196610,70frg; pmk, pro
Geneva: Large Eagle of 1847, by Laurence Moore 196655stp
International Offices: Post Offices for the various organisations196622gen
Jörg Jenatsch: letters, plus a book written by Jean J Winkler196624gen
Karl Bickel: A tribute 19668gen
Route Marks: LBpH 196647-48,50phs; pmk
Liechtenstein: at Helvetia Philatelic Society 19669-10gen; fls
Liechtenstein: changeover to coding numbers on postal cancellations196617pmk; fls
Liechtenstein: issues withdrawn196656stp; fls
Liechtenstein: new issues196622,60stp; fls; pst
Liechtenstein: Temporary Cancels, by Jack Beken 196616pmk; fls
New Issues: 196619661-2,49stp; pst
Old Currencies/Postal Systems (Geneva, Zurich, Basle)196657phs
Peace Issue: 1919 196611stp
Perfin Stamps, by Felix Ganz (see also 1967:5)196614-15,17,19-20,29,33,37-38,67-69gen; stp
Postal Flights: Zurich-Bellinzona, 1927 and Geneva-Bellinzona, 1932 196635-36,45air
Pro Juventute: new issues196659stp; pro
Pro Patria: Issues 1938- 1966, by H W Robertson 196666stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues196628stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196622,36,50gen; stp
PTT: Pro Juventute: numbers issued for the 1965 series196654gen; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues196616,21,34,39,50,51,54,62pmk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: withdrawn196654pmk
Publicity stamp: 50th Anniv. Schweizer Mustermesse (Swiss Trade Fair)196645stp
Slogan Cancels: 1966 issues196616,21,34,39,46,50,58,70pmk
The Day of the Stamp (continued Oct 68/Dec 72) 196651,60stp
The Rayon Period, by George Caldwell 196615-16stp
Warning: back-dated postmarks of WALDENBURG (BL) on miniature sheets196638pmk; pro
Zurich: Tube Mail 196617gen
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19678,31,38,44,48,62,70mpo; pmk
Batzen: coins on stamps, early currecies (see also 1968:22)196725stp, phs
Cancellations for Special Events in 1967196710,16,24,32,38,40,54,58,62pmk
Early Postal Rates, Edythe Rawnsley :196711-12phs
Forged Postmarks: warnings19672frg; pmk, pro
Geneva and the Fischer Agency 196769phs
Geneva: new Philatelic Bureau at Rue de Mont Blanc 18196725gen
Historical Series: 1941 196749stp
Who’s Who on Stamps: John Calvin196710gen, stp
Liechtenstein: Marriage of Prince Hans Adam - miniature sheet - 196736stp; fls
Liechtenstein: new issues196716,48,66stp; fls; pst
Liechtenstein: Royal Wedding - special cancellation196740pmk, fls
Luminescence in Swiss Stamps, by F H Frost 19677,25stp
New Issues: 196719671,9,24,39,45stp; pst
Booklet Stamps: new stamp booklets19672stp
Perfin Stamps, by Felix Ganz (see also 1966:14-15,17,19-20,29,33,37-38,67-69)19675gen; stp
Postal Abbreviations explained196773gen, phs, pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues196761-62stp; pro
Pro Patria: Issues 1938- 1966, by H W Robertson 196713,17-18,23-24stp; pro
Pro Patria: Issues 1938- 1966, by H W Robertson 19673-4stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues196731stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196710.16gen; stp
PTT: Postal validity of Swiss stamps19671stp
PTT: Pro Juventute: numbers issued for the 1966 series196766gen; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19672,10,31,38,44,50,58,66,70pmk
Route Marks: ROUTE SIHLWALD, used on the Selnau-Sihlbrugg line 1892-97196742pmk; rly
Seedorf: Castle of A Pro (Uri) 196746gen, stp
Sitting Helvetia: 1862-1882, by Laurence Moore 196729-30,35-36,41stp
Slogan Cancels: 1967 issues196712,24,31,38,44,50,58,64,70pmk
Soldier Stamps of Switzerland, Edythe Rawnsley196751-52,59mil
Special Postmarks of 1966 196737pmk
Standing Helvetia: 1882-1907, by Laurence Moore 196747-48,53,57stp
Swiss Coil Stamps, by Felix Ganz 196755-56,65-66,71-72,74stp
Swiss Fiscal Stamps, by Eric Lienhard196733-34rev
Swiss Railways, by J R Simpson 196715-16,22,26rly
Symbolic Issue: 1938, by F H Frost 196719stp
Circled-T' handstamp on coil stamps - a modern discovery196740pdu
Circled-T' handstamp on Technical & Industry stamps overprinted "Officiel"196722pdu
The Gotthard Mail Coach - Timetable 1849-1882196742phs
Who’s Who on Stamps: Theodore de Beze196710gen, stp
UN: Mobile Exhibition196750pmk; uno
20c. post-rider stamp - variety196842err
A Mystery Stamp: Fr.1. Definitive (Fribourg Town Hall)196866err; stp
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19684,20,25,36,46,52,62,72,78mpo; pmk
Bellinzona Aerophilatelic Day - Balloon Post, 27/28th April 1968196831,35air
Book Review: Altschweiz- Was Nicht Im Katalog Steht (Early Swiss, Beyond the Catalogue), author J Bühler 196839,40lit
Book Review: Handbuch der Schweizer Vorphilatelie 1695-1850, author J Winkler196877lit
Cancellations for Special Events in 196819682,13,25,28,34,36,44,52,61pmk
Day of the Stamp 1968196859,60stp; pmk
Landscape Issue: San Salvatore 196863stp
League of Nations: “NANSEN” stamps (see also 1975:60)196833uno
Liechtenstein: new issues196821,45,65stp; fls; pst
Lucerne: new Philatelic Bureau at Kaufmannweg 419684gen
Booklet Stamps: new Fr.5. stamp booklet196845stp
New Issues: 196819681stp; pst
New Issues: 196819681,9,10,47,48stp; pst
New Postcards of 1967, by G Ritchie 196813pst
Oldest Letter Box in Switzerland?196860gen; phs
Postal Stationery Cards196836pst
Postmark discovery: 1873 rectangular boxed cancel GENEVE A/date196818,21pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues196865 stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues196832stp; pro
Pro Patria: Stamps & Stained Glass196841,42pro; stp
PTT: Pro Juventute: numbers issued for the 1967 series196861gen; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: withdrawn196818pmk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: information196858pmk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues196810,20,25,28,40,44,52,58,61,72pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1968 issues196810,20,22,34,36,44,51,61,72,78pmk
St. Gallen: new Philatelic Bureau at main Post Office196864gen
Booklet Stamps: information about plain and luminous paper196858stp
Swiss Railways and their Cancellations, by R L Christian196815-17,23,24,29-31,37,38,43,44,49-51,67-69,75,76rly
The early currency tangle (see also 1967:25)196822phs
The Lugano Air Mail 8th June 1913, by J Eusebio19683-4,11-12,19air
The Posts of the Swiss Lakes196853,54,60,73,74lac; phs
Who'll Come adventuring?, by Ivan Tillen - The San Giacomo Pass196855non
100 years of Swiss Stamps 1843-1943, translated by F Rosenthal (see also 1970:3,4,11,12,19,20,25,26)196939,40,47,48,50,53,54,61,62,69,70,72,83,84stp
Air Mail Exhibition, Lucerne "LUPO", 26/28th April 1969196924air
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues196945,64,74,76mpo; pmk
Booklet Stamps, by Felix Ganz19699stp
Cancellations for Special Events in 1969196912,21,36,44,50,55pmk
Express Labels: further discoveries196911,12lbl
First Flight - Zurich-Bern-Lausanne 30th April 1919196928,44air
Liechtenstein: new issues196915,45,65,66stp; fls; pst
New Issues: 196919695,6,23,56,57,58stp; pst
Portrait Stamps, 1969 196971stp
Postal Terms found on Swiss cancellations, by Felix Ganz196985gen; phs; pmk
Pro Juventute: 1969 “Wallcreeper” 196910stp; pro
Pro Juventute: new issues196974stp; pro
Pro Patria: 1969 Plate Flaw 196956pro
Pro Patria: new issues196923,24stp; pro
Proofs, Essays and Trials (see also 1970: 5,13)196981,82stp
PTT Christmas Card, 196819696gen
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196924gen; stp
PTT: Postal validity of Swiss stamps196924stp
PTT: Postal validity of UN service stamps196956stp
PTT: Pro Juventute sales figures196986pro; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues196912,22,24,32,45,55,60,64,76pmk
Ship Posts of Lake Zurich, by A H Mueller 19697,8,13,14,20,21,27,28,33-35lac; phs
Slogan Cancels: 1969 issues196910,30,36,45,50,76pmk
Swiss Railways and their Cancellations, by R L Christian (see also 1968:15-76) 19693,4,17-19,25,26,31,32,41-43,49,63,77-79rly
United Nations: Independent Issue of Stamps 19692,38uno
UPU: 1900 196951,52,59,60,67,68,72,74stp
Visit of Pope Paul VI to Geneva: 30c B.I.T. series stamp overprinted196937uno
100 years of Swiss Stamps 1843-1943 (see also 1969:39,40,47,48,50,53,54,61,62,69,70,72,83,84) 19703,4,11,12,19,20,25,26stp
1939 National Exposition Postal Stationery197080pst
20c. post-rider stamp - variety on z358/z358L with 11 points on the harness 197022stp
Tell: 40 years of the Tell Head, by E H Spiro197087stp
An old letter tells its own story. A postal journey through Ct. Graubünden197032-34phs
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19706,30,34,44,50,66,80,82mpo; pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 1970197014,16,30,38,44,50,64,66,80,88pmk
Elusive Postmarks, by Felix Ganz19701,2,26pmk
Hotel Post Stamps 19709,10,12htl
Liechtenstein: new issues197024,62,78 stp; fls; pst
New Issues: 197019707,8,23,24,51,52stp; pst
Booklets Stamps: new stamp booklet: 197044stp
On the trail of modern varieties - 20c. mounted post-rider issue of 1960197081err; stp
Postal Acceptance Stations & Private Parcel Post Cancels197027,28,35-37,43,47,48,53,54,70phs; pmk
Postal Depots and Parcel Acceptance Stations 197085,86phs
Pro Juventute: new issues197069stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197023stp; pro
Proofs, Essays and Trials (see also 1969: 81-82)19705,13stp
PTT Christmas Card, 196919702gen
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued19702,35,69gen; stp
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued for Liechtenstein197035gen; stp; fls
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19706,8,16,29,30,38,44,49,66,88pmk
Sitting Helvetia: 1862-1882, by Mrs M MacMahon & H E Chapman197057-59,67,68,75,76,83,84stp
Sitting Helvetia: Gold and Bronze stamps of the 1862 issue (see 1965:49)197060stp
Slogan Cancels: 1970 issues19706,8,14,16,29,34,38,49,50,64,69,78,82pmk
Soldier Stamps - Some Notes by H Sheldrake197061,62mil
Stamp designing raises problems. PTT sponsored contest.197049gen; stp
T' Dues, by Peter Hobbs197079pdu
Tell Boy issues, by E H Spiro197055,63,71,77stp
United Nations: new issues197024,62stp; uno; pst
United Nations: postmarks 1969197049pmk; uno
Warning on Faked Classics197017,18,22frg
Zurich: Cantonal Issues 197045,46stp
20th Century Circular Town Cancellations, by Felix Ganz 19719,10,1112,19,20,21,41,42,49,50,51,55,56,58,63,64pmk
Affranchissement au verso/Frankatur siehe Rücksette (stamp on reverse): how many types exist? 197135gen; pmk; ppc
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues197136,62,70mpo; pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 197119718,24,36,44,46,58,68pmk
Cancels: “Velan” 1971
Cancels: unusual cancellations 1971
Cross & Numeral: 1882-1899, by Mrs K MacMahon & H E Chapman 19713-5,13,14stp
Customs Cancellations, by Alfred Golay197163-66pmk
Day of the Stamp 1971197170stp; pmk
Exhibition: NABA 1971 - notes197143gen
Exhibition: NABA 1971 - special postmark197140pmk
Franco Labels: 197162,78lbl; stp
Landscape Issue: z301A The “Grimsel Dam” issue of 1949 197133,34,36err; stp
Liechtenstein: new issues197117,40,61,69,70stp; fls; pst
New Issues: 197119711,2,15,25,53,54stp; pst
Numeral Handstamps on Swiss Covers 1829-1845197145,46cvr; phs; pmk
Philological Philately: The French Revolutionary Calendar197181gen; phs; pmk
Philological Philately: The Italian Calendar, e,g, GEN - GENNAIO (January)197175gen; phs; pmk
Postal Rates: rate changes in 1971197130,44phs
Postmark Puzzle: 1842 cover Yverdon stamped LV to St. Jendau, Sablai. Where is SABLAI?197159,62,67pmk
Postmark Puzzle: AMMERSWYL 28.12.89 on z58197122pmk
Postmark Puzzle: French markings GEN. 6 and GEN. 7197159,62,67phs; pmk
Postmark Puzzle: straightline VELAN (Valais), on 5c Cross&Num. 1907197151,57,67pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues197169stp; pro
Pro Patria: 1966 variety of 20+10c. 197135err; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197125,26stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued197132gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19718,22,32,43,46,54,58,62,70,81pmk
Sitting Helvetia: 1862-1882197127,28,30,39stp
Slogan Cancels: 1971 issues197122,44,52,54,62,70,81pmk
Standing Helvetia: 1882-1904, by Mrs K MacMahon & H E Chapman (see also 1972:13-70)197137,38,39,47,48,59,65,66,68,67,68,71,72,79,80stp
Swiss Post Offices Abroad - Basel Airport 19716pmk
T' Dues to Vanish?197118pdu
Tell: Overprints 19717stp
The Helvetia Philatelic Society Celebrates 25 Years197161gen
United Nations: new issues197115,22,40,61,70stp; uno; pst
Vitznau-Rigi Railway Centenary: special cancel197140pmk; rly
ZERSTORER - Explosives teams, by H Sheldrake 197178mil
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues197256,59,77,82mpo; pmk
Brief Expedition (Letter Despatch), by Elaine Wiltshire197261,62,67,68pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 1972197231,38,48,52,72,77,85pmk
Changes in Place Names 197273phs; pmk
Day of the Stamp 1972197256,87,88stp; pmk
Did You Know, by Michael Rutherfoord (commencement of a regular article)197247,48gen; dyk
Express Labels: (see also 1965:25; 1966:3,32)197235,36,43,44,51,52lbl
Field Post Cancellations, by Felix Ganz 19721-4,9-12,17-19,27-30,37,38,42mil, pmk
Hour Reels on Circular Town (date strikes), by Felix Ganz 197241pmk
Internment Mail197276gen; mil
Liechtenstein: new issues197223,34,63,79,80stp; fls; pst
Machine Cancellations: comments by Felix Ganz197249,50,52pmk
New Issues: 197219725,6,25,26,57-59stp; pst
New Registration Label197294phs; pmk
New types of 'T' postal markings197247pdu; pmk
Obituary: Frederick Bieri 197215,16gen; mil
Postal Rates: rate changes in 1972197214phs
Postal Rates: rate changes in 1973197291phs
Printing Postage Stamps 197289-91gen, stp
Pro Aero: Special Flights Geneva-New York & Geneva-Zurich-Nuremberg197222air; stp
Pro Juventute: new issues197279stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197225,26stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued197234gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues197222,38,44,59,72,78,86,94pmk
Swiss Shooting Festivals 197274gen
Slogan Cancels: 1972 issues197231,36,40,44,48,52,63,72,77,78,86,91,93pmk
Standing Helvetia: 1882-1904, by Mrs K MacMahon & H E Chapman (see also 1971:37-80)197213,14,21,22,31,39,45,46,53,54,69,70stp
Standing Helvetia: 1905-1907, by Mrs K MacMahon & H E Chapman (see also 1973:13-48)197270,71,75,76,81,82,92stp
Switzerland's Postal Stationery, by Felix Ganz 197265,66,71pst
Ticino Ovals: 197255phs; pmk
United Nations: new issues19727,23,42,59stp; uno; pst
500 Years of the Viamala Letter, by C Rauch197361gen; phs
Advertising Postcards of Switzerland (including Suchard), by Felix Ganz197349-51,59,60pst
Aerophilatelic Day: Altenrhein 28.4.73197328air; mpo
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19733,36,42,51,58,89mpo; pmk
Birth of the Swiss Posts - messengers, postriders, Thurn&Taxis, Fischer Post.197341,42phs
Cancellations for Special Events in 197319738,31,38,46,51,60,68,78,81,86,94pmk
Cross & Numeral: 1905-1906, by Mrs K MacMahon & H E Chapman197353,54stp
Cross & Numeral: 1905-1906, by Mrs K MacMahon & H E Chapman 197353,54stp
Cut-outs from Postal Stationery197362pst
Geneva - The International City, by Peter Hobbs 197375gen; phs; uno
Gratis Labels197363lbl
Hotel Post: Jubilee197382htl
INTERNABA: Basle 1974197382,90gen; stp
Landscape series: a new variety of z297197315stp; err
Liechtenstein: new issues197315,31,46,68stp; fls; pst
New "Fragile" Label197390lbl
New Issues: 197319735,6,8,27,28,57,58stp; pst
Newspaper Subscriptions197394gen
Obituary: Jean J Winkler197381gen; phs
Official/Service Cancellations (franking uncancelled stamps)197323pmk
Postage Stamps & Philately - Then and Now (a look back)19739,10gen; phs
Postal Charges to be paid by the Recipient, by G D Wilson197387-88phs; pmk
Postmarks of Ticino, Dennis Wilson197325,26,35,36,43-45phs; pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues197381stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197328,29stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued197346,89gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19738,16,30,40,46,58,72,76,93pmk
Q&A: "Fète Suisse de Londres"197375,85gen
Registration Labels: "V" (Valeur/Declared Value) 197339lbl
Ship Posts of Lake Lucerne 197369,70,79,80,81lac; phs; pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1973 issues19738,15,30,42,56,60,72,78,90,93pmk
Standing Helvetia: 1905-1907,A368 (see also 1972:70,71,75,76,81,82,92)197313,14,21,22,29,32,37,38,47,48stp
Swiss Alpine Postal Services, Edythe Rawnsley 197352phs; stp
Swiss military mail carried on Rumanian train No.12 and Polish train No.5197318mil
Swiss Official Postcards, by G. Ritchie 19731,2,11,12,19,20pst
Swiss Railways and Philately, by S V Berti 197373,74,83,84rly
Swiss Trial Prints:197365-67,76,77gen
United Nations: new issues197316,31,46,77,81stp; uno; pst
Unusual spelling on cancellations: St. Cergues (St. Cergue), Bellenz (Bellinzona)197384pmk
WHO emblem - “The Serpent and Staff”197371uno
Zurich: new circluar cancellation discovered "Zch." 197334phs; pmk
125 years of the Swiss Federal Posts (appraisal)197434,52phs
1853 postal packet service: Trieste - Switzerland197445lac; phs; pmk
19th Century Travel: 1828 letter with SCHAFFHAUSEN s/l and LT Milano marks.197465,66phs; pmk
A new angle on "Cancelled To Order", by P Hobbs197488gen
Albert Welti: Designer of the Tell Boy stamps, by Adolf Frey197429gen; stp
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19747,32,48,72,91mpo; pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 197419748,12,16,23,31,40,48,56,63,66,74pmk
Censored Mail: 197422gen; phs
Customs Cancellations, by Derek Beak197417,18,19,20,27,28,37,38,43,44,53,54,59,60,69,70,75,76,81,82pmk
Geneva - Centre of the International Air Mail Services in Switzerland, by Peter Hobbs19749-10air
ILO new issue197436stp; uno
INTERNABA: Basle 1974197415,31,39,45,51,52,55,61gen; stp
ITU/UIT Stamps used for Pre-payment, by P Hobbs197488uno
League of Nations Covers197430uno
Liechtenstein: new issues19746,14,56,71,86stp; fls; pst
Liechtenstein: numbers issued197431stp; fls; pst
Mail carried from Switzerland to the UK during WWII, by L Dutton (see also 1975;1976 and 1977) 197479,80,89,90,91gen; phs
Mail to Columbia with "S" overprint on Columbian stamps197410air
New Issues: 197419741,2,21,25,56,67,68stp; pst
New Post Office in Zweisimmen 197466gen
New Regulations for Letterboxes, by M Rutherfoord 197473gen
Notes on Automatic Letter Sorting:197471,85gen
Notes on Custom Cancellations: 197468pmk
Notes on Phosphor Postal Coding Marks:197477gen
Notes on Stamps: local post offices overstocking197468pmk
Notes on the Letter Forwarding Service:197477gen
Notes on TPOs: changes and new types. 197468rly
Official Stamps: stamps used by Government departments197447stp
Origins of the Geneva Cantonal Post, by Peter Hobbs197441-42phs; stp
Postal Charges to be paid by the Recipient, by G D Wilson (see also 1973:87-88)19743-5phs; pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues197485stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197435,36stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued197460gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues197412,14,20,32,56,60,66,77,86,88pmk
Publicity Slogan cancels used since 1964197473pmk
Q&A: miniature stamps, similar to small landscape issue, with AMBULANT cancel197416,32gen; rly
Q&A: unusual fieldpost cancel on mail between 1949 and 1960197464mil; pmk
Q&A: unusual postmark on Luzern revenue197464pmk; rev
Registration Labels and Marks, by M Rutherfoord 197483,84,85lbl
Revenue Stamps of Basel (handstamped on paper), by Don Lueck 197449,50,57,58phs; rev
Slogan Cancels: 1974 issues19748,14,44,56,94pmk
Booklet Stamps: small stamp booklets, by C Rauch197482stp
Special Postcard for Basle Zoo197425pst
The Julier Pass 197442,52gen; phs; pmk
The Nachnahme System197412phs
The new 5c. Definitive197440err; stp
The Treasure House at Zillis, Edythe Rawnsley197413gen, pro; stp
United Nations: new issues19747,23,25,34,74,86stp; uno; pst
UPU 1900197446stp
UPU: Centenary (a brief history) 19746gen; stp
A Philatelic Tour through Canton Graubünden, by S V Berti (see also 1976:5,6)197547,48,55,56,65,66,74,88stp; phs; pmk; gen
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19758,26,77,94mpo; pmk
Book Review: The Postage Stamps of Switzerland, authors Paul Mirabaud & Axel de Reuterskiöld197570,78,86lit; stp
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 197519758,26,41,46,57,86,91pmk
Heimisbach (formerly Dürrgraben): postmark change197553pmk
Helvetia Philatelic Society (America) & Swiss American Stamp Society merge (AHPS) 197513gen
League of Nations: “NANSEN” stamps (see also 1968:33)197560uno
Liechtenstein: new issues197521,61,91stp; fls; pst
Liechtenstein: numbers issued197520stp; fls; pst
Mail carried from Switzerland to the UK during WWII, by L Dutton (see also 1974:79-91;1976:13-84;1977:4-85)19753,4,9,10,17,18,26,27,33,34,42,43,49,50,54,58,59,60,61gen; phs
New Issues: 197519751,7,8,23,68,69stp; pst
New Railway Line through the Heitersburg: special cancel197536pmk; rly
Postcode changes:197594pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues197582stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197523,24stp; pro
Pro Patria: variety on the 1940 30c. issue197519err; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued197510gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19758,26,36,45,54,57,69,86pmk
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: by Mrs K MacMahon & H E Chapman197515,16,28,29,37,38,44,45,51,52,57,67,68stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: a perforation mystery197525stp; err
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: John Dickinson’s Silk Thread Paper 197519stp
The Geneva Fairs: 15th century letters, Edith Faulstich197539-41stp
Slogan Cancels: 1975 issues197522,26pmk
Stampless Covers of Canton Ticino197535,36phs
Swiss Hotel Posts, Red Cross & Telegraph Stamps, by E D Merki197563,64,75,76,77,81,92,93htl; stp
Swissair: inaugural flight Zurich-Geneva-Athens-Bombay-Peking-Shanghai 197520air; pmk
The 1924 UPU issue, by F R Lesser197511,12stp
The St Gallus Portal of Basle Cathedral197590gen; stp
Travel on the High Passes (horse-drawn coaches “diligences”)19755,12phs; gen
United Nations: new issues197519,46,69,91stp; uno; pst
UPU 1900: by W R Morrison (see also 1976:3,4,11,12,19,20,27,28,35,36)197571,72,73,79,80,89,90stp; pst
UPU 1900: methods of printing197532stp
A Philatelic Tour through Canton Graubünden, by S V Berti (see also 1975:47,48,55,56,65,66,74,88)19765,6stp; phs; pmk; gen
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues197618,34mpo; pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1976197623,34,36,46,87,88pmk
Cancels: New discovery (Emmenegger Group 149)197679pmk
Castles of Switzerland 197633,34pro; gen
Faites Diligence: special cancel 1 Aug - 11 Sept.197656pmk
Founders of the Cities: The Zähringen family 197648gen
GABRA Exhibition, Burgdorf 197643,46gen
International Offices: BIE Forerunners, by P Hobbs197667,68uno
Interphil '76 - A Review, by Harlan F Stone197651,52,59,60,66gen
Jungfrau: Railway, Post Office, etc 197639,40,47rly; pmk
Liechtenstein: Display (information) 197615,24fls; pst; stp
Liechtenstein: new issues197618,82stp; fls; pst
Machine Cancellations: Local Publicity Slogans, by M Rutherfoord 197617,18pmk
Mail carried from Switzerland to the UK during WWII, by L Dutton (see also 1974:79-91;1975:3-61;1977:4-85)197613,14,21,22,30,31,37,38,44,45,53,62,64,68,69,77,78,83,84gen; phs
National Festival (Bundesfeier) Cards: without imprinted stamp197620pro; mil; pst
New Issues: 197619769,10,29,65,66stp; pst
Notes on the 1973 Definitives, by Tim Hargreave197673,74stp
Pre-Propaganda Cancels of Mountain Postal Facilities, by Felix Ganz 197656rly; pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues197681stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197629 stp; pro
Pro Patria: news about the Fund197646pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues197610,26,46,50,70,72,78,87,96pmk
Service Gratuit, by P Hobbs197693,94,95phs; gen
Ship Postmarks of Lake Maggiore, by L Moore 197641,42lac; phs; pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1976 issues197664,80pmk
Squiggles: early postal rate marks197671pmk; phs
The 1901 Essay Competition, by Jules Bouvez197692,93stp
The Swiss have a Label for it!, by G G Ritchie197649-50,57,58,75,76,90,91lbl
Three Notable Events (GABRA,REGIOPHIL XI and DIETIKON), by M Rutherfoord197654,55gen
United Nations: new issues197624,26,34,70stp; uno; pst
UPU 1900: by W R Morrison (see also 1975:71,72,73,79,80,89,90)19763,4,11,12,19,20,27,28,35,36stp; pst
Vergé (irregular weave), by F R Lesser 19761,2stp; gen
Aerophilatelic Day 1977: Zurich Airport 197722,40air
Aviator Stamps and Special Cancellations197711air
Book Review: Handbook of Swiss Publicity Date-Stamps197740lit; pmk
Book Review: Handbook of Swiss Soldier Stamps, author H Sulser197770mil; lit
Book Review: Why Switzerland?, Jonathan Steinberg197723gen; non
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1977197714,47,63,70,95pmk
Collecting Postage Dues, by J Pascoe Taylor197761-62,76pdu
Cross & Numeral: coincidence? - 5c large cross wmk (z.81)197715stp
Davos 77: the event that wasn't! 197722gen; pmk
Day of the Stamp 1977, St, Imier197775stp; pmk; pst
Domestic Postal Rates, by M Kahn197765-66,73,74phs
First Day Postmarks: issued in 3 languages197748pmk
Franking machines with nameless town dies197731pmk
French Manuscript Rate Marks, by J C West197733,34,36phs; pmk
Geneva: "Tab" or "Bulge" cancels197767pmk
Liechtenstein: new issues197728,64stp; fls; pst
Mail carried from Switzerland to the UK during WWII, by L Dutton (see also 1974:79-91;1975:3-61;1976:13-84)19774,5,13,14,20,21,38,39,45,46,52,53,60,68,69,77,78,84,85gen; phs
Mittelholzer Commemorative Flight19773air; pmk
Multi-lingual Inscriptions on Swiss Postage Stamps, by K Sharp 197741,42,64stp
NABAG 1959: St. Gallen miniature sheet - colour variety?197755err; stp
New Issues: 197719773,29,57-59stp; pst
Notes on Nachnahme, by G G Ritchie197727,28,35,36,44phs
Panorama 77: SBB travelling exhibition197719rly; pmk
United Nations: cancellation197793pmk; uno
Franchise Stamps: 197794stp
The Lure of Postmarks: some uncommon types197785pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues197781stp; pro
Pro Juventute1961: shifted print on the 30c. 197755pro, err
Pro Patria: new issues197730stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued19777,71,95gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues197716,18,26,40,44,51,56,58,87pmk
Regiophil XII: Lugano 17-19 June 1977 - reports197754gen
Why not learn Romansch? 197787gen; stp
Slogan Cancels: 1977 issues197731pmk
Soldier Stamps: a memorable display by H Sheldrake197717mil
Special Railway cancel197771rly; pmk
Specimen Overprints: 197779stp; gen
Standing Helvetia: another stamp mystery - 20c reddish-orange (z.94Aa)197712,19stp
Standing Helvetia: some notes on the 25c stamps (z.67D & 73E)197756err; stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf., by A S Newall197789,90stp
UPU: Commemorative Issue for the 50th Anniversary, by Max Hertsch (see 1978:5,6)197791,92stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf: Origin of the Silk Threads 197793stp
Swiss "Cito" covers, by Harlan F Stone197749-51phs
Switzerland in the Air: a short record of Swiss Aviation and Air Mail, by A S Newall19779,10air
The Pioneer Aviators19771,2air
Those Automatic Labels, by M Rutherfoord 197726lbl
United Nations: new issues197718,30,37,46stp; uno; pst
UPU 1900: Zumstein Specialised Catalogue errors 197767,75stp
Pro Juventute: new issues197881,82stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197833stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued197846gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19788,23,31,38,46,55,63,71,74,82,94pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues197882mpo; pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1978 issues197831,39,54pmk
New Issues: 197819781,9-11,34,71stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues197821,37,64,65,66,86stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 197819787,15,20,31,40,48,50,64,69,72,74,96pmk
United Nations: new issues19781,24,34,47,96stp; uno; pst
Sitting Helvetia imperf., by A S Newall (see also 1977:89,90)19783,4stp
UPU: Commemorative Issue for the 50th Anniversary, by Max Hertsch (see 1977:91,92)19785,6stp
The Controversial Lemanex Block, by M Rutherfoord197817,18,28,48stp
The Lemanex Progressive Print, by M Rutherfoord197845,46stp
Two Orphan Cancellations: Munich 1965 and Philympia 1970197822pmk
Folklore Postcards: Lenten Procession in Mendrisio197824pst; pmk
Folklore Postcards: Sechseläuten in Zurich 197832pst; pmk
Lemanex 1978: Exhibition Reports 197841,42gen
Booklet Stamps, by M Rutherfoord197851stp
A new Express Label, by M Rutherfoord197854lbl
Schlüsselwert (key value): The "cornerstone" or rare stamp in an issue 197856stp; gen
Stamps still valid197870stp
Architecture & Artwork series: change of paper197871stp; err
Switzerland's 23rd Canton: Jura197823,24stp; gen
Book Review: Basle Police Revenues, J Barefoot197874rev; lit
Has Philately become Unhinged?, by F R Lesser197877,78gen
Jura Cancels197879pmk
Tete-Beche, Se-Tenant and Interspace combinations, by F R Lesser197813,14,19,20,29,30,39stp
Publicity Cancellations, by P Vaughan197883,89,90pmk
Castle Chillon: Fortress and Residence, by M Weiner 197849gen; stp; pro
Unrecorded Suchard envelope197812pst
Insurance for the Collector, by J Radford, ACII197859,60,72gen
Accountancy Marks on Letters to & from France in the post-Napoleon period197825,26,35,36,43,44phs; pmk
The Postal History of Menziken, by M Rutherfoord 197862phs; pmk
The Zurich Post & Its Postmarks, Edythe Rawnsley (see also 1979:5,6,13,14)197857,58,67,68,75,76,84,93phs; pmk
Swiss Fiscal Stamps 197823rev
Catalogue of Swiss Machine Cancellations197895pmk
Basle - The Focal Point, by C Rauch (see also 1979:3-4)197891-92phs; pmk; rly
The Zurich Post & Its Postmarks, Edythe Rawnsley (see also 1978:57,58,67,68,75,76,84,93)19795,6,13,14phs; pmk
Basle - The Focal Point, by C Rauch (see also 1978:91-92)19793-4phs; pmk; rly
Pro Juventute: new issues197981-82stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197925,26stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued19797gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19798,16,23,27,38,48,54,55,56,62,72,78,89pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues197962,90mpo; pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1979 issues197927,54,55,64pmk
New Issues: 197919791,9,10,11,25,57,58stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues197911,39,63,89stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1979197916,31,40,54,64,72,80,83,94,97pmk
United Nations: new issues197919,31,76stp; uno; pst
Sovereignty of Canton Jura197934gen; pmk
A fourth Swiss "Cito" Cover197938phs; pmk
Stamps from Automatic Machines, by C J LaBlonde197933,34stp; gen
Obituary: J N Highsted197912gen
Obituary: Dr A M Meston197912gen
Obituary: E H Spiro197912gen
Postage Dues, Yesterday and Today, by Edgar Bommeli (see also 1980:5,6,14,15,21,22,30)197917-19,29-30,35-36,45-47,52-53,59-60,69-71,75-76,85-86,95-96pdu
Booklet Stamps: New "Cut" Booklets197920stp
1924 Balloon Flight for the Red Cross, by Alex Newall 197928air
18th century mark (spiral) indicating prepayment 197922phs; qry
New Slogans/Flags for the Swiss ‘ALF’ machines, by M Rutherfoord 197921,22pmk
The Swiss Air Mail Label Booklet of 1937, by M Rutherfoord197937lbl
Crash Covers, by E C Walton197941-43air; cvr
The Postal History of Geneva, by C J LaBlonde (see also 1980:3,4,13,17,18,29,36,40,45,46,47)197965,66,73,74,83,93,94phs; pmk
Developments in Switzerland affecting Mail Communications within Europe, by C J LaBlonde197951,55phs
1932 Gordon Bennett Balloon Race 197992air
Swiss Trial Prints:197978gen
The Railways of Switzerland, by P Vaughan 197949,50,61,62,77,78rly
Q&A: 1903 PC Guernsey - Ferney - redirected to Bois-Cerf (a clinic) with s/l "EXP"197982pmk
Q&A: 1946 cover Katowice (Poland) - Bern, marked "Swiss Hospital Train North"197996,98mil; cvr
The Postal History of Geneva, by C J LaBlonde (see also 1979:65,66,73,74,83,93,94)19803,4,13,17,18,29,36,40,45,46,47phs; pmk
Postage Dues, Yesterday and Today, by Edgar Bommeli (see also 1979:17-96)19805,6,14,15,21,22,30pdu
Booklet Stamps: information about plain and luminous paper198023stp
Pro Juventute: new issues198081,82stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198025,26stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued198012,72gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19808,10,13,20,28,35,47,54,70,74,87,95pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues198095mpo; pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1980 issues198024,26,31,64,70pmk
New Issues: 198019809,10,25,57,58,59stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues198012,47,70,82stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1980198015,24,31,35,44,54,64,70,72,74,96pmk
United Nations: new issues198016,20,87stp; uno; pst
Book Review: Postgeschichte - Histoire Postale (Postal History), author H Schwarzenbach198016pmk; phs; lit
Liechtenstein: new cancellations198019fls; pmk
Stamps from Automatic Machines, by F Pickard198028stp; gen
Ticino Oval Mystery, Edythe Rawnsley198037,38phs; pmk
Swiss Railway Cancellations: a general appraisal, by R L Christian198041,42,51,52,60rly
A Philatelic Sensation: Switzerland's Rarest Stamp, 5c. Postage Due 198043pdu
SBB Zurich-Kloten Airport rail link (opened by Queen Elizabeth II) 198044pmk; rly
Bundesfeier Cancellations: Geneva & Schaffhausen198054pro; pmk
Book Review: Orient Express, Life & Times of the World's most famous Train, E H Cookridge (aka E H Spiro)198055,71gen, rly; lit
International Aviation Meeting: Bex198059air; pmk
Day of the Stamp: St. Blaise198063,88gen
More Uniformity of Circular Date Stamps, by M Rutherfoord198011,12pmk
Jubilee (Temporary Special Event) Cancellations, by M Rutherfoord 198049,50,73,74pmk
Bogus Cancels on Sitting Helvetia perf: Straightline (4-5 letter place-names)198069pmk; err
Replacement Cancellers (Aushilfsstempel), by M Rutherfoord 198074pmk
Parcel Inscription Labels, by Felix Ganz198065,66,75,76,83,91,92lbl
Helvetic Republic: 1798-1803, by J R Barrett & R Ruegg 198061,62phs
Stampless Christmas: Mail posted between 25th & 31st December198090,92gen; phs
125th Anniversary of the Thurtal Line198070rly; pmk
150th Anniversary of the founding of the Geneva Cantonal Post - Exhibition198032gen; pmk
London 1980, The Great Exhibition: report198033,34,44gen
Jörg Jenatsch: The Story of a Swiss Patriot198095gen; stp
Commercial Development of Swiss Air Mail Services, by D Cairns (see also 1981:5,6,11,19,20)198067,68,77,78,84,87,93,94air
Bern: new Philatelic Bureau at Zeughausgasse 19198194gen
Obituary: Christopher Rauch198195gen
1854 cover to Schaffhausen with Thurn&Taxis pen cancel POST- / COLLECTION /SIBLINGEN198186phs
PTT: Postal validity of Swiss stamps198185stp
Switzerland 1757-1968: Display by Mrs Alma Lee 198131gen
Aerophilatelic Day: Lodrino (TI) 25.04.81198128,53air; mpo
Swissair: 50th Anniversary Special Flight198117air; pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues198181,82stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198127,28stp; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19812,12,20,32,39,42,56,64,68,76,80,87,95pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1981 issues198112,47,63,80pmk
New Issues: 198119819,10,27,57,58stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues198130,47,71,96stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1981198112,28,32,40,42,46,52,56,64,72,80,88,95,96pmk
United Nations: new issues198111,15,28,40,87stp; uno; pst
The Pioneer Aviators 198154,55air
Bundesfeier: Display at the London Group by Derek Beak198148,53pro
Geneva: "Tab" or "Bulge" cancels, by Charles J LaBlonde198133,34pmk
75th Anniversary of the Postbus: Detligen cancel198146pmk; gen
Sending items to a Post Office for cancellation, by M Rutherfoord198173gen
Geneva: The ‘Escalade of 1602’ 198141,42gen; pmk
Switzerland and the Habsburgs 198144gen
Postage Due: an explanation198115dyk
Postal Agencies: solving a query198137phs; qry
Customs Cancels: solving a query198138pmk; qry
Postal Mark: “En Numeraire” - unravelling the mystery 198135,36phs; pmk
Unusual Rate Covers, by Harlan F Stone19811,24,36,46,52,67phs, cvr
Postal Rates: International rate changes in 1981198145phs
Book Review: Ersttagskatalog 1982 - Schweiz/UNO Genf, author Hans Schwarzenbach198179lit
Postal Card Types: 1888 - 1905, by Felix Ganz 198149-51,59,60,69,70,77,78pst
The Salvage Issue: 1942 198143stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: Silk Thread insertion, by E C Walton 198167stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862, by G Kuisel19813,4,13,14,21,22,29,30stp
Commercial Development of Swiss Air Mail Services, by D Cairns (see also 1980:67,68,77,78,84,87,93,94)19815,6,11,19,20air
LUNABA 1981: Special Cancellations198123pmk
WIPA 81: Exhibition reports198161gen
18th century marks (spiral) indicating prepayment 198162phs; qry
Concerning Exhibitions, Exhibitors and Jurors, by Dr. Marcel Kottelat (see also 1982:1,2,11,12)198189-90gen
Identification numbers and letters on Swiss Date-Stamps, by M Rutherfoord (see also 1982:3-94)198165,66,74,75,85,91,92pmk
Concerning Exhibitions, Exhibitors and Jurors, by Dr. Marcel Kottelat (see also 1981:89,90)19821,2,11,12gen
Pro Juventute: new issues198278stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198234,35stp; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues198215,24,38,39,42,64,72pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1982 issues19828pmk
New Issues: 198219829,10,33-35,57-59stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues198247,72stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 198219827,15,39,47,55,59,64,66,80pmk
United Nations: new issues198215,24stp; uno; pst
Identification numbers and letters on Swiss Date-Stamps, by M Rutherfoord (see also 1981:65-92)19823,4,13,29-31,67,68,75,76,83,93,94pmk
Booklets Stamps: new style, by M Rutherfoord198243,61,62,70,71stp
Franchise Stamps: Dr. Ganz visit to London198221,22gen; stp
Franchise Stamps, by Felix Ganz198227,28,37,38,44stp
The Mobile Post Offices of Switzerland, by P Vaughan 198217,18mpo; pmk
18th century marks (spiral) indicating prepayment 198225,26phs; qry
The Shanahan "Shenanigans", by J F Barrett198245gen
Gotthard Centenary Cancels:198246pmk; rly
A visit to 'Gottardo 82' in Luzern, by B L Hoddinott198251rly
Tribute: Laurence Moore M.B.E., F.R.P.S.L198295gen
Book Review: New classification of 'Strubel' (Seated Helvetia imperf) 1854-1882, author Walter d'Aujourd'hui198256lit; stp
Inpressions on 'Philexfrance', by M O Bidmead198259,66gen
An Afternoon at the Royal: "History of the Posts in Switzerland" by Mrs Alma Lee198291,95phs
Famous Swiss Stamp Rarities without Legal Status, by F R Lesser198277,78,84,90stp
The ‘R.L.’ (rayon limitrophe) marks of Switzerland, by Laurence Moore 198253,54,60,69phs; pmk
Unusual mark on Swiss cover: P.P.P.P. 198241phs; pmk; qry
Jura-Industrial: Fiscal Stamps?, by Robert Hürlimann 198249,50rev; rly
Bicycle Tax Stamps in Geneva 198222rev
The Tax Stamps of Canton Zug, by Robert Hürlimann 198273,74,81,82rev
Vellerat, Canton Jura: Rebellion in Switzerland198269gen
Identification numbers and letters on Swiss Date-Stamps, by M Rutherfoord (see also 1981:65-92;1982:3-94)19835,6,13,14pmk
TEMBAL 1983198324gen; stp
Unusual Rate Covers, by Harlan F Stone198327phs, cvr
BELLESPO (Bellinzona) 2nd-4th December 1983198370gen
Cross & Numeral: 1882-1906, by Laurence Moore 198357-59,67,68,77,78,85stp
BELGICA 82, by F Pickard19833gen
Pro Juventute: new issues198381-82stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198326,27stp; pro
Swiss Trial Prints, by D M Slate19839-11,17-19,29,30,35,36,43,44gen
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues198323,40,48,54,62,72,79,88pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues198338,72mpo; pmk
Obituary: Josua Bühler R.D.P198347gen
Obituary: Walter d'Aujourd'Hui198364,72gen
Slogan Cancels: 1983 issues198372pmk
New Issues: 198319831,-3,25-27,49-51stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues198323,39,63,97stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1983198331,38,48,55,63,76pmk
United Nations: new issues198322,39stp; uno; pst
Campione D’Italia: a short-lived issue, Edythe Rawnsley198361-62gen
Errors on Swiss Stamps, by M Rutherfoord 198337,38err
Philatelic Exhibition at the Swiss National Museum198333gen; stp; pmk
Bundesfeier: Data and Statistics about the National Fete cards, by A S Newell198351,72pro
Railway Centenary: Regional / Val de Travers (RVT)198355rly; pmk
Gotthard Mailcoach: Semi-Official Postal Card 1893 198370pst; qry
Gotthard Mailcoach: Semi-Official Postal Card 1893 198392pst; qry
Cover: 3-line stamp "PRIVAT COMMITTEE / für International Briefverkhr / 36, r. Petit Chene, LAUSANNE" 198370cvr; qry
Cover: "Amtlich" from 'Gemeinderat Kyburg' to Zurich. oblong label with cds of Kyburg 18.III.40. 198370cvr; qry; lbl
Cover of 1831 with 5/6 'fraction' mark and framed '½' (England/Scotland border tax?) 198370cvr; pmk; qry
Accountancy Marks of the Bureau d’Echange, by C Rauch198373-75,83,84,93,94phs; pmk
Geneva - French Office (du Mont Blanc 1798)198378phs; pmk
1819 Cover from Coppet. 198345phs; qry; cvr
Swiss Ice Hockey Postal Items, by B Renshaw 198341,42,53,54gen; pmk; stp
Swiss Lake and River Boats, by M Rutherfoord 198371lac; pmk; ph
Travel in the Good Old Days, Edythe Rawnsley 198365phs
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued198331gen; stp
Significance of the 'Sundgau': Allschwil (BS)198355gen, pmk
Swiss Federal Railways Postcards: 1953-1972, by B L Hoddinott (see also 1984:5-7,41-43,52,53)198395,96rly; pst
Pro Juventute: new issues198473,80stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198425,26stp; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues198414,18,36,43,64,72,85pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues1984mpo; pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1984 issues198485pmk
New Issues: 198419843,4,25-27,57,58stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues198414stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1984198418,30,35,36,43,56,64,72,86,91pmk
United Nations: new issues198420,40stp; uno; pst
Swiss Federal Railways Postcards: 1953-1972, by B L Hoddinott (see also 1983:95,96)19845-7,41-43,52,53rly; pst
1939 National Exhibition in Zurich, by C M Scholey 198417-18,29,30gen; pmk; stp
NABA 1984198423,26,27,36,49-51gen; pmk; stp
Booklets Stamps: the first Swiss booklets, by M Rutherfoord 198454,55,61-63stp
Swiss Custom Posts: List of names and numbers 198437,46,48pmk
1915 Cover to Montjoie: "PRIVAT COMMITTEE / für International Briefverkhr / 36, r. Petit Chene, LAUSANNE" 198438cvr; qry
1919 Cover, Bern to Alsace: handstamped in mauve "Bureau International / --- de la Paix ---" 198438cvr; qry
False overprints on League of Nations and ILO stamps, by Felix Ganz198433-35,45frg; uno
1891 Jubilee Cards with imprint (z.1a & 1b) 198469pst; qry
1920 Bundesfeier Card with address side overprinted (z.28) 198469,70pst; qry; pro
New Development in ‘PP’ hand-stamps, by M Rutherfoord19849
Revenue Philatelist: Towns of Arbon (TG), Hinwil (ZH), by Gene Kelly198481,91rev
The Travelling Post Office in Switzerland, by Adriano Gervasi 19841,2,11,12,20,21rly
Booklets Stamps: new style booklets, by M Rutherfoord198419stp
Cover with stamp bisected by slogan cancel. 198448cvr; qry
Book Review: Dokumente aus dem Alten Zurich 1790-1873, author Hans Schwarzenbach 198459lit
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued198485gen; stp
Switzerland's Postage Dues, by G W Hubbard (see also 1985:5,6,13,21,22,46)198489,90pdu
Postage Rates from Switzerland to Foreign Lands 1852-1863, by E C Walton (see also 1985:3,14,21)198465-67,74,75,93,94phs
Switzerland's Postage Dues, by G W Hubbard (see also 1984:89,90)19855,6,13,21,22,46pdu
1900 Postal Card: how many cards in this series? 198527pst; qry
Postage Rates from Switzerland to Foreign Lands 1852-1863, by E C Walton (see also 1984:65-94)19853,14,21phs
Pro Juventute: new issues198581,82stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198526,27stp; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues198515,38,48,54,61,72,87,96pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1985 issues198538pmk
New Issues: 198519851,2,25-27,57,58stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues198548stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1985198516,34,38,39,48,54,64,82,96pmk
United Nations: new issues198547,54,82stp; uno; pst
Types of "T" Cancel with handwritten fraction mark (see 1979:76) 198537,38pdu; qry
A ‘Pilgrims’ Way in Switzerland, by M Rutherfoord 198577-79pmk; gen
Dateless Straight line cancellations, by A Yates 198541,42pmk
Communications in Switzerland 1893, by C J LaBlonde 198559rly; lac; mil
GABRA II - Burgdorf, by F Pickard198586gen
Geneva Interlude, by A Young198585gen
Fournier's forgery of the Sitting Helvetia Fr.1 bronze of 1863, by Anton Kofranek 198589,90,95frg; stp
Invalid Stamps and Cards sent through the post, by F Pickard 198533,34pst; stp
Postage Due on German Inflation Mail, by M Rutherfoord 198545,46pdu
Mail in Transit from Switzerland to France in the 17th-19th centuries, by Dennis Wilson19859-11,17-19,29,30,35,36,43,44phs; pmk
NACHNHMEN cds', plus "BERN NACHN. REMB.", "BERN POSTE REST." marks 198549,50pmk; qry
The Rigi Post in 1900198588gen; phs
Postal Stationery: 10c red overprint on 7½c Tell Boy card 198571pst
Swiss Reminiscences from 1983, by Ivan Tillen 198593,94gen
Postscript to "GABRA" - "R" Labels198591lbl
Mail posted at a railway station where the train has a manned TPO198556rly
ITALIA 85: Esposizione Mondiale di Filatelie, Roma 25th Oct-3rd Nov 1985198592gen
Straightline cancel VANNES ? 198551,59,72pmk; qry
Customs cancels on official PTT envelopes ? 198551pmk; qry
Customs cancels on official PTT envelopes ? 198559pmk; qry
A Bernese Interlude - Centenary of Philatelisten-Verein Bern, by E Huber198553,54gen
Dated Corners, produced by the PTT rotary press printing198555,69stp
Postal Route questions: Basel-Verona, and Bern-Venice ? 198558phs; qry
The "Historical" Issue of 1941198562stp
Postage Dues: Are we paying too much?, by G W Hubbard (see also 1986:6)198565,66,73,74,82pdu
Book Review: Local Publicity Cancellation Handbook (Supplement 2)198568,69lit; pmk
Book Review: Perfins of Switzerland, authors R Hürlimann & F Ganz 198576lit
Postage Dues: Are we paying too much?, by G W Hubbard (see also 1985:65,66,73,74,82)19866pdu
Pro Juventute: new issues198673,80stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198625-26stp; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19866,16,30,39,71,90pmk
New Issues: 198619861-3,25-27,57,58,63stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues1986stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 198619866,30,39,48,72,87,88pmk
United Nations: new issues1986stp; uno; pst
2000 Years of Roman Switzerland, by M Rutherfoord 198621,28,35,40,53,54,61,62,69,70stp; gen; pmk
How did Swiss Air Mail get to the North Pole?, by A S Newall 198643air
Booklets Stamps: A "Holey" Philatelic Investigation, by F R Lesser198649,65,66,74stp
Identifying the new Stamp Printing Machines, by M Rutherfoord 198685-86,92stp; gen
Industrielle Kriegswirtschaft, by Maurice Tripet 198689,96stp
The Landscape Issue of 1973 198622stp; err
Official Pre-paid Mail, by M Rutherfoord 198641-42pst; gen
Post Office Expenses in 1835, by D Ripley 198681cvr, phs
Currency: "Batz(en)’ in the Belfrey, by Laurence Moore198691phs; gen
Cover: straight line ALTISHOFEN, with ZU SPAT (too late) mark198694pmk; phs
Registration, by C M Scholey19865,13phs; lbl
The Swiss Alpenhorn, by G H Bishop 198633,34stp; pro; pmk
Tag der Sportmarke (Day of the Sport Stamp) - February 15th19868stp; mpo; pmk
Forgeries of the Federal Issues 1850-1854, by Anton Kofranek 19869,10,12,17,18,19,21,29,30,45,46,51,52,59,60,67,68frg; stp
Pro Sport, by J J Eusebio198614stp
An unusual Tax Mark 198642pdu; qry
Book Review: Sitting Helvetia Imperforate 1854-1862, author Hans F Hunziker198647stp; lit
Book Review: Les Timbres Fiscaux Cantonaux de Genève, author Denis Gainon198654rev; lit
Book Review: Cumulative Index of Tell & Forerunners 1938-1985, AHPS198655gen; lit
Visit to the Northern Group by Roy Christian198687rly
Revenue Philatelist: Seebach (ZH), by Gene Kelly198692rev
Thinking out aloud, by F R Lesser198693gen
Pro Juventute: new issues198786stp; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues198720,29,39,43,53,63,71,78,82,95pmk
New Issues: 198719879,10,39,62stp; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1987198729,82pmk
An ABC of German Script198757,58,68,69gen
An unusual Air Mail Despatch, by Adriano Gervasi 198717,18air; pmk; gen
Machine Cancellations: Why Group 3?, by C J LaBlonde 198725,26,37,38pmk
Self-service Post Offices of the Zurich Region, Edythe Rawnsley 198759,60phs; pmk
1973 Definitives: FR.2.50 'Weathercock' a new z.542 (see aslo 88:19-20)198716stp; err
Swiss Postal Stationery in the Tapling Collection, by F Pickard198721,22pst
1939 Cover GB to Switzerland via Germany; mis-sorted & sent with Belgian/Dutch mail 198722qry; cvr
Booklet Packing Slips198730lbl
Book Review: Les Timbres Fiscaux Cantonaux de Fribourg, authors Denis Gainon & Robert Hürlimann 198731lit; rev
Blank cancel - new19877dyk
Jubilee cancels19877dyk
Commemorative stamp (new)19879dyk
Postal transport stamps198710dyk
Liechtenstein: First K-cancel - Nendeln198715pmk; fls
Special Geneva cancel 12/3/87 for 50th anniv198723dyk
Book Review: Fiscal Stamps of the Kantone & Gemeinden of Switzerland, author Gene Kelly198763rev; lit
New Label: Médicaments Urgents (Urgent Medicines)198723lbl
Railways & TPO's: London Group Display by L E Stiles198727rly
1986 Postal Stationery Card: Another Phosphor Incident198727,28,61pst; err
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Air Mails198732air; gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Bundesfeier198748pro; pst; gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Covers198764cvr; gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Fiscal or Revenue Stamps198772rev; gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Day of the Stamp198780stp; gen; pst; pmk
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Enjoy your collecting198788gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Gutter Pairs198796gen; stp; rly
1977 Portraits: colour-shift variety of the 40c (z.582)198758stp; err
Cover: PD and AMBULANT cds, plus 'blind' or 'd'annulation' 4-ring cancel (see 1988:49; 1997:37,45; 2003:67)198730pdu; rly; cvr; qry; pmk
Slogan for TPO exhibition, Baden198732dyk
Postal Acceptance Stations & Private Parcel Post Cancellations, by R S Johnson (see 1970:1,2,26)198733pmk
Withdrawal of all Straightline Cancels in Italian Switzerland, by G Negrini198733-35pmk
Sale of Courvoisier, stamp printers198739dyk
Phosphor varieties on booklet, coil and sheet stamps, and Frama labels198741,61stp; err; lbl
Sitting Helvetia 1862-1878: Re-gumming at it's crassest!, by F R Lesser198742stp; frg
ZOLLFREI marks (No Customs Dues to be Paid)198744pmk; phs
Aufgegeben (Aufg.): 'As handed in' - manuscript marks for over-franked mail198744phs
1907 Cover to Moutier (BE) or Mouthier (France) with Swiss & French PDs198745pdu
1799 'New Map of Swisserland'198746gen
Stamp on the Reverse (Timbre Au Dos / Frankatur Siehe Rückseite) (see 2007:12)198749,50,60ppc; gen
1933 PPC with handstamp "To Pay 16 2/3", by David Dixey 198751,52pdu
Standing Helvetias: perforations & controlmarks - guidance 198779stp
Forgeries: are they respectable?, by J F Barrett 198765,66frg; stp
1860 Registered cover Baden to Le Havre 198773,74,94cvr; phs; qry
Postal Codes in Switzerland, by Adriano Gervasi198781,82phs; pmk
1987 Definitive: 20c mule-driver (z.733) Artistic licence or left-handed postmen?198778stp
1953 Mobile Post Offices issue: Retouches to 10c. (z.314)198778stp; err
1987 Swiss Disaster Stamp (z.66): floods cause closure of Gotthard railway198784gen; stp; rly
1889 Postal Stationery card Spain-Lausanne, with Spanish War Tax labels and Swiss PD198753pdu
1944 Cover: messenger mark ''Reception du courrier" applied at Red Cross198754cvr
Dates & How To Read Them: Calculatiing actual day of week, for Postal History, etc.198754gen
Kloten: issued with its own K-cancel and slogan cancels198755pmk
Pro Juventute: Validity periods for the various issues198756pro
Crispin Dusser of Schwyz, by Dennis Cairns198766,67gen
1987 tourism stamps with different paper/gum198771dyk
1897 Cover: AMBULANT No.5 with mixed blue & green PDs198777pdu; cvr; rly
Last trip of MPO 3198779dyk
Red Cross Frank Stamp – 1903 198793phs; lbl
1886 Fiscal stamps of Aargau: 198795rev
1882 Cover to Hotel Belalp, with PD and BRIGUE MESSAGERIE boxed cachet 19871-2,14,85htl; pdu; pmk; qry
History of PTT Philatelic Bureau198717-18gen
Lunaba 87: 198723,39gen; pmk
The Official Philatelic Office of the PTT, by Adriano Gervasi19881,2gen
The smallest TPO in the world: Waldenberg-Liestal, by M A Bulpitt19883rly
Miniature sheet of Fiscals: Au (BE) and Bischofzell, Amriswil, Berneck (TG) (see 1989:1-2)19883rev
Visit to PTT Museum, Bern, by F Pickard19884gen
New 25c coil stamps for bulk mailing machines19885stp
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Heimat Collections19888gen
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19886,13,20,29,35,43,62,77,84,93pmk
Book Review: PEN Catalogue of Special & Mobile Post Office Cancellations198813lit; pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 198819886,13,20,29,35,43,62,77,84,93pmk
Postage Due: 16⅔ and 33⅓ Gold centimes To Pay (see also 2010:61) 19889,10,50pdu
New Issues: 1988198811,70stp; pst
A to Z of Swiss Philately: International Offices198816gen; uno
Covers (1836/1845) Lucerne-Lyon - question about manuscript rate marks 198817,18,73,74phs; qry
Philately and Luminescence, by F R Lesser (see also 1988:16)198819-20stp; err
Censor Marks: Display to the London Group198814phs
Book Review: Fiscal Stamps of the Kantone & Gemeinden of Switzerland (Vol II), author Gene Kelly198823rev; lit
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Jura Industrial Railway198824gen; rly
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Jubilee Cancels198824gen; pmk
Hunt for the 1c Postage Due, by S MacKenzie (see 1989:43; 2007:4,5,8,40; 2008:33)198825,26,51,52pdu
Blank Form Price Tags, by Gene Kelly 198827rev
1970 Cover with PJ stamp used prior to validity. 'T' Due added.198829pdu; pro
A to Z of Swiss Philately: 'K' Cancellations198832gen; pmk
Pro Patria: new issues198735stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198837stp; pro
Revised postal system and post codes (see 1987:81-82)198815dyk
Postal cards with phosphor/luminescent coating variations (see 1987:27-28,61,71)198815dyk
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Lake Steamer Cancels198840lac; phs; pmk
Helvetia with Sword: colour-error on the 25c (z.109) 198831,89,90stp; err
1842 Cover with Bern DB + posthorn cds198833,34,52cvr; phs; pmk
PP labels and Circular Date Stamps with 5 & 6-pointed stars (see 1989:17-18)198835,45lbl; pmk
Payment by PTT to SBB for TPOs198839dyk
Book Review: The Posts of Canton Schaffhausen198839lit; phs
Definitives: The 1936 Landscape issues, by F Pickard198841,42,59,61,69,75stp
Are We Damaging Our Stamps? 198843gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Military (Soldier) Stamps198848mil
Cancels: 'Blind' or 'd'annulation' - rings and wavy-lines (see 1987:30; 1997:37,45; 2003:67)198849
A to Z of Swiss Philately: National Fete (Bundesfeier/Pro Patria)198856pro; gen
Postage Due: 'T' cancels198846pdu
Tell Boy: 2½c on buff paper (z.169) with SdN overprint - rare Lugano 1 cancel 198847,63stp; pmk; uno
1958 Cover: Registered; re-directed; PD; 'ungültig' (fee not collected); Niedergösgen straightline 198853,77pdu; pmk; cvr; qry
Book Review: Les Timbres Fiscaux Cantonaux du Valais, author Denis Gainon198860rev; lit
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Overprints198864stp; gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Pro Aero198872air; gen
50th anniversary of pro-Aero198855dyk
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad, by Adriano Gervasi198857,58,67,68,83,84phs; pmk
Dübendorf military airfield - new museum, flights and cancels198863air
Standing Helvetia: including 'Libertas' essays & trials, by Geoff Holden198865,66,74stp
Damage from self-sealing envelopes (see 1992:23,31;1998:28; 1999:20)198885gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Rayon Limitrophe (RL) marks198888phs; pmk
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Railway Cancels198888rly; gen
Booklet Stampss: new booklet198878,79dyk
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Questions & Queries198880gen
Pro Juventute: new issues198881stp; pro
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Strubels198896stp
Fiscal Finds: Hertig & Co, printers - Biel-Bienne (BE); Ville de Rolle (VD); Bubikon (ZH) (see 1988:3)19891,2rev
Postal Stationery Card: 83z with 20c overprint19892pst
1947 Cover: Postage Due and miniature "ungültig" handstamp19893pdu
Collecting Mint Stamps: removing gum from early issues19895stp
Covers with the Bern DB cancel (see also 1988:33,34,52)19896cvr; phs; pmk
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Transit Marks19897phs; pmk
Censored Covers: Chaux-Zanzibar; Lausanne-USA via Bermuda; Zurich-Argentina19899,10,11,21,22phs
Chiasso cds with 11! In lower segment 198911pmk; qry
Custom Cancel: squared Chiasso Posta 198911pmk; qry
Swiss Trial Prints: how to get them free!198911gen
Liechtenstein: air mail stamps19897air; fls
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues198911,22,29,34,53,63,70,75pmk
New Issues: 1989198913,35,61stp; pst
A to Z of Swiss Philately: UPU198915phs; pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1989198922,29,31,34,53,63,70,75pmk
PP labels and Circular Date Stamps with 5 & 6-pointed stars (see 1988:35,45)198917,18,19lbl; pmk
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Folk Customs (Volksbräuche)198923stp; gen
Nachnahme Rates, by G W Hubbard198925,26,27phs
The PTT Souvenir sets, by Adriano Gervasi198937stp; gen
Collection Sheets for Philatelic Exhibitions in Foreign Countries, by Adriano Gervasi198953,54stp; gen
The Year-End Greetings Cards, by Adriano Gervasi198989,90gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Security Measures198939stp; gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Younger Members198955gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Zurich Postmarks198963gen; pmk
Pro Patria: new issues198935stp; pro
A peep into the Past: Stanley Gibbons first Catalogue of 1865198949gen
1884 postcard with oval Lavay-les-Bains hotel cachet and AMBULANT No.11 198933,34,51rly; qry; htl
1929 Cover: Registered to USA; underfranked - PD? 198934,62air; pdu; qry
Registration & Express Rates, by G Hubbard198946phs
Pink-coloured Covers: care with storage198977gen; pst
1902 Cover: multiple 1c PDs (see 1988:25,26,51,52; 2007:4,5,8; 2008:33)198943pdu
Armchair Traveller: Appenzell, by D Arthur198929stp; gen
Armchair Traveller: Zurich, by D Arthur198950,51stp; gen
1936 Landscapes: possible new variety of the 5c.198938err; stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf: The last of the Strubels, by A S Newall198945stp
Pro Patria: booklet198954pro; stp
Undated Straightline Handstamps, by B S Clapshoe (see also 1990:3,4,19,20)198957,58,59,66,67,83,84pmk; rly
Swiss Postal Agency marks: LES ROUSSES (blue); CAMPODOLCINO 198962,70pmk; phs; qry
Swiss "Cito" covers: special delivery service origins from 15/16th century, Edythe Rawnsley198941,42,43phs
First private postal stationery - 1907198962pst
Early postal rates: from 1862, by G Hubbard198973,74,75phs
Pro Juventute: new issues198985stp; pro
Envelopes containing PPCs noted for Postage Due198965pdu
Lunaba 87 cds (see 1987:23)198971pmk
Obituary: Laurence Moore198978,79gen
Book Review: Les Timbre Fiscaux Cantonaux de Vaud, authors D Gainon & R Hürlimann 198985rev; lit
Postage Due Rates, by G Hubbard198969pdu
The Laufental (BE) to join BL 198995gen
WWI: postal restrictions in the German border area, 'Inadmissable delivery' labels, by G Schild198981,82lbl; phs
Undated Straightline Handstamps, by B S Clapshoe (see also 1989:57,58,59,66,67,83,84)19903,4,19,20pmk; rly
Armchair Traveller: Lucerne, by D Arthur19901,2stp; gen
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues199018,29,39,40,48,56,64,72,80,88,96pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1990199018,29,39,40,48,56,64,72,80,88,96pmk
New Issues: 1990199013,36,51,86stp; pst
HPS Northern Group: 40th Anniversary & History 19905,10,11gen
Pro Sport: failure of 2nd stamp19907stp
Machine Cancels: what time is it? 19909,14pmk
Postage Due: 'T' cancels199014pdu
Parcel Labels: unknown St Gallen to GB service 199017qry; lbl
Straightline COINTRIN-AERODROME cancel on block of 4 Tell Boy 199017,39pmk; qry
Boxed "Bern 7 AB / date" handstamp on cover from Belgian Congo (see 1992:30) 199018pmk; qry
Postal Rates: Overseas Letter Rates, by G Hubbard199021phs
Self-adhesive stamps rejected by PTT199023stp
New Post Office: Luzern 2 199023gen; dyk
Air mail and airfield cancels 199023,38dyk; pmk; qry
Kocher Stamps: by Dr. Max Gribi 199025,26,27lbl
What is Vergé paper? 199029qry; stp
PPC Aesch-Birmingham: returned as "illegal"; boxed "Contraire aux Règlements" added 199030qry; phs
Madiswil: 'K' cancel; left-handed scyther legend199031dyk; pmk
Handling of Station Mail, by Felix Winterstein199033,34rly; phs
Postal Rates: Inland Letter Rate, by G Hubbard199035phs
Postal Rates: Overseas Postcard Rate, by G Hubbard199035phs
Pro Patria: new issues199036stp; pro
Armchair Traveller: Vevey, by D Arthur199037stp; gen
Sierre K-cancel - Raclette199039dyk
Armchair Traveller: Tea and Cakes, by D Arthur199051,56,63stp; gen
Machine Cancels: 'Recipe' slogan199041,72pmk
Swiss Air Mails: A guide to their Development, by A S Newall199042,43,45,46air
The 1925 Locarno Peace Accord199043,44gen; pmk
FRAMA labels199047,87,95lbl
Landscape Issue: 1938 Castagnola church - missing cross on 20c (z.215) 199049,63,74,94stp; err; qry
Franking machine 'PP' 199047lbl
Temporary Cancel: list of cancels with unanswered questions, by P Guinand199050pmk
Postal Terms found on Swiss Cancellations, by Felix Ganz199054phs; pmk
Postal History - What is it all about?, by M O Bidmead199052,53phs
Italian & Bellinzona 1990 Exhibitions: cancels & slogans199057-58,63pmk
Postal Rates: Reply-paid Postcards, by G Hubbard199058,70phs
Book Review: Fiscal Stamps of the Kantone & Gemeinden of Switzerland (Vol III), author Gene Kelly199059rev; lit
New Postal Service: Two-tier Mail - "A" and "B" (including postal rates)199062phs
Express Letters: Date and Time marks, by M Rutherfoord (see 1991:57-58)199065,66pmk; phs
Jungfraubahn: a day on the Jungfrau Railway, by R A Hoyle199067,69,81,82rly
Postal Rates: Overseas Printed Paper Rate, by G Hubbard199070phs
New SBB rail-map199071rly; dyk
Registration: 'R' handstamps199071lbl; phs
Customs (or Revenue) 5fr label "for special authorisation" (see 1990:73)199017qry; rev
Revenue Stamps for Special Authorisations: Frontier Tax for vehicles (see 1990:17)199073qry; rev
Genève 90 Exhibition: reports, special stamps & cancels199075,79,85,93gen
Postmarks of Ticino: additions to 1971 'Zanini' list199077pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1969 issues199072,80pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues199086stp; pro
Geneva: "Bulge" with PD tab - article in SBZ199087pmk
Razorblade cancels: by M O Bidmead199089pmk
Postal Rates: Inland Printed Paper Rates, by G Hubbard199093phs
Special cachets used in MPO 6 for Christmas Market and Pro Juventute199095pmk; pro; dyk
Abolition of aerogrammes199095dyk; air
Cancels with double hour-reels, by M Rutherfoord (see also 2004:72,80)19911,2pmk
Official Postcards advising new telephone number, by M Radke19913,4,5pst
Schwanden (GL) 'K' cancels19917dyk; pmk
Definitives: Re-printing of 40c Geneva Escalade stamp on phosphor paper19917,15stp; dyk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19918,16,23,32,40,48,56,59,64,68,76,85,94pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 199119918,16,23,32,40,48,68,76,85,94pmk
New Issues: 1991199113,27,59stp; pst
The Matterhorn, by R A Hoyle19919,10,11,21gen; pmk
Booklet Stamps: display at the London Group meeting199114stp
'PP A' and Prioritaire labels199115,63dyk; lbl
The 1990 Census Stamp (z.805) 199117,18stp
1847 entire from Geneva; double-ring cancel with 10¼ 11; rate marks 10 and 2 199122,60qry; phs
1839 entire Basel-Verviers, Belgium; 7/A.E./J.F. TF and boxed SR marks 199122,60qry; phs
French 'Rural Decime' mark - 1D199119phs
Landscape Definitives: 1934 issue - imperforate examples199119stp
Luzern station re-opening, fire and clock199123gen
French Helvetic Republic post, 1799199123phs
1924 Special Flight Cards: with and without Les Rangiers vignette (see also 1992:29) 199125,62air; qry
Swiss Perfin Puzzle: missing pins, by D Houtris199129gen
Razorblade Cancels: display by M Bidmead to the London Group199130pmk
Cancels: Les Rasses and Ste Croix (incl. unique 'squared date-bridge')199130pmk
Cancels: Bern - date-bridge with + below and used with PJ forerunner 199131,47pmk; pro; qry
Feldpost: Postmen in grey-green, translated by R S Johnson199133,34,35mil
Armchair Traveller: The Bernese Oberland, by D Arthur199037,38stp; gen
Rhätische Bahn: 100th Anniversary, by R A Hoyle199142,43,44,45,53,54rly
Label: - PTT 236.16 "Post-it" label instead of 'T' Due199147dyk; lbl; pdu
Razorblade Cancels: by M O Bidmead199149,50,51,52pmk
RDP: Mrs Alma Lee - Elected to the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists199154gen
Switzerland's 700th Anniversary & map featured on Bulgarian stamp199155gen
PPC issued for Cailler Chocolate, printed in Switzerland for use in England 199155ppc
BLS: new brochures issued - Ships of Lakes Thun & Brienz; and Lötschbergerbahn 199155rly
Express Letters: Date and Time marks, by M Rutherfoord (see 1990:65,66)199157,58pmk; phs
1943 censored cover to England, with invalid PJ stamps (see 1992:2) 199161pro; cvr; qry
1943 Express letter; PD's, and different size telegraph cancels; Benoit (see 1992:2,13) 199161cvr; qry
Book Review: Fiscal Stamps of the Kantone & Gemeinden of Switzerland (Vol IV), author Gene Kelly199163rev; lit
Battle of Morgarten199163dyk; gen
Razorblade Cancels: by M Rutherfoord199165,66,67pmk
Swiss PTT: Library and Documentation Section, by R S Johnson199170gen
Book Review: The Swiss Army - La Place de la Concorde Suisse, author John McPhee199170lit; mil
Swiss stamp designs printed on Phonecards199171gen; dyk
Competition: most attractive stamp of 1988-89199175stp
1923 Reply card from Moscow, by F Pickard199176pst
Razorblade Cancels: comment199186pmk
Sitting Helvetia 1862-1882: display by Mrs Alma Lee to the London Group199186stp
Closure of Swiss Postal Agency, Domodossola199187phs
Razorblade Cancels: update, by M O Bidmead199189pmk
Costumes issue: reprint of the 70c with different paper (z.600) 199195stp; qry
High-value Definitives: 'Disciples' reprints (z.382-384)199195stp; dyk
Census Stamp 1990: Courvoisier printing process (z.805)199117,18stp
Early Postal History and the Cantonal Messengers, by Ross Gavong199181,82,83phs
Pro Juventute: new issues199185stp; pro
Obituary: Robert Hürlimann199193rev; gen
Franking machines: the new numbering system, by M Rutherfoord199169,70,75gen
Currency Relationships/Exchange Rates prior to 1914, by J L Whiteside199173,74phs
Mountain Lakes: new 50c & 80c stamps for A & B post19921stp
1943 censored cover to England, with invalid PJ stamps (see 1991:61) 19922pro; cvr; qry
1943 Express letter; PD's, and different size telegraph cancels; Benoit (see 1991:61) 19922,13cvr; qry
1861 pre-stamp cover, Neuchâtel to Môtiers 19923,11,30cvr; qry; pro
Revenues: information19924rev
Felix Ganz - publication of monograph19927,45dyk
Special Events: Federal Schützenfest, Turnfest - no MPO attending 19927dyk; mpo
PPCs to Russia with handstamped Zebra 199211qry
Handstamp "No such street in Zurich" 199211qry
Postal Rates: early rates and routes to/from GB (c16-19th)199217,18,19phs
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues199220,30,61,72,79pmk
1861 letter from Neuchâtel; pre-payment; Franco, PP, diagonal line, etc. 19923,30phs
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1992199210,20,30,61,63,72,79pmk
New Issues: 199219925,21,36,37,54,85stp; pst
Definitives: various concurrent issues in use19927stp; dyk
Internation Red Cross Tracing Service, by Ian Gilchrist19929,10lbl
ATM (Frama) labels199215dyk
International Reply Paid envelope:199215dyk
Two-tier postal system, UPU approval199215dyk
Book Review: Die Poststempel des Kantons Graubünden, 1850-1965, author Karl Gebert 199223pmk; lit
Amalgamation proposals for private railways199223rly
Damage from self-sealing envelopes (see 1988:85; 1998:28; 1999:20)199223,31gen
Tell Boy: Receipt Forms, by B L Hoddinott199225,26,27pst
Ziefen: Postal History; Zyfen (BL), by K Reeves199228phs
1924 Special Flight Cards: with and without Les Rangiers vignette (see also 1991:25,62) 199229air; qry
Boxed "Bern 7 AB / date" handstamp on cover from Belgian Congo (see also 1990:18) 199230pmk; qry
Swiss cog railways: Dominica issue 199230rly
Postal Mechanisation: matrix coding marks on covers, by M Rutherfoord199233,34,45,36phs
Brienz Rothorn Bahn: new locomotives199231dyk; rly
Rochers-de-Naye: new locomotives199231dyk; rly
Pro Patria: new issues199237stp; pro
Glatt Valley Railway: Zurich - Uster -140th Anniversary199239dyk; rly
Sihltalbahn: 100th Anniversary199239dyk; rly
Mobile Post Offices: 1937-1987, by A Gervasi199241,42,43,52,53,62mpo
Postal Information (Identification) Vignettes: Ed. Rüttimann collection199244lbl
Oerlikon: hand roller canceller error: "Oberlikon" 199247dyk; pmk
Basel Stadt Grenzpolizei: 199254rev
Lake Luzern Ship Marks: Luzern-Alpnach *Schiff*; Ambulant cancels, by C Coles199257,65,80,88lac
Lake Luzern Ship Marks: Luzern-Flüelen 199288lac
Book Review: British Postal Rates to Europe 1836-76, author Geoffrey Oxley FRPSL.199245lit; phs
Waldenburg Railway: TPO closure199255rly; dyk
Solothurn-Herzogenbuchsee: closure199255rly; dyk
Beinwil-Beromünster : closure199255rly; dyk
Jungfraujoch: changes to cancellers, by P Vaughan199265,80pmk
1920s Mittelholzer flights to Cape Town etc, by D Cairns199249,50,51air
Use of Swiss-German dialect on new cancellers199263pmk
Obituary: Frank Bulstrode OBE199268,69,70gen
Pigeon Post: 75th Anniversary199271mil
Refurbishment of Lake Steamer 'Uri'199271lac; dyk
Machine Cancels: nameless town dies, by M Rutherfoord199273pmk
Registration: new 'R' label and receipt form199287,95lbl; dyk
Counter labels199287lbl; dyk
Station Handstamps: "Aubonne VD/date/A.A.G" railway/bus cancel199296rly
A & B stamps: optical reading199289stp
Aspects of Swiss History: The Oath of the Rütli 1291, by D Hope199281,82gen; stp; pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues199285stp; pro
Swissair 1931-91: - 60th Anniversary, by D Cairns (see also 1993:4,5,12,13)199258,59,60,61,66,67,74,75,76,77,83,84air
Booklet Stamps: 1988 booklets, by M Rutherfoord19931,2,3,10,11stp
Swissair 1931-91: - 60th Anniversary, by D Cairns (see also 1992:58,59,60,61,66,67,74,75,76,77,83,84)19934,5,12,13air
Postal Rates: rate changes in 199319937phs; dyk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19938,24,32,40,48,64,72,80,88,96pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 199319938,24,31,32,40,48,64,72,80,88,96pmk
Obituary: Edythe Rawnsley19939,10,20,21gen
New Issues: 1993199318,19,29,59,61stp; pst
Aspects of Swiss History: William Tell, by D Hope199317,18gen; stp; pmk
Pro Patria: new issues199329stp; pro
Razorblade Cancels: the mystery solved?199325,26,27,33,34,35,46,56pmk
Pestalozzi: who was he? by G Atkinson199336,37gen
Aspects of Swiss History: The Battle of Morgarten 1315, by D Hope199337gen; stp; pmk
Swiss PTT: Library and Documentation Section 199353gen
Pneumatic Tube Mail (Rohrpost) by B Lucas199341,42,43phs
Telegraph handstamps on pneumatic tube mail 199341,42,43phs; pmk
Validity of Swiss Stamps: Last Day Validity list for all definitives from 1854 - 1961199343,44,45stp
Registration: labels for the WIBRA Exhibition199347lbl
FRAMA: machines199347,63lbl
Campione D'Italia, Edythe Rawnsley 199349,50,86gen, stp
Simplon Pass and Tunnel, by E M Faulstich199351,52phs
Postage Due: new oblong T-cancels, Luzern199357pdu
TPO routes and cancels still in service199358,59,95rly
Postal Terms found on Swiss Cancellations, by Felix Ganz199360phs; pmk
Book Review: Fiscal Stamps of the Kantone & Gemeinden of Switzerland (Vol V), author Gene Kelly199362rev; lit
Landscape Definitives: 1948 issue - oily paper199362stp
Pro Patria: issues with surtax, by Felix Ganz199365,66pro
Tell Boy: late use in 1942 199373qry
Registration: 'R' label errors199377lbl
Luzern: Kapellbrücke fire appeal stamp (see also 1994:15)199377,79stp
Güller: cancellers for the British army199379,87dyk; pmk
Mittelholzer's first Afica flight, by D Cairns199381,82air
Pro Juventute: new issues199385stp; pro
FRAMA labels - new paper199385lbl
1913 PPC from Geneva: over-franked 199386qry
Women on stamps199387stp
Bar-code readers for A & B stamps, ZH Sihlpost PO199387gen
Football stamp for the 1994 World Cup199394,95stp
Self-adhesive stamps199395dyk
100 years of Swiss Stamps 1843-1943: first published in 1969/70 (continued in 1994)199366,67,68,69,70,74,75,76,82,83,84stp
1874 PSE Erschwil (BE) to Tiefenbach (now Belprahon) (see also 1995:7) 19941,2,13,33,34qry; phs
100 years of Swiss Stamps 1843-1943 (continued from 1993)19943,4,5,35,37,44,45,51,52,53,58,59stp
Güller: earliest canceller - FIRENZE (Florence)19947dyk; pmk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19948,16,32,37,48,55,56,59,70,72,80,96pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 199419948,16,56,59,70,80,96pmk
New Issues: 1994199419,20,21,29,43,69,85stp; pst
Pro Patria: new issues199429stp; pro
Registration: notes on Swiss Registration Labels19949,10,31lbl; dyk
Hand-stamps: 'Damaged post' 199411phs
Book Review: Catalogo dei Bolli Franchigia e Sigilli delle Municipalita Ticinesi 1800-1900, author Kurt Baumgartner199411lit; phs
Variety: FR.2. (z.166) 199413err; qry; stp
Variety: 5c. Pro Juventute of 1931 199413err; qry; pro
Variety: 20c Grimsel Dam (z.301A) 199413err; qry; stp
Variety: 10c messenger (K46) 199413err; qry; stp
Luzern: Kapellbrücke fire appeal stamp (see also 1993:77,79)199415stp; dyk
Postal Acceptance Stations & Private Parcel Post Cancels199416phs; pmk
Elzevir cancels: serifed letters & numbers, by M Rutherfoord (see also 1999:47)199417,18,19pmk
Zermatt: new 'K' cancel199423dyk; pmk
Güller: cancellers for the British army and firms199423dyk; pmk
Football stamp for the 1994 World Cup199424stp
Swiss-guarded Train Mail:199425,26mil
GABRA 1994: special PPC199427,67pst; gen
Ticino railway cancels with SFF instead of FFS199430,43,54,93rly
Cancels: abbreviated format; e.g. H.Buchsee (Herzogenbuchsee)199431dyk; pmk
MPO for Calancatal (GR)199431,39mpo; pmk; dyk
Rigi: original name Regina Montium? (a joke!)199431,47dyk
Vallorbe - Le Brassus TPO: withdrawal199439rly; dyk
Coil Stamps: withdrawal of manual vending machines199439dyk; stp
FRAMA: machines with electronic reader199439dyk; lbl
Schübelbach: three-ring cancel199440pmk
1865 cover: straightline KLUS (branch office in Erstfeld commune); Luzern Schiffsbureau cancel199441,42pmk
Priority: new 'A Prioritaire' labels199442,95lbl; dyk
Parcel Labels: new label for heavy parcels199447dyk; lbl
Booklet Stamps: new booklet with 10 x 80c stamps199447dyk; stp
Old German names for months199448gen
Künstlerpostkarte: postcards for the 1914 National Exhibition 199449qry; ppc
Telegraph cancel on 1958 cover from Sweden 199449,93qry; phs
Undercover wartime mail199450,57phs
Bellach: illustrated cover and jubilee cancel199455dyk; pmk
Güller: replica cancellers for renovated paddle-wheelers199459lac; pmk
Swiss Trial Prints: by D M Slate (continued in 1995)199460,61,74,75gen
Acronyms found on railways and other forms of public transport199462rly; gen
Development of the modern circular date stamp 1914-1964 (continued in 1995) 199465,66,67,76,77,82,83,84pmk
1940 Air Mail Cover with missing stamp (see also 1995:1,2) 199468,78,81,82air; qry
Pro Juventute: new issues199485stp; pro
Bundesfeier: 1912 card overprinted with birth announcement (z.3)199488pro
Franchise Stamps: control number 80 199493stp; qry
Feldpost: Fieldpost Companies and new cancellers199495dyk
Swiss Army: dissolving the Pigeon Post Units199495dyk
1940 Air Mail Cover with missing stamp (see also 1994:68,78,81,82) 19951,2air; qry
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19952,11,22,31,48,51,75,77,79,80pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 199519952pmk
New Issues: 1995 19959,10stp; pst
Development of the modern circular date stamp 1914-1964 (continued from 1994) 19953,4,5pmk
Hülfsfeldpost (Poste de Camp Auxiliere) cancel 19955,23pmk; qry; dyk
Tiefenbach (see also 1994:1,2,13,33,34)19957phs; qry; dyk
Geneva: 'Escalade' MPO cachet19957dyk; mpo
Alexandre Yersin: (z.498)19957dyk; stp
Pro Sport: failure of 3rd stamp19957,31stp; dyk
Oberkulm: new 'K' cancel19957dyk; pmk
Swiss Trial Prints: by D M Slate (continued in 1996)19958,24,96gen
Undercover wartime mail199512,13,20phs
Hotel Berg, Maderanerthal199515,16htl
Villnachern: 'K' cancel 199517pmk
Swiss aerophilately, by A S Newall199518,19,20air
1782 entire with straightline PONTARLIER cancel and manuscript 'franco Pontarlier' 199520,32qry; pmk
MPO cancel: earliest date of Italian postmark 199521,35mpo; pmk
The "House of Stamps" imitations, by Robson Lowe199525,26,27,28frg
Forged cancellations and handstamps, by Robson Lowe199525,26,27,28pmk
Bern-Schwarzenburg-Bern: TPO withdrawal199531rly; dyk
Rapperswil-Goldau-Rapperswil: TPO withdrawal199531rly; dyk
Gossau-Appenzell-Gossau: TPO withdrawal199531rly; dyk
Registration: 'R' labels199523,31,39lbl; dyk
FRAMA: ATM stamp199531lbl; dyk
PTT: new publication "Focus on Stamps" 199532gen
Registration: the 'R'-only labels199533,34lbl
Book Review: Swiss Hotel Posts, author Dr. Marcel Kottelat199537htl; lit
Book Review: History of the Posts of the Suhr Valley, author Peter Stierli199539dyk; lit
Soldier Stamps: 199539dyk; mil
Registration: new 'Arrival Receipt' label199539dyk; lbl
Suchard postcards (see also 1997:21) 199540ppc; pst
First Winter Air Mail in Graubünden - 10th March 1935199540air
Coil Stamps: modified version of 50c postman (z.738R)199541,42,87stp; dyk
Thun-Burgdorf-Thun: TPO withdrawal199543rly
Spiez-Zweisimmen-Spiez: TPO withdrawal199543rly
Langenthal-Wolhusen-Langenthal: TPO withdrawal199543rly
Ramsei-Sumiswald-Huttwil: TPO withdrawal199543rly
TPO routes and cancels still in service199543rly
Campione D'Italia: where is the church of St. Zenone? (see also 1997:37) 199542,84qry; stp
TPO cancels: corrections to the Müller catalogue; new type (86V) cancellers 199545,46,52rly
Vignette: "Offiz. Zürcher Flugspende-Marke 1913 - Schweiz/Militar/Aviatik" 199548,54qry; air; lbl
Hotel Rigi-Kulm: vignette discovery, by F Pickard199549htl
Books on Switzerland: list of books written in English199550,51,64lit; gen
Book Review: Landesaustellung 1914, authors G Schild & H Frankhauser199551lit
A Philatelic Dilemna: splitting a sheet of the 700th Anniversary stamps (z.807-810) (see also 1998:62,69)199552stp
Illicit correspondence between occupied Belgium and relatives in the UK 1914-18199553phs
Express coach, Chur-Milan199553phs
Mesocco railway: re-opened 3rd June 1995199555rly
Faulhorn Post: postcards with donkeys; Gipfel, Fiescherhorn and Wetterhorn 199556ppc; qry
Nachname: covers correctly/incorrectly rated during the period 1862-1884199557,58phs
Basler Tauber '95: reports from the Exhibition199559,61gen
Toblerone: advertising postcards - who printed them, how many were there? (see also 1997:21) 199562,70ppc; qry
Advertising on Swiss locomotives199563rly; dyk
Postal Rates: rate changes in 1996 (see also 1996:7)199563,71dyk; phs
Frama: new ATMs in Liechtenstein (see also 1996:17-18)199563,71dyk; lbl
Joint Issue: Switzerland and Liechtenstein (z.886)199563dyk; stp
Book Review: Ticino Ovals, Giorgio Lavater199563dyk; lit; pmk
Book Review: ATM Schweiz Spezialkatalog, author Markus Seitz199563dyk; lit; lbl
Bundesfeier: 1901 card 199564,70pro; qry
Ticino: historical background, by James Fahs 199565,66,67phs; pmk; air
Book Review: Les Feuilles Marcophiles (postal services between Switzerland and France), author Louis Vuille199570lit; phs; pmk
Pioneer Flights: by Evert Poel (continued in 1996)199568,69air
Pioneer Flights: Basel-Liestal, 9th March 1913199568,69air
1932 cover: octagonal PP and straightline 'PORTO BEZAHLT' (see also 1996:19; 2002:89; 2003:45) 199570,72qry; phs; pmk
Bundesfeier: 1936 card (z.82) with additional inscription 199570pro; qry
Nürensdorf: new 'K' cancel199571dyk; pmk
Bern Schanzenpost: 'K' cancel199571dyk; pmk
Cinema stamps: Anna Göldin - last witch beheaded in Europe199571stp; dyk
Postal Cancellations and Markings in Switzerland, by Felix Ganz: supplement to Part 47 - PP cancels199572pmk; lit
Geneva Distribution Numbers (number in circle) 1870-1880s, by C J LaBlonde (see also 1996:12)199574,75,77phs; pmk
Judicial Documents: 1882 Court Summons - how was the 45c postal charge decided? (see 1996:3,4,19) 199578phs; qry
OLMA St. Gallen: special cancellation199579pmk; dyk
PTT: first double-decker postal bus in service199579dyk
PTT: no selvedge notes on CH/FL joint issue stamp (z.886)199579dyk; stp
PTT: no selvedge notes on Europa stamps (z.880/1)199579dyk; stp
Vinadi (GR) canceller; post office unused since 1962; former name Weinberg 199579,87dyk; pmk
Swiss Meter Marks: also known as Business Franks; PP in value frame199581,82,83phs
Preparing competition entries199585,86gen
A & B stamps: square dots removed from l/h edge199587stp
Jungfraubahn: Station Rothstock199588rly
Parcel Labels: labels with bar-codes199594,95lbl; dyk
Astano: new 'K' cancel199587dyk; pmk
Pro Juventute: background history of the Fund, by V Davis199591pro
Ticino: its history, by A S Newall199592,93phs
Book Review: The SDN and BIT stamps, author Richard Powers199594lit; stp; uno
Registration: 'RV' labels19961,2,40,79lbl
Judicial Documents: postal charges (see 1995:78) 19963,4,19phs; qry
Nachname: 1895 cover with 60c charge 19964,12,19phs; qry
French mail cancelled in Switzerland, December 199519965gen
Dutch mail cancelled in Ticino 1926; LOCARNO TRANSIT; boxed D.26 19965,24,51qry; pmk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19965,62pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 199619962pmk
Postal Rates: rate changes in 199619967dyk; phs
BASEL 32 (La Roche) anniversary cancel19968pmk
Luzern: visit by Queen Victoria in 1868; Pilatus; Lake steamer Winkelried19967lac; gen
1843 entire: Geneva-Rheims; French 'Rural Decime' mark - 1D 19968,12,19phs; qry
1858 cover with 'Chiffres Taxes' mark 5cs - Postage Due 19968,12qry; phs; pdu
Swiss label for wartime shipping19969lbl
Pioneer Flights: Herisau, March 1913199610,11air
Pioneer Flights: Bern-Burgdorf-Bern, 30th March 1913199642,43,44air
Pioneer Flights: Lugano-Mendrisio, 8th June 1913199674,75,76,77air
Mail carried from Switzerland to the UK during WWII (refer to articles in 1974-1976) 199611gen; phs
Geneva Distribution Numbers (number in circle): letter of 1809 (refer to 1995:74-76) 199612phs; pmk; qry
Swiss Meter Marks: label on 1943 air mail to Canada 199612phs; lbl; qry
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues199612pmk
Rongellen (GR): closure of post office; apiary; history; selection of postmarks199613pmk
Postcard: new 70c card with 8-bar code; used for competition entries199615,23pst; dyk
Zurich: special inward postcode 8092 for the Technical University; non-existant Post Office199615pmk; dyk
Registration: 'R' label for Genève 70; non-existant Post Office199615lbl; dyk
Wil (ZH): new 'K' cancel 8196; day of issue 8-1-96199615pmk; dyk
St Gallen: historical background, by James Fahs199616phs; pmk; air; rly
1843 entire: St Gallen-Paris; 'L.Z./12.Kr' and '5' handstamps; '6' and '12' manuscript marks 199616,19phs; pmk; qry
Frama: new ATMs in Liechtenstein, by M Rutherfoord (see also 1995:63,71) 199617,18lbl
Red Cross: 1944 air mail letter Geneva-London; A in circle; 'Franc de Port' on air mail? 199618,33,44,70qry; air
1932 cover: octagonal PP and straightline 'PORTO BEZAHLT' (see also 1995:70; 2002:89; 2003:45) 199619qry; phs; pmk
PTT: Philatelic Bureau sealing stickers, by M Rutherfoord199620,21,39lbl; dyk
A & B stamps: optical/electronic reading199623stp; dyk
AIDS stamp: rapid sell-out (z.870)199623stp; dyk
Vaduz: new cancel 4-3-96 199623pmk; dyk; fls
1939 PSC with straightline GENEVE 1 Post-Restante: 199624qry; pmk
Bern: cancellations in the early 1900s; 12 in 20 years, by J A Cordingley (see 1996:48)199626,27pmk
Consilium Philateliae Helveticae (Council for Swiss Philately), by Max Hertsch199628,29,38gen
Frama: new ATM labels 14-5-96199631,33,55dyk; lbl
Pro Sport: issue of 4th stamp199631dyk
Booklet Stamps: self-adhesive 'A' stamps199631dyk
Priority: new 'A Prioritaire' labels in French & English199632dyk; lbl
Swiss Machine (slogan) Cancellations in the 1920s199636,37pmk
Swiss Trial Prints: by D M Slate (continued from 1995)199640,56,72gen
Franking machine: new numbering system on meter marks199645phs
History of Swiss Postcards: series of articles published in the BBZ199647,55dyk; ppc
Lugano-Ponte Tresa: TPO withdrawal199647rly; dyk
Moutier-Lengnau Bahn: information; station cancels199646,47rly; dyk
Meter mark: badly designed mark 199646,47qry; phs
Bern: cancellations in the early 1900s, by M Rutherfoord (refer to 1996:26-27)199648pmk
Sending live animals through the post: PTT regulations; labels (see also 1997:39) 199649lbl
Booklet Stamps: new booklets for 70c and 80c stamps199650,51stp
Obituary: Ivan Tillen199654gen
Obituary: Vivienne Davis199654gen
Postal Rates: rate changes in the parcel service199655dyk; phs
Mettmenstetten: new 'K' cancel; text in English199655dyk; pmk
Helvetia Philatelic Society: 50th Anniversary199657,83,85gen
Tax Perçue - Postage Paid, by M Rutherfoord 199658,59,61phs
Special Issue: new 'A' post stamp for the "Guinness Record"199662,63stp; dyk
Bundesfeier: only one special cancellation 'Rütli' 199663dyk; pro
Hotel Post: Hotel Bellevue au Lac, St Mortiz-Bad; stamp discovery 199664htl
Fake Postcard to UK - KLM/Dutch 199665,94pst; qry
Express Labels: new label199666lbl
Parcel Labels: new self-adhesive label199667lbl
Swiss Postal Agencies in Italy, by H E Quinton199668gen
Bundesfeier: special cancellations of the Rütli and other post offices 199669,88pro; qry
Registration: new 'R' label; Bern only199679lbl; dyk
Why there are so many 'Declared Value' letters from the 19th century199679dyk; phs
Coil Stamps: booklet on Swiss ATM types 1-10199679dyk; stp
St. Sulpice: new 'K' cancel199679dyk; pmk
Val de Travers: special covers and 'K' cancel199679dyk; rly
Search for mail: Kaspar (Geneva artist); Degallier; Deshusses (see 1997:18) 199680qry
Colis Prioritaire, by M Rutherfoord199681,82lbl
Booklet Stamps: new booklets for 90c self-adhesive stamps199682stp
Basel: 50th anniversary of airport; slogan cancels199687dyk
Postcards: earliest picture postcard (see 1997:9,21) 199689ppc; qry
Postbox advertisement label: Genève 1 Mont Blanc 199679,94qry; lbl
SBB/CFF: new service; travel with the driver199695dyk; rly
Book Review: Meter Marks of Switzerland, 5th Edition, author Heiner Dürst 199695dyk; lit
Book Review: Retouch marks found of stamps 1932-1952, author Paul Bach199695dyk; lit
Self-adhesive stamps199695dyk
General Guisan: Christmas card 1944; message and soldier stamp (see also 1997:5) 199635,45mil; qry
Variety: 20c ILO buildings (z.211) missing perforation pin, F Pickard19971,14,17err
Zermatt: Sunnegga; Rothorn; Tasch; BVZ; Gornergrat - cancels19972rly; pmk
Exhibition: Bulle; via Interlaken; Spiez-Zweisimmen; Montbovon; Gruyères; Fribourg19975rly
Chocolate labels: Kohler Gala Peter 19975lbl
General Guisan: Christmas card 1944; numbering puzzle (see 1996:35,45) 19975,16,21mil; qry
Geneva: over 200 different organisations; article by David Hope19976uno
SBB Läufelfinger line (west of main Basel-Olten route) closure19977dyk; rly
Book Review: 125 Years of the SLM (Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works)19977dyk; lit; rly
Book Review: 150 Years of Swiss Railways "The Swiss Railway Saga" ISBN 3-90511-16-019977,21dyk; lit; rly
Special cancel: Bürgenstock (Hammetschwand lift); advertising on postcards19977dyk; pmk
PTT: test prints19978gen
Postcards: earliest picture postcard (refer to 1996:89) 19979,21ppc; qry
Hotel Schreiber, 1879 postcard19979htl
Hotel Rigi Kulm, 1878 postcard199721htl
Geneva: abolition of 'Droiti des Pauvres'; entertainment tax199710,70gen; rev
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad, by M Rutherfoord 199711,25,36phs; qry
Geneva: 1925 propaganda flight card 'Aviation Day' 199712air
Swiss Trial Prints: by D M Slate (continued from 1996)199713,24,32,40,56,88gen
Swiss Lakes: Northern Group meeting199714lac
Cancellations: London Group meeting; Lugano cancel with circles 199714,19pmk; qry
Bundesfeier: special cancellations of the Rütli and other post offices (refer to 1996:69,88) 199715pro; dyk
Fake Postcard to UK - KLM/Dutch (refer to 1996:65,94) 199716dyk
Fiscal use of Soldier Stamps: poster tax; Comp Sapeurs II/1 Poste de Campagne 199718,37,45rev; mil; qry
Search for mail: Kaspar (Geneva artist); Degallier; Deshusses (refer to 1996:80) 199718qry
Station cancel for Grenchen Nord (Granches in French)199719rly; pmk
Moutier-Grenchen-Lengnau: 75th anniversary slogan cancel; Moutier (Münster in German)199719rly
Finding place-names: Ortsverzeichnis; numerical PLZ booklet; Baedeker; Cooks; Blue Guide199719gen
1962 GB reply-paid card: Youth Hostels Assoc; Zurich slogan "75 years Esperanto" 199720qry
Peace: how many 'Hotel de la Paix'? 199721htl; gen
Suchard postcards: another find; No.9 "Weggiser Lied" (see also 1995:40) 199721,37qry; pst; ppc
Toblerone: advertising postcards - who printed them, how many were there? (refer to 1995:62,70) 199721ppc; qry
Swiss Trial Prints: Gornergratbahn199724gen; rly
Postal Rates: Penalty for use of old 'A' stamp; 'T' cancel; charged to PO Box account199725,55phs; pdu
1927 postcard with photograph of three pilots (see 1998:85) 199726,36air; qry
Pioneer flights and Swiss Zeppelin Covers: Display to the London Group by Alex Newall199730air
Globi: 70c issue "Globi the Postman199731,63stp; dyk
Pro Patria: three-horned bronze bull (z.163); Martigny; Valais Museum in Sion; 'K' cancel199731pro; dyk; pmk
MPO 6: used in Martigny199731mpo; pmk; dyk
Rafz: new 'K' cancel199731pmk; dyk
Swiss Trial Prints: varieties199732gen
Lausanne Blécherette: 20th May - 30 September 1925; cover with late use date 20.X.25 199733,45air; qry
Picture Postcards, by G Hubbard (see also 1999:8)199734,48,53,64,72ppc
Letter: 'Pigeon Post'; Sempach bird observatory 199734,44,57qry
1949 Express letter; straightline 'Entfernungszuschlag' (distance shortfall) 199735phs; qry
Tell Boy: sheet perforation varieties (z.146) (see also 2009:65; 2010:68) 199736,50stp; err; qry
Sitting Helvetia: 1862-1882; double-print; FR.1 on white paper (z.36.1.12; AC 36/11) 199736,44stp; err; qry
Maximum cards: Postage Stamps on Postcards; listing199737ppc
Bundesfeier: 1920 Lumberjacks card (z.31); picture side inverted? 199737,44pro; qry
Airship Labels: "RAKETENFLUGVIGNETTE"; red overprint "Katapultflug" 199737air; lbl; qry
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad: Italian cancels with SUISSES instead of SVIZZERE 199736,45phs; pmk; qry
Ticino: cancels with non-Italian spelling, e.g. BELLENZ, CAISSE POSTES, etc. 199736,45,50pmk; qry
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad: DOMO / DILIGs SUISSES mark; Domodossola Agency 199737,45phs; pmk; qry
Cancels: two-ring mark on Standing Helvetia; found on parcels; replacement cancels (see 1971:65)199737,45phs; pmk; qry
Campione D'Italia: where is the church of St. Zenone? (refer to 1995:42,84) 199737qry; stp
Sending live animals through the post: PTT regulations; labels (refer to 1996:49) 199739lbl
Grindelwald: local publicity slogan cancel199739dyk; pmk
Zurich: Sihlpost Post Office re-opened199739dyk
air mails: first air mail service and first official air mail stamp 1919 (z.2), by A S Newall199741,42,43air
Postage Due: used on 1919 air mail cover 199742,83pdu; air
Turitg: Zurich (Romansch); mystery address on 1940 air mail cover 199743,49,50,60qry; air
Razorblade Cancels: ST.GALLEN / BRF. EXP.; unrecorded cancel? 199744pmk; qry
Lieichtenstein: Display to the London Group by Bob Avery199746fls
Swissair: special cancellations; DC-4 199747dyk; air
Tell Boy: sheet perforation varieties (z.152) 199750stp; err; qry
1932 air mail cover with Disarmament Conference cancel 199750air; qry
Pioneer Flights: by Evert Poel (continued in 1998)199751,52,53,82,83air
Pioneer Flights: Sion, 18th May 1913199751,52,53air
Pioneer Flights: Langnau, 4th May 1913199782,83air
Customs Cancels: use of stamps for payment; forms headed "VOLET D'ENTRÉE"199754,59,63,70,76pmk
Customs Cancels: Sta Maria (GR) crossing point 199754,59,60,70pmk; qry
Handstamp: 'Rückmeldung erstellt' (refund for over-franking)199747dyk; phs
1878 cover from Promontogno (GR) to UK; under-franked; 'T'; Castasegna Splugen; Chur; Zurich 199754,60,69cvr; pdu
Lieichtenstein: 125th anniversary of railways (refer to 1996:18 for map)199755rly;fls
TPO cancels: latest information; collect "Last Day" cancels!199755rly; dyk
Station cancels: latest information; mail not cancelled on Sundays; collect "Last Day" cancels!199755rly; dyk
Swissair: 50 years of flying the Atlantic, by G C Robini199758air
SBB/CFF: Freight rates 1913-1960; Railway Stamps 199760rly; qry
Swiss settlements in South America: N.Helvetica (Uruguay); Puerto Nentoni (Paraguay) 199760gen
Swiss Postal Fund Stamps: Basel, etc. 199760qry
Trial Print: Chateau de Chillon; Harrison essay from 1933/34 199760,74,75qry
1843 entire: Zurich cantonal post; Veltheim - Ober-Winterthur; manuscript '4' 199761phs
Express Labels: two additional labels issued199762lbl
Swiss Papal Guard: Vatican stamps199763dyk
British Army: Swiss Unit; Crimea 1854199763dyk; mil
Customs Cancels: cancels with 'P.V.' (petite vitesse) and 'G.-V.' (grande vitesse) 199763,70dyk; qry
Spanner/Adjustable wrench: see 10c TCS/ACS stamp of 17.2.1972; called an "Engländer"199763dyk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues199764,78pmk
Bulk-mailing: used sheet of FR.10. stamp from the 1914 issue (see 2009:70,71) 199765stp; qry
French Manuscript Rate Marks, by J C West199766,67phs; pmk
Swiss International Air Mail in 1920, by A S Newall199768,69air
Zurich 4 & 6: background notes; why the stamps were issued199770stp
Tell: unknown overprint '+ 1f' on 20c 199770qry
Joint Issue: Switzerland and Thailand 199771,79dyk; stp
Booklet Stamps: new booklets for 90c self-adhesive stamps (see also 1996:82)199771dyk; stp
Dutch mail cancelled in Ticino 1926; LOCARNO TRANSIT; boxed D.26 (refer to 1996:5,24,51) 199776qry; pmk
Canton Appenzell: history of divide; VR on flag of Ausser-Rhoden199771,75dyk
Labels for 'Post International' (PTT subsidiary courier); P.P. CH-6830 Chiasso 1 199771,81,95lbl; dyk, qry
Basel Dove: variety199776stp; err
Standing Helvetia: printing die discovered199777stp
Pro Sport: sales figures; artist restrictions etc.199779dyk
TPOs: 140th anniversary; special cancel199779dyk; rly
EMS Labels: 199779dyk; lbl
Joint Issue: Switzerland and Sweden199787,95dyk; stp
1909 postcards requesting money; Glion; Montreaux199780pst
Day of the Stamp: 60 anniversary; Geneva 10-01-1937 199787,89dyk; stp
Wil-Kreuzlingen: TPO withdrawal199787rly; dyk
Basel: transit cancel BÂLE 2 OUTRE MER (overseas) (see 2003:32,71; 2004:13,22-23) 199787,93dyk; pmk
1867 cover Moscow-Wohlen: route taken? 199785qry; cvr
PTT: change of name; Swiss Post199787dyk
Label: ''Not to be returned'199795lbl; dyk
1947 cover: Last Day/First Day validity of PP & PJ stamps; 'Benoit'19981,2,70pro
Trial Print: Chateau de Chillon; Harrison essay from 1933/34 19982qry
Straightline Handstamps: used with Ambulant cancel; where were they kept? (see 2007:89-92) 19982rly; qry
Surcharge on PJ stamps: time for a review? 19983pro
PTT: breakup of the organisation; Swiss Post; Swisscom 19983gen
Tell Girl: stamp !19983gen
Wartime labels & slogan cancels: "Even Walls Have Ears" (see also 1999:32)19983,13mil
Sitting Helvetia 1862-1882: 2c blood red colour; wrong perforations 19983,18qry, frg
Razorblade Cancels: bars missing top & bottom of bridge; worn cancel on postcard 19983,21,29,37pmk; qry
Railway Stamps 1913-1960 and Consignment Charges: by A Green (see also 1998:88)19984,5rly
Military Postcards: WWI illustrated cards 19986mil
Swiss Post: 'Focus on Stamps'; new issue information19987dyk
Swiss Post: 'Stempel News'; new cancellations, slogans, closed Post Offices, etc.19987,15,23dyk
1875 Cover: Menzberg-Ruswyl; posted without stamps; 10 & 15c stamps added 19989,20,29,33,62qry; cvr
Helvetia Newsletter: 50th anniverary199810,20,21gen
1960 postcard: GB reply-paid card; 25c 'Circled-T' handstamp (see 1999:14) 199811pdu; qry
TPO routes and cancels still in service199812rly
Revenues: Display to the London Group by F Pickard199814rev
Temporary (Replacement) cancel: COPPET 29.IX.04 (see 1999:14)199812,55pmk; dyk
Suchard postcards: special study in 'Ganzsachen-Verein' 199815dyk; pst; ppc
Chocolate postcards: Suchard; Kohler; Klaus, etc.199815,21,32,45pst; ppc
Zurich: Cantonal Issues199816stp
Postal Stationery Cards: censor marks BRB 3.10.1939199817,18pst
Telegraph stamp: forged stamp 199818qry; frg
Helvetia with Sword: forgery of the 25c (z.109)199818frg
Costumes issue: forgery of the 40c (z.598)199818frg
Postage Due on German Inflation Mail: (see 1985:45,46)199819pdu
Translation of Zumstein specialised catalogue (index)199820gen
Customs Cancels: 'P.V.' (petite vitesse) and 'G.-V.' (grande vitesse) (see 1997:63,70) 199823dyk; qry
PTT Form 318.40 Despatch Note: 199825,37,58qry
Change of Address Cards: by H Wintjen199826,27,28,34,35,36,37pst
Damage from self-sealing envelopes (see 1988:85; 1992:23,31; 1999:20)199828gen
Express Labels: new UK-type label for foreign mail 199831lbl
Joint Issue: Switzerland and Thailand; update (see 1997:71,79)199831dyk; stp
German stamps overprinted 'Schweiz' 199832qry
German cancel: SCHWEIZ 199832qry
Basel: transit cancel BÂLE 2 OUTRE MER (see 1997:87,93) 199832pmk
Swiss Postal agencies abroad: CAMPODOLCINO; STA MARIA MAGGIORE; SAN GIACOMO-FILIPPO 199832phs; pmk
Cancels with & without PK no: demise of the 11 Postal Districts199839phs; pmk; dyk
Self-adhesive stamps199839dyk; stp
Joint Issue: Switzerland and China (see 1999:7)199839,95dyk; stp
Rohrpost: Pneumatic Tube Mail, by M Peter199841phs
Postal Rates: wegstunde; (stunden, lieues); kilometre; local rate (1852-1972)199842,43phs
Postage Due: earliest use of 'open-T' (see 1999:21) 199842pdu; qry
Registration: 'R' labels199845lbl
Postcard: 'Le Lac des Chavonnes' 199845,58,69lac; qry; ppc
Postal card with railway boxed-cancel; initials SCB VB JS BLB NOB 199845,49,58,84rly; qry
Postcard: Amitiés de Fribourg (see 1999:30) 199849air; qry
Swissair in wartime199850,57air
Bern and the Fischer Post199851phs
Fournier: fakes & forgeries199852,53frg; stp
1894 PSC, registered to Germany; taxed 199853,58qry; pst
TPO cancels: latest information; withdrawal of all services by 1.6.1999 199855rly; dyk
Burgdorf-Langnau: reduction in TPO service; replacement SBB canceller (see also 1999:85) 199855rly; dyk
FRAMA: new machines199855lbl
Swiss Trial Prints: by D M Slate (continued from 1997)199856,72gen
New Issues: 90c anniversary block (z.933-936); splitting sheets (refer to 1995:52) 199856,62,69,79stp; qry; dyk
1919 cover: censored; Gambia to Bern; route? 199859,93qry
French mail cancelled in Switzerland, December 1995 (ref to 1996:5)199859gen
Razorblade Cancels: Geneva (Types 6.01 - 6.06) 199860pmk
Interspace pairs: size of hole (see also 1999:1-4,7,18; 2000:55)199860stp
History of the Swiss Postal System: 1798; 1803; 1849; 1997199861phs
Swiss Post: table of Postal Districts (PK) / Sales Regions (SR) 199861phs
1893 PSC, Geneva to Staines; cricket trousers 199862qry; pst
Book Review: Fiscal Stamps of the Kantone & Gemeinden of Switzerland (Vol IX), author Gene Kelly199862lit; rev
Postal Coach: possible takeover by SBB199863dyk; gen
Booklet Stamps: new booklet199863,79dyk; stp
1958 official cover: Argentina to ITU; 'Circled-T' handstamp (see 2003:45) 199865qry; pdu
Folklore Festivals & Customs: definitive issues of 1977 and 1982/84199866,67gen; stp
Bergün: 'Sternsingen' (singing to the stars) Folk Custom (z.594)199866gen
Zurich: 'Sechseläuten' (burning of the Böög, etc) Folk Custom (z.595)199866gen
Herisau: 'Silvesterkläuse' (New Year in Appenzell) Folk Custom (z.596)199866gen
Sursee: 'Gansabhauet' (St. Martin's Day) Folk Custom (z.597)199866gen
Geneva: 'Escalade' (Independence from Savoy) Folk Custom (z.598)199866gen
Laupen: 'Achetringele' (Ringing out the Old Year) Folk Custom (z.599)199866gen
Mendrisio: 'Processione di Mendrisio' Easter procession) Folk Custom (z.600)199867,79gen; dyk
Basel: 'Vogel Gryff' (Basel Carnival) Folk Custom (z.601)199867gen
Lötschental: Roitschäggätä' (smoke-stained or sooty figures) Folk Custom (z.602)199867gen
Altstätten: 'Rollelibutzen' (bell bogeys) Folk Custom (z.677)199867gen
Solothurn: 'Chesslete' (Shrovetide) Folk Custom (z.676)199867gen
Küssnacht am Rigi: 'Klausjagen' (St Nicholas and torchbearers) Folk Custom (z.678)199867gen
Ottenbach: 'Schnabelgeissen' (drive away the spirits) Folk Custom (z.679)199867gen
Pioneer Flights: by Evert Poel (continued from 1997)199868air
Pioneer Flights: Biel, 8th June 1913199868air
Swiss Cancels: date bridge type; Güller 199869pmk
SP Philatelic Office: new cancels199869pmk
Railway Timetable: 1847; synchronisation of station clocks199871dyk; rly
Uetikon: 150 years Swiss Railways; commercial FDC oval cancels199871dyk; rly
SP: Philatelic Bureau sealing stickers (see 1996:20,21,39)199871dyk; lbl
Zurich: International Flight Meetings; 1922; 1927; 1932; 1937199874air
Mobile Post Office No 1: 1937 postcards (z.120-21); cancels and handstamps (see 1999:36)199874,75,76mpo
Book Review: Cancellation Inventories (1926, 1943, 1958), Consilium Philateliae Helveticae199877pmk; lit
Frama: removal of SFS machines199879,95lbl; dyk
Cancelled air-mail labels199880air; lbl
WWII handstamp - AA in circle/5 lines 199880qry
1904 psc Taunton to Zurich: 'Parti' and 'Non Reclamé' marks; Nicht abgeholt' label; 'D' mark 199881qry
1939 Swiss National Exhibition issues199882,83stp
SPI: new booklets; international-post199883stp
1900 pc: AMBULANT No 2; which route 199884,93qry; rly
1938 cover: Registered, Express, Air Mail; MPO text in Romansch-Ladin; sent 'Printed Matter' 199884qry; air; phs
1927 postcard with photograph of three pilots (see 1997:26,36) 199885air; qry
1941 cover: customs label 'Zollamtlich abgefertigt' 199885qry; lbl
Hotel Berg, Maderanerthal; formerly Swiss Alpenklub Hotel; postal service to Amsteg199886htl
Geneva: The 'Escalade' of 1602199886,96gen; pmk
Exhibition: Yverdon; report; official pc199887,92gen
Book Review: Labels Handbook, author Markus Seitz199887lbl; lit
Book Review: Postal Labels (1876-1997), author George Guignard199887lbl; lit
Railway consignment notes (see also 1998:4)199888rly
Schweizerische Centralbahn: information199888rly
Rhatische Bahn: information199888rly
Razorblade Cancels: Genève, Rue de Stand, damaged canceller (refer to 1998:3,21,29,37)199889pmk
Aerophilatelic Day: Samedan; cover cancelled in MPO 3199891air; mpo
Hints & Tips: photocopying; thin paper; cancels on stamps199892gen
Booklet Stamps: dry gum; 1979 & 1984 printings; two 10c (z.595 H1 & H2) 199893qry; stp
Evangelists high-value issue: paper query (z.381-384) 199893qry; stp
Post & Transport issue: 45c postal ship (z.737); top edge imperforate 199893qry; stp
SBB: reorganisation; directorates replacing the three regions199895dyk; rly
Postal Rates: rate increase for inland Express letters (Swiss Express)199895dyk; phs
Priority: new labels199895dyk; lbl
Geneva: 40c 'Escalade' definitive (z.598); forgery199896frg; stp
Joint Issue: Switzerland and China (see 1998:39,95)19997dyk; stp
Joint Issue: Switzerland and China; aerogramme 199915dyk; pst
Postal Coach: possible takeover by SBB - update (see 1998:63)19997dyk; gen
Booklet Stamps: 90c self-adhesive stamps19997dyk; stp
Interspace pairs: size of hole (see also 1998:60; 2000:55)19991,2,3,4,7,18stp
1939 National Exhibition: slogan cancels19995pmk
Postal Rates: rate increase for inland Express 1.1.199919997dyk; phs
Express labels: acts as receipt; stamps not required19997dyk; lbl
Registration: new label (type 10)19997dyk; lbl
Picture Postcards, by G Hubbard (see also 1997:34,48,53,64,72)19998ppc
Obituary: Geoff Hubbard19999gen
1960 postcard: GB reply-paid card; 25c 'Circled-T' handstamp (see 1998:11) 199914pdu; qry
Temporary (Replacement) cancel: COPPET 29.IX.04 (see 1998:12,55)199912,55pmk; dyk
TPO cancels of the second period: Ambulant and route name, by D Houtris (see also 2000:8)199910,11rly
Postal Rates: Letter Rates to GB (1850-1875), by M Rutherfoord199912,13phs
SBB: Freight arrival cards 199914rly
Liechtenstein: validity of stamps199915,23dyk; fls
Schlieren: last day of 'self-service' post office in Lilie department store199915dyk; pmk
Bern: post office in Loeb department store199915dyk; pmk
1891/1892 covers: Chargé and 'R' handstamp (AW Group 8) 199916qry; phs
1870 pse: Registered, Frauenfeld to Scarborough; oval cancel REGISTERED LONDON 199917,29qry; phs
1938 cover: Registered, Air Mail, Geneva to Easton, USA; route taken? 199919,30qry; air
Damage from self-sealing envelopes (see 1988:85; 1992:23,31;1998:28)199920gen
Postage Due: 'CL' with and without dot; varieties on the 1910 issue199920pdu
Franco Labels: first day of use?; sheet size? 199920lbl; stp; qry
Book Review: Chronicle of Swiss Post Offices, author Karl Gebert199921,23lit; dyk
Postage Due: earliest use of 'open-T' (see 1998:42) 199921pdu; qry
Book Review: Les Etiquettes Postales Suisses 1876-1997, author Paolo Vollmeier199922lit
Hotel Riffelalp: fire May 1961; tramway; 'K' cancel199922htl; pmk
Book Review: Swiss Perfin Catalogue, author Martin Baer199922dyk; lit
Landscape Definitives: 1936 Chillon issue - printing in red199923,39stp; dyk
Book Review: Swiss Franking Machine Impressions, author Heiner Dürst199923dyk; lit
Badly cut stamps: 'Industrial Coils' 199923,31dyk; qry
backdated LITTAU cancel on Pro Juventute forerunner 199923,31dyk; qry
Postal card with railway boxed-cancel; initials SCB VB JS BLB NOB (see 1998:45,49,58,84) 199923rly; qry
1737 letter: Milan to Dundee, via Geneva, Paris and London; 'franc pr Paris'; charges?; 199924phs; qry
Swiss Army: history up to the 1920s199925,26,27,28mil
Aspects of Swiss History: Helvetii; Zahringen; Habsburgs; Oath of 1291; Cantons199925,26,27,28gen
Burgdorf: Castle; Zahringen; Pestalozzi; K' cancel199929pmk
Postcard: Amitiés de Fribourg (see 1998:49) 199930air; qry
Balloon Flight: Breitling Orbiter III; 90c stamp 199931,39dyk
Wartime labels & slogan cancels: "Even Walls Have Ears" (see also 1998:3,13)199932mil
Goebel Rotary Printing Machine: correction teeth; Pingu stamp (z.964); Transport stamps (z.731-742)199933stp; err
1876 letter: St Luc, Vissoye to Liverpool; walk over the Dent de Jaman199934gen; phs
1896 wrapper: Morges to Courland, Latvia199935phs
Express Labels: new labels199936,47lbl
Mobile Post Office No 1: 1937 postcards (z.120-21); cancels and handstamps (see 1998:74-76)199936,54mpo
1923 cover: advertising Condor Cycles (see 2001:20) 199937,44qry
Bern: 1967 Bundesfeier FDC; Zillis church199937pro; pmk
Rayons: why are printings referred to as 'Stones' (not Plates) 199938,56stp; qry
Military cancels: straightline, undated, and postcodes; list of army barracks199940mil; pmk
Tombola Postcards: Don National; Festival de Sécheron 22-23 June 1918 (see 2004:76) 199941,51mil; ppc
Sorting Machines: new 'Quality of Service' system (see also 2000:23)199942,43gen; dyk
Ponto-Valentino: where is it? 199944,54phs; qry
Jungfraujoch: 1952 boxed cancel 199945,52qry; rly
Rigi-Kulm: oval cancel with empty centre (see also 2001:69) 199945,52qry; htl
Vitznau-Rigi Bahn: 1906 oval cancel on VRB postcard 199945qry; rly
Prints of Swiss stamps: "25 Verschiedene Fac-Similes" 199945qry
Postal Rates: bulk mailing rate; printing error in official rates booklet199946,87phs; dyk
Mittelthurgau-Bahn: posting mail at Kreuzlingen-Oberdorf station 199946,56,62qry; rly
Booklet Stamps: self-adhesive 70c stamps; Rodolphe Töpffer199947dyk; stp
Book Review: Güller Record Books 1867-1992, Consilium Philateliae Helveticae199947,71,80lit; dyk
Elzevir cancels: serifed letters & numbers (see also 1994:17-19)199947pmk; dyk
Swiss Trial Prints: by D M Slate (continued from 1998)199948,64gen
PPC: "Catholics vote NO" to Communist Referendum (see 2000:16) 199949ppc; qry
PPC: Lavapesson 199949,65,77ppc; qry
1849 journal: Bell's Life (sporting paper); Fleetwood to Geneva; various rate marks 199950qry
Mobile Post Office No 1: 1937 air mail; SCUOL Festal d'Engiadina; Zurich Luftpost cancel 199951mpo; air; qry
Wooden Bridges on stamps & postal stationery199953gen
Simplon Railway: history (see 2002:69,77)199954rly
Martigny-Le Chable: TPO withdrawal199955rly; dyk
Montreux-Zweisimmen: TPO withdrawal199955rly; dyk
Balloon Flight: Piccard flown covers; caution if buying199955air; frg
Miniature 'PP' query 199955qry
Swiss Post Boxes: has any research been done? 199956qry
Ticino: postal history, by A Newall199957,58,59,60phs
Swiss WWI mail seized in France, by M Guillon199961phs
Parcel Post (Fahrpost): boxed two-line cancels199962,70pmk; phs
Machine Cancels: new 'Packetbasis' cancels199963dyk; pmk
Postal Rates: planned increases199963dyk; phs
Swiss Cross: colour, shape and dimensions; slogan cancel 'Frontists' WWII campaign199963,66dyk
Postcard: printed for Polish internees 199964,75,76qry; mil
Jungfraubahn: Station Rothstock cachets (see 2004:68, 2005:44)199965,66,74,82rly
UPU: 1900 caricature postcards; German, French and Italian editions199967pst
1957 cover: Lausanne to New York; inscribed on reverse "Maurice Burrus" 199968cvr
1907 postcard: Franfurt-Interlaken-Frankfurt; straightline JNTERLAKEN and bahnpost cancels 199968,77rly; qry
Registration: 1939 National Exhibition 'R' labels, including FELDPOST label199969lbl
Machine Cancels: 1941 Pro Juventute slogan cancels199969pmk; pro
Pro Juventute: 1941 issue; 30c (z.100), Daniel Jeanrichard; watchmaking; special handstamp199969pmk; pro
1941 Historical designs: re-entry on FR.1 Ludwig Pfyffer (z.248)199970stp; err
1932 Gotthard issue: first official FDC (z.191-193) (see also 2000:15)199971,84dyk; stp
Labels: printed-on publicity labels199971dyk; lbl
1903 postcard: specially prepared birtday card; 'Villa Paradise' & 'Villa Jasmin' copies of Vevey cancel199972frg; ppc
Jungfraubahn: list of cachets; Eigergletscher, Rothstock, Eigerwand, Eismeer and Jungfraujoch199974,82rly
WHO labels: labels from different countries 1952-1953 (see 2001:29) 199974qry; lbl
Fiscals: UVT/WVV labels; tourism 199974,86qry; rev
Cancel query: Neuchâtel / 18.VIII.47 / IV / Gibraltar 199974qry; pmk
Cancel query: Autokurs Arbon-St Gallen; two-line cancel 199974,85qry; pmk
1897 letter card: Budapest to Schuls; PD; tax marks (see 2000:5) 199977,83qry; pdu
1917 postcard: Kessiloch 1914-1915; cachet 'GENIE-CHEF der St. Gotthardbefestigung' 199977qry; mil
1917 Basel Trade Fair: label and cancels for the Swiss Mustermesse 199978,85,86pmk; lbl; qry
Zurich: postcode 8092 for the Technical University (see 1996:15) 199979dyk; pmk
Advertising letter sheet: 199981qry
Bundesfeier: invalidated cards; 'Entertwet', 'Annule', 'Annulato' 199983qry; pro
1974 postcard: RAF Escaping Society; Schaffhausen salient (see 2000:21) 199983qry; ppc
Rhätische Bahn: stamp of Guyana with RhB locomotive199983rly
Burgdorf-Langnau: TPO withdrawal (see 1998:55) 199985rly; dyk
TPO routes and cancels still in service199985rly
Rhätische Bahn: TPO route St. Moritz-Campocologno withdrawn199985rly
Baggage Label: Hotel Rhône Glacier, via 'Steamer & Diligence'; 'LUZERN / 12 Juni 80 / Filiale' boxed cancel199984phs
MPO for Calancatal (GR)199987dyk; pmk; mpo
Book Review: ATM Handbook and Catalogue for Switzerland & Liechtenstein, author Markus Seitz199987lit; lbl; dyk
Postcard: opening of Vereina train tunnel (under the Flüelapass); picture error199987ppc; dyk
Pro Patria: 1999 issue printed offset by SP (not photogravure/Courvoisier)199987dyk; pro
Postal Rates: Express rates; next day delivery199946,87phs; dyk
Express Labels: new fast rate labels199987dyk; lbl
Joint Issue: Switzerland and Russia; 70c Schöllenen Gorge Monument199987dyk; pmk; stp
UPU: 1900 issue; the ULTRAMAR overprints; stamps/postal stationery looted in Portuguese revolution199988stp; pst
Ambulant cancels, train numbers & routes 1889-1910 199989rly
Schlieren: new 'K' cancel with gasometer (see 2000:16,37) 199989pmk
CD-ROM Review: Study of the Federal Administration Stamps & Forgeries 1850-1854, Anton Kofranek199991lit; stp
Damage to stamps from modern materials199991gen
UPU: 1900 issue; PTT folder, including times of posting, train departures and arrivals199993stp; pst
Aspects of the Jet Age: modern air covers, by D Cairns20001,2,3,4air
1897 letter card: Budapest to Schuls; PD; tax marks (see 1999:77,83) 20005qry; pdu
Rigi-Schiedeck: 1864 cover with cachet; Gersau cancel; manuscript 'Franco' 20005,16htl; qry
1946 cover: from FPO 328; RS/125 Quaker Relief to Schweizer Spende, Bern 20005qry; phs
Folk Customs: identifying different papers for z.595HI & z.595HII 20005qry; stp
Pingu design: new version; parcels without string 20007dyk; stp
Postal Rates: parcel rates tiered as 'A' & 'B'; removal of 'Colis Prioritaire'20007dyk; phs
SAVO: Austrian pre-stamp journal resurrected20007dyk
Machine Cancels: withdrawal of non-commercial SP slogans20007,15dyk; pmk
Postal Rates: posting chocolate bar (see 2003:7; 2004:15)20007,15phs; dyk
TPO cancels of the second period: Ambulant and route name, by D Houtris (see 1999:10,11)20008rly
1922 cover: Geneva-Zurich-Nürnberg flight; Poste Restante; 'Ad Astra'; redirection 20009,10,18air; qry
Book Review: Poststellenchronik Schweiz 1849-1999, Karl Gebert (see 2001:79; 2004:31; 2007:11)20007,8lit; pmk
PTT Postcard: 000 franking imprint 200011,25qry; ppc
Pioneer Flights: by Evert Poel (continued from 1998)200012,13,34,35air
Pioneer Flights: Olten, 31st August 1913, and the flight that didn't take place200012,13air
Postal Rates: postcards from Switzerland to Great Britain early 1900s; 5c printed matter 200013phs; qry
1863 cover: Schiffsbureau Luzern cancel; no year date 200014,18qry; lac; pmk
Exhibition: NABA 2000, St Gallen; catalogue200015gen; lit; dyk
Official Letters: Amtlich / Officiel; sent free until end of 1969; bulk average system200015phs; dyk
1932 Gotthard issue: first official FDC (z.191-193) (see also 1999:71,84)200015dyk; stp
Publicity Cancels: millenium cancels; Allmendingen and Neuchâtel 200015dyk; pmk
PPC: "Catholics vote NO" to Communist Referendum (see 2000:16) 200016ppc; qry
Schlieren: new 'K' cancel with gasometer (see 1999:89) 200016,37pmk
Postal cancellations on fiscal stamps200016rev
1863 cover: Registered by company; Entlebuch to Schüpfheim 200017phs; qry
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad: article in BBZ and HNL of 1961200017phs
Postal Rates: letter rate changes postponed200018,47phs
Postal Rates: Ticino, 1799-1849, by A S Newall200019,20,21phs
1974 postcard: RAF Escaping Society; Schaffhausen salient (see 1999:83) 200021qry; ppc
Sorting Machines: new 'Quality of Service' system (see 1999:42,43)200023gen; dyk
Parcel Post (Fahrpost): boxed cancels, by S MacKenzie200024phs; pmk
1935 cover: Landscapes se-tenant block of nine (1x20c & 8x3c) 200025qry; stp
Güller cancels: historical notes on the company; 200026,27,28,29pmk
Cancel examples: cantonal/federal with date plugs; Elzevir/Serifed; Dwarf; Güller; de Coppet; Trial cancels 200027pmk
Swiss Post: postal regions map200031dyk; phs
Book Review: Swiss Letter Mail to Foreign Countries 1459-1907, author Richard Schäfer200031dyk; phs
Book Review: Swiss Postal Contracts, Tariffs, Routes 1609-1798, author Richard Schäfer200031dyk; phs
Book Review: Swiss Postal History of the Old Confederation to 1798, author Richard Schäfer200031dyk; phs
Machine Cancels: BERN 14 / / MATTENHOF; used in 1920-1921 200031pmk; qry
Business-Reply card: 15c printed matter; 'Circled-T' handstamp200032phs
Bahnpost/Ambulant cancels: three, four & five digit train number codes 200033,43rly
Pioneer Flights: Solothurn, 17th August 1913200034,35air
1937 cover: Conference des Capitulations (Egypt/Suez Canal)200036pmk
Gordon Bennett balloon flights: cancels; Schlieren gasworks (see also 1999:89)200016,37air; pmk
1945 letter: Prisoner of War Post; returned; boxed cachet with missing word (see 2003:40-74) 200037,49,50phs; qry
Parcel Post: Fahrpost changed to Paketpost in 1907200039phs; dyk
Booklet Stamps: self-adhesive 70c and 90c stamps; Rodolphe Töpffer; APB cachet200039stp; dyk
1868 pse: Rorschach-Splügen; St. Gallen-Chur TPO; journey time? 200040phs; qry; rly
Jungfraubahn: cachets; Rothstock, Eigerwand (see 1999:65,82) 200040rly
1923 air mail vignettes: 200041air
Early Swiss Date Cancels: straightline; circular; Winkler numbers200042,43pmk
Pro Juventute: fake cancel on 1912 forerunner (see 2001:31,39,71; 2002:87; 2003:5,55; 2004:39,47,67)200044pro; pmk; frg
1949 cover: 'Circled-T' handstamp; 1947 Pro Juventute stamp; refused label 200044phs; qry
Luzern: Postal History display200045phs; lac
Revenues: display200045rev
Cancels: straightline 'Ambulanz 24 L.W.' cancel 200046mil; qry
Cancels: straightline 'Götthardbahn-Bewachung Nordabschnitt' cancel 200046mil; rly; qry
Cancels: straightline 'Brenscino' cancel 200046pmk; qry
1940 cover: marked 'MILITAIRE'; E.-M. Bat. Sap.22; Postage Due with Huttwil cancel 200046,50,51mil; pdu; qry
Publicity issue: 70c 'Rights of the Child' (1999); printing error - "Dregts" (Dretgs)200047dyk; stp; err
1917 cover: Batallion 21 fieldpost cancel on Hotel Soleil envelope; typed '293 200051mil; qry
Swiss Army Field Post: beginnings, by M Rutherfoord200052,53mil; pmk
Bulk-mailing: Co-op vignettes with values - Fr.180 and Fr.200200054lbl; phs
Interspace pairs: size of hole (see also 1998:60; 1999:1-4,7,18)200055stp; dyk
Postal Coach: 10 year contract to run bus services in Liechtenstein200055dyk; gen
Postal Rates: foreign parcels (Urgent, Priority and Economy)200055dyk; phs
Brienz-Rothorn Bahn: advertising cancel and new 'K' cancel200055,63dyk; rly; pmk
Geneva: International Aviation Meeting, 1925200056air
Obituary: Alma Lee RDP FRPSL200057gen
Exhibition: NABA 2000, St Gallen; report200058,63gen; dyk
1920 parcel card: Geneva to Columbia; Pontarlier Agence des Mess.Suisses; 'Franc de Droit' cachet 200059,66,67phs; pmk; qry
Swiss Postal Agencies: Pontarlier Agence des Mess.Suisses; 'Franc de Droit' cachet 200059,66,67phs; pmk; qry
Langenthal-Huttwil Bahn: oval cachet 'Langenthal-Huttwil-Bahn / Verkehrsbureau' on wrapper 200060,68,74,75rly; qry
Postal Rates: parcels from foreign countries; customs dues; 'Franco de port et des droits de douane'200060phs
Postal Rates: parcels from foreign countries; customs dues; 'Franko Zoll / Franc de Droit' label200060phs; lbl
1919 cover: Samoa to Germany via Basel; censored; route taken 200061phs; qry
Re-directed mail: to and from Sweden; Mal Dirigé sur La Suede' machine cancel 200061qry
1902 postcard: Kandersteg to England; under-franked; 'T' cancel; ½d I.S.E. 200062,68,75pdu; qry
1923 postcard: Germany to Liechtenstein; Swiss Postage Due stamps 200062,75pdu; qry
Bulk-mailing: 50c definitive and authorised private cancel200063dyk; phs
Postal Rates: foreign letter rate changes; 'A' and 'B' post200063phs; dyk
Swiss Trial Prints: by D M Slate (continued from 1999)200064,88gen
1930 cover: Belgian Post to Swiss Post (internal correspondence); registered; 25c Tell added 200065,75phs; qry
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad: information200066,67phs
Machine Cancels: flag (wavy line) cancels with letters C, D, R or T inserted 200068pmk; qry
Campione D’Italia: commune badge 200068,75stp; qry
Campione D’Italia: genuine or fake covers? 200069,75cvr; qry
1941 cover: Russia to Chur; FELDPOST cancel; internee mail? 200070,75mil; cvr; qry
2000 postcard: serifed 'T' handstamp 200070pdu; qry
Postal Rates: inland letter rate changes; 'A' and 'B' post200071phs; dyk
Postal Rates: parcel rates; 'A' and 'B' post (priority and economy)200071phs; dyk
Priority: new 'A-Prioritaire PP' handstamp for mail travelling through Switzerland200071lbl; dyk
Red Cross: message cards 200072,80qry; pst
Rigi Klosterli: postcard with oval cachet, Hotel Schwert; Schreiber, 200075htl
Arth-Rigi Bahn: rectangle station cancel 'Rigi-Kulm / ARB / date' 200075,86rly; qry
2000 cover: Ebnat-Kappel to England; under-franked; stamp added 200076,85cvr; qry
1941 cover: Thal to Australia; over-franked; censored; returned 200076,94cvr; qry
Cancels: fake canceller BERN 1 BRIEFANAHME 200077,99frg; pmk
Facsimiles: Cantonals, Rayons, Sitting Helvetia, etc. 200077frg; stp; qry
Sitting Helvetia 1862-1878: rounded corner on 10c; unlisted error 200077,89stp; err; qry
Cancels: Zwergstempel (dwarf cancels); no 'year' date (see 2000:26) 200077,89pmk; qry
1960 postcard: GB card with picture of Davos (see 2001:20) 200078qry
Blocks of Four: pre-1924 stamps with single cancel200079stp; dyk; frg
Modern boxed 'CAT' cachet instead of 'PP' for catalogue mailing200079lbl; dyk
Mendrisio: new postal depot in Fox Town spermarket200079pmk; dyk
Map: Post-Reisekarte der Schweiz (1844) postal times, rates etc200082,83gen
Postal Rates: Express rate changes200087phs; dyk
DIY stamps: PC-generated200087dyk; stp
Machine Cancels: new slogans with 'www.' addresses200087pmk; dyk
Embroidered stamp on genuinely-used cover (see 2001:16)200089stp
1908 postcard: "Switzerland, The City of Como"; printed in Germany; used in USA 200094qry; ppc
Cross & Numeral: 'P' and bar overprinted on 10c (z.61) 200094qry; stp
Montreux-Oberland Bahn: octagonal cancel 'Gstaad / M.O.B.' (see 2001:6) 200094qry; rly
1952 cover: Honduras-Arizona; vignette for Basel Mustermesse (see 2001:6) 200094qry; lbl
Book Review: Philately' A Hundred Times, author Peter Meier200095dyk; lit
Book Review: Das Postwesen der Alten Eidgenossenschaft, author Richard Schäfer200095dyk; lit
Book Review: Postverträge - Taxen - Routen Alte Eidgenossenschaft, author Richard Schäfer200095dyk; lit
Book Review: Helvetische Republic 1709-1803, author Andreas Gruenewald200095dyk; lit
Franking machine: change of ink for business cancels (red to blue)200095dyk; phs
1926 Exhibition for Inland Navigation & Water Power Utilisation; postcards; vignettes 20011,13air, qry
Swiss Merchant Marine Fleet, by David Whitworth20012,3,8gen
1917 Red Cross postcards: with large handstamped 'S' in mauve (see 2002:4) 20013,85qry
Collecting Swiss Stamps, by Allan Young20014gen
Three-colour Frankings: display at the Northern Group, by Ian Gilchrist20015,6gen
Montreux-Oberland Bahn: octagonal cancel 'Gstaad / M.O.B.' (see 2000:94) 20016qry; rly
1952 cover: Honduras-Arizona; vignette for Basel Mustermesse (see 2000:94) 20016qry; lbl
Einsiedeln: half-circle cancel of 187920016pmk
Cancels: 'Gare Villeneuve 28.V.1933' on PJ, Tell Boy and Disarmament stamps 20016qry; pmk
pre-stamped covers for 'A' and 'B' post20016,7cvr; dyk
Booklet Stamps: Pro Juventute20017dyk; pro
Courvoisier: tour of the printing works, by Bob Medland20018gen
Graubünden: collecting cancels and postal history; Engadine; Fetan (Ftan)20019phs; pmk
1891 postcard: Feldkirch to Vaduz; Ambulant No.32 200113,20qry; rly
Klus (SO): station clock200113rly
Red Cross: Child Aid label 200113,20qry
Mail from Switzerland during WWII, by D Ripley (continued in 2002)200110,11,12,18,34,35,42,43,45,68,82phs
Postal Rates: letter rate changes (Inland, Foreign, Registered)200115,16,20,71dyk; phs
Postal Rates: Inland Registration replaced by Recorded Delivery200115dyk; phs
Postal Rates: Parcel post (A and B)200115dyk; phs
Postal Rates: leaflet on new rates for Leichtenstein 200115dyk; phs; fls
Arosa: Tourist Bureau label200115lbl; dyk
Book Review: "Swiss Frank Stamps", author Erwin Steinbrüchel 200115lit; dyk
Luzern: 'Bela Sekula' overprints and labels 200115,20,28,29,47qry; lbl
Embroidered stamp on genuinely-used cover (see 2000:89)200116stp
1903 cover: Ramsgate to 'Maison Blanche' Neuchâtel; multiple cancels (14); returned to GB200117,29phs
Portraits on Stamps, by John Neukom200119stp
1923 cover: advertising Condor Cycles (see 1999:37,44) 200120qry
1960 postcard: GB card with picture of Davos (see 2000:78) 200120qry
Calendars: Julian & Gregorian; mail to Russia & Turkey pre 1918; mail to Balkan states pre 1923200120gen
Landscape Definitives: 1934-36 issue; display to the London Group by Fred Pickard200121stp
Graubünden: closure of Post Offices (list available)200123dyk; phs
Liechtenstein: new post slogan200123pmk; dyk
Basel 39: cancel without hours in date bridge200123pmk; dyk
Book Review: "History of PP", author Giovanni Balimann 200123dyk; lit
1945 Letter-Telegramme: Winton (Dorset) to St Gallen; telegraph cancel200125,37phs
Campione D'Italia: the second issue, by F Smith200126,27stp
WHO labels: labels from different countries 1952-1953 (see 1999:74) 200129qry; lbl
Industrielle Kriegswirtschaft (IKW) issues:200129stp
Pro Juventute: fake cancels on 1912 forerunner (see 2000:44; 2002:87; 2003:5,55; 2004:39,47,67)200131,39,71pro; pmk; frg; dyk
Luzern-Engelberg: TPO withdrawal200131dyk; rly
1983 Europa issue: celestial globe (z.698); Jorg Bürgi; National Museum 200131dyk; stp
Geneva: Transition to the Federal Post; display to the royal PS by Walter Haemmerli200132phs
1898 cover: Luzern to Leeds; 'missent to New York'200133phs
Campione D'Italia: first day covers200133stp
The Julier Pass: Winteralpenpost 4.II.35; Chur 'razorblade'; St Moritz cancel; delayed by weather200136,37phs
Courvoisier: closure200139gen
Olten: Aerophilately Day 2001; Russian Antonov aircraft on cancel200139dyk; air
Booklet Stamps: 70 & 90c self-adhesive stamps200139dyk; stp
Booklet Stamps: round self-adhesive stamps of 2000; printed by Questa200139dyk; stp
Evangelist high-value issue: withdrawal after 40 years (z.381-384)200139dyk; stp
Liechtenstein: new 'scratch' stamps200139dyk; stp
Basel: Fasnacht carnival, by F Smith200140gen
1918 cover: New Zealand to Perroy (VD); WWI censored; handling of mail during wartime200141phs
Bundesfeier: collection of cards to Fraulein Anna Vogt; by Al Altwegg200144,45pro
Customs Cancels: airport cancels, including Dubendorf, Birsfelden and Altenrhein 200146,56qry; air; pmk
Swiss Post: closure of printing works200147dyk
Güller cancellers made for Argentine PO200147dyk; pmk
Cancels: French 'Leppe' canceller manufacturer200147dyk
1924 cover: Chur-Arosa TPO; invalidated UPU stamps; T/60 postage due200148phs; pdu; rly
The Philatelist's Psalm200148gen
Technology & Landscapes Definitives: 1949 issue, by M Rutherfoord200149,50,51,57stp
Registration: new 'R' labels; new system - Lettre Signature (Recorded Delivery)200151,52lbl; phs
Swiss Railways: Goods Arrival Notice cards, by M Rutherfoord200153rly
Swiss Post: closure of philatelic bureaux200155,59dyk
Chocolate stamp: manufacture200155dyk
Aero-Club stamp: miniature sheet200155dyk
Weinacht-Tobel: 'K' cancel200155dyk; pmk
Railway Timetables: remaining TPOs; Furkabahn, Brig-Zermatt, Rhät. Bahn.200155,63dyk; rly
Teufen (ZH): 1111th year festival; 'K' cancel200155dyk; pmk
1915 postcard: Urnertag / Journée Uranaise / Giornata Urana; Battle of Morgarten 1315 200157,72qry; ppc
1926 Exhibition for Inland Navigation & Water Power Utilisation; label 200157air, qry
Cancels: 'K' cancels, illustrations200158,59pmk
Swiss Town Halls: illustrations of the 11 shown on philatelic bureaux envelopes200158,59gen
Küssnacht am Rigi: Astridkapelle; Queen Astrid of Belgium; Tellskapelle, 'K' cancel (K87) 200162,72qry; pmk
Rayons: plating of the Rayon III (large value figures); translation in HPS library200162stp
Machine Cancels: Day of the Stamp 2000200162pmk
Courvoisier: take-over by Walsall Security Printers200163dyk
Telegram: services withdrawn200163dyk
GABRA IV: Burgdorf 2001; MPO in use200163,71dyk; mpo
1945 cover: Australia to Vevey, via Netherlands PO; "on active military service"; postage due 200165,88pdu; qry
Stamp Quality: categories; including cancels 200166,67stp
Arth-Rigi Bahn: history, by D Slate200169rly
Rigi-Kulm: oval cancel with stars either side (refer to 1999:45,52) 200169qry; htl
Interlaken: return of the Unspunnen Stone; Jura Freedom Fighters200171dyk
Liechtenstein: international identification leeters now LI; slogan cancels200171dyk; pmk
Basel: 500th anniversary of entry into Confederation; cancel200171pmk; dyk
Postal History of Switzerland: outline of the problems, by Alma Lee200174,75,76,77phs
Tell: changes to the letter 'H' on the 10c (z.126I & II) 200177qry; stp
Football World Cup: 1954 maximum card, cancel, and cover with 40c stamp (z.319)200178stp; pmk
Book Review: Poststellenchronik Schweiz 1849-1999, author Karl Gebert (see 2000:7-8; 2004:31; 2007:11)200179lit; pmk; dyk
Registration: 'R' labels from the 1890s and 2001200179lbl; dyk
Lake Luzern: paddle-steamer 'Gallia' to be overhauled (see 2004:23)200179lac; dyk
Lake Steamer: articles on the postmarks; German philatelic publication DBZ 200179lac; dyk
Book Review: Ganzsachen Schweiz 8th Edition, Zumstein200179dyk; lit; pst
1938 cover: SDN / BIT FDC with pre-dated cancels 200180qry
1951 cover: Basel to USA; Swissair DC-6B maiden flight from Zurich; bulk mailing; not officially air mail200180air; phs
Booklet Stamps: round self-adhesive stamps for the 2000 Sydney Olympics200181stp
Return to Sender: new self-adhesive label (see 2002:16)200183,84lbl
St. Gallen: pre-stamp straightline handstamp; two types 200185qry; pmk
Liechtenstein: validity of stamps200187fls; dyk
Swiss Post: all mail sent free to USA on 20th Sept. (post 11th September); various PP cancels200187dyk
Frama: ATM labels200187dyk; lbl
GABRA IV: Burgdorf 2001; catalogue; article on Mobile Post Offices by Giovanni Balimann; 'R' labels200187dyk; mpo; lbl
Book Review: "History of PP", author Giovanni Balimann 200123dyk; lit
1932 Gordon Bennett Balloon Race200188air
1928 Geneva flight cover: Chaux-De-Fonds - Locle (see 2002:4) 200188qry; air
1875 money transfer envelopes: Einzugsmandat / Mandat d'encaissement (see 2002:4)200189pst
1914 National Exhibition cover: cancelled in 1914 & 1964; validity (see 2002:4-5,81) 200192qry
Chocolate postcards: Klaus (see 2002:5,30) 200192qry; ppc
Pro Aero: 1938 Flugmeeting Basel; special flight cover and cancels 200192air; qry
Postcard: published by O Chaubert Gamboni of Lausanne; translation required (see 2002:30) 200192ppc; qry
Book Review: The Strubel Issues 1854-1863, author Herbert Brach200193,94lit; stp
Book Review: Catalogue of Swiss Balloon Posts, author Peter Muggler200195lit; air; dyk
Book Review: Postwesen des Kantons Aargau 1803-1852, author Martin Gasser200195lit; phs; dyk
Postal Rates: reduced rate for books to foreign countries200195dyk; phs
Elzevir cancels: earliest known - 24.V.1866 200195pmk; qry
1892 parcel card: Chiasso to Amsterdam; German "Geldenkartung" label added; currency exchange 20021qry; lbl
Mail from Switzerland during WWII, by D Ripley (continued from 2001)20022,3,34-37,42-44,74-76phs
1917 Red Cross postcards: with large handstamped 'S' in mauve (see 2001:3,85) 20024qry
1928 Geneva flight cover: Chaux-De-Fonds - Locle (see 2001:88) 20024qry; air
1875 money transfer envelopes: Einzugsmandat / Mandat d'encaissement (see 2001:89)20024pst
1914 National Exhibition cover: cancelled in 1914 & 1964; validity (see 2001:92) 20024,5,81qry
1837 receipt card: Le Bureau des Diligences et Messageries; Canton Vaud 20025qry; pst
1927 mail receipt slip: imprinted 'Nachfragegebühr / 20 Rp'; 20c Tell stamp cancelled Zurich 20025,10qry
Chocolate postcards: Klaus (see 2001:92) 20025,30qry; ppc
Coil Stamps: rolls of self-adhesive 70 & 90c stamps20027dyk; stp
Book Review: Day of the Stamp 1937 onwards, author Heinz Bauer20027dyk; lit; stp
Railway company meter marks: BLS, Brig-Visp-Zermatt20028rly
Frama: poor quality printing of 2001 ATM labels20027dyk; lbl
1863 cover: Fleurier to Canton, China; mixed-franking (Strubel/Sitting Helvetia); a fake!20029,10frg; cvr
1913 postcard: Elzach to Altstätten; German & Swiss stamps; cancel timings '9-10V' and '6-7V' 200213qry; ppc
Swiss aerophilately: Mittelholzer flights, by D Cairns200211-13air
Campione D'Italia: mixed franking on card to GB; Italian 'T'; cancelled Lugano; no due charged 200213qry; pdu
Campione D'Italia: Italian enclave continues with the Swiss Franc (not Euro) 200215dyk
Reply-paid cards: 1879 issue (z.14)200215dyk; pst
Wienacht: closed Post Office re-opened; Christmas cancel 2.12.2001 200215dyk; pmk
Return to Sender: new self-adhesive label (see 2001:83,84)200216lbl
Military label: inscribed FHD / SCF 200216,23qry; mil
MPO 2: machine cancels for 1947 200217mpo; qry
1924 Special Flight: Grenchen-Zurich; Flugpost Grenchen vignette 200217air; qry
Swiss Meter Marks and Postal Rates200218,19,20,21,47phs; dyk
Postal Rates: COD fees increased on inland letters 200223dyk; phs
Postal Rates: increased rate for personal receipts200223dyk; phs
Letters of 1788-99: m/s 'Franco Milano'; boxed two-line handstamp F / Milano; spiral pre-payment marks 200224qry; phs
1935 cover: handstamped 'Mit Nachtluftpost / BASEL-FRKT 200225qry; phs
1895 wrapper: non-postal mark "Gefl. Zu beachten/ Beleg zu mitfolgendem Brief.". 200225phs
Chocolate advertising: Cailler, Suchard, Kohler, Sprüngli, Peter, Lindt, Tobler, etc.200226,27,45,48,52ppc
Air Mails: display to the London Group by Alex Newall200227,28,29air; stp
Postcard: published by O Chaubert Gamboni of Lausanne; translation required (see 2001:92) 200230ppc; qry
1943 centenery of stamps: rubber & steel cancels (see 2004:54) 200230pmk; qry
Counter labels: ink colour changed from red to blue200231dyk; lbl
Güller: cancellers for the British army (refer to 1993:70,79) 200232qry; pmk
Güller: earliest canceller - Dept of the Reporter on the Products of India, 1869 (refer to 1994:7) 200232qry; pmk
Coil Stamps: 20c (z.358L) used for Postage Due in 1966; only 49 known (refer to 1994:13) 200232qry; pdu
Güller: canceller for Arbenz of Birmingham in 1879 (refer to 1994:23) 200232qry; pmk
Schübelbach: three-ring cancel (refer to 1994:40) 200232qry; pmk
Undercover wartime mail (refer to 1994:50) 200232,40qry; phs
French mail cancelled in Switzerland, December 1995 (refer to 1996:5) 200232qry
Straightline Handstamps: used with Ambulant cancel; where were they kept? (refer to 1998:2) 200232,40qry; rly
1962 GB reply-paid card: Youth Hostels Assoc; Zurich slogan "75 years Esperanto" (refer to 1997:20) 200232qry
Fiscal use of Soldier Stamps: poster tax; Comp Sapeurs II/1 Poste de Campagne (refer to 1997:18) 200232rev; mil; qry
Evangelists high-value issue: paper query (z.381-384) (refer to 1998:93) 200232qry; stp
Geneva: 40c 'Escalade' definitive (z.598); forgery (refer to 1998:96) 200232frg; stp; qry
1947 Railway Centenary: machine cancel 'BADENFAHRT 9-20.VIII.1947' (see Focus on Stamps 1997:1)200232rly
Kinderpost (Childrens' post sets): Standing Helvetia toy stamps 200233,50qry
Tell Boy: bisected 5c (z.170) on 1931 postcard 200233,47qry; dyk
Meter Marks: 200233qry; lbl
Railways: article in 'Focus on Stamps'200239dyk; rly
Machine Cancels: 'A' and 'PP' Priority 200239dyk; pmk
1951 cover: overfranked; Oberdorf to Lugano; forwarded to Grenchen; "Delayed, Insufficent address" label200240phs; lbl
Disarmament Conference: cancel dated 1934 200240,68qry; pmk
Basel: Spalentor small postcard, imprinted 'Drucksache' 200241ppc; qry
Business-Reply card: machine-labels used for Postage Due 200241,47pdu; qry; lbl
1994 Commemorative: Civil Aviation issue (z.859); clouds above globe 200245qry; stp
FOSSUK: Federation of Swiss Societies in the United Kingdom200246gen
Zurich: Sihlpost self-adhesive label 'Damaged in machinery'200247dyk; lbl
SBB/CFF: contract with DHL for parcel distribution200247dyk; rly
1897 cover: Cornwall to Italy; redirected Lugano; Italian & Swiss postage dues200249pdu
1850 Freight: routes, times and charges: Pistoja, Pontelagoscuro 200251qry; rly; lac
Kocher stamps: 200252lbl
Grandvaux: 'K' cancel "Village de l'Etiquette"200252pmk
Simplon Pass: Refuges & Hospices200253phs
Tell: connections with William Wallace of Scotland200254gen
Blitzingen (VS): 1932-34 disaster-relief parcels, marked "Envoi de secours, franc de port", or "Portofrei Liebesgabe" 200254phs
STAMPIT: stamps produced on PC for postcards & covers; Webstamp200255,71,79dyk
Non-postal cachets used onboard Lake Steamers:A2081 Neuchâtel-Murten; M/S Fribourg 200255dyk; lac
2002 Europa stamps: artist Hans Falk; exhibition; circus200255dyk; stp
SBB/CFF: express delivery service; RailExpress200255dyk; rly
Swiss Railways: table showing opening dates of each stage of each railway 1847-1918200255dyk; rly
Alpine Posts: table showing opening of services 1918-1946200255dyk; phs
Swiss Railways: list of reference books 200256,58,59,65rly
Handstamp: Thurn & Taxis boxed cachet 'SCHWEIZ / N.T.T.'; transit via Switzerland200257,58,65phs; pmk
Handstamp: cachet 'VERBANO'; travel via Lake Maggiore200257phs; lac
Handstamp: WALDSTATTERSEE (AW group 87/88); in use 1861 only200257phs; lac
TPO cancels: explanation of train & route numbers200259,66,67rly
Latin Monetary Union (1840-1871) - presentation by Gavin Fryer FRPS,L200260,61phs
1963 Architectural series: luminescent paper; pre-dated FDCs (see 2003:2,13,23) 200261qry; stp
Cancels: G Knüsli Zurich; trial stamps200262frg
Güller: cancellers used in Italy200263dyk; pmk
Frama: article in American Philatelist200263dyk; lbl
Postal Rates: increase in rates for parcels and letters forecast200263dyk; phs
International Reply Coupons:200263dyk; pst
Undeliverable mail: opening to identify sender's address; yellow label200263dyk; lbl
1941 Historical designs: articles in SBZ200263dyk; stp
1919 postcard: Zeppelin "Bodensee" 200264air
1960 postcard: Swiss Dhaulgiri Expedition to Nepal200265gen
TPO cancels: Ambulant Circulaire200266,67rly
1917 parcel labels for returned empty bottles200268,81lbl
Simplon Railway: history (refer to 1999:54)200269,77rly
Value of Collections: accumulated information not included when collection sold at auction200270gen
Switzerland becomes 190th member of UN: 10th September; 90c stamp; FDC dated 11th 200271,79dyk
Consilium Philatelia Helvetica: new President; Robert Wightman200271dyk
Frama: reduction in number of stamp-vending machines200271dyk; lbl
Embroidered stamp: missing value on block of four sheetlet200271stp; dyk
Non-postal cachets used onboard Lake Steamers: 200272,80lac
Territoires Conquis: where were they? 200277qry
1846 cover: Fribourg to St. Chamond, France; boxed cachet 'T.G.' (Transit Genevois)200280,86pmk; phs
1914 National Exhibition: Offizialle Künstler Postkarte; rare de Coppet cancel 2.XI.14-8 with star and 'tails' (Comet)200281pmk
Simplon Tunnel: 1906 opening; cachets (see also 2003:32,35) 200281qry; rly
1910 letter card: Federal Shooting Festival, Bern 17-31 July 1910 (see 2003:12,44,65)200282,83pst
1944 cover: Bern Phliatelic Bureau to Ulm, Germany; postal rates; censoring (see 2003:2-3) 200284phs; qry
Frama: label used for sealing registered envelope200284lbl
1878 postal card: Zurich to Antwerp; arrival mark "Suisse Anvers" 200284qry; pmk
First Day Covers: which date is correct (official date or postally used date)? 200279,85dyk; qry
1907 pc from Rome; Geneva "Inconnu al'appel" s/ handstamp (AW 25); "Adresse insuffisante" label 200285,93pmk; lbl; qry
Bern Printing Works: last new issue stamp printed200287dyk; stp
Booklet Stamps: discounted 'Tourism' stamps; Fr.1.30 and Fr.1.80200287,95dyk; stp
Cancels: cancellation service from 'Ful Philatelic'; all types of cancels200287pmk; dyk
Pro Juventute: fake cancel on 1912 forerunner (see 2000:44; 2001:31,39,71; 2003:5,55; 2004:39,47,67)200287pro; pmk; frg; dyk
1935 letter: Basel to London; value-declared; postage query 200288,92qry; phs
1896 cover: Villeret to Renan; under-franked; PDs added on two separate days 200289qry; pdu
1961 cover: Canada to Geneva; cancelled with 'PP' in octagon (see 1995:70-72; 1996:19; 1998:65; 2003:45) 200289qry; pdu
Swissair: first flight covers200292air
1954 parcel coupon: postal rates (see 2003:12) 200293qry; phs
160 years Swiss-British Postal & Philatelic Relations: display at Swiss Ambassador's residence, London200294gen
Re-directed mail: to and from Sweden; Mal Dirigé sur La Suede' machine cancel 200295dyk
Re-directed mail: to and from Thailand; 'missent to Bangkok' handstamp200295dyk
Machine Cancels: slogan flag cancels for 1919 food shortage200295dyk; pmk
1817 cover: St Gallen to Germany; forwarded to Schaffhausen; oval mark 'Schweitzer Auslag von Schaffhausen'200296phs; pmk
Cancels: St Gallen, Zurich & Ticino 'Auslag' handstamps (see 2003:2,12) 200296qry; pmk; phs
1822 cover: Geneva to Paris; P.I.P / FERNEY handstamp; octagonal 'T.3e'; diagonal line 20031,13phs; qry; pmk
1963 Architectural series: luminescent paper; pre-dated FDCs (see 2002:61) 20032,13,23qry; stp
Cancels: St Gallen & Zurich 'Auslag' handstamps (refer to 2002:96) 20032qry; pmk; phs
1944 cover: Bern Phliatelic Bureau to Ulm, Germany; postal rates; censoring (see 2002:84) 20032,3phs; qry
1896 postcard: used as parcel label; Le Sepey / Ormont Dessus / Chateau d'Oex label 20034lbl
Salvation Army envelope used in wartime; 'CP Surveillance 1009' handstamp 20034qry; mil
Pro Juventute: fake cancel on 1912 forerunner (see 2000:44; 2001:31,39,71; 2002:87; 2004:39,47,67)20035pro; pmk; frg
Luzern-Engelberg: TPO cancels, including forgery 20035rly
STAMPIT: addressed covers; Webstamp (see 2004:47,95)20037,23,95dyk
Postal Rates: posting chocolate bars (see 2000:7,15; 2004:15)20037phs; dyk
Machine Cancels: slogan cancels for 'Poverty'20037dyk; pmk
1801 cover: Prefect of Basel to French General Moreau20038gen
Rigi-Kulm: balloon railway; Arth, Immensee20038rly
Customs Cancels: translation from ArGe Schweiz200310,11,12pmk
1910 letter card: Federal Shooting Festival, Bern 17-31 July 1910 (refer to 2002:82,83)200312pst
Cancels: Ticino 'Auslag' handstamps (refer to 2002:96) 200312qry; pmk; phs
1954 parcel coupon: postal rates (refer to 2002:93) 200312qry; phs
Bulk-mailing: new 'PP' charge for letters (see also 2004:7,15)200315dyk
Bundesfeier: 1926 "Calling Boy" card (z.44); 1975 Sarnen cancel, calling cowherd200315dyk; pro
Vitznau-Rigi Bahn: information, by D Slate200316rly
1884 postcard: 'Geneva / Hotel National' cancel; late usage date200317,39pmk; dyk
Fluelen: postcard with 'Hotel du Lac, Fluelen' cachet; 40c ticket 'Strassenbahn-Altdorf-Fluelen A.-G.' 200318,28,30qry
Stampless cover: Mels straightline and Federal grill cancels; FRANCO handstamp200318phs
Zurich: International Flight Meeting; 1937; mail posted in MPOs 200319air; mpo; qry
Pro Aero: 22 May 1938; cancellations query; arrival date 31 May 200319air; qry
Weggis Rigi-Kaltbad cableway: 200319rly
Postal Rates: letter & express rate changes200320phs
Machine Cancels: 'spot the errors' quiz200320,30,35gen
Gotthard route: straightline handstamps, TPO and boxed station cancels200322rly
Simplon Railway: commemorative cards and cancels; Brig, Iselle, Aigle200322rly
Book Review: Rigi-Stempel, authors Reno Inderbitzen & Felix Weber200323dyk; lit
Book Review: Die Postkarten-Heftchen der Schwiezer Post 1912-1992, author Ernst Jaeger200323dyk; lit
Cugnasco (TI): 'K' cancel; "Gesora" (church)200323pmk; dyk
1803 Act of Mediation: 200th anniversary of Napoleon's creation of 6 cantons200323,47,95dyk
Baedeker Guides and Philately, by H Towers200324gen
1910 Dutch 'Little Switzerland' exhibition labels200325lbl
Pioneer Flights: Liestal, 27th April 1913200326,27air
PTT: apology for ink-smudged machine-cancel200327,43gen
Returned letters during WWII: 200328,41,42phs
1966 letter: Italy to Lugano with 'messenger' definitive (z.356); 'T' Due; rates 200328,35pdu; qry
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) 'K' Cancels: definition200330pmk
America's Cup: Alinghi stamp issue200331,39,47,54dyk
Braille stamp issue200331dyk
Postal Rates: early rates from GB (1830s)200332phs
Simplon Tunnel: 1906 opening; cachets (refer to 2002:81) 200232,35qry; rly
Bâle Outre Mere cancel (see 1997:93, 2004:13,22-23)200332,71pmk; dyk
Basel: transit cancel BÂLE 2 OUTRE MER (overseas) (see 1997:87,93; 2004:13,22-23) 200332,71pmk; qry
Rigi-Scheidegg Bahn: information, by D Slate200333rly
Communications: formal addressing; 'PP' (Praemissis praemitendis); 'ML' (Meine Lieben) 200334,37gen
Faulhorn Hotel post, by D Slate200336htl
Quinten: 'K' cancel (see 2004:15)200337,55,71pmk
1969 cover: Bonn to Birsfelden; 'Circled-T' handstamp; double-franked 200337pdu; qry
Frama: new ATMs in Liechtenstein200339lbl; dyk
Labels: new 'Retour' (Return) labels200339lbl; dyk
1945 letter: Prisoner of War Post; returned; boxed cachet with missing word (see 2000:37,49,50) 200340,41,42,65,74phs; qry
1942 letter: Basel to GB; returned to sender; air mail service suspended 200341,65air; qry
Resumption of surface mail between Switzerland, UK and US; 15th Dec 1944200340dyk
Booklet Stamps: Tete-Bêche printing (z.595)200342stp; err
1924 letter: Federal Shooting Festival, Aarau 18 July-5 August (see 2004,13) 200344,65air; qry
1962 letter: Italy to Basel; underfranked; different 35c stamps with 'Circled-T' handstamp 200344pdu
Hand struck 'T' cancels on current stamps200345pdu
1950 letter: 'T' cancel; "Strafporto" handstamp (see 2007:24) 200345qry; pdu
1961 cover: Canada to Geneva; cancelled with 'PP' in octagon (see 1995:70-72; 1996:19; 1998:65; 2002:89) 200345qry; pdu
Aerophilatelic Day: Altenrhein 03.05.2003200347dyk; air
Urtenen-Schonbühl: 'K' cancel; French occupation 1798 200347dyk; pmk
Pro Patria: new issue; Swiss bridges200347,79dyk; pro
Postal Rates: Valued Declared abolished; March 2003200347,55dyk; phs
Registration: sheets of 'R' labels; Poste de campagne, Feldpost Gotthard200348lbl; mil
1914 postcard: temporary/emergency boxed cancel 'MILITARSACHE' 200348,49lbl; mil; qry
Lake Luzern: general interest recorded on stamps, by A Payne200350,51,52gen
Definitive issues: period of validity, by A Young200353stp
Roggiswil: 'K' cancel; glacial boulders200354pmk
Post Offices: closures and name changes; list200355dyk; phs
Elm: 'K' cancel; 'ray of light' (see 2004:4,47)200355,95dyk; pmk
Switzerland's Amazing Railways, C J Allen: extracts200356rly
Entlebuch: early cancel200356pmk
Cancel query: Neuchâtel 7 / Gibraltar; from 1882-1900 (see also 1999:74) 200356qry; pmk
Feldpost: background to the Swiss Army Field Post Service, by D Ripley200357,58,90mil
Luzern: Glacier Gardens, by D Slate200358,69gen
Razorblade Cancels: updated list; usage dates200359,60pmk
Altdorf-Fluelen Electric Tramway: dates of opening/closure (refer to 2003:18,28,30)200361rly
Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn: merger of Brig-Zermat Bahn and Furka-Oberalp; TPOs200361,71rly
Book Review: WWII Mail from Switzerland to Great Britain, Canada & United States, author C J LaBlonde200362lit
Postal Rates: first 85c stamp issued for 'B' post200363phs; dyk; stp
Postal Rates: increase for 'A' post rate200363phs; dyk
UNESCO: special stamps and cancels; Abbey Library, St. Gallen200363dyk; stp; pmk
UNESCO: special stamps and cancels; Müstair (GR) Monastery200363dyk; stp; pmk
UNESCO: special stamps and cancels; Old-town of Bern200363dyk; stp; pmk
UNESCO: special stamps and cancels; Castles of Bellinzona200363dyk; stp; pmk
UNESCO: special stamps and cancels; Aletsch Glacier200363dyk; stp; pmk
UNESCO: special stamps and cancels; Monte San Giorgio, near Chiasso200363dyk; stp; pmk
Liechtenstein: new stamps, cancels and maxicards200363dyk; stp; pmk
FOSSUK: Year of the Mountains; Tell / Wallace cover 200364gen
1914 letter: Bellinzona to Mendrisio; boxed cachet 'FRANCO / Direction / Postes / XI' 200366,84qry; phs
1902 postcard: Gotthardbahn; Bellinzona straightline handstamp; blue ink (see 2004:68) 200366qry; rly; pmk
Postal Stationery Card: two versions - Officielle, Officiel (see 2004:68) 200366,67,84qry; pst
Cancels: 'Blind' or 'd'annulation' - rings and wavy-lines (see 1987:30; 1988:49; 1997:37,45) 200367pmk; qry
WWII undercover mail200368,69phs
Postal Coach: horse-drawn to steam-driven; 1850 routes map; history200370,72phs; rly
Railway map of Switzerland, 1858200370rly
Interlaken-Lauterbrunnen: TPO and cachet200371dyk; rly
Interlaken-Grindelwald: TPO and cachet200371dyk; rly
Epesses: 'K' cancel; 'PP' boxed cancel200371dyk; pmk
Tenniken: 'K' cancel200371dyk; pmk
Esperanto Congress: 1913 Bern; 1925 Geneva; cancels, reply coupons, covers (see 2004:11,45)200373,88gen
Helvetia Philatelic Society: improving benefits of membership (see 2004:1)200375gen
WWI PoWs - Schweizer Freimaurer Bureau für Nacsforschung & Verschwundenen (see 2005:41) 200376phs; qry
Hotel Waldhaus: modern hotel-post stamp; un-dated cancel 200376htl; qry
Straightline Handstamps: where applied; Lake Steamers, TPOs, general information (see 2004:1)200377,84rly; lac
UNESCO: stamps with discount vouchers; souvenir postcard booklet200379dyk; stp; ppc
Embroidered stamp: '0' missing from value200379stp; dyk; err
SPI: new 'PP' machine-impressions200379dyk
Frauenfeld: 'K' cancel200379dyk; pmk
1945 letter: registered, with delivery slip intact; addressed to Prof Einstein, Zurich200380phs
SP: brochure; validity of stamps and postal stationery200381,82stp
SP: reduction in number of letter-sorting centres, 1998-2008200382,83phs
Tarasp-Kurhaus: early example of cancel, 1.IX.1872 200383pmk
1955 pc: Bern to GB; private label; s/ 'AG für Messapparate,Bern' and 'Preisaufschlag 20%' 200384qry
Postal Rates: increases in 2004 (see 2004:2,15,23)200387dyk; phs
Furka-Oberalp Bahn: TPO cancel; Brig - Oberwald200387dyk; rly
Rhätische Bahn: TPO cancel; trip 580, St. Moritz - Chur200387dyk; rly
St Gallen: 'K' cancel; OLMA200387dyk; pmk
UNESCO: Müstair (GR) Monastery; 'P.P. label200387dyk; lbl
1953 business card: machine frank 105c (25c postcard, 80c Express)200389pst
1943 cover: Swiss and GB postage; to South African escaped PoW200393phs
Straightline Handstamps: 'Ambulant / Lausanne-Pontarlier' and 'Vallorbe'; plus TPO No.6 cancel 200394qry; rly
SP: SwissPostCard; Multimedia Messaging Service (see 2004:7)200395dyk
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: cover with 'B' printing posted two years after the printing date (see 2004:4,12)200396stp
Murren: International Ballonsportwoche 'K' cancels200396pmk
Vordermeggen: straightline handstamp on TPO No.19 20041,52rly; qry
Helvetia Philatelic Society: improving benefits of membership (see 2003:75)20041,20gen
Postal Rates: new letter rates 1.1.200420042,15,23,36phs; dyk
SP: charges for new issues20043gen
Elm: Martin's Loch; Konrad Escher (see 2003:55,95)20044,47stp, pro
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: measuring paper thicknesses 20044,12,27qry; stp
1905 postcard: St. Gallen to Tahiti (French Colonies); postage rates for Treaty States 20045,10qry; phs
Rayons: fakes & forgeries, display to the Northern Group by Cedric Dry20046stp; frg
Pro Juventute: self-adhesive stamps; printed in USA (see also 2005:79)20047pro; dyk
Rhätische Bahn: TPOs reduced to two (one goods train, one passenger train)20047rly; dyk
Matterhorn-Gotthard Bahn: TPOs still in use - Brig-Zermatt and Brig-Oberwald20047rly; dyk
SP: SwissPostCard; Multimedia Messaging Service (see 2003:95)20047dyk
Bulk-mailing: new 'PP' charge for letters (see also 2003:15)20047,31dyk
Postcards: 'hold to light' cards20048ppc
Postal stationery card: multiple 'Circled-T'; bulk payment (see 2005:72) 20049qry; pdu
1815 entire: Bern to London; General Ballingall, Royal Marine200411,20phs
Esperanto Congress: 1906; embossed vignette (see also 2003:73,88)200411gen
1924 letter: Federal Shooting Festival, Aarau 18 July-5 August (see also 2003:44,65) 200413air; qry
Basel: transit cancel BÂLE 2 OUTRE MER (overseas) (see 1997:87,93; 2003:32,71) 200413pmk
Geneva: transit cancel GENEVE OUTRE MER (overseas) 200413,23pmk; dyk
Lausanne: transit cancel LAUSANNE 11 GARE OUTRE MER (overseas) 200413pmk
Quinten: 'K' cancel (see 2003:37,55,71)200415pmk; dyk
Post Offices: closure of Zurich 25 and 66200415,23dyk; phs
Postal Rates: posting chocolate bars (see 2000:7,15; 2003:7)200415dyk; phs
Swiss Centenaries stamp issue: fading ink on red and orange bands (z.920-1)200415stp; dyk
United Nations: closure of Philatelic Office200415,23uno; dyk
Postcards: issue of new 'A' & 'B' cards200416dyk; pst
Disinfection and Quarantine of mail, by V Vandervelde200417,18,19,23,24gen
1935 wrapper: double-rate, registered; Basel City arms200420phs
Railways & TPOs: Display to the Northern Group by P Vaughan200422rly
Book Review: Post Offices of Vetroz and Conthey (Valais), author Oliver Cottagnoud200422dyk; lit
MPO cachet: Zurich-Arb/Philat/Bund; 1942 (Zurich Workers Philatelic Society)200423dyk; mpo
Cancels: Economat; stock room of stationery, stamps, etc.200422,23,36,71pmk; dyk
Güller: private cancel for A Arbenz, motor manufacturer of Birmingham 200423dyk; pmk
Lake Luzern: paddle-steamer 'Gallia' refurbishment (see 2001:79)200423lac; dyk
1960 postcard: cancelled with Göschenralp regular and temporary cancels200424pmk
Station Cancels: questions about boxed railway cancels of 1960s/70s 200424,27rly; qry
Railway Companies: abbreviations - SNB, SMB, SZB 200424,27rly; qry
Hotel Engadine-Engadinerhof: label on postcard; new discoveries200425,27,36htl
Olten: 1924/25 re-directed covers with P/Due stamp z.P39200426pdu
1904 postcard: GB to Italy; P/Dues; re-directed with label to Luzern; Swiss P/Dues200426pdu
Basel: vignette - Foire Suisse Bâle 200426lbl
Pro Juventute: pricing errors in Stanley Gibbons 2004 catalogue200427,35,38,64pro
Book Review: Poststellenchronik Schweiz 1849-1999, author Karl Gebert - PC format 200431lit; pmk; dyk
Solothurn-Niederbipp Bahn: Attiswil 'K' cancel with 'erratic block'200431dyk; pmk; rly
Book Review: Die Schweizerischen Soldatenmarken 2, 1939-45, author Markus Wittwer200431mil; dyk
SBZ: History of Soldier Stamps during WWI, articles by Reinhard Stutz 200431mil; dyk
Cancels: smallest Swiss cross; Münster 6.X.39 (Wallis) 200431pmk; dyk
Lugano: ESPA exhibition, 2-14 June 1951; MPO 3200431pmk; dyk; mpo
St Gallen: punched holes in revenue stamps; KASSIERT cancel 200433qry; rev
Vaud: 1873 'Timbre de commerce' issue; spelling mistake - Financos (Finances)200433rev
Change of Address cards: new design in 2002200434,35pst
Tax Perçue: cachet used at Liestal, 2004200436,63phs; dyk
Registration: philatelic cover 1945; Basel Dove pair; 'R' label200437lbl; phs
1924 postcard: airship 'LZ 126'; (USA ZR-3); Frank Sekula200437air
Frama: update on existing ATM machines200439lbl; dyk
Pro Juventute: fake cancel on 1912 forerunner (see 2000:44; 2001:31,39,71; 2002:87; 2003:5,55)200439,47,67pro; pmk; frg; dyk
Postcards: official PTT 'Franco' cards 200440pst; qry
Cancels: Swiss 'hammer' cancels, by M Rutherfoord (see 2005:39)200441,42pmk
Priority: new-style 'Priority' and 'Economy' labels200443lbl
Labels: new 'Retour' (Return) labels200444lbl
1916 cover: 1c P/Dues and Feldpost cancels; philatelic? 200444,51pdu; qry; mil
1920 postcard: charged letter rate; 3c & 5c P/Dues 200445,54qry; pdu
1950 cover: official PTT to UK, Express; air mail; 'PP' absent 200445qry; air; phs
1925 cover: Ido-Informerio; another synthetic language200445gen
Cancels: 2004 Athens Olympics cancel with Greek text200445pmk
FIFA triangular stamp: sold out200447dyk; stp
STAMPIT: addressed covers; Webstamp (see 2002:55,71,79; 2003:7,23,95)200447,95dyk
Priority: 'A Priority' label for mail damaged in Post Office machinery200448lbl; dyk
Parcel Labels: new labels for foreign-bound parcels; customs fee200448lbl; dyk
Zurich-Copenhagen: air mail service, 12 April 1926200449air
Development of Swiss air mail services 1919-40, by D Cairns200450,51air
SP: 'Swiss Design Classics' issue 200452,57stp; qry
SP: philatelic bureau single-stamp orders 200452,57,66stp; qry
Value of Collections: accumulated information not included when collection sold at auction200453gen
1966 cover: coil-stamp; 'T'-circle; accumulated information200453pdu
1943 centenery of stamps: rubber & steel cancels (refer to 2002:30) 200454pmk; qry
1940 luggage label: overpaid; 'Factage payé' labels200454lbl
Zurich: new Post Office; Zurich-West 8068 200455dyk; pmk
Uncut self-adhesive stamps200455dyk
Kocher stamps: multi-coloured, perforated gummed labels200455dyk; lbl
Stamp issue: designed by Emil (Swiss comedian)200455dyk; stp
Railways: 3rd class travel abolished 3 June 1956200455dyk; rly
Labels: DIY labels for 'B' letters200455dyk; lbl
Packet address label: Ambulant cancel 200456,69qry; rly; lbl
Temporary Cancel: 'Stein - - Aargau' used in July 1894 (AW group 94A) 200456,84pmk; qry
Cancel: 'Genève Rue du Stand / 8.I.07' and 'LETT' in lower segment (see also 2005:64) 200456,70pmk; qry
Cancel: straightline 'Emmishofen' (AW 30E/35 and Kreuzlingen thimble on 2c Sitting Helvetia 200456,84,94pmk; qry
Dornier DO-X flights 1929-1933, by J Cordingley200458,59,60air
Book Review: Bahnpoststempel und Streckenarchiv der Schmalspureisenbahnen,author Juris Schmidt200461lit; rly
Redirected Mail: tests with a new Automatic System in Zurich 200461gen
Postcard: Liechtenstein 'B' post; perforations surrounding printed stamp200463fls; dyk
SBB/CFF: withdrawal of TPO services; 7 August 2004 200463rly; dyk
SP: SwissPostCard; Multimedia Messaging Service; two new cards issued200463dyk
International Security Printers (ISP): includes Walsall(GB), Courvoisier(CH) and Cartor(F)200463dyk
Official Covers: 10c franking on official envelope; Industrial War Economy (IKW); registered letters 200466qry; pst
1905 telegram: redirected cover with telegram cancels; 'T' handstamp 200466qry; pdu
Jungfraujoch: postcard from Meiringen; 1935 glider flight; two different cancellers 200467,80qry; air; pmk
Jungfraubahn: Station Rothstock cachets (see 1999:65-66,74,82; 2005:44)200468rly; pmk
1902 postcard: Gotthardbahn; Bellinzona straightline handstamp; blue ink (see 2003:66) 200468qry; rly; pmk
Postal Stationery Card: two versions - Officielle, Officiel (see 2003:66,67,84) 200468qry; pst
Güller: record books; update200469pmk
1914 postcard: St. Moritz-Dorf to Belgium; address section overwritten; P/Due added 200469pdu
1916 cover: Germany to Bern; italic "T25c" handstamp; evaded censor 200470,83pdu; qry
SwissPostAuto: public bus system 'CarPostalFrance' in Dole200471dyk
Postal Charges: comparison of UPU system with private couriers (FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc.)200471dyk
SBB/CFF: Luzern-Stans-Engelberg & Brunig railways now form new 'Zentralbahn'200471dyk; rly
Cancels with double hour-reels, by M Rutherfoord (refer to 1991:1,2)200472,80pmk
1936 cover: air mail Bern to Brazil; route taken 200474air; qry
1937 cover: air mail Pontresina to Brazil; route taken 200474,75air
1935 cover: air mail Sao Paulo, Brazil to Zurich; route taken 200475air
Tombola Postcards: Don National; Festival de Sécheron 22-23 June 1918 (see 1999:41,51) 200476mil; ppc
Kocher stamps: plus ''Bela Sekula Luzern" labels (see 2001:15,20,28,29,47) 200476,85qry; lbl
Printed label: 'Volksrecht' (Folk Customs); 1950s machine-frank (see 2005:64,67) 200476,85qry; lbl
Straightline Handstamps: not listed in 'Postellenchronik' (see 2005:4) 200476,85pmk; rly
Straightline Handstamp: ENGSTLENALP (BERN) private cancel 200476,85qry; pmk
Straightline Handstamp: ZOFINGEN (Alte Winkel) private cancel 200476,85qry; pmk
Straightline Handstamp: LAMPENBERG (BASELLAND) 200476,85qry; pmk
Straightline Handstamp: SIMPLON-HOSPIZ (WALLIS) 200476qry; pmk
Straightline Handstamps: 'Paketannahmestelle / 4600 Olten Wilerweg' 200476,85qry; pmk
Railway Companies: abbreviations - SZU, WSB, BBS, SGV, LSE, RBS 200477,82rly; qry
Railway Companies: station codes, significance of first digit, e.g. SBB/STAMMHEIM 0 6024 4 200477rly; qry
1899 postcard: Appenzell to GB; part German stamp; 'T' handstamp; '1 / FB'; 'IB' in circle (see 2005:4) 200477,83qry; pdu
Coil Stamps: 'Zip-fastener' stamps sold only in rolls of 2000200479dyk; stp
Parcel Labels: new type200479dyk; lbl
Olten: special cancel for opening of the high-speed section of upgraded line Zurich-Bern200479dyk; rly; pmk
Luzern: special cancel for 150 years Strubel stamps200479dyk; pmk
Registration: marks and cancels for Registered Mail, by P Vonwiller (see 2005:5)200480phs
Lake Steamers: company abbreviations - SGV, VDGV, DGV200482lac
1935 covers: Greece/China to Gebruder Sulzer 40c Helvetia with Sword added for express delivery (see 2009:64)200483phs
Stamp issue: 'wooden' stamp FDC200485,90,95stp; dyk
SPI: new 'Frankieren Post' for business mail bulk cancellation200487dyk
SP: modern tourism cards200487dyk; psts
Hotel Cachets: cachets found on postcards, etc.200488htl
1909 cover: GB domestic mail unintentionally sent to Argentina in 2004, returned by St. Gallen Post Office200489phs
UPU: international reply letter (see also 2005:8)200494,95pst; dyk
Zurich: Tram Museum; special mail; Schlieren-Weiningen tram200494,95rly; dyk
SBB/CFF:opening of high-speed track Mattstetten-Rothrist open day200494,95rly; dyk
Brig-Bern: last day of TPO - 10.12.2004200494,95rly; dyk
Chur-Klosters: last day of TPO - 10.12.2004200494,95rly; dyk
Registration: Pro Juventute covers with series of 'R' labels20051lbl
Labels: The first 'Retour' (Return) labels, by D N Muir20052,3lbl
Official Covers: 10c franking on official envelope; Industrial War Economy (IKW); registered letters 20054qry; pst
Straightline Handstamp: ENGSTLENALP (BERN) private cancel (refer to 2004:76) 20054qry; pmk
Straightline Handstamp: ZOFINGEN (Alte Winkel) private cancel (refer to 2004:76) 20054qry; pmk
Straightline Handstamp: LAMPENBERG (BASELLAND) (refer to 2004:76) 20054qry; pmk
Straightline Handstamps: 'Paketannahmestelle / 4600 Olten Wilerweg' (refer to 2004:76) 20054qry; pmk
1916 cover: Germany to Bern; italic "T25c" handstamp; evaded censor (refer to 2004:70,83) 20044pdu; qry
Intercity Express: cover and labels20055lbl; phs
1881 cover: Signau-Berlin; registered; German 'von Ausland' label (see 2004:80) 20055lbl; phs; qry
1811 entire: St. Gallen to Firenze (Florence); St Gallen straightline and 'L.T.' handstamps (see 2006:13) 20055qry; phs
GB cover to Luzern: Bela Sekula; underpaid; P/Due not collected 20056qry; phs
SBB/CFF: revised timetable, withdrawal of last TPOs on 10.12.200420057dyk; rly
Heinrich Bullinger: (1504-1575); Austrian commemorative stamp20057dyk
SP: slogans promoting letter-writing20057pmk; dyk
Labels: new trilingual 'Retour' (Return) label20057,15dyk; lbl
1945 luggage label: machine-cancel 'ovals' on labels 20058lbl; qry
Jungfraubahn: list of cachets (see 1999:74,82)20058rly
UPU: international reply letter (refer to 2004:94,95)20058pst; dyk
Catapult Flights: across the North Atlantic; 'ss Bremen' and 'ss Europa'200510,11air
Razorblade Cancels: de Coppet; Hotel Schweizerhof, Grand Hotel Baden, etc. (see 2003:59-60)200513,23,25,26,95pmk; dyk
Razorblade Cancels: de Coppet, first cancels 1889; Lausanne, Bern, etc. (see 2003:59-60)200513,25,26pmk
First Day Covers: red bar-coding200515dyk
Yverdon-Ste Croix Railway: de Coppet cancel200515rly; pmk; dyk
Yverdon-Ste Croix Railway: no Sunday service; William Barbey of Valeyres-sous-Rances200515rly; dyk
SPI: new 'Frankieren Post' for business mail bulk cancellation (refer to 2004:87)200515dyk; lbl
STAMPIT: stamps produced on PC for postcards & covers; Webstamp (see 2002:55,71,79; 2003:7,23,95)200515,23,55dyk
WWI covers/cards with imprinted numbers 200517,37qry; mil
Commercial Development of Swiss Air Mail Services 1919-1940, by D Cairns (updated from 1980-81)200519,20,27,28,35,36,37,41air
1937 military cover: 'Amtlich' blanked; 'Official' (perforated cross) stamp added 200521,61mil; qry
1935 military cover: underfranked; P/Due added 200521,48,61mil; qry; pdu
Cantonals: fakes & forgeries, display to the Northern Group by Cedric Dry200522stp; frg
SP: SwissPostCard; Multimedia Messaging Service; two new cards issued200523dyk
Liechtenstein: new 'lace' stamp200523dyk; fls
Essays: design competition entries - 1901, 1932, 1995200523,31dyk
Pioneer Flights: Lugano-Mendrisio 8th June 1913200524air
1899 postcard: Appenzell to GB; part German stamp; 'T' handstamp; '1 / FB'; 'IB' in circle (see 2004:77,83) 200528qry; pdu
Grilled gum: information200529gen
Razorblade Cancels: Exhibition of de Coppet cancels200531,39dyk; pmk
Exhibitions: copying of exhibits for future reference and study200531dyk
Bulk-mailing: 'PP' charge for postal voting200531dyk
UPU 1900: plating the stamps, by D Houtris200532stp
Unauthorised Expertising: Renggli200533gen
Auction firm bankruptcies:200533gen
Book Review: Eisenbahnatlas Schweiz (railway atlas)200533lit
Cancels: Swiss 'hammer' cancels (refer to 2004:41,42)200539pmk; dyk
Cancels: new-issue service for cancellations; 'Flash' catalogue 200539pmk; dyk
SP: big stamp; opening of Paul Klee Centre, Bern200539dyk; stp
Swiss cancel on British and Irish stamps200541,56,80pmk
WWI PoWs - Schweizer Freimaurer Bureau für Nacsforschung & Verschwundenen (see 2003:76) 200541phs; qry
Luzern: Schiffsbureau No 2 cancel 200541qry; lac; pmk
Helvetia: background and development of early Swiss stamps, by Feliz Ganz200542gen
Cantonals: a Swiss primer, by Feliz Ganz200543stp
Rayons: a Swiss primer, by Feliz Ganz200543stp
Postcards: "Die Ersten Briefmarken der Schweiz"; fake stamps taken from designs200544ppc; frg
Postcard: picture postcard design with "Telegramm von Zurich" 200544ppc; qry
Jungfraubahn: Hotel Berghaus; cachets; Eigergletscher, Jungfraujoch (see 1999:65-66,74,82; 2004:68)200544rly
Postcards: Matrix and EAN codes on new 'A' & 'B' cards200547;87pst; dyk
SP: self-adhesive labels for the 'Ymago' project200547,63,71,85,87dyk; lbl
Registration: new 'R' labels for mail to overseas (see also 2006:23)200547dyk; lbl
Rayons: Fournier forgeries of the Rayon III stamps, by C Dry 200548stp; frg
1907 cover: St. Gallen to Germany; Nachnahme; Registered; postage query 200549,61,68phs; qry
Rayons: background information, by R Zeigler200550,51stp
The early South American air mail service, by D Cairns200552,53air
SPI: stick-on 'PP' labels for Swiss Post UK200555,61dyk; lbl
SP: closure of Swiss Parliament Post Office; '3003 Bern 3 Bundeshaus'200555dyk
Labels: Insurance company's 'PP' impression200555lbl; dyk
Stamp issue: new Fr.5 value; no FDC facility200555,71dyk; stp
1967 cover: PJ stamp used for P/Due (see 2006:45,57) 200557,68qry; pdu; pro
1967 cover: official paid OHMS from GB; treated as P/Due (see also 2006:8) 200557,67qry; pdu
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862 (Strubel): background information200558,59,60stp
1933 flight cards: 'Zurich Tourist Congress'; sent to Dr Fauchere (see 2006:35) 200561air; qry
Priority: new 'A Priority' label for damaged mail items200561lbl
Gambia stamps: transatlantic Zeppelin flights; Dornier Wal flying boat; 'Westfalen' support ship200561air
Meyrin (GE): Day of the Stamp issue200563stp; dyk
Neftenbach: different 'K' cancels; used on Sunday for local exhibition; Pro Patria stamp (z.PP157)200563dyk; pro; pmk
Parcel Labels: 1960-1970's200563dyk; lbl
Cancel: 'Genève Rue du Stand / 8.I.07' and 'LETT' in lower segment (see also 2004:56,70) 200564pmk; qry
Printed label: 'Volksrecht' (Folk Customs); 1950s machine-frank (see 2004:76,85) 200564,67qry; lbl
Cross & Numeral: bisect on 1905 cover 200564,68,77qry; stp
1911 postcard: Fuorcla Surley; FUORCLA SURLEJ straightline handstamp; Pontresina cancel 200565,80,88ppc; pmk
Frama: ATM labels, by G J Swart200566,67lbl
Book Review: WWII Mail between New Zealand and Switzerland, authors C J LaBlonde & R Startup200568,82dyk; lit
SP: new sorting offices at Harkingen (SO) & Eclepens (Yverdon)200568dyk
Helvetia with Sword: background information, by Felix Ganz200569stp
Zurich: aviation exhibition 28th June - 11th July 1933; postcard with FLUGWESEN AUSSTELLUNG cancel200569air
Book Review: Machine Slogan Catalogue, author G Balimann200571dyk; pmk
SP: closure of Post Offices and withdrawal of 'K' cancels; article in 'Tell'200571dyk
Letter Boxes: replica British letter boxes; Basel Dove200571,87dyk
Frama: ATM labels with Swiss flag200571dyk; lbl
United Nations: unusable stamp issue200571dyk; uno
Postcards: 'Amtlich' cards with multiple T-circle P/Dues for bulk payment (see 2004:9) 200572qry; pdu; pst
Labels: "Make your car smile" Pfister Auto AG, Samedan200572lbl
Private post: overprinting pre-paid envelopes for security, embossed cancel; perfins200574gen
Tell Boy: background information, by Felix Ganz200575stp
Postage Due: P/Due labels on covers to PO Box addresses, by B Medland200576pdu; qry
1926 First Flight: Zurich-Konstanz-Innsbruck-Salzberg-Vienna; OELEG200577air
Zentralbahn (Brünigbahn): bridge and rail repair after floods 200577dyk; rly
Pro Juventute: self-adhesive stamps (refer to 2004:7)200579pro; dyk
Stamp issue: varieties of rouletting on new self-stick stamps; Cartor200579stp; dyk
Book Review: Swiss TPO Cancellations, author Reinhard Stutz200579,95dyk; lit; rly
Tell: background information, by Felix Ganz200582stp
LATI flights to South America: WWII200583,84air
Basel: tramway stamps; connections with Centralbahn and Badische railway stations200585rev, rly
Napoleon & Switzerland: display to the Northern Group by Cedric Dry200586gen
Interlaken: Unspunnen Festival FDC; stone still missing!200586gen
Esperanto Congress: 1913 postcard Bern to London; 'T' and '1d/FB' handstamps (see 2003:73,88)200588gen; pdu
Kungoldingen: boxed cachet (railway?) on 1938 cover 200589qry; pmk; rly
1929 cover: Bern-Biel-Basel 'Alpar' flight; Philatelic Congress, Bern 1929; flown Bern-Hamburg200593air
Cancels: non-postal 'Union Vaudoise' cancel; pre-'de-Coppet' (refer to 2005:13,25,26)200593dyk; pnk
Embroidered stamp: Austrian textile stamp200595dyk
Landscape Definitives: 1936 issue; the sites revisited, by N Nelder20061,2stp
Journal: SVPS - issue 4/2005; for collectors of cancellations; Razorblade and Hammer cancels 20062pmk; lit
Journal: Jungfraupost; Swiss Postal Agencies abroad; maps; cancels20062phs; lit
Journal: Philatelic Literature Review; review of German/English Philatelic Dictionary20062phs; lit
Journal: BBZ - issue 12.05; article on post to and from Rigi Kaltbad20062phs; lit
Geneva: "Bulge" 1872-1888 (PD & PP cancellers), by M Rutherfoord20063,4,58pmk
1867 cover: 'GENEVE A' cancel; Elzevir; PD handstamp20064pmk
1915 postcard: Feldgraue Serie - Uniforms de Campagne; aviator 20065mil
Esperanto labels: 1961 Europa stamp design; 1969 Zurich Congress20065lbl
Day of the Stamp: Meyrin (GE); CERN (see 2005:63)20067dyk; stp; pmk
Parcel Labels: new Parcel Post labels for 'Priority' & 'Signature Required' post20067,71dyk;lbl
Postal Coach: centenery20067,23dyk; gen
1967 cover: official paid OHMS from GB; treated as P/Due (refer to 2005:57.67) 20068qry; pdu
1942 cover: POW mail; Internment camp in Jamaica; charged 60c P/Due 20068pdu
1934 cover: St Gallen-Germany; under-franked; 'Circled-T' handstamp, and additional stamp; who paid? 20069,32,45qry; pdu
Cantonal coats of arms: Uri, Schwyz, Unterwalden, by B Thurlow200610gen
Cantonal coats of arms: Luzern, Zurich, Glarus, Zug, Bern 200618,19gen
Cantonal coats of arms: Fribourg; Solothurn; Basel; Schaffhausen; Appenzell200627,28gen
Cantonal coats of arms: St. Gallen; Graubünden; Aargau; Thurgau; Ticino 200653,54gen
Cantonal coats of arms: Vaud; Valais; Neuchâtel; Genève 200661gen
Cantonal coats of arms: The Confederation200672gen
Pan-Am Clipper flights in the Pacific200611,12air
1811 entire: St. Gallen to Firenze (Florence); St Gallen straightline and 'L.T.' handstamps (see 2005:5) 200613qry; phs
1819 entire: Geneva to Belgium, via Ferney; 'TF' handstamp; Frankryk OverDinant (see 2007:28) 200613,24,29qry; phs
Day of the Stamp: Olten; railways; George Stephenson200615dyk; stp; pmk
Liechtenstein: new FDC and IFS cancels200615dyk; fls
SP: simulated stamp and cancel on 'PP' letter from Red Cross200615dyk
Embroidered stamp: Gambia textile stamp200615dyk
Post Boxes: new anti-pilfering design for 'yellow' post boxes (see 2007:7)200615,87dyk
Swiss-guarded Train Mail: Poland, Rumania; 1919-21; covers and labels200616,26mil; lbl; phs
1939 cover: air mail to passenger on P&O steamer, Stratheden and sister ships200617,26,35air
Helvetia Philatelic Society: founding & early years200619,24gen
Registration: new 'R' labels for overseas mail (see also 2005:47)200623dyk; lbl
Book Review: A Philatelic Ramble through Chemistry, authors E Hellbronner & F A Miller200623dyk; lit
Pro Patria: 20c redrawn 'plinth' on 1940 issue200623dyk; pro
Razorblade Cancels: de Coppet; Hotel Schweizerhof & Grand Hotel Baden (see 2003:59-60; 2005:13,23,25-26,95)200622,23pmk; htl
1917 postcard: Kessiloch 1914-1915; cachet 'GENIE-CHEF der St. Gotthardbefestigung' (refer to 1999:77)200624mil
1934 cover: 'Value Declared' postal items200624phs
1937 cover: Comptoir Suisse; The 'Oxford Group' (religious movement in 1920-30s)200625gen
Registration: Two-coloured 'R' handstamps 200626,34lbl; qry
Lake Constance Ship Post: 200629lac
Hotel Post stamps: blocks of Rigi-Kaltbad, Rigi-Kulm, Rigi-Scheideck, Kuort Stoos and Maderanertal 200629,34,41,52,66htl
Swiss Army: display to the London Group by Claude Mistely200630mil
Landscape Definitives: 1939 issue 40c with guillotined perforations 200630stp; qry
Stamp issue: the Ibex on stamps200631dyk
Labels: self-adhesive labels for - Registered Economy Large letter, LSI; parcels 200631dyk; lbl
Handstamps: modern 'Taxe Perçue'' (Tax Paid) 200632dyk; phs
1962 postcard: under-franked; 'T'; 'Ungultig'; 'Circled-T' handstamp 200632,58pdu; qry
1930 postcard: air mail Luzern-Basel-Prague; route taken 200633air; qry
1932 cover: air mail Triengen to Spain; route taken 200633air; qry
1949 cover: air mail Zurich to Portugal; route taken 200633,45air; qry
1926 cover: air mail Zurich to Casablanca; route taken 200633air; qry
1933 flight cards: 'Zurich Tourist Congress'; sent to Dr Fauchere (refer to 2005:61) 200635air; qry
Reply-paid cards: double-postcard from St Gallen newspaper200636pst
1911 postcard: tombola card; written in morse code200636ppc
Railway Station Cancel: 'CH-3003 BERN OZD / DGD Postablage' (Ober-Zoll-Direktion / Direction-Generale-Douane)200637rly
Cancels: 'DPF' (Department politique fédéral) 200637pmk
Postal Rates: rate changes for A and B post200639phs; dyk
Registration: new 'R' labels 200639lbl; dyk
Stamp issue: Jungfrau Massif; set of three200639stp; dyk
Kloster Wettingen: Thomas Coryate's walk from Somerset to Venice, 1608200639dyk
STAMPIT: special 'private' Webstamp promotion covers from Swiss Pst200639dyk
Value of Collections: writing-up collections for display200640,60,83gen
1922 cover: Auressio to Vergoletto; Ticino; postcode changes; AURESSIO / Wert-Valeur label200642,43,52phs; lbl
Vergoletto: Güller cancel; 'K' cancels; postcode changes200642pmk
Auressio: Güller cancel200642pmk
Aland Stamp Collectors Society: correspondence from Polish Soldiers interned in Switzerland200643,44phs
1967 cover: PJ stamp used for P/Due (refer to 2005:57,68) 200645,57qry; pdu; pro
Tell Boy: gathering apples; satirical label 200645,52,80,89lbl; qry
SP: Postpac; PostExpress; PostLogistics200647dyk
Olten: George Stephenson's proposed layout of the railways 200647dyk; rly
Simplon Tunnel: centenary; Brig cancels200647dyk; rly
Lake Steamers: centenary of renovated paddle-steamer 'Schiller'200647lac; dyk
Post Bus: centenary; Detligen cancels200647dyk; pmk
Forgeries for sale on eBay200648frg
Helvetia Philatelic Society: 60th Anniversary celebrations200649,50gen
Cancels: straightline 'ENGI Glarus' on 20c Sitting Helvetia; not listed in AW 200651pmk; qry
Cancels: boxed cancel, italicised script (__L or __HL) on Fr.1 Standing Helvetia; not listed in AW 200651pmk; qry
Cancels: Chaux de Fonds / Voyageurs cds on 2c Sitting Helvetia; unlisted coach ticket office 200651pmk; qry
Cancels: straightline '_THEN_U_' (Elzevir/serifed script); AW Group 30; possibly Rothenburg 200651pmk; qry
Cancels: straightline '__THAL' (Elzevir/serifed script); AW Group 30 200651pmk; qry
1931 cover: Luzern to Chicago; Eugen Sekula; treated as P/Due 200652phs; qry
Post Coach: split from Swiss Post200655dyk
Book Review: A Century of Swiss Alpine Postal Coaches, 1832-1932 200655dyk; lit
Stamp Issue: Sempach birdwatching FDC200655dyk; stp; pmk
Cancels: stock items from 'Ful-Philatelic'; all Special, 'K', slogans, etc.200655dyk; pmk
Güller: cancellers for Montenegro in 1911200655dyk; pmk
Labels: 'PP Priority' label in English200655dyk; lbl
Zurich: paddle steamers, and Guller square cancellers of 1882200656lac; pmk
1954 cover: Basel to Turgi; unfranked; T-circle on Publicity stamps; early use? (see 2007:3) 200657,69pdu; qry
Railway Station Cancel: boxed 'BASEL S.C.B.' (Schw. Central Bahn)200659rly
Railway Station Cancel: circular 'ZOLLSTATTE BASEL S.C.B. WOLF' (Customs station in goods yard)200659rly
Railway Station Cancel: boxed 'EIDG. ZOLL / BASEL S.C.B. WOLF' (Customs station in goods yard)200659rly
Railway Station Cancel: circular 'ZOLLAMT BASEL B.B.POST-T' (Badische Bahnhof, transit or exchange of mail)200659rly
Railway Station Cancel: boxed 'Reichs-Eisenb. / BASEL' (former French station - Elsass-Lothringen)200659rly
1912 wrapper: Lugano to Locarno; winged wheel handstamp 'VSGLB' 200659pmk; qry
Labels: Hungarian and Tibetan refugee charity labels, 1956/57 & 1968200662lbl
Liechtenstein: 200th Anniversary of Independence200663dyk; fls
SVPS: review of AW (Abstemplungen-Werk 1969-73); updates unlikely200663dyk; pmk
Postal Rates: reduced rate for local cross-border mail (Rayon Limitrophe - RL); article; list of post offices200663dyk; pmk; phs
SP: SwissPostCard; personalised photo-stamp200663dyk
STAMPIT: WebStampPrivate (WSP); Cevio 'K' cancel200263dyk; pmk
Orts-Post & Rayons: forgeries, including fake KIENBERG boxed straightline cancel200664frg; pmk
United Nations: double-print on Nations Unies Office European overprint issue (z.17)200665uno
1932 cover: re-used three times from Wattwil and Oberwinterthur 200666qry; phs
1875 pre-paid envelope: unusual watermark200667pst
Book Review: The Suspension of United States Mail to Switzerland 1942-1945, author C J LaBlonde200667lit; phs
Labels: pre-1931 collection of Swiss vignettes/labels200668lbl
Industrielle Kriegswirtschaft (IKW): overprint stamp on cover 200669,85qry; stp
Postcards: picture postcards losing popularity200671dyk; ppc
Parcel Labels: new label used by smaller Post Offices 200671dyk; ppc
Ymago labels: solds in local stores200671lbl; dyk
Lake Thun: paddle-steamer 'Blumisalp' centenary200671dyk; lac
Cancels: collect 'divided' village postmarks, e.g. Obervaz & Untervaz; Freiherren (Barons) of Vaz200671dyk; pmk
Helvetia Philatelic Society: Organisation of the Society200675gen
1938 packet cover (Päckchen) to USA; customs label for typewriter spares; P/Due levied in New York 200676,88qry
Labels: first inland 'Retour' (Return) label, by M Rutherfoord200677lbl
Book Review: Sitting Helvetia Imperforate, author Urs Hermann200679lit; stp; dyk
Book Review: Handbuch Postgeschichte von Genf, author Richard Schafer200679lit; phs; dyk
Registration: new 'R' labels for inland mail 200679,95 dyk; lbl
Winterthur: 100th anniversary of Winterthur Philatelic Society200679dyk
Aarwangen: replacement 'K' cancel200679dyk; pmk
Exhibition: NABA 2006, Baden200679,85gen
1949 cover: GB to St Moritz; P/Dues; returned to GB for postage due handstrike200680pdu
Seeberg: covers of the 1950-60s with pen & ink cancels200681,82pmk
Landscape Definitives: printing errors (see 2007:1) 200683,89err; stp; qry
1938 cover: Prague to Paris via Zurich; uprated to express mail and forwarded200684phs
Swiss railways: display to the London Group200686rly
Postal Coach: Aargau buses painted white, with black and blue logo200687phs; dyk
Cancels: Bad Sackingen (Germany) cancel with St Fridolin (patron of Glarus)200687pmk; dyk
2006 cover: unfranked; under-taxed (85c)200687pdu; dyk
Güller: SBZ article on 'Elzevir' cancelers by Pierre Guinand200687dyk; pmk
Labels: new parcel label for 'manual handling' of mail item200687dyk; lbl
Bern: new 'K' cancel without outside ring (for 3030 Bern philatelie)200687dyk; pmk
Feldpost: Militarsache; covers cancelled 'Feldpostnummer', 'TG.KP', 'Feldpost Geb.' etc. 200689mil; qry
Franco/Swiss Postal Treaties: display to the Southern Group by Fred Hoadley200692phs
Route Marks: display to the Northern Group200694phs
2000 postcard: St. Gallen to GB; uncancelled stamp; Tax Perçue cachet 200694qry; pdu
Parcel delivery: Paket Post now PostLogistics; livery changed from yellow to white200695dyk
Labels: PRI (Priority); SI (Signature required); NOM (Addressee or Nominee)200695dyk; lbl
Landscape Definitives: printing errors (see 2006:83,89)20071err; stp
1939 postcard: 'BRB 3.10.1939' (federal decree - exportation of maps, photographs, etc.)20072pst
1954 cover: Basel to Turgi; unfranked; T-circle on Publicity stamps; early use? (see 2006:57,69) 20073pdu
Censored covers to Austria and Germany after end of WWII 20073,34phs; qry
Hunt for the 1c Postage Due on cover (see 1988:25,26,51,52; 1989:43; 2008:33)20074,5,8,40pdu
Labels: NOM (Adressee or Nominee) 20077dyk; lbl
Book Review: Swiss Railway Atlas; www.minirex.ch20077dyk; rly
1935 cover: returned to sender; unknown cachet 'Erfolglos ausgerufen / Inconnu à l’appel' 20077,16,18dyk; qry
Pro Juventute: fake cancel on 1912 forerunner (see also articles in 2000-2004)20077pro; pmk; frg; dyk
Post Boxes: new anti-pilfering design for 'yellow' post boxes (see 2006:15,87)20077dyk
Exhibition: Day of the Stamp, Olten; DIY printed stamps20077dyk
1910 cover: Bassersdorf to Baretswil; Pfarramt (Priests or Parish Office); manuscript '2' 20078,19,35qry; phs
Route Marks: unknown 'ROUTE DE GENEVE' cancel 20078qry; phs
UPU: 1900 issue; forgeries20079frg
Bulk posting document (PTT form 225), plus stamps cancelled with Zurich 'PP' cds200710,11,20phs
Book Review: Poststellenchronik Schweiz 1849-1999, author Karl Gebert200711lit; phs
1908 postcard: greetings card Locarno to Luzern; marked 'BOLLI JOST' 200712ppc; qry
Stamp on the Reverse: cachet 'Franco retro' (see 1987:49,50,60) 200712ppc; qry
1931 cover: Geneva to Zurich; air mail; why multiple cancels? 200713air; qry
Post Locale/Orts Post cover addressed "Dahier" (i.e. "here" or local)200715dyk; phs
Fischenthal: railway handstamp 'Fischenthal / 265/ 29 III 1957200715dyk; rly
Ebnat-Kappel: railway handstamp 25 May 1995; last day of contract between PTT and SBB200715dyk; rly
Labels: barcode label with PPR and PostPac Promo (now Promopost)200715,23dyk; lbl
Expert Marks: key to experts' marks on the back of stamps200716gen
1870 postcard: Sulgen to St. Gallen; written in code 200716,21qry; phs
1940 cover: Gersau to London; boxed cachet 'Detained in France during German Occupation' 200717phs
Obituary: Denis Gainon200719rev; gen
1910 postcard: Teufen to India; 1c Postage Due and octagonal Telegraph cancel200720ppc; pdu
1912 wrapper: Tell Boy, Helvetia Bust and Helvetia with Sword stamps200721phs
Business franking Frankieren Post200723dyk
SP: replacing old cancellers with IFS system for large quantities of mail 200723dyk
Book Review: 1924 UPU issue, author Alex Herms (booklet and CD)200723lit; dyk; stp
Book Review: Registration and Valeur Labels of Liechtenstein200723lit; dyk; lbl; fls
Registration: new labels200723,63dyk; lbl
1950 letter: 'T' cancel; "Strafporto" handstamp (see 2003:45) 200724qry; pdu
1963 cover: 'Strafporto' handstamp; PO Box 'due' pink label remains (see 2003:45; 2005:76) 200724qry; pdu
1891 cover: Lundy Island to Prof. Moriarty; Newhaven and Geneva cancels (see also 2007:51)200725,32gen
Swiss Heraldry: simplified for philatelists, by M Rutherfoord200726,27gen
Matzingen: 'K' cancel; 1200 years of history200727pmk
Pro Juventute: 1979 special cancel; Schwamendingen200727pmk; pro
1820 entire: Geneva to Belgium, via Ferney; 'TF' handstamp; Frankryk OverDinant (see 2006:13,24,29)200728phs
Specialist expertisers in Switzerland200728gen
Postal Coach: horns and music200729gen
SP: PP bulk-mailed covers200731dyk
Registration: new labels for Inland and Foreign letters200731dyk; lbl
SP: tourist buses to remain in yellow livery200731dyk
Machine Cancels: inverted crown in modern cancel200731dyk
1936 cover: registered to USA; customs label 'Passed Free', P/Due (see 2006:76,88)200732pdu
Fribourg: 1981 commemorative issue (z.660); seal of the city; mistake in text 200733stp
Zeppelin Airships: display to the Southern Group by Martin Mantell200734,96air
Standing Helvetia: perf. 11¾x11¾ on z.73D; Tramelan postmark 5.X.99200735stp
1910 cover: Francois Fournier; sales journal 'Le Fac-Simile'200735frg
1951 postcard: Dutch 20c bisect; Swiss P/Due levied at double deficiency200736pdu
Book Review: Undercover Addresses of World War II, authors CR & AM Entwistle200736lit; phs
Book Review: Postal Relations of Italy in the 1800s', Italy - Switzerland, author Vito Salierno200736lit; phs
Bern: "Bulge" or "Tab" cancel (with 'P.P.')200737pmk
Cancels: German "horseshoe" canceller; forerunner of Razorblade, Elzevir cancellers, etc200739pmk; dyk
Stamp issue: Roger Federer; first living personality depicted on stamps200739,47stp; dyk
Postal Cheques: counter inpayment paid by recipient not sender; system under review200739dyk
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad: Domodossola straightline 'DOMO DILIGS. SUISSES' on 10c blue P/Due200740phs; pdu
Razorblade Cancels: St Gallen cancel on 1c green P/Due200740pmk; pdu
1983 cover: GB to Basel; P/Due; yellow (Basel 20) tear-off label 200740,73,74,84pdu; lbl
1863 cover: Fleurier to Canton, China; mixed-franking (Strubel/Sitting Helvetia); a fake! (see 2002:9)200742frg; cvr
Websites:; (D,F,I)200742rly
Websites: (travel information)200742rly
Websites: (transport museum)200742rly
Websites: (fakes, forgeries, experts)200742frg
Temporary Cancel: NEUENDORF 10.III.1939; used on parcels label200743pmk
Book Review: Catalogue of Replacement Cancels 1990, author Pierre Guinand200743pmk; lit
Swiss Railways: list of private railway consolidations; amalgamations; abbreviations200744,72rly
Zurich-Baden: non-postal mark 'S 8 N' (Schweizerische Nordostbahn) of 1847200744rly
Swiss Railways: extract from 1849 timetable for Schweizerische Nordostbahn200744rly
1914 cover: contents (letter) written in Braille; special tariff200745gen
Coil Stamps: unprinted strips with 'large cross' watermark 200746stp; qry
Labels: 1954 football World Cup vignette (poster stamp) 200746qry; lbl
DIY stamps: PC-generated200747dyk; stp
Gotthardbahn: 125th anniversary; special TPO 31 May - 2 June, 2007200747dyk; rly
Lötschberg: opening of new high-speed tunnel, Fruitgen-Visp200747dyk; rly
Websites: (Poststellenchronik-Gebert)200747,56lit; pmk; dyk
Book Review: Catalog of 'K' Cancels & Local Publicity Cancels, SVPS (new edition, available on CD)200747,61lit; pmk; dyk
Business Franking: example from Neopost machine200747dyk
Fournier: Datestamp Forgeries, by S MacKenzie200748frg; pmk
Helvetia Philatelic Society: change of Editor200749,55gen
Helvetia Philatelic Society: Annual Philatelic Weekend, York200750gen
Professor Moriarty; Reichenbach Falls; La Chaux de Fonds, etc (see also 2007:25)200751gen
Booklet Stamps: Tête-Bêche and Se-Tenant pairs, by D Colman200752,53,54stp
Helvetia Philatelic Society: former Editors (Edythe Rawnsley, Peter Hobbs)200756dyk
Zurich: Trams and TPOs; stamp issue (z.672); MPO cancels200756dyk; stp; pmk
Websites: (Cultural Routes of Switzerland); Pro Patria "Via" stamps200756dyk; pro
SP: decorated balloons "BalloMail" 200756dyk
SP: withdrawal of slogans for letter-cancelling machines200756dyk; pmk
Air Mail to South America; the Geneva-Marseille connection (DLH and Zeppelin mail) 1935-39, by M Peter200757,58,59,67,68,69air
Railways & TPOs: display to the Southern Group by Fred Hoadley200760rly
Exhibition: Festival of Stamps (London) 2010200761gen
Journal article: "The other Pro Patria item" (Bundesfeier cards 1938-60) - Tell (AHPS)200762lit; pro
Journal article: "Happy Birthday Zumstein", A, M & Ch. Hertsch - Tell (AHPS)200762lit
Journal article: "Rayon I dark blue, with misaligned printing", George Valby - Tell (AHPS) 200762lit; stp
Journal article: "Der Rasierklingenstempel", Peter Schlatter - Le Collectionneur d'Empreintes Postales200762lit; pmk
Journal article: "Neues vom Automobilpostbüro" (on air mail covers) - Le Collectionneur d'Empreintes Postales200762lit; air; mpo
Tell Boy: image on British 1960s slogan200762gen
Swiss Papal Guard: commemorated on Vatican City stamp issue200762gen
SP: closure of Post Offices, including Feldis (GR); see,71,79dyk
Registration: new labels for foreign mail200763dyk; lbl
Montreux: 1947 publicity slogan still in use in 2007200763dyk; pmk
Mail Sorting: new REMA coding/sorting; Zurich-Mülligen (see 2008:56, 2009:73)200763,71dyk
Stamp Issue: Fr.1 Corbusier Armchair (z.1109) withdrawn; Bernard Weber (creator of Seven Wonders of the World)200763dyk; stp
Feldpost: WWI Military Postal Stationery200764mil
Jungfrau: double print errors on 1921 Fr.10 issue (z.131); vertical strips used for mass-mailing200765,66,80stp; err
1881 Health Warning: 'Toggenburger Volksfreund'; misuse of stamp-sheet edges for dressing wounds200766gen
Booklet Stamps: blocks of four in se-tenant sheet (z.614-616); possible combinations; puzzle 200770,86stp; qry
SBB: new railway map 200771dyk; rly
Sending live animals through the post: service removed (refer to 1996:49; 1997:39)200771dyk; lbl
Handstamps: modern 'Tax Perçue' (Tax Paid) for over-sized mail200771dyk; phs
Handstamps: 'A DEMENAGER / DELAI DE REEXP. EXPIRE' (time limit for re-directed letter expired)200771dyk; phs
Handstamp: 'Retour à l'expéditeur pour cause / d' adresse insuffisante. 200771dyk; phs
Handstamp: Manque / le numéro de la succursale PTT ' (Sub-office No. not included in PO Box address)200771dyk; phs
2002 cover: GB to Luzern; Value Declared label;200771dyk; lbl
Landscape Definitives: control numbers on 1946 issue 200772,80qry; stp
Journal article: "Late Line/Grill Cancellations on Fr.1 Strubels", George Valby - Tell (AHPS) 200776lit; stp; pmk
Journal article: "Acceptable International uses of Switzerland's pre-UPU Postal Cards", Harlan F Stone - Tell 200776lit; pst
Helvetia Philatelic Society: presentations on Soldier and Revenue stamps at the Royal Philatelic Society200777gen
Fiscals: UVT/WVV labels; tourism; 200778,84rev; qry
Poster Stamps: political labels by Fritz Black200778lbl
Stamp Issue: "English Poets and Writers" 200779dyk; stp
International Reply Coupons: still in use (since 1906)200779dyk
Labels: self-service Ymago postage labels replacing closed post offices and cancels200779dyk; lbl
Postcards: to Great Britain on outbreak of WWI (see also 2008:9,10,16,30)200781,82,88ppc
Postcard: Zurich to Ceylon; Wetterhorn-Aufzug cable car (see also 2008:1,2)200783ppc
Journal article: "A Propos Alt Schweiz" (the Zurich 4 Winterthur) - Studiegroep Nederlands200784lit
Journal article: "Postage Due Stamps and the Sekula Brothers" - Studiegroep Nederlands200784lit; pdu
Journal article: "The Centenary of Tellnap (Franco)" - Studiegroep Nederlands200784lit; stp
Journal article: "Classification of Postal Tariffs" - Studiegroep Nederlands200784lit; phs
Zurich 4: perforated; fake stamp200785frg
Envelopes: pre-printed stamp (Tübli); declining sales in 1886 and 2000200785,86,94pst
Fischer Post:200785phs
Exhibition: ZUBRA 07; at Bad Zurzach; report; special cancel200787dyk
SP: new coding and sorting centre at Zurich-Mülligen200787dyk
SP: closure of post office in Parliament building, Bern; bar-code label replacement200787dyk; lbl
1909 cover: to Henri Picard & Frère (watchmakers); additional Tell Boy/Helvetia with Sword franking200788gen
TPO and railway station cancels and handstamps200789,90,91,92rly
Registration: new 'A-Post Plus' service for business use200795dyk; lbl
Bern-Brig: TPO service still in operation; sorting only (no cancelling)200795dyk; lbl
Journal article: "150 years of Swiss TPOs" - Reinhard Stutz, SBZ200795dyk; rly
Self-adhesive stamps: perforations and rouletting200795dyk; stp
Postcard: Zurich to Ceylon; Wetterhorn-Aufzug cable car (refer to 2007:83)20081,2ppc
Fiscals: display to the Southern Group by Fred Pickard20083,4,5rev
Stamp issue: Bee Tagg20086dyk
Swiss Railway Map: new 2008 edition; map of all Switzerland and railways20086dyk
Zurich: closure of Post Office at the main station; 8023 20086dyk
Zurich: Ymago self-service kiosk; replacement for closed Post Office; CH-8001 Zurich HB 20086dyk; lbl
Registration: 'R' label for mail arriving from abroad; 8010 Zurich-Mülligen 20086dyk; lbl
Liechtenstein: electronic letter sorting introduced at Schaan20086dyk; fls
Booklet Stamps: Tête-Bêche and Se-Tenants pairs, display to the London Group by D Colman20088stp
Postcards: to Great Britain on outbreak of WWI (see also 2007:81,82,88)20089,10,16,30ppc
Journal article: "Koller's Officially Printed Swiss Postal Card", Harlan F Stone - Tell (AHPS) 200812lit; pst
Journal article: "Modernisation of Mail Handling", Rudolf Keller - Tell (AHPS) 200812lit
Journal article: "A Lucky Rayon Sleuth", Eric Strebel - Tell (AHPS) 200812lit; stp
Pro Aero: special flights 1938; number of items carried in each flight 200814,27air; qry
SP: new service for people at work 'PickPost'; parcels200815dyk
Postal Buses: in use in Albania; also trams and TPOs200815dyk
Letter Boxes: new style; thief-proof 200815dyk
Mail Sorting: REMA coding/sorting; main centres, sub-centres, return & directing; map 200815dyk
Book Review: Handbuch der Werbedatumstempel Schweiz/Liechtenstein, author W Rigassi200816lit; pmk
Book Review: Schwiezer Briefmarken Katalog, VSBH200816lit; stp
Book Review: Special Cancellations Catalog, Zumstein (formerly PEN)200816lit; pmk
Mail by Catapult from Switzerland, by P Thoni200817,18,24phs
1930 cover: Stuttgart to Egg (ZH); boxed 'T'; 1.35 charge mark; multiple P/Dues 200820qry; pdu
Razorblade Cancels: Piotta straightline despatch; Bellinzona (RB 3.02) arrival 200821,22,27pmk
1906 postcard: Geneva to London; 10c Sitting Helvetia and 1874 cancel 200822,40qry; pmk
Pro Juventute: missing red colour on 5c stamp of the 1965 issue (z.210)200823dyk; pro; err
Journal article: "H.Zolly, ein Pionier des Maschinenstempel-Sammelns", G Balimann - SVPS200824lit; pmk
Journal article: "Neues von Automobilpostburo", G Balimann - SVPS200824lit; mpo
Peace Issue: plate faults on 1945 Fr.1 (z.270), by C Watson200825stp; err
Helvetia Philatelic Society: maintenance & dissemination of information200826,27gen
Postal Stationery: displays to the London Group by Fred Pickard & Eric Lienhard200828pst
Postal Terms found on Swiss Cancellations, by Felix Ganz200829,30phs; pmk
Book Review: Postal Rates Inland & Foreign 1976-2007, author Markus Seitz200831dyk; lit; phs
Book Review: Business Machine Cancellations, author Roberto Di Casola - SVPS200831dyk; lit; phs
SP: maximum weight for letters to drop from 100g to 50g200831dyk; phs
Stamp Issue: Albrecht von Haller, new stamp and cancel200831dyk; stp
Stamp Issue: football stamps; issued over last four years200831dyk; stp
Postage Dues: as they were 50 years ago, by M Guillon200832pdu
Hunt for the 1c Postage Due on cover (see 1988:25,26,51,52; 1989:43; 2007:4,5,8,40)200833pdu
Folklore & Festivals: display to the Northern Group by Tony Hoyle200836gen
Bundesfeier: display to the Northern Group by David Hope200836,40pro
Swiss Postcards sent Abroad: display to the Southern Group by Norton Wragg200837,38ppc
Pro Patria: display to the Southern Group by Norton Wragg200838pro
Basel Dove: on cover; manuscript 'No 5015'200839,48dyk
Basel Dove: part sheet of 15 in Bern Postal Museum; document discovered200839dyk
Letter Boxes: slot widened for camera film and printer ink cartridges 200839dyk
Pro Patria: reliving old historical tracks200839dyk; pro
Stamp Issue: bird stamps; Sempach; cancel200839dyk; stp
Stamp Issue: Austrian stamps for Euro 2008200840gen
Labels: black Ymago labels now used in original kiosks200840dyk; lbl
Walter Mittelholzer, His Life and Times, by D Cairns200841,42,43,47air
Helvetia Philatelic Society: Annual Philatelic Weekend - Chalcote, Stratford upon Avon 200844,45,46gen
Obituary: Max Hertsch200847gen
Websites: (Vapeur Val-de-Travers)200848dyk; rly
Postmark: Genève 2 Cornavin; with 'HC' in lower segment 200848dyk; pmk; qry
Geneva: FD cancel for CERN LHC (Large Hadron Collider)200848dyk
SP: special postcards; Lausanne underground railway200848dyk; rly
SP: studying future needs of postal service; 'PostLab' at Lausanne Technical University200848dyk
Bundesfeier: display at the Annual Philatelic Weekend by Claude Mistely200849,50,51,55pro
Feldpost: translation of '100 Jahre Feldpost in der Schweiz 1889-1989' by Arthur Wyss200852mil
Sargans (SG): old Güller cancel200856dyk; pmk
Oberhelfenschwil (SG): old Güller cancel200856dyk; pmk
Burghalden: boxed station cancel200856dyk; rly
Bahnpost/Ambulant cancels: SBB five digit train number codes and lower case letters 'a' - 'd'200856dyk; rly
Güller: pre-postcode cancels; dot ahead of time for 24-hour system200856dyk; pmk
Mail Sorting: new REMA coding/sorting; Zurich-Mülligen (see also 2007:63,71, 2009:73)200856dyk
Labels: 'SBB CFF FFS / Kontrollabschnitt / Coupon de contrôle / Tagliando di controllo' 200857,70qry; rly; lbl; dyk
Trial Print: possible subject for Pro Juventute (see also 2013:37)200857qry; gen
Jura Industrial Railway: a rail and philatelic conundrum, by N Nelder200858,59,68,75,76rly
Maximum cards: maximaphily; competitions200859gen
Self-adhesive stamps: 200859stp
Censored Mail: Switzerland to UK and United States during WWI; routes taken 200860,67phs; qry
1737 entire: Milan to Dundee via Geneva and Paris, by E Quinton 200861,67phs; qry
Book Review: Swiss Stamps - Something for Everyone, AHPS200861lit; stp
1898 postcard: Luzern to Brazil via Paris, by C Griffiths200862ppc
Exhibition: GABRA V, Bern 9-11 October 2009 200862dyk
Liechtenstein: slogan cancels in use for one day200862dyk; pmk; fls
Book Review: Index of Postage Stamp Forgeries, Fakes, Frauulent Markings, etc.200862lit
SP: electronically ordered SwissPostCard200863dyk
UNESCO: special stamps; Rhätische-Bahn 200863,78dyk; stp; rly
Stamp Issue: 3-part stamp Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau200863dyk; stp
Machine Cancels: Norwegian Krag cancelling machine; Basel 1912-1921200863dyk; pmk
1932 postcard: three gentlemen in photograph; who are they? 200864,67air; qry
1947 cover: official; registered; TPO Interlaken-Lauterbrunnen; handwritten 'R' label 'Bp 311 / 1' 200865rly; qry
Zurich-Romanshorn: TPO cancel (AW83D/28); two-digit year missing200865rly
Hotel Post: stamps, postcards, postmarks, etc., by D Dawson200866htl
Websites: (British Library - Collections)200866gen
Websites: (British Library - Philatelic Rarities)200866gen
Helvetia Philatelic Society: a peek into the past (looking back to 1948)200869gen
Stamp Issue: Old Rhine Bridge; St. Fridolin; Stein and Bad Säckingen200870,78dyk
Helvetia Philatelic Society: report of the Southern Group meeting 'Meine Heimat'200871,72gen
Book Review: Postal History of WWII Mail between Canada and Switzerland, authors C LaBlonde & J Tyacke200872lit; phs
1928 cover: air mail; Trial Night Flights - London-Stockholm via Amsterdam and Berlin 200873,89,96air; qry
Fiscals: Consular Service Passport Tax; Foreign Exchange; Service Consulaire; Bureau de Change200874,76rev
Basel: links with Beijing & London's South Bank; architects Jacques Herzog & Pierre de Meuron200877gen
Swiss Stamps: the most beautiful and the most ugly (see also 2011:66)200877,91gen
Cancels: Stein (AG); straightline of 1809; circular cancels of 1844 and 1856200878dyk; pmk
Journal article: "Introduction of the Pre-Franked Covers in 1867", Georges Schild - SBZ200878lit; pst; dyk
Journal article: "Hotel Posts of Maderanerthal", Josef Dittli - SBZ200878lit; htl; dyk
Mail Sorting: new REMA coding/sorting; Eclépens200878dyk
Slogan Cancels: favourites200880pmk
Jungfraubahn: vignettes200881rly
Internment Mail: censorship in WWII200882,83mil
Censored Mail: Switzerland to UK 200883phs
Websites: www.swisstrains.ch200884rly
1905 postcard: Claverdel to British East Africa, via Mombasa and Nairobi, by N Wragg200885ppc
Geneva-Sion: TPO cancel (AW83D/9); train no. 21 200885rly
British Library: collection of Swiss Calssics200886gen
Swiss Merchant Marine Fleet:200887dyk
PTT New Issues label200887dyk
Parcel Labels: new counter-produced label200887dyk; lbl
SPI: Mondial Sped, Chiasso; remailing facility; PPI label or handstamp200890lbl
SPI: Mondial Sped; self-adhesive labels200890,91lbl
Studiegroep Zweitserland: 40th Anniversary of the Swiss Collectors Group, Netherlands 200894gen
Cancels: 19th century French cancellers used in Switzerland; Eugène Daguin200895dyk; pmk
Stamp Designers: Beat Knoblauch; Bernadette Baltis 200895dyk
Architecture & Artwork series: Weathercock (z.542) 1984 reprint on plain paper200895dyk; stp
1902 postcards: Bear Hotel, Grindelwald to Fiji; route taken200896ppc
1908 Wrapper to Willhelmshaven - Return to sender handstamp20091,5phs
Postmasters and their personal handstamps - ‘signet ring’ (petschaft) cancels 20092,3,8phs; pmk
Swiss Society of Postmark Collectors-Schweizerischer Verein der Poststempelsammler (SVPS)20096gen, pmk
Swiss Railways Society: details20096rly
Websites: (Swiss Railways Society)20096rly
Websites: (Swiss Postmark Collectors)20096pmk
Bahnpost/Ambulant cancels: SBB four digit train number and lower case letters 'a' - 'd', and '-' 20097,15dyk; rly
1947 cover: official; registered; TPO Interlaken-Lauterbrunnen; handwritten 'R' label 'Bp 311 / 1' 20097rly; qry
Rottweil cancel: 450 years of alliance with old Swiss Confederation?20097dyk; gen
Mail Sorting: new REMA coding/sorting; Härkingen, near Solothurn.20097dyk
Book Review: Repertorio Catalogo - business franking impressions, IFS etc.20097dyk; lit
Machine Cancels: slogan cancels from St. Gallen20098pmk
1932 postcard: three gentlemen in photograph; who are they? 20098air; qry
1875 pre-paid envelope: unusual watermark (see 2006:67)20099,19pst
ITU/UIT: loss of yellow colour on 100c value (z.D.XI.13)20099err; uno
Helvetia Philatelic Society: first formal AGM 9th September 194920099gen
Trial Prints: definitive explanation - PTT booklet 'Trial Prints of the Postage Stamp Printing Office'200910gen
Swiss Settlements Abroad200911gen
Journal article: "Swiss Folded Typewriter Postcards", Wayne Menuz/Robert Bell - Tell (AHPS)200911pst; lit
Journal article: "Officially Printed Advertising on Swiss Postal Envelopes", Harlan F Stone - Tell (AHPS)200911pst; lit
Journal Article: "Switzerland’s Postal Cards 1870 – 1905", Harlan F Stone - Tell (AHPS)200911pst; lit
1943 Miniature Sheets: centenary of Swiss Stamps - unusual use,Thun to Kettingasse censored200914stp
Bundesfeier: 1919 card Gunten to Nebraska, two hollow type T marks, both deleted200914pro
1974 ppc, Italy-England, franked 50c Architectural (z.417), T 110/90 Stamp Disallowed/by Office of Posting 200914pdu
Courvoisier: printing of Liechtenstein and Luxembourg stamps200915dyk
Otto Baumberger: Swiss Poster Artist, by J Cordingley200917gen; air
Liechtenstein: plans to use Swiss stamps (a rumour or not?)200918fls
Hans Erni: 100 years old and still designing stamps!200918gen
Swiss Stamp Design: Good or Bad? - 1907 Tell Boy, 1923 Air, 1993 issues, etc. 200921stp; gen
Postal Rates: Foreign letter and Inland parcel rate changes200922dyk; phs
SP: new service 'Send Your Parcel CO2 Neutral'200922dyk
Booklet Stamps: the first booklets (refer to 1984:54,55,61-63)200922dyk; stp
Book Review: “Bahnhöfe der Stadt Zurich”200922dyk; rly
Super Con Man: Bela Sekula, by W Hornadge (see also 2010:13)200923,24,71,72,80,96gen
Censored Mail: Post-WWII mail from Austria to Switzerland (1945-1953), by Henry Towers 200925,26,27,38,39,40phs
Miniature Sheet fakes, by S MacKenzie200929stp; frg
Jungfraubahn: vignettes (see also 2008:81)200930rly
Perforations: comments200931dyk
Postmarks: How to recognise back-dated cancels200931dyk
Websites: list of useful websites200932gen
Eduard 'Kapitan' Spelterini, by Michael Rutherfoord200933air; stp
Railway Station Cancel: circular 'ALTEN HECKEN / STATION / 19-1-07/ RhB' 200940,80rly; qry
Self-adhesive stamps: change in the lower wavy-line piercing200941,66dyk; stp
Counter Labels: Pro Clima200922,31,41dyk; lbl
Post Offices: closure of village and small PO's200941,66dyk; phs
Self-adhesive stamps: new 100c Ice Hockey stamp; problems with removal200941,50dyk; stp
1941 Historical designs: background, by David Hope200943-46stp
Book Review: Swiss Post International - Activity in Italy - The Baveno Story, author C LaBlonde200947lit
Who's Who on Stamps: Heinrich Federer (1866-1928)200950dyk; stp
Gutenberg Museum, Fribourg200950,57dyk
SwissPostAuto: public bus system 200950dyk
Exhibition: INTERNABA 1974, Basel; 'black print' of unadopted design 200951-52qry; stp
Pro Patria: centenary; miniature sheet200953pro
Journal article: "Pro Juventute Foundation", B Vaney/C Scanio - Tell (AHPS)200953pro; lit
Book Review: "Tag der Briefmarke Schweiz – Journee du Timbre Suisse", authors H Bauer/Jean-Paul Jaccard200953lit
Book Review: "Pro Patria – Katalog zum Thema Bundesfeier", author Johannes Müller200953lit; pro
Carnet de Passages en Douanes, by J Cordingley200954,58gen
Telephone Nachnahme Cards, by Derrick Slate200954,58pst
Validity of Swiss Stamps: Last Day validity test200956stp
London 2010: Festival of Stamps200956gen
Journal article: "Trial Prints", Richard T Hall - Tell (AHPS)200956lit; gen
Journal article: "The Frama Saga" Jean-Louis Emmenegger - Gibbons Stamp Monthly200956lit; lbl
Book Review: Standing Helvetia issues - Production, Printing, Essays & Trials, author Alex Herms200957lit; dyk; stp
Book Review: Postmarks on Bulk Mail, author Alex Gundel200957lit; dyk; pmk
STAMPIT: stamps produced on PC for postcards & covers; Webstamp comments200957dyk; stp
St. Gallen labels - RABATTVEREIN SARGANSERLAND 200958,64rev
Swiss Exhibitions, by Eric Lienhard200959-61gen
1934 Express Covers to Gebruder Sulzer, Winterthur (see also 2004:83)200964phs; cvr
Tell Boy: sheet perforation varieties (z.146) (see 1997:36,50; 2010:68) 200965stp; err; qry
Postal Rates: Inland Rate reduced200966phs; dyk
Liechtenstein: first stamps produced in the principality200966stp; dyk
Book Review: “Schweiz - Frankreich – Transit 1798-1850”, author Richard Schafer200966phs; dyk; lit
Labels: example of a modern 'PP' on label200966lbl; dyk
Pro Juventute: design error in FD cancel for 1979 issue200966pro; dyk
Hofer & Co., printers of vignettes, maps, etc. (refer to 2009:30)200967,74rly; htl
Parcel Cards: by John Cordingley200968,69phs
Bulk-mailing: used sheet of FR.10. stamp from the 1914 issue (refer to 1997:65) 200970,71stp; qry
SP: new service 'QuickPost'; letters200973dyk
Mail Sorting: REMA coding/sorting; Zurich-Mülligen, Härkingen, Eclépens (see also 2007:63,71, 2008:56)200973dyk
Replacement Cancellers: are they still issued? 200973dyk; pmk
Liechtenstein: stamps produced in Switzerland 1924-1940, by M Rutherfoord200975,76fls; stp
Postmark: missing date of posting on postcard with Tell Boy (z.125 III) 200977pmk; qry
1869 cover: St. Gallen to Lindau, Bavaria; RL and St. Gallen-Chur TPO200977rly; pmk
German censorship of business mail between Switzerland & UK, by Rosalind Ragg200978phs
Switzerland: The basic facts; area; population, etc.200978gen
Swiss Railways Society: quarterly journal; website - 200979rly
Journal article: Sampler Album (AHPS); website -
Journal article: 'Folded Typewriter Labels' - Tell (AHPS)200980lit
Journal article: 'Official Printed-to-Private-Order Cards' - Tell (AHPS)200980lit
Journal article: 'Swiss Medical Volunteers in Finland during the Winter War' - Tell (AHPS) 200980lit
Sitting Helvetia imperf (Strubel): covers from Geneva to Jersey City (New Jersey USA)200980phs
Stamp issue: 85c stamps for the ceremonial march of the Appenzeller livestock200981stp; dyk
Exhibition: GABRA V, Bern 9-11 October 2009200981,89dyk
Labels: newsletter/price list; Markus Seitz; www.atms.ch200981dyk
Perfins: 'D' on modern stamps200981dyk; gen
Internment Mail: Mail from Internment camps in Switzerland, by D Slate 200983-85mil
1940 cover: Hopedale, USA to Sulzer Bros., Winterthur; 40c due; octagonal Telegraph cancel 200985,97qry; pdu; dyk
Exhibition: Rapperswil 2009; report200987gen
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862 (Strubel): Fr.1 - Switzerland's first synthetic stamp200988stp
Journal article: 'The W. G. Murray Esq. Strubel Cover Census' - Tell (AHPS) 200988lit; stp
International Offices: UPU special stamp issue200989dyk; uno
Book Review: Murray's Handbook of Switzerland, Savoy and Piedmont - HPS Library200989dyk; lit
Book Review: 'Motivhandbuch Schweiz', author Ernst Schlunegger - HPS Library200989dyk; lit
ATM Labels: paper printed by Cartor of France200989dyk; lbl
Stampless Christmas: Mail posted between 25th & 31st December 1851 (see also 2010:13)200991,92phs; gen
Helvetia Philatelic Society: information about the Society's Website -
Helvetia Philatelic Society: information about the Society's Library200993gen
Franchise Stamps: Portofreiheitsmarken 1871; Gratis labels, by John Barrett200994,95,98stp
Websites: (Pro Patria) 200996pro
Websites: (Pro Juventute)200996pro
Book Review: Machine Cancellations, author Giovanni Balimann - SVPS200997dyk; pmk; lit
Book Review: Internment of foreign soldiers in Switzerland 1859-1919, author Georges Schild200997dyk; mil; lit
Journal article: translation of articles in Der Poststempelsammler - SVPS/ASCEP 200998lit
Websites: (British Postal Museum & Archive) 200998gen
Jura Postal History, by Neville Nelder20101-4phs
Hotel Post: Display to the Southern Group by Derek Dawson20105,35-37,40htl
Postal History of the Prättigau: Display to the Southern Group by Ruth Dawson20105,9-11,76,77phs
Obituary: Cedric Dry20107gen; frg; stp
Obituary: Heinz Katcher201012,23,24gen; stp
Journal article: Special edition of 'Der Poststempelsammler' - SVPS/ASCEP201012pmk; lit
Stampless Christmas: Mail posted between 25th & 31st December 1851 (refer to 2009:91,92)201013phs; gen
Super Con Man: Bela Sekula, by W Hornadge (refer to 2009:23,24,71,72,80,96)201013gen
Book Review: The Internment of Foreign Military in Switzerland, 1859, 1871, 1916-19, author Georges Schild201014mil; lit
Doppelmarke booklet pane 201015rev; qry
Bi-lingual cancels in the Valais201016phs; pmk
Swiss stamps appearing on other countries philatelic material201017gen
Swiss Post Office debt collecting service 1875-1972 “Einzugsauftrag/Recouvrement/Riscossione” 201017-18,20phs
The 'Circled-T' handstamps201020pdu
Book Review: Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue Part 8 - Italy and Switzerland201021lit
1834 Letter from Cademario (TI) with circular mark inscribed C:T/SOLDI/2.6. 201025qry; pmk
Journal: Jungfraupost; 'Canton Cancels with Special Attention to Obwalden' 201025phs; lit
Journal: Jungfraupost; 'Two Aspects of Tell: headgear on the statue & the stamp first issued in 1914 – Plate Faults'201025phs; lit
Journal: Jungfraupost; 'A Cancellation with Fleurons'201025phs; lit
Journal: Jungfraupost; 'Possible Discovery of a New Perfin – similar to F.32 in Martin Baer's Catalogue'201025phs; lit
Journal: Jungfraupost; 'Postal Etiquettes of Switzerland'201025phs; lit
High Value Definitives of 1914201026stp
Journal Article:Study of Early Swiss Airmail; 30c Helvetia Stamp with Red Overprint', by Hugo Ruoss - Tell (AHPS)201026lit
Swiss population census' 1850-2000201027-28gen
Swiss Railways: Display to the Northern Group by Philip Vaughan201028rly
A Religious Message from Leinz (GR) in 1869201029-31gen
Journal Article: 'Switzerland's Domestic Postal Money Order Forms', Harlan F Stone - Tell (AHPS)201031lit
A new Perfin discovery?201032gen; stp
Collecting Postal Bus Tickets, by Michael Farr201033-34,49,52gen
Military Postcards of WWI; 8 & 12 pointed stars, Derrick Slate201034mil
UPU: stamp colour regulations; who broke the rule first?201038-40stp; pro
Pro Juventute stamps and the UPU201038-40pro
1919 Peace stamps and the UPU201038-40stp
Jungfraubahn: the highest railway station in Europe, by Derrick Slate201043-45,57,94rly
Canton St. Gallen: Display to the Southern Group by Peter & Hazel Vonwiller201050-52phs
Illustrations on Postal Stationery201053pst
The H.L.Katcher 'Helvetia' Trophy201053,68,84gen
Pro Juventute: Charity through the post, by Norton Wragg201054,55,60pro
GABRA V: report on the Postal Stationery Exhibition in Bern 2009201059pst
Book Review: “Die Briefmarkenträger 'Postal' ” (Poster Stamps), author Beatrice Rölli-Schär201060lit; lbl
The Swiss Post Offive in 1868; report by Edmund Creswell (GPO official) on his visit to Bern201060gen
Postage Due: 16⅔ and 33⅓ Gold centimes To Pay (refer to 1988:9,10,50) 201061pdu
Sitting Helvetia 1862-1882: Forgeries, by David Colman201062,83frg; stp
New Glarus, Wisconsin, by Norton Wragg201065gen
Swiss Stamps on Football201066stp
Swiss Railways: list of videos201066rly; gen
Tell Boy: sheet perforation varieties (z.146) refer to 1997:36,50; 2009:65) 201068stp; err; qry
Postage Due: A headache without a cure, by Bob Medland201071-73,75,85,97pdu
Denges-Échandens (VD): Georges Simenon's Postman has Gone201074gen
Book Review: 'Philately, A 100 Times', author Peter Meier (Swiss Post, 2000)201077lit
Mail carried by Walter Mittelholzer (April 1924-June 1934), by Ken Reeves201078-82,91,92air
Mail to St. Gallen 201084phs; qry
Book Review: 'Philately of Switzerland - An Introductory Handbook', author Richard T. Hall (AHPS)201084lit
Swiss Postbuses in Ticino201086gen
Mail by Rail: TPOs of the Swiss Railways, by Fred Hoadley (see also 2011:3-5)201087-90,95-97rly
An Invitation to the Theatre in Geneva, by Bob Medland201093gen
A Peek into the Past; extracts from the Boy's Own Paper (see correction 2011:7)201099gen
Pro Juventute: Chocolates instead of Stamps!2010100pro
Swiss stamp collecting for Beginners; request for a 'Novices Corner'2010100gen
Swiss Army (Jura branch): La Gloire Qui Chante (or Singing for Glory)20111,2mil
Mail by Rail: TPOs of the Swiss Railways, by Fred Hoadley (refer to 2010:87-90,95-97)20113-5rly
A Peek into the Past; extracts from the Boy's Own Paper (correction, refer to 2010:99)20117gen
The Swiss Army; Displays at the Southern Group20116mil
Non-Philatelc Flights; Display to the Northern Group, by Dennis Cairns20117air
Poster Stamps: Zeppelin, a new discovery20118lbl; air
Book Review: 'Philately of Switzerland - An Introductory Handbook', (AHPS)20118,58lit
Swiss scenes on cigarette cards, by Richard Donithorn20119gen
Poster Stamps: Swiss National Exhibition, Bern 1914201111lbl
Postage Due: Taxe Perçue/Réclamée, by Bob Medland201112,13pdu
What is the future for Commemorative stamps? (see also 2011:35,56.79) 201112stp
Sitting Helvetia 1862-1882: Display to the Northern Group, by David Whitworth201114stp; phs
Websites: http;// Postage Meter Stamp Catalog201115lbl
Websites: www.mbtaxcards - Martin Baer's catalogue of Swiss postcards201115pst
Book Review: 'Die Bildpostkarten der Schweiz 1924 – 1964', author Ernst Schlunegger201115lit
Journal article: The SVPS Bulletin (various articles)201115lit
Bundesfeier: Early privately produced postcards, Derrick Slate201116-18pro
Postal Forms: 201120pst
Switzerland 1950 to 2010; Display to the Northern Group, by Tony Hoyle201120stp; gen
Reminiscences of Leo Baresch, by Werner Gattiker201121gen
Labels: Swiss Post International201121lbl
Post from the Bodensee; extract from 'The Strand Magazine', October 1900201122phs
Publicity for the Society, Adrian Keppel201122gen
Bridges: The Salginatobel Bridge and beyond, Richard Donithorn201123,24,38-40,59,63stp
WWI PoWs - supply of goods via the British Legation in Bern, by Derrick Slate 201125-28phs
Mrs Rawnsley's Legacy201129gen
Day of the Stamp: origins, Edythe Rawnsley201129-31,63phs
Journal article: Focus on Swiss Philately, 'Stamp and Coin Mart', April 2010201132,35lit
Postage Due: Use of Definitive stamps for collecting Postage Due, Bob Medland201133,34,61,77pdu
What is the future for Commemorative stamps? (refer to 2011:12) 201135,56,79stp
International Offices: Display to the Southern Group by Martin Mantell201136,41-44,60uno
Journal article: "Swiss Express", The Swiss Railways Society201144rly
Book Review: Pro Juventute Briefli 1926-1960' (cachets on small official envelopes)201144lit; pro
Book Review: Pro Juventute Bild-Postkarten 1912-1960'201144lit; pro
Obituary: Michael Rutherfoord201145-46,56gen
The Cedric Dry collection of Swiss Cantonal and Federal Forgeries; sale of CD201150stp; frg
All aboard for Swiss Post; new stamp issue - Lake Steamers201151stp; lac
Sitting Helvetia: 1862-1882; Display to the Society's National Meeting by David Whitworth,201152-55stp
Exhibition: Lugano 2011, by Fred Pickard201155gen
Romansch, the fourth language201156,64,96gen
Heinz Katcher Memorial Display: Kit Jarman201157gen
Fiscals: new study group formed (Fiskalmarken Studie Group)201156rev
Journal article: 'Landi '39 – Unifying the Swiss with War Looming', R T Hall - Tell (AHPS)201158gen
Journal article:'Supply of Bread to British POWs in WWI', Derrick Slate - Tell (AHPS) 201158phs
Obituary: Fred Pickard, FRPSL201162gen
Small circular date stamps used for Nachnahme mail in St. Gallen (see 2012:41) 201163qry; phs; pmk
Stamp Printing: The early days of Enschedé201163stp
Bedtime Reading: Philately in Fiction; list of publications with philately as a theme201165gen
Book Review: 'The Industrielle Kriegwirtschaft issue of Switzerland 1918-1919'201165stp
Swiss Stamps: the most beautiful and the most ugly (refer to 2008:77,91)201166gen
Landscape Definitives: Issue date for Die I of the 20c; z.301 201166,77stp; qry
Standing Helvetia: question regarding 20c issue of 1899 (z.73D) perf 11¾x11½ 201166stp; qry
Bedtime Reading: 'Swiss Watching : Inside Europe's Landlocked Island' by Diccon Bewes201166gen
Poster Stamps: A potential collecting area201167,68lbl
Swiss Musical Intruments stamps win The PMC Yehudi Menuhin Trophy201168stp
The Swiss in California201169gen
Reminiscences concerning Michael Rutherfoord201171gen
Book Review: Die Bildpostkarten der Schweiz 1924–1964 Motivhandbuch' 201172lit
Book Review: 'Handbuch und Spezialkatalog Schweizer Kantonalmarken 1843-1854'201172,81lit
Websites: History of the Swiss PTT, at
Güller: a private canceller from Geneva201172pmk
Definitive Stamps from the 19 th, 20th and 21st Centuries, Displays at the Southern Group201173stp
Mail carried on ships plying the lake of Constance (Bodensee), by Peter Vonwiller201175,76,77lac; phs
The Last Days of Publicity stamps for Postage Due purposes 201177qry; pdu
Technical innovations in stamp design: a "material" consideration, Richard Donithorn201178stp
Mail between Switzerland and Colombia using the Scadta Airline 1923-1937201179air
Karl Bickel: Master stamp engraver, by Adrian Keppel201180,81stp
Helvetia Philatelic Society: information about the Society's Library201182gen
A fairer deal for the designers of imprinted stamps, by Richard Donithorn201182,97pst
British interned in Switzerland during WWI, by Derrick Slate201183-85,98,99phs
Journal article: 'The Swiss Germania' (Gibbons Stamp Weekly 1909,14th August p164)201187gen
Journal article: 'CTO of Swiss Stamps' (Gibbons Stamp Weekly 1909, 2 October p328)201187gen
Journal article: 'Our Swiss Letter' (Gibbons Stamp Weekly 1909, 9 October p353)201187gen
Rorschach-Heiden Railway, by Derrick Slate201188rly
A "Digital Library for Swiss Philatelic Research", on DVD201189gen
"Stamps" for mail delivered by private companies201191lbl; gen
Karl Bickel: original sketches for the 1936 Landscape series, R T Hall201195,96stp
Swiss Postal Coaches; Display to the Northern Group, by David Hope2011100phs
Meine Heimat (Degersheim); Display to the Northern Group, by Eric Lienhard201186phs
Revenue Stamps on legal documents; Display to the Northern Group, by Eric Lienhard201186rev
1890: An unusual cover; 20c Standing Helvetia bisect20121stp; phs
Stamps, A Material Consideration: embroidered stamps20121stp
The Airmail Jubilee stamp and flights of September 1944, Charles LaBlonde/Bob Medland20122-4,13,14air
Good to Know: 'Ordinary' paper and 'Granite' paper 1881/82, Werner Gattiker20125stp; dyk
Book Review: IKW Official Stamp Overprints (AHPS)20126,42stp;
Meeting Report: Southern Group - My Favourite Stamps(s)20127stp; gen
In praise of Geneva, by Richard Donithorn/Martin Bulpitt20128,23gen
A piece of Swiss History, by Eric Lienhard20129gen
Meeting Report: Northern Group - MPOs and Special Cancellations201212mpo; pmk; gen
Swiss Trial Prints: Some mysteries unravelled, Derrick Slate201210-12,19,20gen
Websites: World Assoc. for the Development of Philately 201212stp
Good to Know: The three types of Tell Boy stamp, 1909-30, Werner Gattiker201216stp; dyk
Airships over Lucerne201217,18air
Book Review: "Switzerland: Rail • Road • Lake", author Anthony Lambert (Brandt Travel)201218gen; rly
Meeting Report: Northern Group - Members Choice201211gen
Postal Passions: combi-mail, by Adrian Keppel201222,23phs
Good to Know: Impressed Control-Marks 1862-1905, Werner Gattiker201224stp; dyk
Rigi-Bahn Novelty Pull-out Postcard, Stuart MacKenzie201226gen
The Swiss Postal Coach Service, David Hope201227,28,39,40,59,60,64,65mpo; phs
Registration Labels of Switzerland, Michael Rutherfoord & Wim Jacobi201229-31,36-38,46-48lbl; phs
Good to Know: Grilled Paper or Grilled Gum, Werner Gattiker201233stp; dyk
Obituary: Bob Johnson201234gen
Small circular date stamps used for Nachnahme mail in St. Gallen (refer to 2011:63) 201241qry; phs; pmk
Good to Know: The 1938 Postage Dues – How to tell Grilled Paper stamps, Werner Gattiker201242stp; dyk; pdu
Focus on Stamps: Swiss Post website - 201242gen
Swiss Postal Stationery Socity (SGSV) - website www.ganzsachen.ch201242gen; pst
Postal History in the making, Bob Medland201243,44phs
Bulk Mailing from Switzerland to the UK201244phs
Good to Know: Line, Harrow, and Combed Perforations, Werner Gattiker201249stp; dyk
Zermatt to Gornergrat - Early Hand Cancels, Derrick Slate (see also 1997:2)201251-53pmk
Meeting Report: Northern Group - Chaiman's Presentation, David Hope201253gen
Sperati Forgeries, M.J.M. Watson201254,55,57frg; stp
Airmail: Opporunities to learn more - articles in the SBZ201255air; jnl
Trial Prints: SSR III Electric Express Locomotive, Derrick Slate201256,58gen
Imprinted Stamp Designs unique to Postal Stationery, Richard Donithorn (see 2011:82,97)201256,58pst
Obituary: Mavis Bidmead201260gen
Swiss Military Trains of 1919-1920, Derrick Slate201261mil; phs
The Designs of Karl Bickel, M.J.M. Watson201262,63stp
Good to Know: The Adhesive (gum) during the period 1908-1940, Werner Gattiker201265stp; dyk
Meeting Report: Southern Group - Pre-stamp and Non-Standard Mail201266gen; phs
Has anyone seen Jean-Jacques? 300th Anniversary of Jean-Jacques Rousseau201266stp; pro
Déjà Vu: I've seen this face (or subject) before!, Richard Donithorn see also 2014:53)201267stp; gen
Underwater Philately: a thematic look at Swiss stamps, Richard Donithorn (see also 2013:29)201269,70stp
Liechtenstein Philately: contributions welcome!201270stp; fls
Meeting Report: Southern Group - Postcards201271,72gen; ppc
Good to Know: The Toned Papers of the 1941/59 Intermediate Values, Werner Gattiker201273stp; dyk
Meeting Report: AGM, Wells - members displays201274,75gen
A TESSINO query!, Callum Watson 201276,82qry; frg
Swiss Philately for Novices!, recommended reading201276gen
Pro Juventute: for information see and www.100Jahrejung.ch201276gen
Good to Know: The Toned Papers of the 1938/54 High Values, Werner Gattiker201277stp; dyk
A Postal History of the Disinfection of Mail, V Denis Vandervelde201278,79gen; phs
Book Review: 'Post D-Day Swiss mail to/from GB and the Americas', author C LaBlonde201279lit; phs
The Evolution of the Geneva 'Double Eagle'201280-82stp
Did You Know: Felix Ganz201282gen
Alternative Sources for Swiss Philatelic Information201283gen
Newsletter: Improvements201284gen
A TPO Mystery: 1865 Zurich-Glarus, Fred Hoadley (see also 2013:32)201285rly; qry
Good to Know: The Smooth White Chalky Paper of 1940/41, Werner Gattiker201286stp; dyk
Book Review: 'Catalogo Rapido' author Roberto Di Casola. Swiss machine cancels201286lit; pmk
Book Review: Die Automobil-Postbüros der Schweizer PTT 1937-2003' author G Balimann201286lit; mpo
Book Review: Swiss Revenue Stamps, author D Gainon (on CD-ROM)201286lit; rev
St.Gallen TPO Cancellers, Bob Medland (see also 2013:32)201287-89rly; qry
TPO Cancels: a discovery, Bern-Aarau 1863, Fred Hoadley 201289rly; qry
Meeting Report: Northern Group - members displays201290gen
Sharing Swiss Philatelic Knowledge: Derek & Ruth Dawson201290gen
The Society Logo, Peter Vonwiller201291gen
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