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Stamp Issue Designs: 1936-1941, by Hans Gaudard (PTT)1948Jan(2), Mar(2), Apr(2), Nov(2), Dec(1)stp
New Issues: 19481948Jan(6), Jun(3)stp
Hotel Post: by E F Hurt1948Jun(2)htl
1948 First Flight: Geneva-Martinique1948Jun(4)air
Exhibition: IMABA, Basel 19481948Jul(1,2), Sep(4)gen
Liechtenstein: Swiss stamps used in 1921; postmarks; postage dues1948Jul(2,3)fls
Helvetia Philatelic Society: inaugural meeting of the London Group1948Sep(5), Nov(3)gen
Day of the Stamp 19481948Nov(3)stp; pmk
Helicopter Flight: First Flight; Zurich - Kloten - Dubendorf1948Nov(4)air
Soldier Stamps of Switzerland, Edythe Rawnsley1949Jan(2)mil
New Issues: 19491949Feb(1,2), May(3)stp
Forgeries: Zurich 4 and 6 Rappen; how to detect forgeries1949Feb(3); Apr(2), May(3)frg; stp
Pro Aero: special stamp 1949; special postal flights - La Chaux-de-Fonds - St. Gallen - Lugano1949Apr(1), May(3), Aug(2)stp; air
UPU: 75th anniversary; background information; stamp issue1949May(1,2)stp
Standing Helvetia: the 25c green, by Dr K Strauss (continued in 1950)1949Sep(2), Oct(2) stp
Day of the Stamp 19491949Nov(3)stp; pmk
Standing Helvetia: the 25c green, by Dr K Strauss (continued from 1949)1950Jan(2)stp
Swiss History on Stamps: Commemorative and Pro Juventute stamps (continued in 1951)1950Feb(1,2), Apr(1,2), May(3), Jul(2), Sep(3), Nov(3)gen
Booklet Stamps: Tête-Bêche and Se-Tenant pairs, by E H Spiro1950Feb(2,3)stp
Sitting Helvetia 1881-1882: by H de Watteville1950May(5)stp
New Issues: 19501950Jun(1)stp
Sitting Helvetia: Gold and Bronze stamps, by Dr. G Fulpius1950Jun(3)stp
Standing Helvetia: 1882-1907, by H de Watteville1950Sep(1,2)stp
Pro Juventute: new issues1950Oct(1)stp; pro
Campione D’Italia: by E H Spiro1950Oct(4,5)gen
Postal Rates: Letter Rate, Postcards, Parcels, Registration, and Express Delivery 1951Jan(1), Sep(3)phs
Swiss History on Stamps: Commemorative and Pro Juventute stamps (continued from 1950)1951Jan(2), Apr(2), May(2), Jun(2), Sep(2)gen
Standing Helvetia: 1882-1907, a new study, by K Hoffmann1951Mar(3,4), Apr(3), May(3), Jun(3)stp
1943 Miniature Sheets: centenary of Swiss Stamps1951Mar(2,5)stp
Exhibition: LUNABA, Luzern 19511951Apr(1), Jun(3)gen
Courvoisier: printings1951Apr(4)gen
Pro Patria: new issues1951May(1)stp; pro
Pro Juventute: new issues1951Sep(1)stp; pro
Landscape Definitives: the “Grimsel Dam” issue of 1949 (z.301); two printing plates1951Sep(2)err; stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: John Dickinson’s Silk Thread Paper 1951Sep(3)stp
Pro Patria: by H Gisburn1951Oct(2), Dec(2)stp; pro
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: The Strubeli Issues (continued in 1952)1951Oct(3), Dec(3)stp
New Issues: 19521952Jan(1,2)stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: The Strubeli Issues (continued from 1951)1952Jan(3), Feb(3), Apr(3), Jun(2)stp
Pro Patria: new issues1952Apr(1,2)stp; pro
Kocher stamps: 1952Apr(2)lbl
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued1952Apr(3)stp
Who's Who on Stamps: Albrecht von Haller (1708-1777)1952Jun(2)stp
Pro Juventute: new issues1952Sep(1)stp; pro
A Philatelic Tour of Switzerland, by H Gisburn1952Sep(2), Oct(2)stp; phs
Tell Boy issues, by E H Spiro (continued in 1953)1952Sep(3), Oct(3), Dec(3)stp
Who's Who on Stamps: Jörg Jenatsch1952Oct(2)stp
Pioneers of the Sky: 40 years of Swiss Air Mail (continued in 1953)1952Dec(1,2)air
Genuine Cantonals: Basel Dove - what to look for1952Dec(2)stp
Pioneers of the Sky: 40 years of Swiss Air Mail (continued from 1952)1953Jan(1,2), Mar(1,2), Jun(3)stp
Genuine Cantonals: Geneva Small Eagle - what to look for1953Jan(2)stp
Genuine Cantonals: Geneva Large Eagle - what to look for1953Jan(2)stp
Tell Boy issues, by E H Spiro (continued from 1952)1953Jan(3), Mar(3), Jun(3)stp
Genuine Cantonals: Double Geneva - what to look for1953Mar(2)stp
Who's Who on Stamps: Nicholas von der Flue (Bruder Klaus)1953Mar(2,3)stp
Pro Patria: new issues1953Apr(1,2)stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued1953Jun(2)stp
Genuine Cantonals: Vaud (Waadt) - what to look for1953Jun(2)stp
Pro Juventute: new issues1953Jul(1), Sep(2)stp; pro
New Issues: 19531953Jul(1), Sep(1,4), Dec(1)stp
Genuine Cantonals: Neuchâtel - what to look for1953Jul(2)stp
Zurich-Kloten Airport: stamp issue1953Jul(1,2)stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: Strubeli Varieties1953Jul(3)stp
A Philatelic Holiday in Switzerland1953Jul(4), Sep(3)stp
Genuine Cantonals: Winterthur- what to look for1953Sep(2)stp
Who's Who on Stamps: Jean Georges Naegeli1953Sep(3)stp
1919 Airmail Issue: propeller overprint on Helvetia with Sword1953Sep(3)air
Pro Juventute: Tete-Bêche sheets1953Oct(1)stp; pro
Genuine Cantonals: Basel Dove - what to look for1953Oct(2)stp
Double Geneva: information1953Oct(3)stp
Perforations: Line and Comb perfs on 1900 and 1924 UPU stamps1953Dec(2)stp
Who's Who on Stamps: Johann Kaspar Lavater1953Dec(2)stp
Pro Juventute: Philately's Alpine Garden1953Dec(3)stp; pro
Day of the Stamp 19531953Dec(3)stp; pmk
New Issues: 19541954Jan(1)stp
Specimen Overprints: information 1954Jan(2)gen
Who's Who on Stamps: Father Gregoire Girard1954Jan(2)stp
Pro Juventute: Philately's Alpine Garden1954Jan(3)stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues1954Mar(1)stp; pro
Pro Patria & Pro Juventute: 25c or 30c; which value is the most useful? 1954Mar(2)pro; phs
Swissair: Inaugural Flight Zurich-Geneva-Rio de Janeiro-Sao Paulo; 1954Mar(2)pst; air; pmk
End of the Postage Due: advance notice of withdrawal1954Mar(2)pdu
Ticino Ovals, Edythe Rawnsley 1954Mar(3), Jun(2)phs; pmk
Proofs and Essays:1954Jun(1,2), Sep(2)stp
An Introduction to Postmarks (messengers etc.), Edythe Rawnsley1954Jun(3), Jul(3), Sep(3), Oct(3), Nov(4)phs; pmk
Who's Who on Stamps: Gottfried Keller1954Jun(4)stp
Who's Who on Stamps: Alexander Rodolphe Vinet1954Sep(2)stp
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued1954Sep(4)stp
1954 Balloon Flight: 1200th anniversary of the town of Henau, St. Gallen1954Sep(4)air
Pro Juventute: new issues1954Oct(1), Nov(1)stp; pro
1948 Airmail Issue: reprint of the 40c (z.44)1954Oct(2)air
Day of the Stamp 19541954Nov(2)stp; pmk
Tell: 40 years of the Tell Head, by E H Spiro1954Nov(3)stp
New Issues: 19551955Jan(1,2)stp
Tell: overprints1955Jan(3)stp
Landscape Definitives: the “Grimsel Dam” issue of 1949 (z.301)1955Feb(1,2), Jun(2)err, stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: The Strubeli Bisects1955Feb(3)stp
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued1955Feb(3), Jul(2)stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues1955Feb(3)pmk
Zurich: Tube Mail 1955Feb(4)gen
Book Review: Swiss Stamp Booklets; Tête-Bêche and Se-Tenant Issues 1904-1954, author Ernest Müller 1955Feb(5)lit
Who’s Who on Stamps: General Henri Dufour1955Feb(6)gen
Pro Patria: new issues1955Apr(1)stp; pro
Old Currencies/Postal Systems (Geneva, Zurich, Basle, etc.)1955Apr(4)phs
Printing Stamps: Surface, Lithography, Recess, Photogravure; information from Harrison & Son1955Jun(1,6), Jul(4)gen
1941 Historical designs: background, by Hans Gaudard (PTT)1955Jun(3)stp
Who’s Who on Stamps: Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827)1955Jun(4)gen
Geneva: 1846 "Cut Out" stamp (z.7) 1955Jun(5)stp
Exhibition: Lausanne 19551955Jul(1), Nov(4)gen
Pro Juventute: Stamps and the Naturalist1955Jul(3), Sep(3)pro
Pro Juventute: new issues1955Sep(1), Oct(2)stp; pro
United Nations: 10th Anniversary stamp issues1955Oct(1,2)uno
Day of the Stamp 19551955Oct(2), Nov(2)stp; pmk
Zumstein: 50th Anniversary1955Nov(2)gen
Standing Helvetia: an introduction, by George Caldwell (continued in 1956)1955Nov(3)stp
All about Switzerland (continued in 1956)1955Nov(5)gen
New Issues: 19561956Jan(1,2)stp
Standing Helvetia: an introduction, by George Caldwell (continued from 1955)1956Jan(3)stp
Swiss Meter Marks: an introduction1956Jan(4), Feb(3), Apr(4)phs
All about Switzerland (continued in 1957)1956Jan(5), Feb(4), Apr(6), May(6), Jul(4), Aug(6), Dec(4)gen
Karl Bickel: 70th birthday celebrated1956Jan(6)gen
The problem of Gum:1956Feb(1,2), May(4), Aug(4)gen
Pro Patria: new issues1956Apr(1,2)stp; pro
End of the Postage Due: withdrawal of 1938 design; validity to 31 December 19561956Apr(1)pdu
Geneva: Large Eagle of 1848, by E H Spiro1956Apr(3), May(3)stp
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued1956Apr(4)stp
Postal Coach: 50 years of the Postal Motor Coach1956Apr(5), May(4,5), Jul(3), Aug(5)stp; phs
Swissair: 25th Anniverary; Publicity stamp issue1956May(2)stp; air
Simplon Tunnel: 50th Anniversary; special postmarks; history1956May(4), Oct(3)rly; stp
Stamp issue: 1938 League of Nations and ILO stamps (z.211-214); varieties1956Jul(2)stp; err
Sursee: 700th anniversary; postmark1956Jul(2)pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues1956Aug(1,2)stp; pro
Peace Issue: 1919; varieties 1956Aug(3)stp; err
United Nations: ILO service stamp issue; advance notice1956Aug(4)uno
United Nations: ILO/WMO service stamp issue1956Oct(2)uno
United Nations: withdrawal of "Courrier" stamps1956Oct(2)uno
Franchise Stamps: (continued in 1957) 1956Nov(1,2), Dec(3)stp
Postal Stationery: by E H Spiro (continued in 1957)1956Nov(3), Dec(3)pst
New Issues: 19571957Feb(1,2), May(5), Jul(1)stp
Postal Stationery: by E H Spiro (continued from 1956)1957Feb(2), Mar(2)pst
Franchise Stamps: (continued from 1956) 1957Feb(3), May(4)stp
Day of the Stamp 19561957Feb(3)stp; pmk
Bern: background; drawing by Fred Bieri1957Feb(4)gen
Fischer Post: postal markings; FD, FF, CD ,CF1957Feb(5)phs
Ambulant Post Offices: history of Train and Ship Cancellations, by E H Spiro1957Mar(3,4), Apr(3), May(5), Jul(5), Sep(3)rly; lac
La Chaux-de-Fonds: background; drawing by Fred Bieri 1957Mar(4)gen
Swissair: Inaugural Flight Zurich-Geneva-Tokio1957Mar(5)air
All about Switzerland (continued in 1958)1957Mar(6), Apr(4), May(6), Jul(6), Sep(4), Dec(4)gen
Helvetic Republic: 1798-1803; The Post; early postmarks1957Apr(1,2), May(3), Jul(3,4)phs
Pro Patria: new issues1957May(1)stp; pro
Tell: paper variety on 20c (z.174z); long fibres1957May(2)qry
St Gall: background; drawing by Fred Bieri1957May(4)gen
United Nations: WHO service stamp issue1957Jul(1)uno; stp
Liechtenstein: Swiss stamps used in 1921; postmarks; postage dues1957Jul(2)fls
Winterthur: background; drawing by Fred Bieri 1957Jul(4)gen
Pro Juventute: new issues1957Sep(1), Dec(3)stp; pro
The Salvage Issue: 1942; missing blue colour 1957Sep(2)stp
Who’s Who on Stamps: Colonel Ludwig Pfyffer (1524-1594)1957Nov(2)gen
Who’s Who on Stamps: Johann Rudolf Wettstein1957Nov(2)gen
Swiss "Cito" markings: by Edythe Rawnsley1957Nov(3)phs
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues1957Dec(2)pmk
1941 Historical designs: inflated prices1958Jan(1,2)stp
Day of the Stamp 19571958Jan(2)stp; pmk
Ambulant Post Offices: history of Train and Ship Cancellations, by E H Spiro (continued from 1957)1958Jan(3)rly; lac
Pro Juventute: 1957 Insect Stamps1958Jan(4)pro
All about Switzerland (continued in 1959)1958Jan(6), Feb(2), Apr(2), May(2), Jul(2)gen
New Issues: 19581958Feb(1), Jul(1)stp
Internment Posts: Bourbaki, Gratis label; Postal Regulations, etc.1958Feb(3), Mar(3), Apr(3)gen; mil
Postmark: NIEDERUZWIL two-line boxed cancel; Temporary cancel 1958Feb(4)qry; pmk
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: display to the Northern Group by L Moore1958Mar(1,2), Apr(1,2), May(3), Jun(3)stp
Who’s Who on Stamps: General Theophil Sprecher von Bernegg (1850-1927)1958Mar(4)gen
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues1958Apr(4), May(4), Jun(4); Jul(6), Sep(2)pmk
Pro Patria: new issues1958May(1)stp; pro
Cancellations for Special Events in 19581958May(2), Jun(2), Jul(2)pmk
Cancels: Special Postmarks; early cancels from 1851, etc.1958Jun(1)pmk
Hotel Post: by E M Hamilton1958Jul(3), Sep(3), Oct(2)htl
Cross & Numeral: Tête-Bêche discovery1958Jul(4)stp
UPU: 1900, by W R Morrison1958Jul(5,6), Oct(3,4), Dec(3,4)stp
Pro Juventute: new issues1958Sep(1), Nov(1)stp; pro
1953 Mobile Post Offices issue: Retouches to 10c. (z.314)1958Sep(2)stp; err
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued1958Sep(2)stp
Who’s Who on Stamps: Philipp Emanuel von Fellenberg (1771-1844)1958Oct(4)gen
1941 Historical designs: paper changes1958Nov(1)stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: The Strubels - The Munich Prints (continued in 1959)1958Nov(3,4)stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: The Strubels - The Munich Prints (continued from 1958)19591,9,10,15,16stp
All about Switzerland (continued from 1958)19592,6,18gen
Liechtenstein: new issues195928stp; fls
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues19594,18,28,39pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1959 issues195920,28,30,36,39,44pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 195919592,40pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues195916,28,30,36,39,44,48mpo; pmk
New Issues: 195919595,21,24stp
Schaffhausen: Bocksried private parcels office changed name to Hochstrasse 19592gen
UPU: 1900, by W R Morrison (continued from 1958)19593,7,11,19,23,27,31,35,41,49stp
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued19596stp
Who’s Who on Stamps: Hans Konrad Escher von der Linth (1767-1823)19598gen
Who’s Who on Stamps: Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918)19598gen
Hotel Post: Belalp195911htl
Postal Rates: Letter Rate & Printed Matter changes195912phs
Postal Rates: Airmail surcharge for printed matter195912phs
Postal Rates: Postcards & Pre-printed card changes 195912,24phs, pst
Postal Rates: Personal delivery, Registration, and Express Fee changes195912phs
Day of the Stamp: origins, Edythe Rawnsley 195913stp; pmk
Standing Helvetia: display to the London Group by Dr. K Strauss195914stp
Pro Patria: new issues195917stp; pro
1959 Glider Flight: Egerkingen Nature Reserve 195924air
Pro Juventute: The Arms Stamps, Edythe Rawnsley (continued in 1960)195925,26,29,30,34,38pro
Official Stamps: discontinuation of the 1942 overprinted stamps195928stp
Exhibition: NABAG 1959, St. Gallen195930,42gen
Landscape Definitives: the “Grimsel Dam” issue of 1949 (z.301A); double print195936,39err, stp
United Nations: new issues195937uno
Postmarks: how to interpret the Abstempel-Werk Handbuch, by R L Christian195940,46,48pmk
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued195940,44stp
Pro Juventute: new issues195943stp; pro
Day of the Stamp 1959195944stp; pmk
Rayons: The Rayon Issues and the Framing of the Cross, by L Moore195947,48stp
Pro Juventute: The Arms Stamps (continued from 1959)19601,2,11,12,21,29,36,37pro
Switzerland and the Habsburgs19603gen
Liechtenstein: new issues19604,20,35,49stp; fls
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues19604,18,34,38,40,49pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1960 issues196022,26,34,38,52pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 1960196026,30,48pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues196010,18,22,34,40,52mpo; pmk
New Issues: 196019609,35,40stp
The VERBANO postmarks of Lake Maggiore, by Laurence Moore19605,10,30lac; pmk
Rayons: Lithographic printing, by J D Blyth19606stp
UPU: 1900, by W R Morrison19607,14,25,32,33stp
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196012,38stp
Definitives: Cantonal Messengers; designs for the new issues196015,16stp
Campione D’Italia: by Edythe Rawnsley196017gen
World Refugee Year: overprinted Service stamps196018,34stp
Pro Patria: new issues196019stp; pro
1960 Balloon Flight for World Refugee Year196020,30,38air
1960 Balloon Flight for the Children's Villages196030air
Swissair: Inaugural Flight Zurich-Geneva-New York196020air
Helicopter Flight: Vaduz-Zurich196020air
Cross & Numeral: Tête-Bêche discovery196022stp
The Cantonal Messengers, Edythe Rawnsley196023,24phs; stp
Machine Cancels: new cancel for Philatelic Bureau196030pmk
Jörg Jenatsch: letters, by L Moore196031,32gen
Recess Printing: information196034gen
Battle of Giornico:196036pro; gen
Rhine Navigation & The Swiss Merchant Fleet: 1954 Publicity Issue196036stp
United Nations: ILO/BIT service stamp issue196039uno
United Nations: OMM service stamp issue196039uno
United Nations: OMS service stamp issue196039uno
United Nations: ITU/UIT service stamp issue196039uno
United Nations: UPU service stamp issue196039uno
United Nations: BIE service stamp issue196039uno
Who’s Who on Stamps: Numa Droz (1844-1899) Statesman - PJ 1955196040pro; gen
UPU: 1900 (third issue), by W R Morrison196041,50,51stp
Pro Juventute: new issues196043stp; pro
Day of the Stamp 1960196044stp; pmk
Graubünden Cantonal Post: The Reichsboten mystery196045phs; stp
Railway Station Cancels: by R L Christian (continued in 1961) 196047,48rly
Railway Station Cancels: by R L Christian (continued from 1960) 19611,2rly
Swissair: essays for the special flight Geneva-New York 194719612air; stp
1938 Gordon Bennett Balloon Race19613air
Who’s Who on Stamps: Stefano Franscini (1796-1857) Statesman - PJ 193519614pro; gen
Postal Coach: Andeer-Avers; extended to Cresta; last horse-post Crüt-Cresta 19614phs
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues196114,18,30,34,42,46pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1961 issues196118,22,30,34,44pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 1961196113,18,22,26,30,40pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues196118,22,30,34,46mpo; pmk
New Issues: 196119615,6,36stp
1961 Balloon Flight for Europa Week19616air
1961 Balloon Flight for the Swiss Association for the Blind196134,38air
UPU: 1900 (third issue), by W R Morrison19617,16,29,37,38stp
Geneva: the Canton and its Stamps19619,10,11,12stp
Jörg Jenatsch: letters, by L Moore196112gen
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196114,34stp
Pioneer Airmail Stamps: 1913196117,21,25air
Pro Patria: new issues196119stp; pro
Liechtenstein: new issues196120,41stp; fls
Bern: Clock Tower196122gen
Semi-Postal Issues: (Pro Juventute, Pro Patria), by J J Eusebio196123,24,27,28,30pro; stp
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad, Edythe Rawnsley (continued in 1962)196131,32,43,45,46,53gen
Industrielle Kriegswirtschaft: War Board of Trade Issues, by M Tripet196133,39stp
High-value Definitives: 'Disciples' 196135,36stp
Definitives: Cantonal Messengers - difference between sheet and coil stamps196139err
Rocket Mail:196140,41,48phs
PTT: Postal validity of Swiss stamps196141stp
Pro Juventute: new issues196143stp; pro
Day of the Stamp 1961196144stp; pmk
The ‘R.L.’ (rayon limitrophe) marks of Switzerland, by Laurence Moore196151,52phs; pmk
The Pioneer Aviators 19621,2air
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad (continued from 1961)19623,7,8gen
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues19624,8,18,26,30,36,46,52pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1962 issues19624,8,22,30,38,46pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 1962196213,20,30,34,45,50pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19624,22,26,30,38,46mpo; pmk
New Issues: 196219625,13,35stp
Lake Maggiore: Ship Postmarks, by L Moore 19629,10,16,17,39,40,41,42lac; pmk
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: by G Kuisel196211,12,16,21,25,29,33,37stp
ITU/UIT: change of location for mail196213gen; uno
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196213,34stp
Pro Patria: new issues196219stp; pro
Basel: new Philatelic Bureau at Elisabethenanlage 7196220gen
The Salvage Issue: 1942 196223,24,28stp
Currency: "Batz(en)’ in the Belfrey, by L Moore196227phs; gen
Route Marks: by R L Christian196231,32,43,53phs
Liechtenstein: new issues196234,52stp; fls
Exhibition: Vaduz, report196236fls
Postal Rates: parcel rate changes196244phs
United Nations: new issues196245uno; stp
Swiss Maritime Mail: postmarks196245,48phs
Straightline Handstamp: STACHELBERG196248pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues196247stp; pro
Day of the Stamp 1962196250stp; pmk
Printed Postcards: new series of 32 cards issued196250pst
The Splügen Route: 196251,52gen
New Issues: 196319631,2,11,39stp
Route Marks: information, by R L Christian (continued from 1962)19633,5,6,7,16phs
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues19634,22,32,46,50pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1963 issues19634,22,32,46,50pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 196319637,22,28,38,42,43,56pmk
Postage Dues: a study, by J M Schumacher 19639,10,12,23,26,30,35,36,40,44,45pdu
Rayons: The Rayon Issues and the Framing of the Cross, by André Nussbaum196313,19,27,28,31,41,45stp
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196316,56stp
The Postal History of Switzerland: 15th - 19th century, by Dr. K Strauss 196317,18,20phs
Pro Juventute: new issues196349stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues196321stp; pro
Pro Aero: special stamp 1963, special postal flights - Bern-Locarno and Langenbruck-Bern196321,22stp; air
Pro Aero: pioneer flights of 1913196325air
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues196328,32,50mpo; pmk
The Gotthard Road: information by E Rawnsley196333,34phs
Cross & Numeral: 1882-1906 196337stp
Liechtenstein: new issues196338,48stp; fls
Helvetia Bust: by H Robertshaw196347,48stp
Helvetia with Sword: by H Robertshaw196353,54,56stp
Swiss Maritime Mail: Paquebot, Posted on Board, Corr. Pachi, etc.196355phs
Slogan Cancels: 1928 issue196458pmk
Nachnahme Covers: early covers 1851-1883 196457phs
Luzern-Stans-Engelberg: new railway link196456rly
Helvetic Republic: 1798-1803; a rare cover196455phs
Franco/Swiss Postal Treaties of 1828-29, by G Caldwell196453,54,55 phs
Day of the Stamp 1964196450stp; pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues196449stp; pro
Bundesfeier: the game of Hornussen; 1951 stamp issue196448pro
Printed Postcards: new series of 32 cards issued196446pst
Express Labels: 196438lbl
Esperanto Label: SVISLANDO; 1st Esperanto Congress 1906, etc. 196426,36,56qry; lbl
Geneva: 3rd International Conference on Peaceful uses of Atomic Energy196434gen
Pro Juventute: fixed period of validity introduced196434pro
Pro Patria: fixed period of validity introduced196434pro
Zurich: Centenary of the Bahnhofstrasse; 29 August 1964196434gen; pmk
27th International Conference on Public Instruction; 6-13 July 1964196434gen; pmk
The Importance of Pen Cancellations: items in the Burrus auction196433,39,40,45phs
Provisional Stamps: overprinted stamps (including airmail); 1915 onwards; postal rates196431,35,41,47,48stp; phs; air
Automation & the Swiss Post Office; reorganisation; postcodes; 9 regions, etc.196429phs
Official Stamps: stamps with perforated cross; forgeries, etc.196427,28stp; frg
Basel: Burrus Swiss auction196425gen
Bern: new Philatelic Bureau at Parkterasse 10196424,34gen
Slogan Cancels: 1964 issues196424,30,36,46pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues196423,26,32,36,46mpo; pmk
Liechtenstein: new issues196422,38,50stp; fls
Pro Patria: new issues196421stp; pro
Exhibition: EXPO '64; special post offices, etc.196420,50gen
Post from Swiss Mercantile Ships196418phs
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196416,38stp
UPU: 1900 issue, display to the London Group by DR. K Strauss196413,17,18stp
Mixed Frankings: stamps of different issues, by L Moore196411,12,19,20,23phs
Cancellations for Special Events in 196419649,12,30,46pmk
Express Labels: information, by I Tillen19647,16lbl
MPO 4: introduced at EXPO '64; with trailer19646pmk
Publicity Cancels: Rütschwil; 9606 - code number used to introduce postal codes 19646pmk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues19642,23,26,30,36,46pmk
New Issues: 196419641,5,37stp
Postage Dues: modern usage, by G Ritchie19651,2,11,12pdu
Nachnahme Covers, by J Bühler 19653,4phs
Zurich: new Philatelic Bureau at Fraumünsterstrasse 16 19654gen
Early Miniature Sheets, Edythe Rawnsley19655stp
Postal Rates: early rates from 184919657,8phs
Mixed Franking & Bisects: 19657,8,9phs
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196516gen; stp
An Introduction to Postmarks (messengers etc.), Edythe Rawnsley (see also 1966:4-5)196555,61,65phs; pmk
Aushilfsstempel (Temporary) Cancels (see also 1966:8)196542pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19656,32,36,40,47-48,62,66mpo; pmk
Lake Maggiore: Ship Postmarks, by L Moore196517,18lac; pmk
Standing Helvetia: display to the London Group by Dr. K Strauss196519stp
Cancellations for Special Events in 1965196540,50,58pmk
Cross & Numeral: 1882-1906 196533-34,37-39stp
Express Labels: 196525lbl
Holiday of 1853 (Tell, Swiss Guard of Paris, Rigi etc.) with stamps196545-46gen
Kocher stamps: (see also 1990:25-27; 2002:52)196548stp
Landscapes: 1934 Issue, by A Gullis 196541-42stp
Liechtenstein: new issues196524,47,58stp; fls; pst
Lion of Lucerne: information196545-46gen
NABRA: miniature sheet - error in printing196536err; gen
NABRA: news from the Bern NABRA Exhibition196542gen
New Issues: 1965196515,16,31,48pst; stp
Postage Dues: numbers issued for the 1940 series196535pdu
Postal Rates: Federal Post Regulations from 1849 196525,28phs
Pro Juventute: new issues196557stp; pro
Pro Juventute: warning of forgeries on the 5c (1964) and min sheet (1937)196539frg; pro
Pro Patria: new issues196531,47stp; pro
PTT: Pro Juventute: numbers issued for the 1964 series196556gen; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues196512,20,30,36,40,48,62,66pmk
Sitting Helvetia: Gold and Bronze stamps of the 1862 issue (see 1970:60)196549stp
Slogan Cancels: 1965 issues196526,36,40,47-48,62pmk
Special Postmarks of 1964 196523pmk
Specimen Overprints: 196552gen; stp
Standing Helvetia: 1882-1907 196533-34,37-39stp
Swiss Guard: information196545-46gen
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad196552gen
Ten Years of "Werbemarken" Propaganda Stamps196521,29-30stp
The B S (Basle Suisse) handstamps 1724 – 1816196535phs; pmk
TPO Postmarks of the Swiss Private Railways, by A Yates 196543-46,53-54pmk; rly
"Timbres As de Pique" (Ace of Spades) - licence for playing card in public196616gen; rev
50th Anniversary of La Cinquieme Suisse (New Helvetia Society)196628gen; stp
Architectural Definitive Series, by Edward Swindale196627,31,39stp
Architectural Series: The Bellinzona Controversy, by J Eusebio 196657stp
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues196624,34,39,43,51,62,70mpo; pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 1966196610,21,34,40,46,50,57,62pmk
Coil Stamps:19666stp
Coil Stamps: new issues196626stp
Currencies/Postal Rates during the Transitional Period 196657phs
Definitives: Cantonal Messengers - Varieties, by A Gullis 196641-43err
Express Labels: (see also 1965:25)19663,32lbl
Forged Postmarks: warnings196610,70frg; pmk, pro
Geneva: Large Eagle of 1847, by Laurence Moore 196655stp
International Offices: Post Offices for the various organisations196622gen
Jörg Jenatsch: letters, plus a book written by Jean J Winkler196624gen
Karl Bickel: A tribute 19668gen
Route Marks: LBpH 196647-48,50phs; pmk
Liechtenstein: at Helvetia Philatelic Society 19669-10gen; fls
Liechtenstein: changeover to coding numbers on postal cancellations196617pmk; fls
Liechtenstein: issues withdrawn196656stp; fls
Liechtenstein: new issues196622,60stp; fls; pst
Liechtenstein: Temporary Cancels, by Jack Beken 196616pmk; fls
New Issues: 196619661-2,49stp; pst
Old Currencies/Postal Systems (Geneva, Zurich, Basle)196657phs
Peace Issue: 1919 196611stp
Perfin Stamps, by Felix Ganz (see also 1967:5)196614-15,17,19-20,29,33,37-38,67-69gen; stp
Postal Flights: Zurich-Bellinzona, 1927 and Geneva-Bellinzona, 1932 196635-36,45air
Pro Juventute: new issues196659stp; pro
Pro Patria: Issues 1938- 1966, by H W Robertson 196666stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues196628stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196622,36,50gen; stp
PTT: Pro Juventute: numbers issued for the 1965 series196654gen; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: recent issues196616,21,34,39,50,51,54,62pmk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: withdrawn196654pmk
Publicity stamp: 50th Anniv. Schweizer Mustermesse (Swiss Trade Fair)196645stp
Slogan Cancels: 1966 issues196616,21,34,39,46,50,58,70pmk
The Day of the Stamp (continued Oct 68/Dec 72) 196651,60stp
The Rayon Period, by George Caldwell 196615-16stp
Warning: back-dated postmarks of WALDENBURG (BL) on miniature sheets196638pmk; pro
Zurich: Tube Mail 196617gen
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19678,31,38,44,48,62,70mpo; pmk
Batzen: coins on stamps, early currecies (see also 1968:22)196725stp, phs
Cancellations for Special Events in 1967196710,16,24,32,38,40,54,58,62pmk
Early Postal Rates, Edythe Rawnsley :196711-12phs
Forged Postmarks: warnings19672frg; pmk, pro
Geneva and the Fischer Agency 196769phs
Geneva: new Philatelic Bureau at Rue de Mont Blanc 18196725gen
Historical Series: 1941 196749stp
Who’s Who on Stamps: John Calvin196710gen, stp
Liechtenstein: Marriage of Prince Hans Adam - miniature sheet - 196736stp; fls
Liechtenstein: new issues196716,48,66stp; fls; pst
Liechtenstein: Royal Wedding - special cancellation196740pmk, fls
Luminescence in Swiss Stamps, by F H Frost 19677,25stp
New Issues: 196719671,9,24,39,45stp; pst
Booklet Stamps: new stamp booklets19672stp
Perfin Stamps, by Felix Ganz (see also 1966:14-15,17,19-20,29,33,37-38,67-69)19675gen; stp
Postal Abbreviations explained196773gen, phs, pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues196761-62stp; pro
Pro Patria: Issues 1938- 1966, by H W Robertson 196713,17-18,23-24stp; pro
Pro Patria: Issues 1938- 1966, by H W Robertson 19673-4stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues196731stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196710.16gen; stp
PTT: Postal validity of Swiss stamps19671stp
PTT: Pro Juventute: numbers issued for the 1966 series196766gen; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19672,10,31,38,44,50,58,66,70pmk
Route Marks: ROUTE SIHLWALD, used on the Selnau-Sihlbrugg line 1892-97196742pmk; rly
Seedorf: Castle of A Pro (Uri) 196746gen, stp
Sitting Helvetia: 1862-1882, by Laurence Moore 196729-30,35-36,41stp
Slogan Cancels: 1967 issues196712,24,31,38,44,50,58,64,70pmk
Soldier Stamps of Switzerland, Edythe Rawnsley196751-52,59mil
Special Postmarks of 1966 196737pmk
Standing Helvetia: 1882-1907, by Laurence Moore 196747-48,53,57stp
Swiss Coil Stamps, by Felix Ganz 196755-56,65-66,71-72,74stp
Swiss Fiscal Stamps, by Eric Lienhard196733-34rev
Swiss Railways, by J R Simpson 196715-16,22,26rly
Symbolic Issue: 1938, by F H Frost 196719stp
Circled-T' handstamp on coil stamps - a modern discovery196740pdu
Circled-T' handstamp on Technical & Industry stamps overprinted "Officiel"196722pdu
The Gotthard Mail Coach - Timetable 1849-1882196742phs
Who’s Who on Stamps: Theodore de Beze196710gen, stp
UN: Mobile Exhibition196750pmk; uno
20c. post-rider stamp - variety196842err
A Mystery Stamp: Fr.1. Definitive (Fribourg Town Hall)196866err; stp
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19684,20,25,36,46,52,62,72,78mpo; pmk
Bellinzona Aerophilatelic Day - Balloon Post, 27/28th April 1968196831,35air
Book Review: Altschweiz- Was Nicht Im Katalog Steht (Early Swiss, Beyond the Catalogue), author J Bühler 196839,40lit
Book Review: Handbuch der Schweizer Vorphilatelie 1695-1850, author J Winkler196877lit
Cancellations for Special Events in 196819682,13,25,28,34,36,44,52,61pmk
Day of the Stamp 1968196859,60stp; pmk
Landscape Issue: San Salvatore 196863stp
League of Nations: “NANSEN” stamps (see also 1975:60)196833uno
Liechtenstein: new issues196821,45,65stp; fls; pst
Lucerne: new Philatelic Bureau at Kaufmannweg 419684gen
Booklet Stamps: new Fr.5. stamp booklet196845stp
New Issues: 196819681stp; pst
New Issues: 196819681,9,10,47,48stp; pst
New Postcards of 1967, by G Ritchie 196813pst
Oldest Letter Box in Switzerland?196860gen; phs
Postal Stationery Cards196836pst
Postmark discovery: 1873 rectangular boxed cancel GENEVE A/date196818,21pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues196865 stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues196832stp; pro
Pro Patria: Stamps & Stained Glass196841,42pro; stp
PTT: Pro Juventute: numbers issued for the 1967 series196861gen; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) Cancels: withdrawn196818pmk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: information196858pmk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues196810,20,25,28,40,44,52,58,61,72pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1968 issues196810,20,22,34,36,44,51,61,72,78pmk
St. Gallen: new Philatelic Bureau at main Post Office196864gen
Booklet Stamps: information about plain and luminous paper196858stp
Swiss Railways and their Cancellations, by R L Christian196815-17,23,24,29-31,37,38,43,44,49-51,67-69,75,76rly
The early currency tangle (see also 1967:25)196822phs
The Lugano Air Mail 8th June 1913, by J Eusebio19683-4,11-12,19air
The Posts of the Swiss Lakes196853,54,60,73,74lac; phs
Who'll Come adventuring?, by Ivan Tillen - The San Giacomo Pass196855non
100 years of Swiss Stamps 1843-1943, translated by F Rosenthal (see also 1970:3,4,11,12,19,20,25,26)196939,40,47,48,50,53,54,61,62,69,70,72,83,84stp
Air Mail Exhibition, Lucerne "LUPO", 26/28th April 1969196924air
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues196945,64,74,76mpo; pmk
Booklet Stamps, by Felix Ganz19699stp
Cancellations for Special Events in 1969196912,21,36,44,50,55pmk
Express Labels: further discoveries196911,12lbl
First Flight - Zurich-Bern-Lausanne 30th April 1919196928,44air
Liechtenstein: new issues196915,45,65,66stp; fls; pst
New Issues: 196919695,6,23,56,57,58stp; pst
Portrait Stamps, 1969 196971stp
Postal Terms found on Swiss cancellations, by Felix Ganz196985gen; phs; pmk
Pro Juventute: 1969 “Wallcreeper” 196910stp; pro
Pro Juventute: new issues196974stp; pro
Pro Patria: 1969 Plate Flaw 196956pro
Pro Patria: new issues196923,24stp; pro
Proofs, Essays and Trials (see also 1970: 5,13)196981,82stp
PTT Christmas Card, 196819696gen
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued196924gen; stp
PTT: Postal validity of Swiss stamps196924stp
PTT: Postal validity of UN service stamps196956stp
PTT: Pro Juventute sales figures196986pro; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues196912,22,24,32,45,55,60,64,76pmk
Ship Posts of Lake Zurich, by A H Mueller 19697,8,13,14,20,21,27,28,33-35lac; phs
Slogan Cancels: 1969 issues196910,30,36,45,50,76pmk
Swiss Railways and their Cancellations, by R L Christian (see also 1968:15-76) 19693,4,17-19,25,26,31,32,41-43,49,63,77-79rly
United Nations: Independent Issue of Stamps 19692,38uno
UPU: 1900 196951,52,59,60,67,68,72,74stp
Visit of Pope Paul VI to Geneva: 30c B.I.T. series stamp overprinted196937uno
100 years of Swiss Stamps 1843-1943 (see also 1969:39,40,47,48,50,53,54,61,62,69,70,72,83,84) 19703,4,11,12,19,20,25,26stp
1939 National Exposition Postal Stationery197080pst
20c. post-rider stamp - variety on z358/z358L with 11 points on the harness 197022stp
Tell: 40 years of the Tell Head, by E H Spiro197087stp
An old letter tells its own story. A postal journey through Ct. Graubünden197032-34phs
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19706,30,34,44,50,66,80,82mpo; pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 1970197014,16,30,38,44,50,64,66,80,88pmk
Elusive Postmarks, by Felix Ganz19701,2,26pmk
Hotel Post Stamps 19709,10,12htl
Liechtenstein: new issues197024,62,78 stp; fls; pst
New Issues: 197019707,8,23,24,51,52stp; pst
Booklets Stamps: new stamp booklet: 197044stp
On the trail of modern varieties - 20c. mounted post-rider issue of 1960197081err; stp
Postal Acceptance Stations & Private Parcel Post Cancels197027,28,35-37,43,47,48,53,54,70phs; pmk
Postal Depots and Parcel Acceptance Stations 197085,86phs
Pro Juventute: new issues197069stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197023stp; pro
Proofs, Essays and Trials (see also 1969: 81-82)19705,13stp
PTT Christmas Card, 196919702gen
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued19702,35,69gen; stp
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued for Liechtenstein197035gen; stp; fls
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19706,8,16,29,30,38,44,49,66,88pmk
Sitting Helvetia: 1862-1882, by Mrs M MacMahon & H E Chapman197057-59,67,68,75,76,83,84stp
Sitting Helvetia: Gold and Bronze stamps of the 1862 issue (see 1965:49)197060stp
Slogan Cancels: 1970 issues19706,8,14,16,29,34,38,49,50,64,69,78,82pmk
Soldier Stamps - Some Notes by H Sheldrake197061,62mil
Stamp designing raises problems. PTT sponsored contest.197049gen; stp
T' Dues, by Peter Hobbs197079pdu
Tell Boy issues, by E H Spiro197055,63,71,77stp
United Nations: new issues197024,62stp; uno; pst
United Nations: postmarks 1969197049pmk; uno
Warning on Faked Classics197017,18,22frg
Zurich: Cantonal Issues 197045,46stp
20th Century Circular Town Cancellations, by Felix Ganz 19719,10,1112,19,20,21,41,42,49,50,51,55,56,58,63,64pmk
Affranchissement au verso/Frankatur siehe Rücksette (stamp on reverse): how many types exist? 197135gen; pmk; ppc
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues197136,62,70mpo; pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 197119718,24,36,44,46,58,68pmk
Cancels: “Velan” 1971
Cancels: unusual cancellations 1971
Cross & Numeral: 1882-1899, by Mrs K MacMahon & H E Chapman 19713-5,13,14stp
Customs Cancellations, by Alfred Golay197163-66pmk
Day of the Stamp 1971197170stp; pmk
Exhibition: NABA 1971 - notes197143gen
Exhibition: NABA 1971 - special postmark197140pmk
Franco Labels: 197162,78lbl; stp
Landscape Issue: z301A The “Grimsel Dam” issue of 1949 197133,34,36err; stp
Liechtenstein: new issues197117,40,61,69,70stp; fls; pst
New Issues: 197119711,2,15,25,53,54stp; pst
Numeral Handstamps on Swiss Covers 1829-1845197145,46cvr; phs; pmk
Philological Philately: The French Revolutionary Calendar197181gen; phs; pmk
Philological Philately: The Italian Calendar, e,g, GEN - GENNAIO (January)197175gen; phs; pmk
Postal Rates: rate changes in 1971197130,44phs
Postmark Puzzle: 1842 cover Yverdon stamped LV to St. Jendau, Sablai. Where is SABLAI?197159,62,67pmk
Postmark Puzzle: AMMERSWYL 28.12.89 on z58197122pmk
Postmark Puzzle: French markings GEN. 6 and GEN. 7197159,62,67phs; pmk
Postmark Puzzle: straightline VELAN (Valais), on 5c Cross&Num. 1907197151,57,67pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues197169stp; pro
Pro Patria: 1966 variety of 20+10c. 197135err; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197125,26stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued197132gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19718,22,32,43,46,54,58,62,70,81pmk
Sitting Helvetia: 1862-1882197127,28,30,39stp
Slogan Cancels: 1971 issues197122,44,52,54,62,70,81pmk
Standing Helvetia: 1882-1904, by Mrs K MacMahon & H E Chapman (see also 1972:13-70)197137,38,39,47,48,59,65,66,68,67,68,71,72,79,80stp
Swiss Post Offices Abroad - Basel Airport 19716pmk
T' Dues to Vanish?197118pdu
Tell: Overprints 19717stp
The Helvetia Philatelic Society Celebrates 25 Years197161gen
United Nations: new issues197115,22,40,61,70stp; uno; pst
Vitznau-Rigi Railway Centenary: special cancel197140pmk; rly
ZERSTORER - Explosives teams, by H Sheldrake 197178mil
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues197256,59,77,82mpo; pmk
Brief Expedition (Letter Despatch), by Elaine Wiltshire197261,62,67,68pmk
Cancellations for Special Events in 1972197231,38,48,52,72,77,85pmk
Changes in Place Names 197273phs; pmk
Day of the Stamp 1972197256,87,88stp; pmk
Did You Know, by Michael Rutherfoord (commencement of a regular article)197247,48gen; dyk
Express Labels: (see also 1965:25; 1966:3,32)197235,36,43,44,51,52lbl
Field Post Cancellations, by Felix Ganz 19721-4,9-12,17-19,27-30,37,38,42mil, pmk
Hour Reels on Circular Town (date strikes), by Felix Ganz 197241pmk
Internment Mail197276gen; mil
Liechtenstein: new issues197223,34,63,79,80stp; fls; pst
Machine Cancellations: comments by Felix Ganz197249,50,52pmk
New Issues: 197219725,6,25,26,57-59stp; pst
New Registration Label197294phs; pmk
New types of 'T' postal markings197247pdu; pmk
Obituary: Frederick Bieri 197215,16gen; mil
Postal Rates: rate changes in 1972197214phs
Postal Rates: rate changes in 1973197291phs
Printing Postage Stamps 197289-91gen, stp
Pro Aero: Special Flights Geneva-New York & Geneva-Zurich-Nuremberg197222air; stp
Pro Juventute: new issues197279stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197225,26stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued197234gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues197222,38,44,59,72,78,86,94pmk
Swiss Shooting Festivals 197274gen
Slogan Cancels: 1972 issues197231,36,40,44,48,52,63,72,77,78,86,91,93pmk
Standing Helvetia: 1882-1904, by Mrs K MacMahon & H E Chapman (see also 1971:37-80)197213,14,21,22,31,39,45,46,53,54,69,70stp
Standing Helvetia: 1905-1907, by Mrs K MacMahon & H E Chapman (see also 1973:13-48)197270,71,75,76,81,82,92stp
Switzerland's Postal Stationery, by Felix Ganz 197265,66,71pst
Ticino Ovals: 197255phs; pmk
United Nations: new issues19727,23,42,59stp; uno; pst
500 Years of the Viamala Letter, by C Rauch197361gen; phs
Advertising Postcards of Switzerland (including Suchard), by Felix Ganz197349-51,59,60pst
Aerophilatelic Day: Altenrhein 28.4.73197328air; mpo
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19733,36,42,51,58,89mpo; pmk
Birth of the Swiss Posts - messengers, postriders, Thurn&Taxis, Fischer Post.197341,42phs
Cancellations for Special Events in 197319738,31,38,46,51,60,68,78,81,86,94pmk
Cross & Numeral: 1905-1906, by Mrs K MacMahon & H E Chapman197353,54stp
Cross & Numeral: 1905-1906, by Mrs K MacMahon & H E Chapman 197353,54stp
Cut-outs from Postal Stationery197362pst
Geneva - The International City, by Peter Hobbs 197375gen; phs; uno
Gratis Labels197363lbl
Hotel Post: Jubilee197382htl
INTERNABA: Basle 1974197382,90gen; stp
Landscape series: a new variety of z297197315stp; err
Liechtenstein: new issues197315,31,46,68stp; fls; pst
New "Fragile" Label197390lbl
New Issues: 197319735,6,8,27,28,57,58stp; pst
Newspaper Subscriptions197394gen
Obituary: Jean J Winkler197381gen; phs
Official/Service Cancellations (franking uncancelled stamps)197323pmk
Postage Stamps & Philately - Then and Now (a look back)19739,10gen; phs
Postal Charges to be paid by the Recipient, by G D Wilson197387-88phs; pmk
Postmarks of Ticino, Dennis Wilson197325,26,35,36,43-45phs; pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues197381stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197328,29stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued197346,89gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19738,16,30,40,46,58,72,76,93pmk
Q&A: "Fète Suisse de Londres"197375,85gen
Registration Labels: "V" (Valeur/Declared Value) 197339lbl
Ship Posts of Lake Lucerne 197369,70,79,80,81lac; phs; pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1973 issues19738,15,30,42,56,60,72,78,90,93pmk
Standing Helvetia: 1905-1907,A368 (see also 1972:70,71,75,76,81,82,92)197313,14,21,22,29,32,37,38,47,48stp
Swiss Alpine Postal Services, Edythe Rawnsley 197352phs; stp
Swiss military mail carried on Rumanian train No.12 and Polish train No.5197318mil
Swiss Official Postcards, by G. Ritchie 19731,2,11,12,19,20pst
Swiss Railways and Philately, by S V Berti 197373,74,83,84rly
Swiss Trial Prints:197365-67,76,77gen
United Nations: new issues197316,31,46,77,81stp; uno; pst
Unusual spelling on cancellations: St. Cergues (St. Cergue), Bellenz (Bellinzona)197384pmk
WHO emblem - “The Serpent and Staff”197371uno
Zurich: new circluar cancellation discovered "Zch." 197334phs; pmk
125 years of the Swiss Federal Posts (appraisal)197434,52phs
1853 postal packet service: Trieste - Switzerland197445lac; phs; pmk
19th Century Travel: 1828 letter with SCHAFFHAUSEN s/l and LT Milano marks.197465,66phs; pmk
A new angle on "Cancelled To Order", by P Hobbs197488gen
Albert Welti: Designer of the Tell Boy stamps, by Adolf Frey197429gen; stp
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19747,32,48,72,91mpo; pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 197419748,12,16,23,31,40,48,56,63,66,74pmk
Censored Mail: 197422gen; phs
Customs Cancellations, by Derek Beak197417,18,19,20,27,28,37,38,43,44,53,54,59,60,69,70,75,76,81,82pmk
Geneva - Centre of the International Air Mail Services in Switzerland, by Peter Hobbs19749-10air
ILO new issue197436stp; uno
INTERNABA: Basle 1974197415,31,39,45,51,52,55,61gen; stp
ITU/UIT Stamps used for Pre-payment, by P Hobbs197488uno
League of Nations Covers197430uno
Liechtenstein: new issues19746,14,56,71,86stp; fls; pst
Liechtenstein: numbers issued197431stp; fls; pst
Mail carried from Switzerland to the UK during WWII, by L Dutton (see also 1975;1976 and 1977) 197479,80,89,90,91gen; phs
Mail to Columbia with "S" overprint on Columbian stamps197410air
New Issues: 197419741,2,21,25,56,67,68stp; pst
New Post Office in Zweisimmen 197466gen
New Regulations for Letterboxes, by M Rutherfoord 197473gen
Notes on Automatic Letter Sorting:197471,85gen
Notes on Custom Cancellations: 197468pmk
Notes on Phosphor Postal Coding Marks:197477gen
Notes on Stamps: local post offices overstocking197468pmk
Notes on the Letter Forwarding Service:197477gen
Notes on TPOs: changes and new types. 197468rly
Official Stamps: stamps used by Government departments197447stp
Origins of the Geneva Cantonal Post, by Peter Hobbs197441-42phs; stp
Postal Charges to be paid by the Recipient, by G D Wilson (see also 1973:87-88)19743-5phs; pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues197485stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197435,36stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued197460gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues197412,14,20,32,56,60,66,77,86,88pmk
Publicity Slogan cancels used since 1964197473pmk
Q&A: miniature stamps, similar to small landscape issue, with AMBULANT cancel197416,32gen; rly
Q&A: unusual fieldpost cancel on mail between 1949 and 1960197464mil; pmk
Q&A: unusual postmark on Luzern revenue197464pmk; rev
Registration Labels and Marks, by M Rutherfoord 197483,84,85lbl
Revenue Stamps of Basel (handstamped on paper), by Don Lueck 197449,50,57,58phs; rev
Slogan Cancels: 1974 issues19748,14,44,56,94pmk
Booklet Stamps: small stamp booklets, by C Rauch197482stp
Special Postcard for Basle Zoo197425pst
The Julier Pass 197442,52gen; phs; pmk
The Nachnahme System197412phs
The new 5c. Definitive197440err; stp
The Treasure House at Zillis, Edythe Rawnsley197413gen, pro; stp
United Nations: new issues19747,23,25,34,74,86stp; uno; pst
UPU 1900197446stp
UPU: Centenary (a brief history) 19746gen; stp
A Philatelic Tour through Canton Graubünden, by S V Berti (see also 1976:5,6)197547,48,55,56,65,66,74,88stp; phs; pmk; gen
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues19758,26,77,94mpo; pmk
Book Review: The Postage Stamps of Switzerland, authors Paul Mirabaud & Axel de Reuterskiöld197570,78,86lit; stp
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 197519758,26,41,46,57,86,91pmk
Heimisbach (formerly Dürrgraben): postmark change197553pmk
Helvetia Philatelic Society (America) & Swiss American Stamp Society merge (AHPS) 197513gen
League of Nations: “NANSEN” stamps (see also 1968:33)197560uno
Liechtenstein: new issues197521,61,91stp; fls; pst
Liechtenstein: numbers issued197520stp; fls; pst
Mail carried from Switzerland to the UK during WWII, by L Dutton (see also 1974:79-91;1976:13-84;1977:4-85)19753,4,9,10,17,18,26,27,33,34,42,43,49,50,54,58,59,60,61gen; phs
New Issues: 197519751,7,8,23,68,69stp; pst
New Railway Line through the Heitersburg: special cancel197536pmk; rly
Postcode changes:197594pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues197582stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197523,24stp; pro
Pro Patria: variety on the 1940 30c. issue197519err; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued197510gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19758,26,36,45,54,57,69,86pmk
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: by Mrs K MacMahon & H E Chapman197515,16,28,29,37,38,44,45,51,52,57,67,68stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: a perforation mystery197525stp; err
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: John Dickinson’s Silk Thread Paper 197519stp
The Geneva Fairs: 15th century letters, Edith Faulstich197539-41stp
Slogan Cancels: 1975 issues197522,26pmk
Stampless Covers of Canton Ticino197535,36phs
Swiss Hotel Posts, Red Cross & Telegraph Stamps, by E D Merki197563,64,75,76,77,81,92,93htl; stp
Swissair: inaugural flight Zurich-Geneva-Athens-Bombay-Peking-Shanghai 197520air; pmk
The 1924 UPU issue, by F R Lesser197511,12stp
The St Gallus Portal of Basle Cathedral197590gen; stp
Travel on the High Passes (horse-drawn coaches “diligences”)19755,12phs; gen
United Nations: new issues197519,46,69,91stp; uno; pst
UPU 1900: by W R Morrison (see also 1976:3,4,11,12,19,20,27,28,35,36)197571,72,73,79,80,89,90stp; pst
UPU 1900: methods of printing197532stp
A Philatelic Tour through Canton Graubünden, by S V Berti (see also 1975:47,48,55,56,65,66,74,88)19765,6stp; phs; pmk; gen
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues197618,34mpo; pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1976197623,34,36,46,87,88pmk
Cancels: New discovery (Emmenegger Group 149)197679pmk
Castles of Switzerland 197633,34pro; gen
Faites Diligence: special cancel 1 Aug - 11 Sept.197656pmk
Founders of the Cities: The Zähringen family 197648gen
GABRA Exhibition, Burgdorf 197643,46gen
International Offices: BIE Forerunners, by P Hobbs197667,68uno
Interphil '76 - A Review, by Harlan F Stone197651,52,59,60,66gen
Jungfrau: Railway, Post Office, etc 197639,40,47rly; pmk
Liechtenstein: Display (information) 197615,24fls; pst; stp
Liechtenstein: new issues197618,82stp; fls; pst
Machine Cancellations: Local Publicity Slogans, by M Rutherfoord 197617,18pmk
Mail carried from Switzerland to the UK during WWII, by L Dutton (see also 1974:79-91;1975:3-61;1977:4-85)197613,14,21,22,30,31,37,38,44,45,53,62,64,68,69,77,78,83,84gen; phs
National Festival (Bundesfeier) Cards: without imprinted stamp197620pro; mil; pst
New Issues: 197619769,10,29,65,66stp; pst
Notes on the 1973 Definitives, by Tim Hargreave197673,74stp
Pre-Propaganda Cancels of Mountain Postal Facilities, by Felix Ganz 197656rly; pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues197681stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197629 stp; pro
Pro Patria: news about the Fund197646pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues197610,26,46,50,70,72,78,87,96pmk
Service Gratuit, by P Hobbs197693,94,95phs; gen
Ship Postmarks of Lake Maggiore, by L Moore 197641,42lac; phs; pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1976 issues197664,80pmk
Squiggles: early postal rate marks197671pmk; phs
The 1901 Essay Competition, by Jules Bouvez197692,93stp
The Swiss have a Label for it!, by G G Ritchie197649-50,57,58,75,76,90,91lbl
Three Notable Events (GABRA,REGIOPHIL XI and DIETIKON), by M Rutherfoord197654,55gen
United Nations: new issues197624,26,34,70stp; uno; pst
UPU 1900: by W R Morrison (see also 1975:71,72,73,79,80,89,90)19763,4,11,12,19,20,27,28,35,36stp; pst
Vergé (irregular weave), by F R Lesser 19761,2stp; gen
Aerophilatelic Day 1977: Zurich Airport 197722,40air
Aviator Stamps and Special Cancellations197711air
Book Review: Handbook of Swiss Publicity Date-Stamps197740lit; pmk
Book Review: Handbook of Swiss Soldier Stamps, author H Sulser197770mil; lit
Book Review: Why Switzerland?, Jonathan Steinberg197723gen; non
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1977197714,47,63,70,95pmk
Collecting Postage Dues, by J Pascoe Taylor197761-62,76pdu
Cross & Numeral: coincidence? - 5c large cross wmk (z.81)197715stp
Davos 77: the event that wasn't! 197722gen; pmk
Day of the Stamp 1977, St, Imier197775stp; pmk; pst
Domestic Postal Rates, by M Kahn197765-66,73,74phs
First Day Postmarks: issued in 3 languages197748pmk
Franking machines with nameless town dies197731pmk
French Manuscript Rate Marks, by J C West197733,34,36phs; pmk
Geneva: "Tab" or "Bulge" cancels197767pmk
Liechtenstein: new issues197728,64stp; fls; pst
Mail carried from Switzerland to the UK during WWII, by L Dutton (see also 1974:79-91;1975:3-61;1976:13-84)19774,5,13,14,20,21,38,39,45,46,52,53,60,68,69,77,78,84,85gen; phs
Mittelholzer Commemorative Flight19773air; pmk
Multi-lingual Inscriptions on Swiss Postage Stamps, by K Sharp 197741,42,64stp
NABAG 1959: St. Gallen miniature sheet - colour variety?197755err; stp
New Issues: 197719773,29,57-59stp; pst
Notes on Nachnahme, by G G Ritchie197727,28,35,36,44phs
Panorama 77: SBB travelling exhibition197719rly; pmk
United Nations: cancellation197793pmk; uno
Franchise Stamps: 197794stp
The Lure of Postmarks: some uncommon types197785pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues197781stp; pro
Pro Juventute1961: shifted print on the 30c. 197755pro, err
Pro Patria: new issues197730stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued19777,71,95gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues197716,18,26,40,44,51,56,58,87pmk
Regiophil XII: Lugano 17-19 June 1977 - reports197754gen
Why not learn Romansch? 197787gen; stp
Slogan Cancels: 1977 issues197731pmk
Soldier Stamps: a memorable display by H Sheldrake197717mil
Special Railway cancel197771rly; pmk
Specimen Overprints: 197779stp; gen
Standing Helvetia: another stamp mystery - 20c reddish-orange (z.94Aa)197712,19stp
Standing Helvetia: some notes on the 25c stamps (z.67D & 73E)197756err; stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf., by A S Newall197789,90stp
UPU: Commemorative Issue for the 50th Anniversary, by Max Hertsch (see 1978:5,6)197791,92stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf: Origin of the Silk Threads 197793stp
Swiss "Cito" covers, by Harlan F Stone197749-51phs
Switzerland in the Air: a short record of Swiss Aviation and Air Mail, by A S Newall19779,10air
The Pioneer Aviators19771,2air
Those Automatic Labels, by M Rutherfoord 197726lbl
United Nations: new issues197718,30,37,46stp; uno; pst
UPU 1900: Zumstein Specialised Catalogue errors 197767,75stp
Pro Juventute: new issues197881,82stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197833stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued197846gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19788,23,31,38,46,55,63,71,74,82,94pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues197882mpo; pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1978 issues197831,39,54pmk
New Issues: 197819781,9-11,34,71stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues197821,37,64,65,66,86stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 197819787,15,20,31,40,48,50,64,69,72,74,96pmk
United Nations: new issues19781,24,34,47,96stp; uno; pst
Sitting Helvetia imperf., by A S Newall (see also 1977:89,90)19783,4stp
UPU: Commemorative Issue for the 50th Anniversary, by Max Hertsch (see 1977:91,92)19785,6stp
The Controversial Lemanex Block, by M Rutherfoord197817,18,28,48stp
The Lemanex Progressive Print, by M Rutherfoord197845,46stp
Two Orphan Cancellations: Munich 1965 and Philympia 1970197822pmk
Folklore Postcards: Lenten Procession in Mendrisio197824pst; pmk
Folklore Postcards: Sechseläuten in Zurich 197832pst; pmk
Lemanex 1978: Exhibition Reports 197841,42gen
Booklet Stamps, by M Rutherfoord197851stp
A new Express Label, by M Rutherfoord197854lbl
Schlüsselwert (key value): The "cornerstone" or rare stamp in an issue 197856stp; gen
Stamps still valid197870stp
Architecture & Artwork series: change of paper197871stp; err
Switzerland's 23rd Canton: Jura197823,24stp; gen
Book Review: Basle Police Revenues, J Barefoot197874rev; lit
Has Philately become Unhinged?, by F R Lesser197877,78gen
Jura Cancels197879pmk
Tete-Beche, Se-Tenant and Interspace combinations, by F R Lesser197813,14,19,20,29,30,39stp
Publicity Cancellations, by P Vaughan197883,89,90pmk
Castle Chillon: Fortress and Residence, by M Weiner 197849gen; stp; pro
Unrecorded Suchard envelope197812pst
Insurance for the Collector, by J Radford, ACII197859,60,72gen
Accountancy Marks on Letters to & from France in the post-Napoleon period197825,26,35,36,43,44phs; pmk
The Postal History of Menziken, by M Rutherfoord 197862phs; pmk
The Zurich Post & Its Postmarks, Edythe Rawnsley (see also 1979:5,6,13,14)197857,58,67,68,75,76,84,93phs; pmk
Swiss Fiscal Stamps 197823rev
Catalogue of Swiss Machine Cancellations197895pmk
Basle - The Focal Point, by C Rauch (see also 1979:3-4)197891-92phs; pmk; rly
The Zurich Post & Its Postmarks, Edythe Rawnsley (see also 1978:57,58,67,68,75,76,84,93)19795,6,13,14phs; pmk
Basle - The Focal Point, by C Rauch (see also 1978:91-92)19793-4phs; pmk; rly
Pro Juventute: new issues197981-82stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues197925,26stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued19797gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19798,16,23,27,38,48,54,55,56,62,72,78,89pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues197962,90mpo; pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1979 issues197927,54,55,64pmk
New Issues: 197919791,9,10,11,25,57,58stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues197911,39,63,89stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1979197916,31,40,54,64,72,80,83,94,97pmk
United Nations: new issues197919,31,76stp; uno; pst
Sovereignty of Canton Jura197934gen; pmk
A fourth Swiss "Cito" Cover197938phs; pmk
Stamps from Automatic Machines, by C J LaBlonde197933,34stp; gen
Obituary: J N Highsted197912gen
Obituary: Dr A M Meston197912gen
Obituary: E H Spiro197912gen
Postage Dues, Yesterday and Today, by Edgar Bommeli (see also 1980:5,6,14,15,21,22,30)197917-19,29-30,35-36,45-47,52-53,59-60,69-71,75-76,85-86,95-96pdu
Booklet Stamps: New "Cut" Booklets197920stp
1924 Balloon Flight for the Red Cross, by Alex Newall 197928air
18th century mark (spiral) indicating prepayment 197922phs; qry
New Slogans/Flags for the Swiss ‘ALF’ machines, by M Rutherfoord 197921,22pmk
The Swiss Air Mail Label Booklet of 1937, by M Rutherfoord197937lbl
Crash Covers, by E C Walton197941-43air; cvr
The Postal History of Geneva, by C J LaBlonde (see also 1980:3,4,13,17,18,29,36,40,45,46,47)197965,66,73,74,83,93,94phs; pmk
Developments in Switzerland affecting Mail Communications within Europe, by C J LaBlonde197951,55phs
1932 Gordon Bennett Balloon Race 197992air
Swiss Trial Prints:197978gen
The Railways of Switzerland, by P Vaughan 197949,50,61,62,77,78rly
Q&A: 1903 PC Guernsey - Ferney - redirected to Bois-Cerf (a clinic) with s/l "EXP"197982pmk
Q&A: 1946 cover Katowice (Poland) - Bern, marked "Swiss Hospital Train North"197996,98mil; cvr
The Postal History of Geneva, by C J LaBlonde (see also 1979:65,66,73,74,83,93,94)19803,4,13,17,18,29,36,40,45,46,47phs; pmk
Postage Dues, Yesterday and Today, by Edgar Bommeli (see also 1979:17-96)19805,6,14,15,21,22,30pdu
Booklet Stamps: information about plain and luminous paper198023stp
Pro Juventute: new issues198081,82stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198025,26stp; pro
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued198012,72gen; stp
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19808,10,13,20,28,35,47,54,70,74,87,95pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues198095mpo; pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1980 issues198024,26,31,64,70pmk
New Issues: 198019809,10,25,57,58,59stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues198012,47,70,82stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1980198015,24,31,35,44,54,64,70,72,74,96pmk
United Nations: new issues198016,20,87stp; uno; pst
Book Review: Postgeschichte - Histoire Postale (Postal History), author H Schwarzenbach198016pmk; phs; lit
Liechtenstein: new cancellations198019fls; pmk
Stamps from Automatic Machines, by F Pickard198028stp; gen
Ticino Oval Mystery, Edythe Rawnsley198037,38phs; pmk
Swiss Railway Cancellations: a general appraisal, by R L Christian198041,42,51,52,60rly
A Philatelic Sensation: Switzerland's Rarest Stamp, 5c. Postage Due 198043pdu
SBB Zurich-Kloten Airport rail link (opened by Queen Elizabeth II) 198044pmk; rly
Bundesfeier Cancellations: Geneva & Schaffhausen198054pro; pmk
Book Review: Orient Express, Life & Times of the World's most famous Train, E H Cookridge (aka E H Spiro)198055,71gen, rly; lit
International Aviation Meeting: Bex198059air; pmk
Day of the Stamp: St. Blaise198063,88gen
More Uniformity of Circular Date Stamps, by M Rutherfoord198011,12pmk
Jubilee (Temporary Special Event) Cancellations, by M Rutherfoord 198049,50,73,74pmk
Bogus Cancels on Sitting Helvetia perf: Straightline (4-5 letter place-names)198069pmk; err
Replacement Cancellers (Aushilfsstempel), by M Rutherfoord 198074pmk
Parcel Inscription Labels, by Felix Ganz198065,66,75,76,83,91,92lbl
Helvetic Republic: 1798-1803, by J R Barrett & R Ruegg 198061,62phs
Stampless Christmas: Mail posted between 25th & 31st December198090,92gen; phs
125th Anniversary of the Thurtal Line198070rly; pmk
150th Anniversary of the founding of the Geneva Cantonal Post - Exhibition198032gen; pmk
London 1980, The Great Exhibition: report198033,34,44gen
Jörg Jenatsch: The Story of a Swiss Patriot198095gen; stp
Commercial Development of Swiss Air Mail Services, by D Cairns (see also 1981:5,6,11,19,20)198067,68,77,78,84,87,93,94air
Bern: new Philatelic Bureau at Zeughausgasse 19198194gen
Obituary: Christopher Rauch198195gen
1854 cover to Schaffhausen with Thurn&Taxis pen cancel POST- / COLLECTION /SIBLINGEN198186phs
PTT: Postal validity of Swiss stamps198185stp
Switzerland 1757-1968: Display by Mrs Alma Lee 198131gen
Aerophilatelic Day: Lodrino (TI) 25.04.81198128,53air; mpo
Swissair: 50th Anniversary Special Flight198117air; pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues198181,82stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198127,28stp; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19812,12,20,32,39,42,56,64,68,76,80,87,95pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1981 issues198112,47,63,80pmk
New Issues: 198119819,10,27,57,58stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues198130,47,71,96stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1981198112,28,32,40,42,46,52,56,64,72,80,88,95,96pmk
United Nations: new issues198111,15,28,40,87stp; uno; pst
The Pioneer Aviators 198154,55air
Bundesfeier: Display at the London Group by Derek Beak198148,53pro
Geneva: "Tab" or "Bulge" cancels, by Charles J LaBlonde198133,34pmk
75th Anniversary of the Postbus: Detligen cancel198146pmk; gen
Sending items to a Post Office for cancellation, by M Rutherfoord198173gen
Geneva: The ‘Escalade of 1602’ 198141,42gen; pmk
Switzerland and the Habsburgs 198144gen
Postage Due: an explanation198115dyk
Postal Agencies: solving a query198137phs; qry
Customs Cancels: solving a query198138pmk; qry
Postal Mark: “En Numeraire” - unravelling the mystery 198135,36phs; pmk
Unusual Rate Covers, by Harlan F Stone19811,24,36,46,52,67phs, cvr
Postal Rates: International rate changes in 1981198145phs
Book Review: Ersttagskatalog 1982 - Schweiz/UNO Genf, author Hans Schwarzenbach198179lit
Postal Card Types: 1888 - 1905, by Felix Ganz 198149-51,59,60,69,70,77,78pst
The Salvage Issue: 1942 198143stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: Silk Thread insertion, by E C Walton 198167stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862, by G Kuisel19813,4,13,14,21,22,29,30stp
Commercial Development of Swiss Air Mail Services, by D Cairns (see also 1980:67,68,77,78,84,87,93,94)19815,6,11,19,20air
LUNABA 1981: Special Cancellations198123pmk
WIPA 81: Exhibition reports198161gen
18th century marks (spiral) indicating prepayment 198162phs; qry
Concerning Exhibitions, Exhibitors and Jurors, by Dr. Marcel Kottelat (see also 1982:1,2,11,12)198189-90gen
Identification numbers and letters on Swiss Date-Stamps, by M Rutherfoord (see also 1982:3-94)198165,66,74,75,85,91,92pmk
Concerning Exhibitions, Exhibitors and Jurors, by Dr. Marcel Kottelat (see also 1981:89,90)19821,2,11,12gen
Pro Juventute: new issues198278stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198234,35stp; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues198215,24,38,39,42,64,72pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1982 issues19828pmk
New Issues: 198219829,10,33-35,57-59stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues198247,72stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 198219827,15,39,47,55,59,64,66,80pmk
United Nations: new issues198215,24stp; uno; pst
Identification numbers and letters on Swiss Date-Stamps, by M Rutherfoord (see also 1981:65-92)19823,4,13,29-31,67,68,75,76,83,93,94pmk
Booklets Stamps: new style, by M Rutherfoord198243,61,62,70,71stp
Franchise Stamps: Dr. Ganz visit to London198221,22gen; stp
Franchise Stamps, by Felix Ganz198227,28,37,38,44stp
The Mobile Post Offices of Switzerland, by P Vaughan 198217,18mpo; pmk
18th century marks (spiral) indicating prepayment 198225,26phs; qry
The Shanahan "Shenanigans", by J F Barrett198245gen
Gotthard Centenary Cancels:198246pmk; rly
A visit to 'Gottardo 82' in Luzern, by B L Hoddinott198251rly
Tribute: Laurence Moore M.B.E., F.R.P.S.L198295gen
Book Review: New classification of 'Strubel' (Seated Helvetia imperf) 1854-1882, author Walter d'Aujourd'hui198256lit; stp
Inpressions on 'Philexfrance', by M O Bidmead198259,66gen
An Afternoon at the Royal: "History of the Posts in Switzerland" by Mrs Alma Lee198291,95phs
Famous Swiss Stamp Rarities without Legal Status, by F R Lesser198277,78,84,90stp
The ‘R.L.’ (rayon limitrophe) marks of Switzerland, by Laurence Moore 198253,54,60,69phs; pmk
Unusual mark on Swiss cover: P.P.P.P. 198241phs; pmk; qry
Jura-Industrial: Fiscal Stamps?, by Robert Hürlimann 198249,50rev; rly
Bicycle Tax Stamps in Geneva 198222rev
The Tax Stamps of Canton Zug, by Robert Hürlimann 198273,74,81,82rev
Vellerat, Canton Jura: Rebellion in Switzerland198269gen
Identification numbers and letters on Swiss Date-Stamps, by M Rutherfoord (see also 1981:65-92;1982:3-94)19835,6,13,14pmk
TEMBAL 1983198324gen; stp
Unusual Rate Covers, by Harlan F Stone198327phs, cvr
BELLESPO (Bellinzona) 2nd-4th December 1983198370gen
Cross & Numeral: 1882-1906, by Laurence Moore 198357-59,67,68,77,78,85stp
BELGICA 82, by F Pickard19833gen
Pro Juventute: new issues198381-82stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198326,27stp; pro
Swiss Trial Prints, by D M Slate19839-11,17-19,29,30,35,36,43,44gen
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues198323,40,48,54,62,72,79,88pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues198338,72mpo; pmk
Obituary: Josua Bühler R.D.P198347gen
Obituary: Walter d'Aujourd'Hui198364,72gen
Slogan Cancels: 1983 issues198372pmk
New Issues: 198319831,-3,25-27,49-51stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues198323,39,63,97stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1983198331,38,48,55,63,76pmk
United Nations: new issues198322,39stp; uno; pst
Campione D’Italia: a short-lived issue, Edythe Rawnsley198361-62gen
Errors on Swiss Stamps, by M Rutherfoord 198337,38err
Philatelic Exhibition at the Swiss National Museum198333gen; stp; pmk
Bundesfeier: Data and Statistics about the National Fete cards, by A S Newell198351,72pro
Railway Centenary: Regional / Val de Travers (RVT)198355rly; pmk
Gotthard Mailcoach: Semi-Official Postal Card 1893 198370pst; qry
Gotthard Mailcoach: Semi-Official Postal Card 1893 198392pst; qry
Cover: 3-line stamp "PRIVAT COMMITTEE / für International Briefverkhr / 36, r. Petit Chene, LAUSANNE" 198370cvr; qry
Cover: "Amtlich" from 'Gemeinderat Kyburg' to Zurich. oblong label with cds of Kyburg 18.III.40. 198370cvr; qry; lbl
Cover of 1831 with 5/6 'fraction' mark and framed '½' (England/Scotland border tax?) 198370cvr; pmk; qry
Accountancy Marks of the Bureau d’Echange, by C Rauch198373-75,83,84,93,94phs; pmk
Geneva - French Office (du Mont Blanc 1798)198378phs; pmk
1819 Cover from Coppet. 198345phs; qry; cvr
Swiss Ice Hockey Postal Items, by B Renshaw 198341,42,53,54gen; pmk; stp
Swiss Lake and River Boats, by M Rutherfoord 198371lac; pmk; ph
Travel in the Good Old Days, Edythe Rawnsley 198365phs
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued198331gen; stp
Significance of the 'Sundgau': Allschwil (BS)198355gen, pmk
Swiss Federal Railways Postcards: 1953-1972, by B L Hoddinott (see also 1984:5-7,41-43,52,53)198395,96rly; pst
Pro Juventute: new issues198473,80stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198425,26stp; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues198414,18,36,43,64,72,85pmk
Automobile (MPO) Cancels: recent issues1984mpo; pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1984 issues198485pmk
New Issues: 198419843,4,25-27,57,58stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues198414stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1984198418,30,35,36,43,56,64,72,86,91pmk
United Nations: new issues198420,40stp; uno; pst
Swiss Federal Railways Postcards: 1953-1972, by B L Hoddinott (see also 1983:95,96)19845-7,41-43,52,53rly; pst
1939 National Exhibition in Zurich, by C M Scholey 198417-18,29,30gen; pmk; stp
NABA 1984198423,26,27,36,49-51gen; pmk; stp
Booklets Stamps: the first Swiss booklets, by M Rutherfoord 198454,55,61-63stp
Swiss Custom Posts: List of names and numbers 198437,46,48pmk
1915 Cover to Montjoie: "PRIVAT COMMITTEE / für International Briefverkhr / 36, r. Petit Chene, LAUSANNE" 198438cvr; qry
1919 Cover, Bern to Alsace: handstamped in mauve "Bureau International / --- de la Paix ---" 198438cvr; qry
False overprints on League of Nations and ILO stamps, by Felix Ganz198433-35,45frg; uno
1891 Jubilee Cards with imprint (z.1a & 1b) 198469pst; qry
1920 Bundesfeier Card with address side overprinted (z.28) 198469,70pst; qry; pro
New Development in ‘PP’ hand-stamps, by M Rutherfoord19849
Revenue Philatelist: Towns of Arbon (TG), Hinwil (ZH), by Gene Kelly198481,91rev
The Travelling Post Office in Switzerland, by Adriano Gervasi 19841,2,11,12,20,21rly
Booklets Stamps: new style booklets, by M Rutherfoord198419stp
Cover with stamp bisected by slogan cancel. 198448cvr; qry
Book Review: Dokumente aus dem Alten Zurich 1790-1873, author Hans Schwarzenbach 198459lit
PTT stamp usage figures: numbers issued198485gen; stp
Switzerland's Postage Dues, by G W Hubbard (see also 1985:5,6,13,21,22,46)198489,90pdu
Postage Rates from Switzerland to Foreign Lands 1852-1863, by E C Walton (see also 1985:3,14,21)198465-67,74,75,93,94phs
Switzerland's Postage Dues, by G W Hubbard (see also 1984:89,90)19855,6,13,21,22,46pdu
1900 Postal Card: how many cards in this series? 198527pst; qry
Postage Rates from Switzerland to Foreign Lands 1852-1863, by E C Walton (see also 1984:65-94)19853,14,21phs
Pro Juventute: new issues198581,82stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198526,27stp; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues198515,38,48,54,61,72,87,96pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1985 issues198538pmk
New Issues: 198519851,2,25-27,57,58stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues198548stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1985198516,34,38,39,48,54,64,82,96pmk
United Nations: new issues198547,54,82stp; uno; pst
Types of "T" Cancel with handwritten fraction mark (see 1979:76) 198537,38pdu; qry
A ‘Pilgrims’ Way in Switzerland, by M Rutherfoord 198577-79pmk; gen
Dateless Straight line cancellations, by A Yates 198541,42pmk
Communications in Switzerland 1893, by C J LaBlonde 198559rly; lac; mil
GABRA II - Burgdorf, by F Pickard198586gen
Geneva Interlude, by A Young198585gen
Fournier's forgery of the Sitting Helvetia Fr.1 bronze of 1863, by Anton Kofranek 198589,90,95frg; stp
Invalid Stamps and Cards sent through the post, by F Pickard 198533,34pst; stp
Postage Due on German Inflation Mail, by M Rutherfoord 198545,46pdu
Mail in Transit from Switzerland to France in the 17th-19th centuries, by Dennis Wilson19859-11,17-19,29,30,35,36,43,44phs; pmk
NACHNHMEN cds', plus "BERN NACHN. REMB.", "BERN POSTE REST." marks 198549,50pmk; qry
The Rigi Post in 1900198588gen; phs
Postal Stationery: 10c red overprint on 7½c Tell Boy card 198571pst
Swiss Reminiscences from 1983, by Ivan Tillen 198593,94gen
Postscript to "GABRA" - "R" Labels198591lbl
Mail posted at a railway station where the train has a manned TPO198556rly
ITALIA 85: Esposizione Mondiale di Filatelie, Roma 25th Oct-3rd Nov 1985198592gen
Straightline cancel VANNES ? 198551,59,72pmk; qry
Customs cancels on official PTT envelopes ? 198551pmk; qry
Customs cancels on official PTT envelopes ? 198559pmk; qry
A Bernese Interlude - Centenary of Philatelisten-Verein Bern, by E Huber198553,54gen
Dated Corners, produced by the PTT rotary press printing198555,69stp
Postal Route questions: Basel-Verona, and Bern-Venice ? 198558phs; qry
The "Historical" Issue of 1941198562stp
Postage Dues: Are we paying too much?, by G W Hubbard (see also 1986:6)198565,66,73,74,82pdu
Book Review: Local Publicity Cancellation Handbook (Supplement 2)198568,69lit; pmk
Book Review: Perfins of Switzerland, authors R Hürlimann & F Ganz 198576lit
Postage Dues: Are we paying too much?, by G W Hubbard (see also 1985:65,66,73,74,82)19866pdu
Pro Juventute: new issues198673,80stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198625-26stp; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19866,16,30,39,71,90pmk
New Issues: 198619861-3,25-27,57,58,63stp; pst
Liechtenstein: new issues1986stp; fls; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 198619866,30,39,48,72,87,88pmk
United Nations: new issues1986stp; uno; pst
2000 Years of Roman Switzerland, by M Rutherfoord 198621,28,35,40,53,54,61,62,69,70stp; gen; pmk
How did Swiss Air Mail get to the North Pole?, by A S Newall 198643air
Booklets Stamps: A "Holey" Philatelic Investigation, by F R Lesser198649,65,66,74stp
Identifying the new Stamp Printing Machines, by M Rutherfoord 198685-86,92stp; gen
Industrielle Kriegswirtschaft, by Maurice Tripet 198689,96stp
The Landscape Issue of 1973 198622stp; err
Official Pre-paid Mail, by M Rutherfoord 198641-42pst; gen
Post Office Expenses in 1835, by D Ripley 198681cvr, phs
Currency: "Batz(en)’ in the Belfrey, by Laurence Moore198691phs; gen
Cover: straight line ALTISHOFEN, with ZU SPAT (too late) mark198694pmk; phs
Registration, by C M Scholey19865,13phs; lbl
The Swiss Alpenhorn, by G H Bishop 198633,34stp; pro; pmk
Tag der Sportmarke (Day of the Sport Stamp) - February 15th19868stp; mpo; pmk
Forgeries of the Federal Issues 1850-1854, by Anton Kofranek 19869,10,12,17,18,19,21,29,30,45,46,51,52,59,60,67,68frg; stp
Pro Sport, by J J Eusebio198614stp
An unusual Tax Mark 198642pdu; qry
Book Review: Sitting Helvetia Imperforate 1854-1862, author Hans F Hunziker198647stp; lit
Book Review: Les Timbres Fiscaux Cantonaux de Genève, author Denis Gainon198654rev; lit
Book Review: Cumulative Index of Tell & Forerunners 1938-1985, AHPS198655gen; lit
Visit to the Northern Group by Roy Christian198687rly
Revenue Philatelist: Seebach (ZH), by Gene Kelly198692rev
Thinking out aloud, by F R Lesser198693gen
Pro Juventute: new issues198786stp; pro
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues198720,29,39,43,53,63,71,78,82,95pmk
New Issues: 198719879,10,39,62stp; pst
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1987198729,82pmk
An ABC of German Script198757,58,68,69gen
An unusual Air Mail Despatch, by Adriano Gervasi 198717,18air; pmk; gen
Machine Cancellations: Why Group 3?, by C J LaBlonde 198725,26,37,38pmk
Self-service Post Offices of the Zurich Region, Edythe Rawnsley 198759,60phs; pmk
1973 Definitives: FR.2.50 'Weathercock' a new z.542 (see aslo 88:19-20)198716stp; err
Swiss Postal Stationery in the Tapling Collection, by F Pickard198721,22pst
1939 Cover GB to Switzerland via Germany; mis-sorted & sent with Belgian/Dutch mail 198722qry; cvr
Booklet Packing Slips198730lbl
Book Review: Les Timbres Fiscaux Cantonaux de Fribourg, authors Denis Gainon & Robert Hürlimann 198731lit; rev
Blank cancel - new19877dyk
Jubilee cancels19877dyk
Commemorative stamp (new)19879dyk
Postal transport stamps198710dyk
Liechtenstein: First K-cancel - Nendeln198715pmk; fls
Special Geneva cancel 12/3/87 for 50th anniv198723dyk
Book Review: Fiscal Stamps of the Kantone & Gemeinden of Switzerland, author Gene Kelly198763rev; lit
New Label: Médicaments Urgents (Urgent Medicines)198723lbl
Railways & TPO's: London Group Display by L E Stiles198727rly
1986 Postal Stationery Card: Another Phosphor Incident198727,28,61pst; err
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Air Mails198732air; gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Bundesfeier198748pro; pst; gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Covers198764cvr; gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Fiscal or Revenue Stamps198772rev; gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Day of the Stamp198780stp; gen; pst; pmk
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Enjoy your collecting198788gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Gutter Pairs198796gen; stp; rly
1977 Portraits: colour-shift variety of the 40c (z.582)198758stp; err
Cover: PD and AMBULANT cds, plus 'blind' or 'd'annulation' 4-ring cancel (see 1988:49; 1997:37,45; 2003:67)198730pdu; rly; cvr; qry; pmk
Slogan for TPO exhibition, Baden198732dyk
Postal Acceptance Stations & Private Parcel Post Cancellations, by R S Johnson (see 1970:1,2,26)198733pmk
Withdrawal of all Straightline Cancels in Italian Switzerland, by G Negrini198733-35pmk
Sale of Courvoisier, stamp printers198739dyk
Phosphor varieties on booklet, coil and sheet stamps, and Frama labels198741,61stp; err; lbl
Sitting Helvetia 1862-1878: Re-gumming at it's crassest!, by F R Lesser198742stp; frg
ZOLLFREI marks (No Customs Dues to be Paid)198744pmk; phs
Aufgegeben (Aufg.): 'As handed in' - manuscript marks for over-franked mail198744phs
1907 Cover to Moutier (BE) or Mouthier (France) with Swiss & French PDs198745pdu
1799 'New Map of Swisserland'198746gen
Stamp on the Reverse (Timbre Au Dos / Frankatur Siehe Rückseite) (see 2007:12)198749,50,60ppc; gen
1933 PPC with handstamp "To Pay 16 2/3", by David Dixey 198751,52pdu
Standing Helvetias: perforations & controlmarks - guidance 198779stp
Forgeries: are they respectable?, by J F Barrett 198765,66frg; stp
1860 Registered cover Baden to Le Havre 198773,74,94cvr; phs; qry
Postal Codes in Switzerland, by Adriano Gervasi198781,82phs; pmk
1987 Definitive: 20c mule-driver (z.733) Artistic licence or left-handed postmen?198778stp
1953 Mobile Post Offices issue: Retouches to 10c. (z.314)198778stp; err
1987 Swiss Disaster Stamp (z.66): floods cause closure of Gotthard railway198784gen; stp; rly
1889 Postal Stationery card Spain-Lausanne, with Spanish War Tax labels and Swiss PD198753pdu
1944 Cover: messenger mark ''Reception du courrier" applied at Red Cross198754cvr
Dates & How To Read Them: Calculatiing actual day of week, for Postal History, etc.198754gen
Kloten: issued with its own K-cancel and slogan cancels198755pmk
Pro Juventute: Validity periods for the various issues198756pro
Crispin Dusser of Schwyz, by Dennis Cairns198766,67gen
1987 tourism stamps with different paper/gum198771dyk
1897 Cover: AMBULANT No.5 with mixed blue & green PDs198777pdu; cvr; rly
Last trip of MPO 3198779dyk
Red Cross Frank Stamp – 1903 198793phs; lbl
1886 Fiscal stamps of Aargau: 198795rev
1882 Cover to Hotel Belalp, with PD and BRIGUE MESSAGERIE boxed cachet 19871-2,14,85htl; pdu; pmk; qry
History of PTT Philatelic Bureau198717-18gen
Lunaba 87: 198723,39gen; pmk
The Official Philatelic Office of the PTT, by Adriano Gervasi19881,2gen
The smallest TPO in the world: Waldenberg-Liestal, by M A Bulpitt19883rly
Miniature sheet of Fiscals: Au (BE) and Bischofzell, Amriswil, Berneck (TG) (see 1989:1-2)19883rev
Visit to PTT Museum, Bern, by F Pickard19884gen
New 25c coil stamps for bulk mailing machines19885stp
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Heimat Collections19888gen
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19886,13,20,29,35,43,62,77,84,93pmk
Book Review: PEN Catalogue of Special & Mobile Post Office Cancellations198813lit; pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 198819886,13,20,29,35,43,62,77,84,93pmk
Postage Due: 16⅔ and 33⅓ Gold centimes To Pay (see also 2010:61) 19889,10,50pdu
New Issues: 1988198811,70stp; pst
A to Z of Swiss Philately: International Offices198816gen; uno
Covers (1836/1845) Lucerne-Lyon - question about manuscript rate marks 198817,18,73,74phs; qry
Philately and Luminescence, by F R Lesser (see also 1988:16)198819-20stp; err
Censor Marks: Display to the London Group198814phs
Book Review: Fiscal Stamps of the Kantone & Gemeinden of Switzerland (Vol II), author Gene Kelly198823rev; lit
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Jura Industrial Railway198824gen; rly
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Jubilee Cancels198824gen; pmk
Hunt for the 1c Postage Due, by S MacKenzie (see 1989:43; 2007:4,5,8,40; 2008:33)198825,26,51,52pdu
Blank Form Price Tags, by Gene Kelly 198827rev
1970 Cover with PJ stamp used prior to validity. 'T' Due added.198829pdu; pro
A to Z of Swiss Philately: 'K' Cancellations198832gen; pmk
Pro Patria: new issues198735stp; pro
Pro Patria: new issues198837stp; pro
Revised postal system and post codes (see 1987:81-82)198815dyk
Postal cards with phosphor/luminescent coating variations (see 1987:27-28,61,71)198815dyk
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Lake Steamer Cancels198840lac; phs; pmk
Helvetia with Sword: colour-error on the 25c (z.109) 198831,89,90stp; err
1842 Cover with Bern DB + posthorn cds198833,34,52cvr; phs; pmk
PP labels and Circular Date Stamps with 5 & 6-pointed stars (see 1989:17-18)198835,45lbl; pmk
Payment by PTT to SBB for TPOs198839dyk
Book Review: The Posts of Canton Schaffhausen198839lit; phs
Definitives: The 1936 Landscape issues, by F Pickard198841,42,59,61,69,75stp
Are We Damaging Our Stamps? 198843gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Military (Soldier) Stamps198848mil
Cancels: 'Blind' or 'd'annulation' - rings and wavy-lines (see 1987:30; 1997:37,45; 2003:67)198849
A to Z of Swiss Philately: National Fete (Bundesfeier/Pro Patria)198856pro; gen
Postage Due: 'T' cancels198846pdu
Tell Boy: 2½c on buff paper (z.169) with SdN overprint - rare Lugano 1 cancel 198847,63stp; pmk; uno
1958 Cover: Registered; re-directed; PD; 'ungültig' (fee not collected); Niedergösgen straightline 198853,77pdu; pmk; cvr; qry
Book Review: Les Timbres Fiscaux Cantonaux du Valais, author Denis Gainon198860rev; lit
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Overprints198864stp; gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Pro Aero198872air; gen
50th anniversary of pro-Aero198855dyk
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad, by Adriano Gervasi198857,58,67,68,83,84phs; pmk
Dübendorf military airfield - new museum, flights and cancels198863air
Standing Helvetia: including 'Libertas' essays & trials, by Geoff Holden198865,66,74stp
Damage from self-sealing envelopes (see 1992:23,31;1998:28; 1999:20)198885gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Rayon Limitrophe (RL) marks198888phs; pmk
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Railway Cancels198888rly; gen
Booklet Stampss: new booklet198878,79dyk
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Questions & Queries198880gen
Pro Juventute: new issues198881stp; pro
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Strubels198896stp
Fiscal Finds: Hertig & Co, printers - Biel-Bienne (BE); Ville de Rolle (VD); Bubikon (ZH) (see 1988:3)19891,2rev
Postal Stationery Card: 83z with 20c overprint19892pst
1947 Cover: Postage Due and miniature "ungültig" handstamp19893pdu
Collecting Mint Stamps: removing gum from early issues19895stp
Covers with the Bern DB cancel (see also 1988:33,34,52)19896cvr; phs; pmk
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Transit Marks19897phs; pmk
Censored Covers: Chaux-Zanzibar; Lausanne-USA via Bermuda; Zurich-Argentina19899,10,11,21,22phs
Chiasso cds with 11! In lower segment 198911pmk; qry
Custom Cancel: squared Chiasso Posta 198911pmk; qry
Swiss Trial Prints: how to get them free!198911gen
Liechtenstein: air mail stamps19897air; fls
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues198911,22,29,34,53,63,70,75pmk
New Issues: 1989198913,35,61stp; pst
A to Z of Swiss Philately: UPU198915phs; pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1989198922,29,31,34,53,63,70,75pmk
PP labels and Circular Date Stamps with 5 & 6-pointed stars (see 1988:35,45)198917,18,19lbl; pmk
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Folk Customs (Volksbräuche)198923stp; gen
Nachnahme Rates, by G W Hubbard198925,26,27phs
The PTT Souvenir sets, by Adriano Gervasi198937stp; gen
Collection Sheets for Philatelic Exhibitions in Foreign Countries, by Adriano Gervasi198953,54stp; gen
The Year-End Greetings Cards, by Adriano Gervasi198989,90gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Security Measures198939stp; gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Younger Members198955gen
A to Z of Swiss Philately: Zurich Postmarks198963gen; pmk
Pro Patria: new issues198935stp; pro
A peep into the Past: Stanley Gibbons first Catalogue of 1865198949gen
1884 postcard with oval Lavay-les-Bains hotel cachet and AMBULANT No.11 198933,34,51rly; qry; htl
1929 Cover: Registered to USA; underfranked - PD? 198934,62air; pdu; qry
Registration & Express Rates, by G Hubbard198946phs
Pink-coloured Covers: care with storage198977gen; pst
1902 Cover: multiple 1c PDs (see 1988:25,26,51,52; 2007:4,5,8; 2008:33)198943pdu
Armchair Traveller: Appenzell, by D Arthur198929stp; gen
Armchair Traveller: Zurich, by D Arthur198950,51stp; gen
1936 Landscapes: possible new variety of the 5c.198938err; stp
Sitting Helvetia imperf: The last of the Strubels, by A S Newall198945stp
Pro Patria: booklet198954pro; stp
Undated Straightline Handstamps, by B S Clapshoe (see also 1990:3,4,19,20)198957,58,59,66,67,83,84pmk; rly
Swiss Postal Agency marks: LES ROUSSES (blue); CAMPODOLCINO 198962,70pmk; phs; qry
Swiss "Cito" covers: special delivery service origins from 15/16th century, Edythe Rawnsley198941,42,43phs
First private postal stationery - 1907198962pst
Early postal rates: from 1862, by G Hubbard198973,74,75phs
Pro Juventute: new issues198985stp; pro
Envelopes containing PPCs noted for Postage Due198965pdu
Lunaba 87 cds (see 1987:23)198971pmk
Obituary: Laurence Moore198978,79gen
Book Review: Les Timbre Fiscaux Cantonaux de Vaud, authors D Gainon & R Hürlimann 198985rev; lit
Postage Due Rates, by G Hubbard198969pdu
The Laufental (BE) to join BL 198995gen
WWI: postal restrictions in the German border area, 'Inadmissable delivery' labels, by G Schild198981,82lbl; phs
Undated Straightline Handstamps, by B S Clapshoe (see also 1989:57,58,59,66,67,83,84)19903,4,19,20pmk; rly
Armchair Traveller: Lucerne, by D Arthur19901,2stp; gen
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues199018,29,39,40,48,56,64,72,80,88,96pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1990199018,29,39,40,48,56,64,72,80,88,96pmk
New Issues: 1990199013,36,51,86stp; pst
HPS Northern Group: 40th Anniversary & History 19905,10,11gen
Pro Sport: failure of 2nd stamp19907stp
Machine Cancels: what time is it? 19909,14pmk
Postage Due: 'T' cancels199014pdu
Parcel Labels: unknown St Gallen to GB service 199017qry; lbl
Straightline COINTRIN-AERODROME cancel on block of 4 Tell Boy 199017,39pmk; qry
Boxed "Bern 7 AB / date" handstamp on cover from Belgian Congo (see 1992:30) 199018pmk; qry
Postal Rates: Overseas Letter Rates, by G Hubbard199021phs
Self-adhesive stamps rejected by PTT199023stp
New Post Office: Luzern 2 199023gen; dyk
Air mail and airfield cancels 199023,38dyk; pmk; qry
Kocher Stamps: by Dr. Max Gribi 199025,26,27lbl
What is Vergé paper? 199029qry; stp
PPC Aesch-Birmingham: returned as "illegal"; boxed "Contraire aux Règlements" added 199030qry; phs
Madiswil: 'K' cancel; left-handed scyther legend199031dyk; pmk
Handling of Station Mail, by Felix Winterstein199033,34rly; phs
Postal Rates: Inland Letter Rate, by G Hubbard199035phs
Postal Rates: Overseas Postcard Rate, by G Hubbard199035phs
Pro Patria: new issues199036stp; pro
Armchair Traveller: Vevey, by D Arthur199037stp; gen
Sierre K-cancel - Raclette199039dyk
Armchair Traveller: Tea and Cakes, by D Arthur199051,56,63stp; gen
Machine Cancels: 'Recipe' slogan199041,72pmk
Swiss Air Mails: A guide to their Development, by A S Newall199042,43,45,46air
The 1925 Locarno Peace Accord199043,44gen; pmk
FRAMA labels199047,87,95lbl
Landscape Issue: 1938 Castagnola church - missing cross on 20c (z.215) 199049,63,74,94stp; err; qry
Franking machine 'PP' 199047lbl
Temporary Cancel: list of cancels with unanswered questions, by P Guinand199050pmk
Postal Terms found on Swiss Cancellations, by Felix Ganz199054phs; pmk
Postal History - What is it all about?, by M O Bidmead199052,53phs
Italian & Bellinzona 1990 Exhibitions: cancels & slogans199057-58,63pmk
Postal Rates: Reply-paid Postcards, by G Hubbard199058,70phs
Book Review: Fiscal Stamps of the Kantone & Gemeinden of Switzerland (Vol III), author Gene Kelly199059rev; lit
New Postal Service: Two-tier Mail - "A" and "B" (including postal rates)199062phs
Express Letters: Date and Time marks, by M Rutherfoord (see 1991:57-58)199065,66pmk; phs
Jungfraubahn: a day on the Jungfrau Railway, by R A Hoyle199067,69,81,82rly
Postal Rates: Overseas Printed Paper Rate, by G Hubbard199070phs
New SBB rail-map199071rly; dyk
Registration: 'R' handstamps199071lbl; phs
Customs (or Revenue) 5fr label "for special authorisation" (see 1990:73)199017qry; rev
Revenue Stamps for Special Authorisations: Frontier Tax for vehicles (see 1990:17)199073qry; rev
Genève 90 Exhibition: reports, special stamps & cancels199075,79,85,93gen
Postmarks of Ticino: additions to 1971 'Zanini' list199077pmk
Slogan Cancels: 1969 issues199072,80pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues199086stp; pro
Geneva: "Bulge" with PD tab - article in SBZ199087pmk
Razorblade cancels: by M O Bidmead199089pmk
Postal Rates: Inland Printed Paper Rates, by G Hubbard199093phs
Special cachets used in MPO 6 for Christmas Market and Pro Juventute199095pmk; pro; dyk
Abolition of aerogrammes199095dyk; air
Cancels with double hour-reels, by M Rutherfoord (see also 2004:72,80)19911,2pmk
Official Postcards advising new telephone number, by M Radke19913,4,5pst
Schwanden (GL) 'K' cancels19917dyk; pmk
Definitives: Re-printing of 40c Geneva Escalade stamp on phosphor paper19917,15stp; dyk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19918,16,23,32,40,48,56,59,64,68,76,85,94pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 199119918,16,23,32,40,48,68,76,85,94pmk
New Issues: 1991199113,27,59stp; pst
The Matterhorn, by R A Hoyle19919,10,11,21gen; pmk
Booklet Stamps: display at the London Group meeting199114stp
'PP A' and Prioritaire labels199115,63dyk; lbl
The 1990 Census Stamp (z.805) 199117,18stp
1847 entire from Geneva; double-ring cancel with 10¼ 11; rate marks 10 and 2 199122,60qry; phs
1839 entire Basel-Verviers, Belgium; 7/A.E./J.F. TF and boxed SR marks 199122,60qry; phs
French 'Rural Decime' mark - 1D199119phs
Landscape Definitives: 1934 issue - imperforate examples199119stp
Luzern station re-opening, fire and clock199123gen
French Helvetic Republic post, 1799199123phs
1924 Special Flight Cards: with and without Les Rangiers vignette (see also 1992:29) 199125,62air; qry
Swiss Perfin Puzzle: missing pins, by D Houtris199129gen
Razorblade Cancels: display by M Bidmead to the London Group199130pmk
Cancels: Les Rasses and Ste Croix (incl. unique 'squared date-bridge')199130pmk
Cancels: Bern - date-bridge with + below and used with PJ forerunner 199131,47pmk; pro; qry
Feldpost: Postmen in grey-green, translated by R S Johnson199133,34,35mil
Armchair Traveller: The Bernese Oberland, by D Arthur199037,38stp; gen
Rhätische Bahn: 100th Anniversary, by R A Hoyle199142,43,44,45,53,54rly
Label: - PTT 236.16 "Post-it" label instead of 'T' Due199147dyk; lbl; pdu
Razorblade Cancels: by M O Bidmead199149,50,51,52pmk
RDP: Mrs Alma Lee - Elected to the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists199154gen
Switzerland's 700th Anniversary & map featured on Bulgarian stamp199155gen
PPC issued for Cailler Chocolate, printed in Switzerland for use in England 199155ppc
BLS: new brochures issued - Ships of Lakes Thun & Brienz; and Lötschbergerbahn 199155rly
Express Letters: Date and Time marks, by M Rutherfoord (see 1990:65,66)199157,58pmk; phs
1943 censored cover to England, with invalid PJ stamps (see 1992:2) 199161pro; cvr; qry
1943 Express letter; PD's, and different size telegraph cancels; Benoit (see 1992:2,13) 199161cvr; qry
Book Review: Fiscal Stamps of the Kantone & Gemeinden of Switzerland (Vol IV), author Gene Kelly199163rev; lit
Battle of Morgarten199163dyk; gen
Razorblade Cancels: by M Rutherfoord199165,66,67pmk
Swiss PTT: Library and Documentation Section, by R S Johnson199170gen
Book Review: The Swiss Army - La Place de la Concorde Suisse, author John McPhee199170lit; mil
Swiss stamp designs printed on Phonecards199171gen; dyk
Competition: most attractive stamp of 1988-89199175stp
1923 Reply card from Moscow, by F Pickard199176pst
Razorblade Cancels: comment199186pmk
Sitting Helvetia 1862-1882: display by Mrs Alma Lee to the London Group199186stp
Closure of Swiss Postal Agency, Domodossola199187phs
Razorblade Cancels: update, by M O Bidmead199189pmk
Costumes issue: reprint of the 70c with different paper (z.600) 199195stp; qry
High-value Definitives: 'Disciples' reprints (z.382-384)199195stp; dyk
Census Stamp 1990: Courvoisier printing process (z.805)199117,18stp
Early Postal History and the Cantonal Messengers, by Ross Gavong199181,82,83phs
Pro Juventute: new issues199185stp; pro
Obituary: Robert Hürlimann199193rev; gen
Franking machines: the new numbering system, by M Rutherfoord199169,70,75gen
Currency Relationships/Exchange Rates prior to 1914, by J L Whiteside199173,74phs
Mountain Lakes: new 50c & 80c stamps for A & B post19921stp
1943 censored cover to England, with invalid PJ stamps (see 1991:61) 19922pro; cvr; qry
1943 Express letter; PD's, and different size telegraph cancels; Benoit (see 1991:61) 19922,13cvr; qry
1861 pre-stamp cover, Neuchâtel to Môtiers 19923,11,30cvr; qry; pro
Revenues: information19924rev
Felix Ganz - publication of monograph19927,45dyk
Special Events: Federal Schützenfest, Turnfest - no MPO attending 19927dyk; mpo
PPCs to Russia with handstamped Zebra 199211qry
Handstamp "No such street in Zurich" 199211qry
Postal Rates: early rates and routes to/from GB (c16-19th)199217,18,19phs
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues199220,30,61,72,79pmk
1861 letter from Neuchâtel; pre-payment; Franco, PP, diagonal line, etc. 19923,30phs
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 1992199210,20,30,61,63,72,79pmk
New Issues: 199219925,21,36,37,54,85stp; pst
Definitives: various concurrent issues in use19927stp; dyk
Internation Red Cross Tracing Service, by Ian Gilchrist19929,10lbl
ATM (Frama) labels199215dyk
International Reply Paid envelope:199215dyk
Two-tier postal system, UPU approval199215dyk
Book Review: Die Poststempel des Kantons Graubünden, 1850-1965, author Karl Gebert 199223pmk; lit
Amalgamation proposals for private railways199223rly
Damage from self-sealing envelopes (see 1988:85; 1998:28; 1999:20)199223,31gen
Tell Boy: Receipt Forms, by B L Hoddinott199225,26,27pst
Ziefen: Postal History; Zyfen (BL), by K Reeves199228phs
1924 Special Flight Cards: with and without Les Rangiers vignette (see also 1991:25,62) 199229air; qry
Boxed "Bern 7 AB / date" handstamp on cover from Belgian Congo (see also 1990:18) 199230pmk; qry
Swiss cog railways: Dominica issue 199230rly
Postal Mechanisation: matrix coding marks on covers, by M Rutherfoord199233,34,45,36phs
Brienz Rothorn Bahn: new locomotives199231dyk; rly
Rochers-de-Naye: new locomotives199231dyk; rly
Pro Patria: new issues199237stp; pro
Glatt Valley Railway: Zurich - Uster -140th Anniversary199239dyk; rly
Sihltalbahn: 100th Anniversary199239dyk; rly
Mobile Post Offices: 1937-1987, by A Gervasi199241,42,43,52,53,62mpo
Postal Information (Identification) Vignettes: Ed. Rüttimann collection199244lbl
Oerlikon: hand roller canceller error: "Oberlikon" 199247dyk; pmk
Basel Stadt Grenzpolizei: 199254rev
Lake Luzern Ship Marks: Luzern-Alpnach *Schiff*; Ambulant cancels, by C Coles199257,65,80,88lac
Lake Luzern Ship Marks: Luzern-Flüelen 199288lac
Book Review: British Postal Rates to Europe 1836-76, author Geoffrey Oxley FRPSL.199245lit; phs
Waldenburg Railway: TPO closure199255rly; dyk
Solothurn-Herzogenbuchsee: closure199255rly; dyk
Beinwil-Beromünster : closure199255rly; dyk
Jungfraujoch: changes to cancellers, by P Vaughan199265,80pmk
1920s Mittelholzer flights to Cape Town etc, by D Cairns199249,50,51air
Use of Swiss-German dialect on new cancellers199263pmk
Obituary: Frank Bulstrode OBE199268,69,70gen
Pigeon Post: 75th Anniversary199271mil
Refurbishment of Lake Steamer 'Uri'199271lac; dyk
Machine Cancels: nameless town dies, by M Rutherfoord199273pmk
Registration: new 'R' label and receipt form199287,95lbl; dyk
Counter labels199287lbl; dyk
Station Handstamps: "Aubonne VD/date/A.A.G" railway/bus cancel199296rly
A & B stamps: optical reading199289stp
Aspects of Swiss History: The Oath of the Rütli 1291, by D Hope199281,82gen; stp; pmk
Pro Juventute: new issues199285stp; pro
Swissair 1931-91: - 60th Anniversary, by D Cairns (see also 1993:4,5,12,13)199258,59,60,61,66,67,74,75,76,77,83,84air
Booklet Stamps: 1988 booklets, by M Rutherfoord19931,2,3,10,11stp
Swissair 1931-91: - 60th Anniversary, by D Cairns (see also 1992:58,59,60,61,66,67,74,75,76,77,83,84)19934,5,12,13air
Postal Rates: rate changes in 199319937phs; dyk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19938,24,32,40,48,64,72,80,88,96pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 199319938,24,31,32,40,48,64,72,80,88,96pmk
Obituary: Edythe Rawnsley19939,10,20,21gen
New Issues: 1993199318,19,29,59,61stp; pst
Aspects of Swiss History: William Tell, by D Hope199317,18gen; stp; pmk
Pro Patria: new issues199329stp; pro
Razorblade Cancels: the mystery solved?199325,26,27,33,34,35,46,56pmk
Pestalozzi: who was he? by G Atkinson199336,37gen
Aspects of Swiss History: The Battle of Morgarten 1315, by D Hope199337gen; stp; pmk
Swiss PTT: Library and Documentation Section 199353gen
Pneumatic Tube Mail (Rohrpost) by B Lucas199341,42,43phs
Telegraph handstamps on pneumatic tube mail 199341,42,43phs; pmk
Validity of Swiss Stamps: Last Day Validity list for all definitives from 1854 - 1961199343,44,45stp
Registration: labels for the WIBRA Exhibition199347lbl
FRAMA: machines199347,63lbl
Campione D'Italia, Edythe Rawnsley 199349,50,86gen, stp
Simplon Pass and Tunnel, by E M Faulstich199351,52phs
Postage Due: new oblong T-cancels, Luzern199357pdu
TPO routes and cancels still in service199358,59,95rly
Postal Terms found on Swiss Cancellations, by Felix Ganz199360phs; pmk
Book Review: Fiscal Stamps of the Kantone & Gemeinden of Switzerland (Vol V), author Gene Kelly199362rev; lit
Landscape Definitives: 1948 issue - oily paper199362stp
Pro Patria: issues with surtax, by Felix Ganz199365,66pro
Tell Boy: late use in 1942 199373qry
Registration: 'R' label errors199377lbl
Luzern: Kapellbrücke fire appeal stamp (see also 1994:15)199377,79stp
Güller: cancellers for the British army199379,87dyk; pmk
Mittelholzer's first Afica flight, by D Cairns199381,82air
Pro Juventute: new issues199385stp; pro
FRAMA labels - new paper199385lbl
1913 PPC from Geneva: over-franked 199386qry
Women on stamps199387stp
Bar-code readers for A & B stamps, ZH Sihlpost PO199387gen
Football stamp for the 1994 World Cup199394,95stp
Self-adhesive stamps199395dyk
100 years of Swiss Stamps 1843-1943: first published in 1969/70 (continued in 1994)199366,67,68,69,70,74,75,76,82,83,84stp
1874 PSE Erschwil (BE) to Tiefenbach (now Belprahon) (see also 1995:7) 19941,2,13,33,34qry; phs
100 years of Swiss Stamps 1843-1943 (continued from 1993)19943,4,5,35,37,44,45,51,52,53,58,59stp
Güller: earliest canceller - FIRENZE (Florence)19947dyk; pmk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19948,16,32,37,48,55,56,59,70,72,80,96pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 199419948,16,56,59,70,80,96pmk
New Issues: 1994199419,20,21,29,43,69,85stp; pst
Pro Patria: new issues199429stp; pro
Registration: notes on Swiss Registration Labels19949,10,31lbl; dyk
Hand-stamps: 'Damaged post' 199411phs
Book Review: Catalogo dei Bolli Franchigia e Sigilli delle Municipalita Ticinesi 1800-1900, author Kurt Baumgartner199411lit; phs
Variety: FR.2. (z.166) 199413err; qry; stp
Variety: 5c. Pro Juventute of 1931 199413err; qry; pro
Variety: 20c Grimsel Dam (z.301A) 199413err; qry; stp
Variety: 10c messenger (K46) 199413err; qry; stp
Luzern: Kapellbrücke fire appeal stamp (see also 1993:77,79)199415stp; dyk
Postal Acceptance Stations & Private Parcel Post Cancels199416phs; pmk
Elzevir cancels: serifed letters & numbers, by M Rutherfoord (see also 1999:47)199417,18,19pmk
Zermatt: new 'K' cancel199423dyk; pmk
Güller: cancellers for the British army and firms199423dyk; pmk
Football stamp for the 1994 World Cup199424stp
Swiss-guarded Train Mail:199425,26mil
GABRA 1994: special PPC199427,67pst; gen
Ticino railway cancels with SFF instead of FFS199430,43,54,93rly
Cancels: abbreviated format; e.g. H.Buchsee (Herzogenbuchsee)199431dyk; pmk
MPO for Calancatal (GR)199431,39mpo; pmk; dyk
Rigi: original name Regina Montium? (a joke!)199431,47dyk
Vallorbe - Le Brassus TPO: withdrawal199439rly; dyk
Coil Stamps: withdrawal of manual vending machines199439dyk; stp
FRAMA: machines with electronic reader199439dyk; lbl
Schübelbach: three-ring cancel199440pmk
1865 cover: straightline KLUS (branch office in Erstfeld commune); Luzern Schiffsbureau cancel199441,42pmk
Priority: new 'A Prioritaire' labels199442,95lbl; dyk
Parcel Labels: new label for heavy parcels199447dyk; lbl
Booklet Stamps: new booklet with 10 x 80c stamps199447dyk; stp
Old German names for months199448gen
Künstlerpostkarte: postcards for the 1914 National Exhibition 199449qry; ppc
Telegraph cancel on 1958 cover from Sweden 199449,93qry; phs
Undercover wartime mail199450,57phs
Bellach: illustrated cover and jubilee cancel199455dyk; pmk
Güller: replica cancellers for renovated paddle-wheelers199459lac; pmk
Swiss Trial Prints: by D M Slate (continued in 1995)199460,61,74,75gen
Acronyms found on railways and other forms of public transport199462rly; gen
Development of the modern circular date stamp 1914-1964 (continued in 1995) 199465,66,67,76,77,82,83,84pmk
1940 Air Mail Cover with missing stamp (see also 1995:1,2) 199468,78,81,82air; qry
Pro Juventute: new issues199485stp; pro
Bundesfeier: 1912 card overprinted with birth announcement (z.3)199488pro
Franchise Stamps: control number 80 199493stp; qry
Feldpost: Fieldpost Companies and new cancellers199495dyk
Swiss Army: dissolving the Pigeon Post Units199495dyk
1940 Air Mail Cover with missing stamp (see also 1994:68,78,81,82) 19951,2air; qry
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19952,11,22,31,48,51,75,77,79,80pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 199519952pmk
New Issues: 1995 19959,10stp; pst
Development of the modern circular date stamp 1914-1964 (continued from 1994) 19953,4,5pmk
Hülfsfeldpost (Poste de Camp Auxiliere) cancel 19955,23pmk; qry; dyk
Tiefenbach (see also 1994:1,2,13,33,34)19957phs; qry; dyk
Geneva: 'Escalade' MPO cachet19957dyk; mpo
Alexandre Yersin: (z.498)19957dyk; stp
Pro Sport: failure of 3rd stamp19957,31stp; dyk
Oberkulm: new 'K' cancel19957dyk; pmk
Swiss Trial Prints: by D M Slate (continued in 1996)19958,24,96gen
Undercover wartime mail199512,13,20phs
Hotel Berg, Maderanerthal199515,16htl
Villnachern: 'K' cancel 199517pmk
Swiss aerophilately, by A S Newall199518,19,20air
1782 entire with straightline PONTARLIER cancel and manuscript 'franco Pontarlier' 199520,32qry; pmk
MPO cancel: earliest date of Italian postmark 199521,35mpo; pmk
The "House of Stamps" imitations, by Robson Lowe199525,26,27,28frg
Forged cancellations and handstamps, by Robson Lowe199525,26,27,28pmk
Bern-Schwarzenburg-Bern: TPO withdrawal199531rly; dyk
Rapperswil-Goldau-Rapperswil: TPO withdrawal199531rly; dyk
Gossau-Appenzell-Gossau: TPO withdrawal199531rly; dyk
Registration: 'R' labels199523,31,39lbl; dyk
FRAMA: ATM stamp199531lbl; dyk
PTT: new publication "Focus on Stamps" 199532gen
Registration: the 'R'-only labels199533,34lbl
Book Review: Swiss Hotel Posts, author Dr. Marcel Kottelat199537htl; lit
Book Review: History of the Posts of the Suhr Valley, author Peter Stierli199539dyk; lit
Soldier Stamps: 199539dyk; mil
Registration: new 'Arrival Receipt' label199539dyk; lbl
Suchard postcards (see also 1997:21) 199540ppc; pst
First Winter Air Mail in Graubünden - 10th March 1935199540air
Coil Stamps: modified version of 50c postman (z.738R)199541,42,87stp; dyk
Thun-Burgdorf-Thun: TPO withdrawal199543rly
Spiez-Zweisimmen-Spiez: TPO withdrawal199543rly
Langenthal-Wolhusen-Langenthal: TPO withdrawal199543rly
Ramsei-Sumiswald-Huttwil: TPO withdrawal199543rly
TPO routes and cancels still in service199543rly
Campione D'Italia: where is the church of St. Zenone? (see also 1997:37) 199542,84qry; stp
TPO cancels: corrections to the Müller catalogue; new type (86V) cancellers 199545,46,52rly
Vignette: "Offiz. Zürcher Flugspende-Marke 1913 - Schweiz/Militar/Aviatik" 199548,54qry; air; lbl
Hotel Rigi-Kulm: vignette discovery, by F Pickard199549htl
Books on Switzerland: list of books written in English199550,51,64lit; gen
Book Review: Landesaustellung 1914, authors G Schild & H Frankhauser199551lit
A Philatelic Dilemna: splitting a sheet of the 700th Anniversary stamps (z.807-810) (see also 1998:62,69)199552stp
Illicit correspondence between occupied Belgium and relatives in the UK 1914-18199553phs
Express coach, Chur-Milan199553phs
Mesocco railway: re-opened 3rd June 1995199555rly
Faulhorn Post: postcards with donkeys; Gipfel, Fiescherhorn and Wetterhorn 199556ppc; qry
Nachname: covers correctly/incorrectly rated during the period 1862-1884199557,58phs
Basler Tauber '95: reports from the Exhibition199559,61gen
Toblerone: advertising postcards - who printed them, how many were there? (see also 1997:21) 199562,70ppc; qry
Advertising on Swiss locomotives199563rly; dyk
Postal Rates: rate changes in 1996 (see also 1996:7)199563,71dyk; phs
Frama: new ATMs in Liechtenstein (see also 1996:17-18)199563,71dyk; lbl
Joint Issue: Switzerland and Liechtenstein (z.886)199563dyk; stp
Book Review: Ticino Ovals, Giorgio Lavater199563dyk; lit; pmk
Book Review: ATM Schweiz Spezialkatalog, author Markus Seitz199563dyk; lit; lbl
Bundesfeier: 1901 card 199564,70pro; qry
Ticino: historical background, by James Fahs 199565,66,67phs; pmk; air
Book Review: Les Feuilles Marcophiles (postal services between Switzerland and France), author Louis Vuille199570lit; phs; pmk
Pioneer Flights: by Evert Poel (continued in 1996)199568,69air
Pioneer Flights: Basel-Liestal, 9th March 1913199568,69air
1932 cover: octagonal PP and straightline 'PORTO BEZAHLT' (see also 1996:19; 2002:89; 2003:45) 199570,72qry; phs; pmk
Bundesfeier: 1936 card (z.82) with additional inscription 199570pro; qry
Nürensdorf: new 'K' cancel199571dyk; pmk
Bern Schanzenpost: 'K' cancel199571dyk; pmk
Cinema stamps: Anna Göldin - last witch beheaded in Europe199571stp; dyk
Postal Cancellations and Markings in Switzerland, by Felix Ganz: supplement to Part 47 - PP cancels199572pmk; lit
Geneva Distribution Numbers (number in circle) 1870-1880s, by C J LaBlonde (see also 1996:12)199574,75,77phs; pmk
Judicial Documents: 1882 Court Summons - how was the 45c postal charge decided? (see 1996:3,4,19) 199578phs; qry
OLMA St. Gallen: special cancellation199579pmk; dyk
PTT: first double-decker postal bus in service199579dyk
PTT: no selvedge notes on CH/FL joint issue stamp (z.886)199579dyk; stp
PTT: no selvedge notes on Europa stamps (z.880/1)199579dyk; stp
Vinadi (GR) canceller; post office unused since 1962; former name Weinberg 199579,87dyk; pmk
Swiss Meter Marks: also known as Business Franks; PP in value frame199581,82,83phs
Preparing competition entries199585,86gen
A & B stamps: square dots removed from l/h edge199587stp
Jungfraubahn: Station Rothstock199588rly
Parcel Labels: labels with bar-codes199594,95lbl; dyk
Astano: new 'K' cancel199587dyk; pmk
Pro Juventute: background history of the Fund, by V Davis199591pro
Ticino: its history, by A S Newall199592,93phs
Book Review: The SDN and BIT stamps, author Richard Powers199594lit; stp; uno
Registration: 'RV' labels19961,2,40,79lbl
Judicial Documents: postal charges (see 1995:78) 19963,4,19phs; qry
Nachname: 1895 cover with 60c charge 19964,12,19phs; qry
French mail cancelled in Switzerland, December 199519965gen
Dutch mail cancelled in Ticino 1926; LOCARNO TRANSIT; boxed D.26 19965,24,51qry; pmk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues19965,62pmk
Cancellations for Special Events, including UN, in 199619962pmk
Postal Rates: rate changes in 199619967dyk; phs
BASEL 32 (La Roche) anniversary cancel19968pmk
Luzern: visit by Queen Victoria in 1868; Pilatus; Lake steamer Winkelried19967lac; gen
1843 entire: Geneva-Rheims; French 'Rural Decime' mark - 1D 19968,12,19phs; qry
1858 cover with 'Chiffres Taxes' mark 5cs - Postage Due 19968,12qry; phs; pdu
Swiss label for wartime shipping19969lbl
Pioneer Flights: Herisau, March 1913199610,11air
Pioneer Flights: Bern-Burgdorf-Bern, 30th March 1913199642,43,44air
Pioneer Flights: Lugano-Mendrisio, 8th June 1913199674,75,76,77air
Mail carried from Switzerland to the UK during WWII (refer to articles in 1974-1976) 199611gen; phs
Geneva Distribution Numbers (number in circle): letter of 1809 (refer to 1995:74-76) 199612phs; pmk; qry
Swiss Meter Marks: label on 1943 air mail to Canada 199612phs; lbl; qry
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues199612pmk
Rongellen (GR): closure of post office; apiary; history; selection of postmarks199613pmk
Postcard: new 70c card with 8-bar code; used for competition entries199615,23pst; dyk
Zurich: special inward postcode 8092 for the Technical University; non-existant Post Office199615pmk; dyk
Registration: 'R' label for Genève 70; non-existant Post Office199615lbl; dyk
Wil (ZH): new 'K' cancel 8196; day of issue 8-1-96199615pmk; dyk
St Gallen: historical background, by James Fahs199616phs; pmk; air; rly
1843 entire: St Gallen-Paris; 'L.Z./12.Kr' and '5' handstamps; '6' and '12' manuscript marks 199616,19phs; pmk; qry
Frama: new ATMs in Liechtenstein, by M Rutherfoord (see also 1995:63,71) 199617,18lbl
Red Cross: 1944 air mail letter Geneva-London; A in circle; 'Franc de Port' on air mail? 199618,33,44,70qry; air
1932 cover: octagonal PP and straightline 'PORTO BEZAHLT' (see also 1995:70; 2002:89; 2003:45) 199619qry; phs; pmk
PTT: Philatelic Bureau sealing stickers, by M Rutherfoord199620,21,39lbl; dyk
A & B stamps: optical/electronic reading199623stp; dyk
AIDS stamp: rapid sell-out (z.870)199623stp; dyk
Vaduz: new cancel 4-3-96 199623pmk; dyk; fls
1939 PSC with straightline GENEVE 1 Post-Restante: 199624qry; pmk
Bern: cancellations in the early 1900s; 12 in 20 years, by J A Cordingley (see 1996:48)199626,27pmk
Consilium Philateliae Helveticae (Council for Swiss Philately), by Max Hertsch199628,29,38gen
Frama: new ATM labels 14-5-96199631,33,55dyk; lbl
Pro Sport: issue of 4th stamp199631dyk
Booklet Stamps: self-adhesive 'A' stamps199631dyk
Priority: new 'A Prioritaire' labels in French & English199632dyk; lbl
Swiss Machine (slogan) Cancellations in the 1920s199636,37pmk
Swiss Trial Prints: by D M Slate (continued from 1995)199640,56,72gen
Franking machine: new numbering system on meter marks199645phs
History of Swiss Postcards: series of articles published in the BBZ199647,55dyk; ppc
Lugano-Ponte Tresa: TPO withdrawal199647rly; dyk
Moutier-Lengnau Bahn: information; station cancels199646,47rly; dyk
Meter mark: badly designed mark 199646,47qry; phs
Bern: cancellations in the early 1900s, by M Rutherfoord (refer to 1996:26-27)199648pmk
Sending live animals through the post: PTT regulations; labels (see also 1997:39) 199649lbl
Booklet Stamps: new booklets for 70c and 80c stamps199650,51stp
Obituary: Ivan Tillen199654gen
Obituary: Vivienne Davis199654gen
Postal Rates: rate changes in the parcel service199655dyk; phs
Mettmenstetten: new 'K' cancel; text in English199655dyk; pmk
Helvetia Philatelic Society: 50th Anniversary199657,83,85gen
Tax Perçue - Postage Paid, by M Rutherfoord 199658,59,61phs
Special Issue: new 'A' post stamp for the "Guinness Record"199662,63stp; dyk
Bundesfeier: only one special cancellation 'Rütli' 199663dyk; pro
Hotel Post: Hotel Bellevue au Lac, St Mortiz-Bad; stamp discovery 199664htl
Fake Postcard to UK - KLM/Dutch 199665,94pst; qry
Express Labels: new label199666lbl
Parcel Labels: new self-adhesive label199667lbl
Swiss Postal Agencies in Italy, by H E Quinton199668gen
Bundesfeier: special cancellations of the Rütli and other post offices 199669,88pro; qry
Registration: new 'R' label; Bern only199679lbl; dyk
Why there are so many 'Declared Value' letters from the 19th century199679dyk; phs
Coil Stamps: booklet on Swiss ATM types 1-10199679dyk; stp
St. Sulpice: new 'K' cancel199679dyk; pmk
Val de Travers: special covers and 'K' cancel199679dyk; rly
Search for mail: Kaspar (Geneva artist); Degallier; Deshusses (see 1997:18) 199680qry
Colis Prioritaire, by M Rutherfoord199681,82lbl
Booklet Stamps: new booklets for 90c self-adhesive stamps199682stp
Basel: 50th anniversary of airport; slogan cancels199687dyk
Postcards: earliest picture postcard (see 1997:9,21) 199689ppc; qry
Postbox advertisement label: Genève 1 Mont Blanc 199679,94qry; lbl
SBB/CFF: new service; travel with the driver199695dyk; rly
Book Review: Meter Marks of Switzerland, 5th Edition, author Heiner Dürst 199695dyk; lit
Book Review: Retouch marks found of stamps 1932-1952, author Paul Bach199695dyk; lit
Self-adhesive stamps199695dyk
General Guisan: Christmas card 1944; message and soldier stamp (see also 1997:5) 199635,45mil; qry
Variety: 20c ILO buildings (z.211) missing perforation pin, F Pickard19971,14,17err
Zermatt: Sunnegga; Rothorn; Tasch; BVZ; Gornergrat - cancels19972rly; pmk
Exhibition: Bulle; via Interlaken; Spiez-Zweisimmen; Montbovon; Gruyères; Fribourg19975rly
Chocolate labels: Kohler Gala Peter 19975lbl
General Guisan: Christmas card 1944; numbering puzzle (see 1996:35,45) 19975,16,21mil; qry
Geneva: over 200 different organisations; article by David Hope19976uno
SBB Läufelfinger line (west of main Basel-Olten route) closure19977dyk; rly
Book Review: 125 Years of the SLM (Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works)19977dyk; lit; rly
Book Review: 150 Years of Swiss Railways "The Swiss Railway Saga" ISBN 3-90511-16-019977,21dyk; lit; rly
Special cancel: Bürgenstock (Hammetschwand lift); advertising on postcards19977dyk; pmk
PTT: test prints19978gen
Postcards: earliest picture postcard (refer to 1996:89) 19979,21ppc; qry
Hotel Schreiber, 1879 postcard19979htl
Hotel Rigi Kulm, 1878 postcard199721htl
Geneva: abolition of 'Droiti des Pauvres'; entertainment tax199710,70gen; rev
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad, by M Rutherfoord 199711,25,36phs; qry
Geneva: 1925 propaganda flight card 'Aviation Day' 199712air
Swiss Trial Prints: by D M Slate (continued from 1996)199713,24,32,40,56,88gen
Swiss Lakes: Northern Group meeting199714lac
Cancellations: London Group meeting; Lugano cancel with circles 199714,19pmk; qry
Bundesfeier: special cancellations of the Rütli and other post offices (refer to 1996:69,88) 199715pro; dyk
Fake Postcard to UK - KLM/Dutch (refer to 1996:65,94) 199716dyk
Fiscal use of Soldier Stamps: poster tax; Comp Sapeurs II/1 Poste de Campagne 199718,37,45rev; mil; qry
Search for mail: Kaspar (Geneva artist); Degallier; Deshusses (refer to 1996:80) 199718qry
Station cancel for Grenchen Nord (Granches in French)199719rly; pmk
Moutier-Grenchen-Lengnau: 75th anniversary slogan cancel; Moutier (Münster in German)199719rly
Finding place-names: Ortsverzeichnis; numerical PLZ booklet; Baedeker; Cooks; Blue Guide199719gen
1962 GB reply-paid card: Youth Hostels Assoc; Zurich slogan "75 years Esperanto" 199720qry
Peace: how many 'Hotel de la Paix'? 199721htl; gen
Suchard postcards: another find; No.9 "Weggiser Lied" (see also 1995:40) 199721,37qry; pst; ppc
Toblerone: advertising postcards - who printed them, how many were there? (refer to 1995:62,70) 199721ppc; qry
Swiss Trial Prints: Gornergratbahn199724gen; rly
Postal Rates: Penalty for use of old 'A' stamp; 'T' cancel; charged to PO Box account199725,55phs; pdu
1927 postcard with photograph of three pilots (see 1998:85) 199726,36air; qry
Pioneer flights and Swiss Zeppelin Covers: Display to the London Group by Alex Newall199730air
Globi: 70c issue "Globi the Postman199731,63stp; dyk
Pro Patria: three-horned bronze bull (z.163); Martigny; Valais Museum in Sion; 'K' cancel199731pro; dyk; pmk
MPO 6: used in Martigny199731mpo; pmk; dyk
Rafz: new 'K' cancel199731pmk; dyk
Swiss Trial Prints: varieties199732gen
Lausanne Blécherette: 20th May - 30 September 1925; cover with late use date 20.X.25 199733,45air; qry
Picture Postcards, by G Hubbard (see also 1999:8)199734,48,53,64,72ppc
Letter: 'Pigeon Post'; Sempach bird observatory 199734,44,57qry
1949 Express letter; straightline 'Entfernungszuschlag' (distance shortfall) 199735phs; qry
Tell Boy: sheet perforation varieties (z.146) (see also 2009:65; 2010:68) 199736,50stp; err; qry
Sitting Helvetia: 1862-1882; double-print; FR.1 on white paper (z.36.1.12; AC 36/11) 199736,44stp; err; qry
Maximum cards: Postage Stamps on Postcards; listing199737ppc
Bundesfeier: 1920 Lumberjacks card (z.31); picture side inverted? 199737,44pro; qry
Airship Labels: "RAKETENFLUGVIGNETTE"; red overprint "Katapultflug" 199737air; lbl; qry
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad: Italian cancels with SUISSES instead of SVIZZERE 199736,45phs; pmk; qry
Ticino: cancels with non-Italian spelling, e.g. BELLENZ, CAISSE POSTES, etc. 199736,45,50pmk; qry
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad: DOMO / DILIGs SUISSES mark; Domodossola Agency 199737,45phs; pmk; qry
Cancels: two-ring mark on Standing Helvetia; found on parcels; replacement cancels (see 1971:65)199737,45phs; pmk; qry
Campione D'Italia: where is the church of St. Zenone? (refer to 1995:42,84) 199737qry; stp
Sending live animals through the post: PTT regulations; labels (refer to 1996:49) 199739lbl
Grindelwald: local publicity slogan cancel199739dyk; pmk
Zurich: Sihlpost Post Office re-opened199739dyk
air mails: first air mail service and first official air mail stamp 1919 (z.2), by A S Newall199741,42,43air
Postage Due: used on 1919 air mail cover 199742,83pdu; air
Turitg: Zurich (Romansch); mystery address on 1940 air mail cover 199743,49,50,60qry; air
Razorblade Cancels: ST.GALLEN / BRF. EXP.; unrecorded cancel? 199744pmk; qry
Lieichtenstein: Display to the London Group by Bob Avery199746fls
Swissair: special cancellations; DC-4 199747dyk; air
Tell Boy: sheet perforation varieties (z.152) 199750stp; err; qry
1932 air mail cover with Disarmament Conference cancel 199750air; qry
Pioneer Flights: by Evert Poel (continued in 1998)199751,52,53,82,83air
Pioneer Flights: Sion, 18th May 1913199751,52,53air
Pioneer Flights: Langnau, 4th May 1913199782,83air
Customs Cancels: use of stamps for payment; forms headed "VOLET D'ENTRÉE"199754,59,63,70,76pmk
Customs Cancels: Sta Maria (GR) crossing point 199754,59,60,70pmk; qry
Handstamp: 'Rückmeldung erstellt' (refund for over-franking)199747dyk; phs
1878 cover from Promontogno (GR) to UK; under-franked; 'T'; Castasegna Splugen; Chur; Zurich 199754,60,69cvr; pdu
Lieichtenstein: 125th anniversary of railways (refer to 1996:18 for map)199755rly;fls
TPO cancels: latest information; collect "Last Day" cancels!199755rly; dyk
Station cancels: latest information; mail not cancelled on Sundays; collect "Last Day" cancels!199755rly; dyk
Swissair: 50 years of flying the Atlantic, by G C Robini199758air
SBB/CFF: Freight rates 1913-1960; Railway Stamps 199760rly; qry
Swiss settlements in South America: N.Helvetica (Uruguay); Puerto Nentoni (Paraguay) 199760gen
Swiss Postal Fund Stamps: Basel, etc. 199760qry
Trial Print: Chateau de Chillon; Harrison essay from 1933/34 199760,74,75qry
1843 entire: Zurich cantonal post; Veltheim - Ober-Winterthur; manuscript '4' 199761phs
Express Labels: two additional labels issued199762lbl
Swiss Papal Guard: Vatican stamps199763dyk
British Army: Swiss Unit; Crimea 1854199763dyk; mil
Customs Cancels: cancels with 'P.V.' (petite vitesse) and 'G.-V.' (grande vitesse) 199763,70dyk; qry
Spanner/Adjustable wrench: see 10c TCS/ACS stamp of 17.2.1972; called an "Engländer"199763dyk
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) K Cancels: recent issues199764,78pmk
Bulk-mailing: used sheet of FR.10. stamp from the 1914 issue (see 2009:70,71) 199765stp; qry
French Manuscript Rate Marks, by J C West199766,67phs; pmk
Swiss International Air Mail in 1920, by A S Newall199768,69air
Zurich 4 & 6: background notes; why the stamps were issued199770stp
Tell: unknown overprint '+ 1f' on 20c 199770qry
Joint Issue: Switzerland and Thailand 199771,79dyk; stp
Booklet Stamps: new booklets for 90c self-adhesive stamps (see also 1996:82)199771dyk; stp
Dutch mail cancelled in Ticino 1926; LOCARNO TRANSIT; boxed D.26 (refer to 1996:5,24,51) 199776qry; pmk
Canton Appenzell: history of divide; VR on flag of Ausser-Rhoden199771,75dyk
Labels for 'Post International' (PTT subsidiary courier); P.P. CH-6830 Chiasso 1 199771,81,95lbl; dyk, qry
Basel Dove: variety199776stp; err
Standing Helvetia: printing die discovered199777stp
Pro Sport: sales figures; artist restrictions etc.199779dyk
TPOs: 140th anniversary; special cancel199779dyk; rly
EMS Labels: 199779dyk; lbl
Joint Issue: Switzerland and Sweden199787,95dyk; stp
1909 postcards requesting money; Glion; Montreaux199780pst
Day of the Stamp: 60 anniversary; Geneva 10-01-1937 199787,89dyk; stp
Wil-Kreuzlingen: TPO withdrawal199787rly; dyk
Basel: transit cancel BÂLE 2 OUTRE MER (overseas) (see 2003:32,71; 2004:13,22-23) 199787,93dyk; pmk
1867 cover Moscow-Wohlen: route taken? 199785qry; cvr
PTT: change of name; Swiss Post199787dyk
Label: ''Not to be returned'199795lbl; dyk
1947 cover: Last Day/First Day validity of PP & PJ stamps; 'Benoit'19981,2,70pro
Trial Print: Chateau de Chillon; Harrison essay from 1933/34 19982qry
Straightline Handstamps: used with Ambulant cancel; where were they kept? (see 2007:89-92) 19982rly; qry
Surcharge on PJ stamps: time for a review? 19983pro
PTT: breakup of the organisation; Swiss Post; Swisscom 19983gen
Tell Girl: stamp !19983gen
Wartime labels & slogan cancels: "Even Walls Have Ears" (see also 1999:32)19983,13mil
Sitting Helvetia 1862-1882: 2c blood red colour; wrong perforations 19983,18qry, frg
Razorblade Cancels: bars missing top & bottom of bridge; worn cancel on postcard 19983,21,29,37pmk; qry
Railway Stamps 1913-1960 and Consignment Charges: by A Green (see also 1998:88)19984,5rly
Military Postcards: WWI illustrated cards 19986mil
Swiss Post: 'Focus on Stamps'; new issue information19987dyk
Swiss Post: 'Stempel News'; new cancellations, slogans, closed Post Offices, etc.19987,15,23dyk
1875 Cover: Menzberg-Ruswyl; posted without stamps; 10 & 15c stamps added 19989,20,29,33,62qry; cvr
Helvetia Newsletter: 50th anniverary199810,20,21gen
1960 postcard: GB reply-paid card; 25c 'Circled-T' handstamp (see 1999:14) 199811pdu; qry
TPO routes and cancels still in service199812rly
Revenues: Display to the London Group by F Pickard199814rev
Temporary (Replacement) cancel: COPPET 29.IX.04 (see 1999:14)199812,55pmk; dyk
Suchard postcards: special study in 'Ganzsachen-Verein' 199815dyk; pst; ppc
Chocolate postcards: Suchard; Kohler; Klaus, etc.199815,21,32,45pst; ppc
Zurich: Cantonal Issues199816stp
Postal Stationery Cards: censor marks BRB 3.10.1939199817,18pst
Telegraph stamp: forged stamp 199818qry; frg
Helvetia with Sword: forgery of the 25c (z.109)199818frg
Costumes issue: forgery of the 40c (z.598)199818frg
Postage Due on German Inflation Mail: (see 1985:45,46)199819pdu
Translation of Zumstein specialised catalogue (index)199820gen
Customs Cancels: 'P.V.' (petite vitesse) and 'G.-V.' (grande vitesse) (see 1997:63,70) 199823dyk; qry
PTT Form 318.40 Despatch Note: 199825,37,58qry
Change of Address Cards: by H Wintjen199826,27,28,34,35,36,37pst
Damage from self-sealing envelopes (see 1988:85; 1992:23,31; 1999:20)199828gen
Express Labels: new UK-type label for foreign mail 199831lbl
Joint Issue: Switzerland and Thailand; update (see 1997:71,79)199831dyk; stp
German stamps overprinted 'Schweiz' 199832qry
German cancel: SCHWEIZ 199832qry
Basel: transit cancel BÂLE 2 OUTRE MER (see 1997:87,93) 199832pmk
Swiss Postal agencies abroad: CAMPODOLCINO; STA MARIA MAGGIORE; SAN GIACOMO-FILIPPO 199832phs; pmk
Cancels with & without PK no: demise of the 11 Postal Districts199839phs; pmk; dyk
Self-adhesive stamps199839dyk; stp
Joint Issue: Switzerland and China (see 1999:7)199839,95dyk; stp
Rohrpost: Pneumatic Tube Mail, by M Peter199841phs
Postal Rates: wegstunde; (stunden, lieues); kilometre; local rate (1852-1972)199842,43phs
Postage Due: earliest use of 'open-T' (see 1999:21) 199842pdu; qry
Registration: 'R' labels199845lbl
Postcard: 'Le Lac des Chavonnes' 199845,58,69lac; qry; ppc
Postal card with railway boxed-cancel; initials SCB VB JS BLB NOB 199845,49,58,84rly; qry
Postcard: Amitiés de Fribourg (see 1999:30) 199849air; qry
Swissair in wartime199850,57air
Bern and the Fischer Post199851phs
Fournier: fakes & forgeries199852,53frg; stp
1894 PSC, registered to Germany; taxed 199853,58qry; pst
TPO cancels: latest information; withdrawal of all services by 1.6.1999 199855rly; dyk
Burgdorf-Langnau: reduction in TPO service; replacement SBB canceller (see also 1999:85) 199855rly; dyk
FRAMA: new machines199855lbl
Swiss Trial Prints: by D M Slate (continued from 1997)199856,72gen
New Issues: 90c anniversary block (z.933-936); splitting sheets (refer to 1995:52) 199856,62,69,79stp; qry; dyk
1919 cover: censored; Gambia to Bern; route? 199859,93qry
French mail cancelled in Switzerland, December 1995 (ref to 1996:5)199859gen
Razorblade Cancels: Geneva (Types 6.01 - 6.06) 199860pmk
Interspace pairs: size of hole (see also 1999:1-4,7,18; 2000:55)199860stp
History of the Swiss Postal System: 1798; 1803; 1849; 1997199861phs
Swiss Post: table of Postal Districts (PK) / Sales Regions (SR) 199861phs
1893 PSC, Geneva to Staines; cricket trousers 199862qry; pst
Book Review: Fiscal Stamps of the Kantone & Gemeinden of Switzerland (Vol IX), author Gene Kelly199862lit; rev
Postal Coach: possible takeover by SBB199863dyk; gen
Booklet Stamps: new booklet199863,79dyk; stp
1958 official cover: Argentina to ITU; 'Circled-T' handstamp (see 2003:45) 199865qry; pdu
Folklore Festivals & Customs: definitive issues of 1977 and 1982/84199866,67gen; stp
Bergün: 'Sternsingen' (singing to the stars) Folk Custom (z.594)199866gen
Zurich: 'Sechseläuten' (burning of the Böög, etc) Folk Custom (z.595)199866gen
Herisau: 'Silvesterkläuse' (New Year in Appenzell) Folk Custom (z.596)199866gen
Sursee: 'Gansabhauet' (St. Martin's Day) Folk Custom (z.597)199866gen
Geneva: 'Escalade' (Independence from Savoy) Folk Custom (z.598)199866gen
Laupen: 'Achetringele' (Ringing out the Old Year) Folk Custom (z.599)199866gen
Mendrisio: 'Processione di Mendrisio' Easter procession) Folk Custom (z.600)199867,79gen; dyk
Basel: 'Vogel Gryff' (Basel Carnival) Folk Custom (z.601)199867gen
Lötschental: Roitschäggätä' (smoke-stained or sooty figures) Folk Custom (z.602)199867gen
Altstätten: 'Rollelibutzen' (bell bogeys) Folk Custom (z.677)199867gen
Solothurn: 'Chesslete' (Shrovetide) Folk Custom (z.676)199867gen
Küssnacht am Rigi: 'Klausjagen' (St Nicholas and torchbearers) Folk Custom (z.678)199867gen
Ottenbach: 'Schnabelgeissen' (drive away the spirits) Folk Custom (z.679)199867gen
Pioneer Flights: by Evert Poel (continued from 1997)199868air
Pioneer Flights: Biel, 8th June 1913199868air
Swiss Cancels: date bridge type; Güller 199869pmk
SP Philatelic Office: new cancels199869pmk
Railway Timetable: 1847; synchronisation of station clocks199871dyk; rly
Uetikon: 150 years Swiss Railways; commercial FDC oval cancels199871dyk; rly
SP: Philatelic Bureau sealing stickers (see 1996:20,21,39)199871dyk; lbl
Zurich: International Flight Meetings; 1922; 1927; 1932; 1937199874air
Mobile Post Office No 1: 1937 postcards (z.120-21); cancels and handstamps (see 1999:36)199874,75,76mpo
Book Review: Cancellation Inventories (1926, 1943, 1958), Consilium Philateliae Helveticae199877pmk; lit
Frama: removal of SFS machines199879,95lbl; dyk
Cancelled air-mail labels199880air; lbl
WWII handstamp - AA in circle/5 lines 199880qry
1904 psc Taunton to Zurich: 'Parti' and 'Non Reclamé' marks; Nicht abgeholt' label; 'D' mark 199881qry
1939 Swiss National Exhibition issues199882,83stp
SPI: new booklets; international-post199883stp
1900 pc: AMBULANT No 2; which route 199884,93qry; rly
1938 cover: Registered, Express, Air Mail; MPO text in Romansch-Ladin; sent 'Printed Matter' 199884qry; air; phs
1927 postcard with photograph of three pilots (see 1997:26,36) 199885air; qry
1941 cover: customs label 'Zollamtlich abgefertigt' 199885qry; lbl
Hotel Berg, Maderanerthal; formerly Swiss Alpenklub Hotel; postal service to Amsteg199886htl
Geneva: The 'Escalade' of 1602199886,96gen; pmk
Exhibition: Yverdon; report; official pc199887,92gen
Book Review: Labels Handbook, author Markus Seitz199887lbl; lit
Book Review: Postal Labels (1876-1997), author George Guignard199887lbl; lit
Railway consignment notes (see also 1998:4)199888rly
Schweizerische Centralbahn: information199888rly
Rhatische Bahn: information199888rly
Razorblade Cancels: Genève, Rue de Stand, damaged canceller (refer to 1998:3,21,29,37)199889pmk
Aerophilatelic Day: Samedan; cover cancelled in MPO 3199891air; mpo
Hints & Tips: photocopying; thin paper; cancels on stamps199892gen
Booklet Stamps: dry gum; 1979 & 1984 printings; two 10c (z.595 H1 & H2) 199893qry; stp
Evangelists high-value issue: paper query (z.381-384) 199893qry; stp
Post & Transport issue: 45c postal ship (z.737); top edge imperforate 199893qry; stp
SBB: reorganisation; directorates replacing the three regions199895dyk; rly
Postal Rates: rate increase for inland Express letters (Swiss Express)199895dyk; phs
Priority: new labels199895dyk; lbl
Geneva: 40c 'Escalade' definitive (z.598); forgery199896frg; stp
Joint Issue: Switzerland and China (see 1998:39,95)19997dyk; stp
Joint Issue: Switzerland and China; aerogramme 199915dyk; pst
Postal Coach: possible takeover by SBB - update (see 1998:63)19997dyk; gen
Booklet Stamps: 90c self-adhesive stamps19997dyk; stp
Interspace pairs: size of hole (see also 1998:60; 2000:55)19991,2,3,4,7,18stp
1939 National Exhibition: slogan cancels19995pmk
Postal Rates: rate increase for inland Express 1.1.199919997dyk; phs
Express labels: acts as receipt; stamps not required19997dyk; lbl
Registration: new label (type 10)19997dyk; lbl
Picture Postcards, by G Hubbard (see also 1997:34,48,53,64,72)19998ppc
Obituary: Geoff Hubbard19999gen
1960 postcard: GB reply-paid card; 25c 'Circled-T' handstamp (see 1998:11) 199914pdu; qry
Temporary (Replacement) cancel: COPPET 29.IX.04 (see 1998:12,55)199912,55pmk; dyk
TPO cancels of the second period: Ambulant and route name, by D Houtris (see also 2000:8)199910,11rly
Postal Rates: Letter Rates to GB (1850-1875), by M Rutherfoord199912,13phs
SBB: Freight arrival cards 199914rly
Liechtenstein: validity of stamps199915,23dyk; fls
Schlieren: last day of 'self-service' post office in Lilie department store199915dyk; pmk
Bern: post office in Loeb department store199915dyk; pmk
1891/1892 covers: Chargé and 'R' handstamp (AW Group 8) 199916qry; phs
1870 pse: Registered, Frauenfeld to Scarborough; oval cancel REGISTERED LONDON 199917,29qry; phs
1938 cover: Registered, Air Mail, Geneva to Easton, USA; route taken? 199919,30qry; air
Damage from self-sealing envelopes (see 1988:85; 1992:23,31;1998:28)199920gen
Postage Due: 'CL' with and without dot; varieties on the 1910 issue199920pdu
Franco Labels: first day of use?; sheet size? 199920lbl; stp; qry
Book Review: Chronicle of Swiss Post Offices, author Karl Gebert199921,23lit; dyk
Postage Due: earliest use of 'open-T' (see 1998:42) 199921pdu; qry
Book Review: Les Etiquettes Postales Suisses 1876-1997, author Paolo Vollmeier199922lit
Hotel Riffelalp: fire May 1961; tramway; 'K' cancel199922htl; pmk
Book Review: Swiss Perfin Catalogue, author Martin Baer199922dyk; lit
Landscape Definitives: 1936 Chillon issue - printing in red199923,39stp; dyk
Book Review: Swiss Franking Machine Impressions, author Heiner Dürst199923dyk; lit
Badly cut stamps: 'Industrial Coils' 199923,31dyk; qry
backdated LITTAU cancel on Pro Juventute forerunner 199923,31dyk; qry
Postal card with railway boxed-cancel; initials SCB VB JS BLB NOB (see 1998:45,49,58,84) 199923rly; qry
1737 letter: Milan to Dundee, via Geneva, Paris and London; 'franc pr Paris'; charges?; 199924phs; qry
Swiss Army: history up to the 1920s199925,26,27,28mil
Aspects of Swiss History: Helvetii; Zahringen; Habsburgs; Oath of 1291; Cantons199925,26,27,28gen
Burgdorf: Castle; Zahringen; Pestalozzi; K' cancel199929pmk
Postcard: Amitiés de Fribourg (see 1998:49) 199930air; qry
Balloon Flight: Breitling Orbiter III; 90c stamp 199931,39dyk
Wartime labels & slogan cancels: "Even Walls Have Ears" (see also 1998:3,13)199932mil
Goebel Rotary Printing Machine: correction teeth; Pingu stamp (z.964); Transport stamps (z.731-742)199933stp; err
1876 letter: St Luc, Vissoye to Liverpool; walk over the Dent de Jaman199934gen; phs
1896 wrapper: Morges to Courland, Latvia199935phs
Express Labels: new labels199936,47lbl
Mobile Post Office No 1: 1937 postcards (z.120-21); cancels and handstamps (see 1998:74-76)199936,54mpo
1923 cover: advertising Condor Cycles (see 2001:20) 199937,44qry
Bern: 1967 Bundesfeier FDC; Zillis church199937pro; pmk
Rayons: why are printings referred to as 'Stones' (not Plates) 199938,56stp; qry
Military cancels: straightline, undated, and postcodes; list of army barracks199940mil; pmk
Tombola Postcards: Don National; Festival de Sécheron 22-23 June 1918 (see 2004:76) 199941,51mil; ppc
Sorting Machines: new 'Quality of Service' system (see also 2000:23)199942,43gen; dyk
Ponto-Valentino: where is it? 199944,54phs; qry
Jungfraujoch: 1952 boxed cancel 199945,52qry; rly
Rigi-Kulm: oval cancel with empty centre (see also 2001:69) 199945,52qry; htl
Vitznau-Rigi Bahn: 1906 oval cancel on VRB postcard 199945qry; rly
Prints of Swiss stamps: "25 Verschiedene Fac-Similes" 199945qry
Postal Rates: bulk mailing rate; printing error in official rates booklet199946,87phs; dyk
Mittelthurgau-Bahn: posting mail at Kreuzlingen-Oberdorf station 199946,56,62qry; rly
Booklet Stamps: self-adhesive 70c stamps; Rodolphe Töpffer199947dyk; stp
Book Review: Güller Record Books 1867-1992, Consilium Philateliae Helveticae199947,71,80lit; dyk
Elzevir cancels: serifed letters & numbers (see also 1994:17-19)199947pmk; dyk
Swiss Trial Prints: by D M Slate (continued from 1998)199948,64gen
PPC: "Catholics vote NO" to Communist Referendum (see 2000:16) 199949ppc; qry
PPC: Lavapesson 199949,65,77ppc; qry
1849 journal: Bell's Life (sporting paper); Fleetwood to Geneva; various rate marks 199950qry
Mobile Post Office No 1: 1937 air mail; SCUOL Festal d'Engiadina; Zurich Luftpost cancel 199951mpo; air; qry
Wooden Bridges on stamps & postal stationery199953gen
Simplon Railway: history (see 2002:69,77)199954rly
Martigny-Le Chable: TPO withdrawal199955rly; dyk
Montreux-Zweisimmen: TPO withdrawal199955rly; dyk
Balloon Flight: Piccard flown covers; caution if buying199955air; frg
Miniature 'PP' query 199955qry
Swiss Post Boxes: has any research been done? 199956qry
Ticino: postal history, by A Newall199957,58,59,60phs
Swiss WWI mail seized in France, by M Guillon199961phs
Parcel Post (Fahrpost): boxed two-line cancels199962,70pmk; phs
Machine Cancels: new 'Packetbasis' cancels199963dyk; pmk
Postal Rates: planned increases199963dyk; phs
Swiss Cross: colour, shape and dimensions; slogan cancel 'Frontists' WWII campaign199963,66dyk
Postcard: printed for Polish internees 199964,75,76qry; mil
Jungfraubahn: Station Rothstock cachets (see 2004:68, 2005:44)199965,66,74,82rly
UPU: 1900 caricature postcards; German, French and Italian editions199967pst
1957 cover: Lausanne to New York; inscribed on reverse "Maurice Burrus" 199968cvr
1907 postcard: Franfurt-Interlaken-Frankfurt; straightline JNTERLAKEN and bahnpost cancels 199968,77rly; qry
Registration: 1939 National Exhibition 'R' labels, including FELDPOST label199969lbl
Machine Cancels: 1941 Pro Juventute slogan cancels199969pmk; pro
Pro Juventute: 1941 issue; 30c (z.100), Daniel Jeanrichard; watchmaking; special handstamp199969pmk; pro
1941 Historical designs: re-entry on FR.1 Ludwig Pfyffer (z.248)199970stp; err
1932 Gotthard issue: first official FDC (z.191-193) (see also 2000:15)199971,84dyk; stp
Labels: printed-on publicity labels199971dyk; lbl
1903 postcard: specially prepared birtday card; 'Villa Paradise' & 'Villa Jasmin' copies of Vevey cancel199972frg; ppc
Jungfraubahn: list of cachets; Eigergletscher, Rothstock, Eigerwand, Eismeer and Jungfraujoch199974,82rly
WHO labels: labels from different countries 1952-1953 (see 2001:29) 199974qry; lbl
Fiscals: UVT/WVV labels; tourism 199974,86qry; rev
Cancel query: Neuchâtel / 18.VIII.47 / IV / Gibraltar 199974qry; pmk
Cancel query: Autokurs Arbon-St Gallen; two-line cancel 199974,85qry; pmk
1897 letter card: Budapest to Schuls; PD; tax marks (see 2000:5) 199977,83qry; pdu
1917 postcard: Kessiloch 1914-1915; cachet 'GENIE-CHEF der St. Gotthardbefestigung' 199977qry; mil
1917 Basel Trade Fair: label and cancels for the Swiss Mustermesse 199978,85,86pmk; lbl; qry
Zurich: postcode 8092 for the Technical University (see 1996:15) 199979dyk; pmk
Advertising letter sheet: 199981qry
Bundesfeier: invalidated cards; 'Entertwet', 'Annule', 'Annulato' 199983qry; pro
1974 postcard: RAF Escaping Society; Schaffhausen salient (see 2000:21) 199983qry; ppc
Rhätische Bahn: stamp of Guyana with RhB locomotive199983rly
Burgdorf-Langnau: TPO withdrawal (see 1998:55) 199985rly; dyk
TPO routes and cancels still in service199985rly
Rhätische Bahn: TPO route St. Moritz-Campocologno withdrawn199985rly
Baggage Label: Hotel Rhône Glacier, via 'Steamer & Diligence'; 'LUZERN / 12 Juni 80 / Filiale' boxed cancel199984phs
MPO for Calancatal (GR)199987dyk; pmk; mpo
Book Review: ATM Handbook and Catalogue for Switzerland & Liechtenstein, author Markus Seitz199987lit; lbl; dyk
Postcard: opening of Vereina train tunnel (under the Flüelapass); picture error199987ppc; dyk
Pro Patria: 1999 issue printed offset by SP (not photogravure/Courvoisier)199987dyk; pro
Postal Rates: Express rates; next day delivery199946,87phs; dyk
Express Labels: new fast rate labels199987dyk; lbl
Joint Issue: Switzerland and Russia; 70c Schöllenen Gorge Monument199987dyk; pmk; stp
UPU: 1900 issue; the ULTRAMAR overprints; stamps/postal stationery looted in Portuguese revolution199988stp; pst
Ambulant cancels, train numbers & routes 1889-1910 199989rly
Schlieren: new 'K' cancel with gasometer (see 2000:16,37) 199989pmk
CD-ROM Review: Study of the Federal Administration Stamps & Forgeries 1850-1854, Anton Kofranek199991lit; stp
Damage to stamps from modern materials199991gen
UPU: 1900 issue; PTT folder, including times of posting, train departures and arrivals199993stp; pst
Aspects of the Jet Age: modern air covers, by D Cairns20001,2,3,4air
1897 letter card: Budapest to Schuls; PD; tax marks (see 1999:77,83) 20005qry; pdu
Rigi-Schiedeck: 1864 cover with cachet; Gersau cancel; manuscript 'Franco' 20005,16htl; qry
1946 cover: from FPO 328; RS/125 Quaker Relief to Schweizer Spende, Bern 20005qry; phs
Folk Customs: identifying different papers for z.595HI & z.595HII 20005qry; stp
Pingu design: new version; parcels without string 20007dyk; stp
Postal Rates: parcel rates tiered as 'A' & 'B'; removal of 'Colis Prioritaire'20007dyk; phs
SAVO: Austrian pre-stamp journal resurrected20007dyk
Machine Cancels: withdrawal of non-commercial SP slogans20007,15dyk; pmk
Postal Rates: posting chocolate bar (see 2003:7; 2004:15)20007,15phs; dyk
TPO cancels of the second period: Ambulant and route name, by D Houtris (see 1999:10,11)20008rly
1922 cover: Geneva-Zurich-Nürnberg flight; Poste Restante; 'Ad Astra'; redirection 20009,10,18air; qry
Book Review: Poststellenchronik Schweiz 1849-1999, Karl Gebert (see 2001:79; 2004:31; 2007:11)20007,8lit; pmk
PTT Postcard: 000 franking imprint 200011,25qry; ppc
Pioneer Flights: by Evert Poel (continued from 1998)200012,13,34,35air
Pioneer Flights: Olten, 31st August 1913, and the flight that didn't take place200012,13air
Postal Rates: postcards from Switzerland to Great Britain early 1900s; 5c printed matter 200013phs; qry
1863 cover: Schiffsbureau Luzern cancel; no year date 200014,18qry; lac; pmk
Exhibition: NABA 2000, St Gallen; catalogue200015gen; lit; dyk
Official Letters: Amtlich / Officiel; sent free until end of 1969; bulk average system200015phs; dyk
1932 Gotthard issue: first official FDC (z.191-193) (see also 1999:71,84)200015dyk; stp
Publicity Cancels: millenium cancels; Allmendingen and Neuchâtel 200015dyk; pmk
PPC: "Catholics vote NO" to Communist Referendum (see 2000:16) 200016ppc; qry
Schlieren: new 'K' cancel with gasometer (see 1999:89) 200016,37pmk
Postal cancellations on fiscal stamps200016rev
1863 cover: Registered by company; Entlebuch to Schüpfheim 200017phs; qry
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad: article in BBZ and HNL of 1961200017phs
Postal Rates: letter rate changes postponed200018,47phs
Postal Rates: Ticino, 1799-1849, by A S Newall200019,20,21phs
1974 postcard: RAF Escaping Society; Schaffhausen salient (see 1999:83) 200021qry; ppc
Sorting Machines: new 'Quality of Service' system (see 1999:42,43)200023gen; dyk
Parcel Post (Fahrpost): boxed cancels, by S MacKenzie200024phs; pmk
1935 cover: Landscapes se-tenant block of nine (1x20c & 8x3c) 200025qry; stp
Güller cancels: historical notes on the company; 200026,27,28,29pmk
Cancel examples: cantonal/federal with date plugs; Elzevir/Serifed; Dwarf; Güller; de Coppet; Trial cancels 200027pmk
Swiss Post: postal regions map200031dyk; phs
Book Review: Swiss Letter Mail to Foreign Countries 1459-1907, author Richard Schäfer200031dyk; phs
Book Review: Swiss Postal Contracts, Tariffs, Routes 1609-1798, author Richard Schäfer200031dyk; phs
Book Review: Swiss Postal History of the Old Confederation to 1798, author Richard Schäfer200031dyk; phs
Machine Cancels: BERN 14 / / MATTENHOF; used in 1920-1921 200031pmk; qry
Business-Reply card: 15c printed matter; 'Circled-T' handstamp200032phs
Bahnpost/Ambulant cancels: three, four & five digit train number codes 200033,43rly
Pioneer Flights: Solothurn, 17th August 1913200034,35air
1937 cover: Conference des Capitulations (Egypt/Suez Canal)200036pmk
Gordon Bennett balloon flights: cancels; Schlieren gasworks (see also 1999:89)200016,37air; pmk
1945 letter: Prisoner of War Post; returned; boxed cachet with missing word (see 2003:40-74) 200037,49,50phs; qry
Parcel Post: Fahrpost changed to Paketpost in 1907200039phs; dyk
Booklet Stamps: self-adhesive 70c and 90c stamps; Rodolphe Töpffer; APB cachet200039stp; dyk
1868 pse: Rorschach-Splügen; St. Gallen-Chur TPO; journey time? 200040phs; qry; rly
Jungfraubahn: cachets; Rothstock, Eigerwand (see 1999:65,82) 200040rly
1923 air mail vignettes: 200041air
Early Swiss Date Cancels: straightline; circular; Winkler numbers200042,43pmk
Pro Juventute: fake cancel on 1912 forerunner (see 2001:31,39,71; 2002:87; 2003:5,55; 2004:39,47,67)200044pro; pmk; frg
1949 cover: 'Circled-T' handstamp; 1947 Pro Juventute stamp; refused label 200044phs; qry
Luzern: Postal History display200045phs; lac
Revenues: display200045rev
Cancels: straightline 'Ambulanz 24 L.W.' cancel 200046mil; qry
Cancels: straightline 'Götthardbahn-Bewachung Nordabschnitt' cancel 200046mil; rly; qry
Cancels: straightline 'Brenscino' cancel 200046pmk; qry
1940 cover: marked 'MILITAIRE'; E.-M. Bat. Sap.22; Postage Due with Huttwil cancel 200046,50,51mil; pdu; qry
Publicity issue: 70c 'Rights of the Child' (1999); printing error - "Dregts" (Dretgs)200047dyk; stp; err
1917 cover: Batallion 21 fieldpost cancel on Hotel Soleil envelope; typed '293 200051mil; qry
Swiss Army Field Post: beginnings, by M Rutherfoord200052,53mil; pmk
Bulk-mailing: Co-op vignettes with values - Fr.180 and Fr.200200054lbl; phs
Interspace pairs: size of hole (see also 1998:60; 1999:1-4,7,18)200055stp; dyk
Postal Coach: 10 year contract to run bus services in Liechtenstein200055dyk; gen
Postal Rates: foreign parcels (Urgent, Priority and Economy)200055dyk; phs
Brienz-Rothorn Bahn: advertising cancel and new 'K' cancel200055,63dyk; rly; pmk
Geneva: International Aviation Meeting, 1925200056air
Obituary: Alma Lee RDP FRPSL200057gen
Exhibition: NABA 2000, St Gallen; report200058,63gen; dyk
1920 parcel card: Geneva to Columbia; Pontarlier Agence des Mess.Suisses; 'Franc de Droit' cachet 200059,66,67phs; pmk; qry
Swiss Postal Agencies: Pontarlier Agence des Mess.Suisses; 'Franc de Droit' cachet 200059,66,67phs; pmk; qry
Langenthal-Huttwil Bahn: oval cachet 'Langenthal-Huttwil-Bahn / Verkehrsbureau' on wrapper 200060,68,74,75rly; qry
Postal Rates: parcels from foreign countries; customs dues; 'Franco de port et des droits de douane'200060phs
Postal Rates: parcels from foreign countries; customs dues; 'Franko Zoll / Franc de Droit' label200060phs; lbl
1919 cover: Samoa to Germany via Basel; censored; route taken 200061phs; qry
Re-directed mail: to and from Sweden; Mal Dirigé sur La Suede' machine cancel 200061qry
1902 postcard: Kandersteg to England; under-franked; 'T' cancel; ½d I.S.E. 200062,68,75pdu; qry
1923 postcard: Germany to Liechtenstein; Swiss Postage Due stamps 200062,75pdu; qry
Bulk-mailing: 50c definitive and authorised private cancel200063dyk; phs
Postal Rates: foreign letter rate changes; 'A' and 'B' post200063phs; dyk
Swiss Trial Prints: by D M Slate (continued from 1999)200064,88gen
1930 cover: Belgian Post to Swiss Post (internal correspondence); registered; 25c Tell added 200065,75phs; qry
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad: information200066,67phs
Machine Cancels: flag (wavy line) cancels with letters C, D, R or T inserted 200068pmk; qry
Campione D’Italia: commune badge 200068,75stp; qry
Campione D’Italia: genuine or fake covers? 200069,75cvr; qry
1941 cover: Russia to Chur; FELDPOST cancel; internee mail? 200070,75mil; cvr; qry
2000 postcard: serifed 'T' handstamp 200070pdu; qry
Postal Rates: inland letter rate changes; 'A' and 'B' post200071phs; dyk
Postal Rates: parcel rates; 'A' and 'B' post (priority and economy)200071phs; dyk
Priority: new 'A-Prioritaire PP' handstamp for mail travelling through Switzerland200071lbl; dyk
Red Cross: message cards 200072,80qry; pst
Rigi Klosterli: postcard with oval cachet, Hotel Schwert; Schreiber, 200075htl
Arth-Rigi Bahn: rectangle station cancel 'Rigi-Kulm / ARB / date' 200075,86rly; qry
2000 cover: Ebnat-Kappel to England; under-franked; stamp added 200076,85cvr; qry
1941 cover: Thal to Australia; over-franked; censored; returned 200076,94cvr; qry
Cancels: fake canceller BERN 1 BRIEFANAHME 200077,99frg; pmk
Facsimiles: Cantonals, Rayons, Sitting Helvetia, etc. 200077frg; stp; qry
Sitting Helvetia 1862-1878: rounded corner on 10c; unlisted error 200077,89stp; err; qry
Cancels: Zwergstempel (dwarf cancels); no 'year' date (see 2000:26) 200077,89pmk; qry
1960 postcard: GB card with picture of Davos (see 2001:20) 200078qry
Blocks of Four: pre-1924 stamps with single cancel200079stp; dyk; frg
Modern boxed 'CAT' cachet instead of 'PP' for catalogue mailing200079lbl; dyk
Mendrisio: new postal depot in Fox Town spermarket200079pmk; dyk
Map: Post-Reisekarte der Schweiz (1844) postal times, rates etc200082,83gen
Postal Rates: Express rate changes200087phs; dyk
DIY stamps: PC-generated200087dyk; stp
Machine Cancels: new slogans with 'www.' addresses200087pmk; dyk
Embroidered stamp on genuinely-used cover (see 2001:16)200089stp
1908 postcard: "Switzerland, The City of Como"; printed in Germany; used in USA 200094qry; ppc
Cross & Numeral: 'P' and bar overprinted on 10c (z.61) 200094qry; stp
Montreux-Oberland Bahn: octagonal cancel 'Gstaad / M.O.B.' (see 2001:6) 200094qry; rly
1952 cover: Honduras-Arizona; vignette for Basel Mustermesse (see 2001:6) 200094qry; lbl
Book Review: Philately' A Hundred Times, author Peter Meier200095dyk; lit
Book Review: Das Postwesen der Alten Eidgenossenschaft, author Richard Schäfer200095dyk; lit
Book Review: Postverträge - Taxen - Routen Alte Eidgenossenschaft, author Richard Schäfer200095dyk; lit
Book Review: Helvetische Republic 1709-1803, author Andreas Gruenewald200095dyk; lit
Franking machine: change of ink for business cancels (red to blue)200095dyk; phs
1926 Exhibition for Inland Navigation & Water Power Utilisation; postcards; vignettes 20011,13air, qry
Swiss Merchant Marine Fleet, by David Whitworth20012,3,8gen
1917 Red Cross postcards: with large handstamped 'S' in mauve (see 2002:4) 20013,85qry
Collecting Swiss Stamps, by Allan Young20014gen
Three-colour Frankings: display at the Northern Group, by Ian Gilchrist20015,6gen
Montreux-Oberland Bahn: octagonal cancel 'Gstaad / M.O.B.' (see 2000:94) 20016qry; rly
1952 cover: Honduras-Arizona; vignette for Basel Mustermesse (see 2000:94) 20016qry; lbl
Einsiedeln: half-circle cancel of 187920016pmk
Cancels: 'Gare Villeneuve 28.V.1933' on PJ, Tell Boy and Disarmament stamps 20016qry; pmk
pre-stamped covers for 'A' and 'B' post20016,7cvr; dyk
Booklet Stamps: Pro Juventute20017dyk; pro
Courvoisier: tour of the printing works, by Bob Medland20018gen
Graubünden: collecting cancels and postal history; Engadine; Fetan (Ftan)20019phs; pmk
1891 postcard: Feldkirch to Vaduz; Ambulant No.32 200113,20qry; rly
Klus (SO): station clock200113rly
Red Cross: Child Aid label 200113,20qry
Mail from Switzerland during WWII, by D Ripley (continued in 2002)200110,11,12,18,34,35,42,43,45,68,82phs
Postal Rates: letter rate changes (Inland, Foreign, Registered)200115,16,20,71dyk; phs
Postal Rates: Inland Registration replaced by Recorded Delivery200115dyk; phs
Postal Rates: Parcel post (A and B)200115dyk; phs
Postal Rates: leaflet on new rates for Leichtenstein 200115dyk; phs; fls
Arosa: Tourist Bureau label200115lbl; dyk
Book Review: "Swiss Frank Stamps", author Erwin Steinbrüchel 200115lit; dyk
Luzern: 'Bela Sekula' overprints and labels 200115,20,28,29,47qry; lbl
Embroidered stamp on genuinely-used cover (see 2000:89)200116stp
1903 cover: Ramsgate to 'Maison Blanche' Neuchâtel; multiple cancels (14); returned to GB200117,29phs
Portraits on Stamps, by John Neukom200119stp
1923 cover: advertising Condor Cycles (see 1999:37,44) 200120qry
1960 postcard: GB card with picture of Davos (see 2000:78) 200120qry
Calendars: Julian & Gregorian; mail to Russia & Turkey pre 1918; mail to Balkan states pre 1923200120gen
Landscape Definitives: 1934-36 issue; display to the London Group by Fred Pickard200121stp
Graubünden: closure of Post Offices (list available)200123dyk; phs
Liechtenstein: new post slogan200123pmk; dyk
Basel 39: cancel without hours in date bridge200123pmk; dyk
Book Review: "History of PP", author Giovanni Balimann 200123dyk; lit
1945 Letter-Telegramme: Winton (Dorset) to St Gallen; telegraph cancel200125,37phs
Campione D'Italia: the second issue, by F Smith200126,27stp
WHO labels: labels from different countries 1952-1953 (see 1999:74) 200129qry; lbl
Industrielle Kriegswirtschaft (IKW) issues:200129stp
Pro Juventute: fake cancels on 1912 forerunner (see 2000:44; 2002:87; 2003:5,55; 2004:39,47,67)200131,39,71pro; pmk; frg; dyk
Luzern-Engelberg: TPO withdrawal200131dyk; rly
1983 Europa issue: celestial globe (z.698); Jorg Bürgi; National Museum 200131dyk; stp
Geneva: Transition to the Federal Post; display to the royal PS by Walter Haemmerli200132phs
1898 cover: Luzern to Leeds; 'missent to New York'200133phs
Campione D'Italia: first day covers200133stp
The Julier Pass: Winteralpenpost 4.II.35; Chur 'razorblade'; St Moritz cancel; delayed by weather200136,37phs
Courvoisier: closure200139gen
Olten: Aerophilately Day 2001; Russian Antonov aircraft on cancel200139dyk; air
Booklet Stamps: 70 & 90c self-adhesive stamps200139dyk; stp
Booklet Stamps: round self-adhesive stamps of 2000; printed by Questa200139dyk; stp
Evangelist high-value issue: withdrawal after 40 years (z.381-384)200139dyk; stp
Liechtenstein: new 'scratch' stamps200139dyk; stp
Basel: Fasnacht carnival, by F Smith200140gen
1918 cover: New Zealand to Perroy (VD); WWI censored; handling of mail during wartime200141phs
Bundesfeier: collection of cards to Fraulein Anna Vogt; by Al Altwegg200144,45pro
Customs Cancels: airport cancels, including Dubendorf, Birsfelden and Altenrhein 200146,56qry; air; pmk
Swiss Post: closure of printing works200147dyk
Güller cancellers made for Argentine PO200147dyk; pmk
Cancels: French 'Leppe' canceller manufacturer200147dyk
1924 cover: Chur-Arosa TPO; invalidated UPU stamps; T/60 postage due200148phs; pdu; rly
The Philatelist's Psalm200148gen
Technology & Landscapes Definitives: 1949 issue, by M Rutherfoord200149,50,51,57stp
Registration: new 'R' labels; new system - Lettre Signature (Recorded Delivery)200151,52lbl; phs
Swiss Railways: Goods Arrival Notice cards, by M Rutherfoord200153rly
Swiss Post: closure of philatelic bureaux200155,59dyk
Chocolate stamp: manufacture200155dyk
Aero-Club stamp: miniature sheet200155dyk
Weinacht-Tobel: 'K' cancel200155dyk; pmk
Railway Timetables: remaining TPOs; Furkabahn, Brig-Zermatt, Rhät. Bahn.200155,63dyk; rly
Teufen (ZH): 1111th year festival; 'K' cancel200155dyk; pmk
1915 postcard: Urnertag / Journée Uranaise / Giornata Urana; Battle of Morgarten 1315 200157,72qry; ppc
1926 Exhibition for Inland Navigation & Water Power Utilisation; label 200157air, qry
Cancels: 'K' cancels, illustrations200158,59pmk
Swiss Town Halls: illustrations of the 11 shown on philatelic bureaux envelopes200158,59gen
Küssnacht am Rigi: Astridkapelle; Queen Astrid of Belgium; Tellskapelle, 'K' cancel (K87) 200162,72qry; pmk
Rayons: plating of the Rayon III (large value figures); translation in HPS library200162stp
Machine Cancels: Day of the Stamp 2000200162pmk
Courvoisier: take-over by Walsall Security Printers200163dyk
Telegram: services withdrawn200163dyk
GABRA IV: Burgdorf 2001; MPO in use200163,71dyk; mpo
1945 cover: Australia to Vevey, via Netherlands PO; "on active military service"; postage due 200165,88pdu; qry
Stamp Quality: categories; including cancels 200166,67stp
Arth-Rigi Bahn: history, by D Slate200169rly
Rigi-Kulm: oval cancel with stars either side (refer to 1999:45,52) 200169qry; htl
Interlaken: return of the Unspunnen Stone; Jura Freedom Fighters200171dyk
Liechtenstein: international identification leeters now LI; slogan cancels200171dyk; pmk
Basel: 500th anniversary of entry into Confederation; cancel200171pmk; dyk
Postal History of Switzerland: outline of the problems, by Alma Lee200174,75,76,77phs
Tell: changes to the letter 'H' on the 10c (z.126I & II) 200177qry; stp
Football World Cup: 1954 maximum card, cancel, and cover with 40c stamp (z.319)200178stp; pmk
Book Review: Poststellenchronik Schweiz 1849-1999, author Karl Gebert (see 2000:7-8; 2004:31; 2007:11)200179lit; pmk; dyk
Registration: 'R' labels from the 1890s and 2001200179lbl; dyk
Lake Luzern: paddle-steamer 'Gallia' to be overhauled (see 2004:23)200179lac; dyk
Lake Steamer: articles on the postmarks; German philatelic publication DBZ 200179lac; dyk
Book Review: Ganzsachen Schweiz 8th Edition, Zumstein200179dyk; lit; pst
1938 cover: SDN / BIT FDC with pre-dated cancels 200180qry
1951 cover: Basel to USA; Swissair DC-6B maiden flight from Zurich; bulk mailing; not officially air mail200180air; phs
Booklet Stamps: round self-adhesive stamps for the 2000 Sydney Olympics200181stp
Return to Sender: new self-adhesive label (see 2002:16)200183,84lbl
St. Gallen: pre-stamp straightline handstamp; two types 200185qry; pmk
Liechtenstein: validity of stamps200187fls; dyk
Swiss Post: all mail sent free to USA on 20th Sept. (post 11th September); various PP cancels200187dyk
Frama: ATM labels200187dyk; lbl
GABRA IV: Burgdorf 2001; catalogue; article on Mobile Post Offices by Giovanni Balimann; 'R' labels200187dyk; mpo; lbl
Book Review: "History of PP", author Giovanni Balimann 200123dyk; lit
1932 Gordon Bennett Balloon Race200188air
1928 Geneva flight cover: Chaux-De-Fonds - Locle (see 2002:4) 200188qry; air
1875 money transfer envelopes: Einzugsmandat / Mandat d'encaissement (see 2002:4)200189pst
1914 National Exhibition cover: cancelled in 1914 & 1964; validity (see 2002:4-5,81) 200192qry
Chocolate postcards: Klaus (see 2002:5,30) 200192qry; ppc
Pro Aero: 1938 Flugmeeting Basel; special flight cover and cancels 200192air; qry
Postcard: published by O Chaubert Gamboni of Lausanne; translation required (see 2002:30) 200192ppc; qry
Book Review: The Strubel Issues 1854-1863, author Herbert Brach200193,94lit; stp
Book Review: Catalogue of Swiss Balloon Posts, author Peter Muggler200195lit; air; dyk
Book Review: Postwesen des Kantons Aargau 1803-1852, author Martin Gasser200195lit; phs; dyk
Postal Rates: reduced rate for books to foreign countries200195dyk; phs
Elzevir cancels: earliest known - 24.V.1866 200195pmk; qry
1892 parcel card: Chiasso to Amsterdam; German "Geldenkartung" label added; currency exchange 20021qry; lbl
Mail from Switzerland during WWII, by D Ripley (continued from 2001)20022,3,34-37,42-44,74-76phs
1917 Red Cross postcards: with large handstamped 'S' in mauve (see 2001:3,85) 20024qry
1928 Geneva flight cover: Chaux-De-Fonds - Locle (see 2001:88) 20024qry; air
1875 money transfer envelopes: Einzugsmandat / Mandat d'encaissement (see 2001:89)20024pst
1914 National Exhibition cover: cancelled in 1914 & 1964; validity (see 2001:92) 20024,5,81qry
1837 receipt card: Le Bureau des Diligences et Messageries; Canton Vaud 20025qry; pst
1927 mail receipt slip: imprinted 'Nachfragegebühr / 20 Rp'; 20c Tell stamp cancelled Zurich 20025,10qry
Chocolate postcards: Klaus (see 2001:92) 20025,30qry; ppc
Coil Stamps: rolls of self-adhesive 70 & 90c stamps20027dyk; stp
Book Review: Day of the Stamp 1937 onwards, author Heinz Bauer20027dyk; lit; stp
Railway company meter marks: BLS, Brig-Visp-Zermatt20028rly
Frama: poor quality printing of 2001 ATM labels20027dyk; lbl
1863 cover: Fleurier to Canton, China; mixed-franking (Strubel/Sitting Helvetia); a fake!20029,10frg; cvr
1913 postcard: Elzach to Altstätten; German & Swiss stamps; cancel timings '9-10V' and '6-7V' 200213qry; ppc
Swiss aerophilately: Mittelholzer flights, by D Cairns200211-13air
Campione D'Italia: mixed franking on card to GB; Italian 'T'; cancelled Lugano; no due charged 200213qry; pdu
Campione D'Italia: Italian enclave continues with the Swiss Franc (not Euro) 200215dyk
Reply-paid cards: 1879 issue (z.14)200215dyk; pst
Wienacht: closed Post Office re-opened; Christmas cancel 2.12.2001 200215dyk; pmk
Return to Sender: new self-adhesive label (see 2001:83,84)200216lbl
Military label: inscribed FHD / SCF 200216,23qry; mil
MPO 2: machine cancels for 1947 200217mpo; qry
1924 Special Flight: Grenchen-Zurich; Flugpost Grenchen vignette 200217air; qry
Swiss Meter Marks and Postal Rates200218,19,20,21,47phs; dyk
Postal Rates: COD fees increased on inland letters 200223dyk; phs
Postal Rates: increased rate for personal receipts200223dyk; phs
Letters of 1788-99: m/s 'Franco Milano'; boxed two-line handstamp F / Milano; spiral pre-payment marks 200224qry; phs
1935 cover: handstamped 'Mit Nachtluftpost / BASEL-FRKT 200225qry; phs
1895 wrapper: non-postal mark "Gefl. Zu beachten/ Beleg zu mitfolgendem Brief.". 200225phs
Chocolate advertising: Cailler, Suchard, Kohler, Sprüngli, Peter, Lindt, Tobler, etc.200226,27,45,48,52ppc
Air Mails: display to the London Group by Alex Newall200227,28,29air; stp
Postcard: published by O Chaubert Gamboni of Lausanne; translation required (see 2001:92) 200230ppc; qry
1943 centenery of stamps: rubber & steel cancels (see 2004:54) 200230pmk; qry
Counter labels: ink colour changed from red to blue200231dyk; lbl
Güller: cancellers for the British army (refer to 1993:70,79) 200232qry; pmk
Güller: earliest canceller - Dept of the Reporter on the Products of India, 1869 (refer to 1994:7) 200232qry; pmk
Coil Stamps: 20c (z.358L) used for Postage Due in 1966; only 49 known (refer to 1994:13) 200232qry; pdu
Güller: canceller for Arbenz of Birmingham in 1879 (refer to 1994:23) 200232qry; pmk
Schübelbach: three-ring cancel (refer to 1994:40) 200232qry; pmk
Undercover wartime mail (refer to 1994:50) 200232,40qry; phs
French mail cancelled in Switzerland, December 1995 (refer to 1996:5) 200232qry
Straightline Handstamps: used with Ambulant cancel; where were they kept? (refer to 1998:2) 200232,40qry; rly
1962 GB reply-paid card: Youth Hostels Assoc; Zurich slogan "75 years Esperanto" (refer to 1997:20) 200232qry
Fiscal use of Soldier Stamps: poster tax; Comp Sapeurs II/1 Poste de Campagne (refer to 1997:18) 200232rev; mil; qry
Evangelists high-value issue: paper query (z.381-384) (refer to 1998:93) 200232qry; stp
Geneva: 40c 'Escalade' definitive (z.598); forgery (refer to 1998:96) 200232frg; stp; qry
1947 Railway Centenary: machine cancel 'BADENFAHRT 9-20.VIII.1947' (see Focus on Stamps 1997:1)200232rly
Kinderpost (Childrens' post sets): Standing Helvetia toy stamps 200233,50qry
Tell Boy: bisected 5c (z.170) on 1931 postcard 200233,47qry; dyk
Meter Marks: 200233qry; lbl
Railways: article in 'Focus on Stamps'200239dyk; rly
Machine Cancels: 'A' and 'PP' Priority 200239dyk; pmk
1951 cover: overfranked; Oberdorf to Lugano; forwarded to Grenchen; "Delayed, Insufficent address" label200240phs; lbl
Disarmament Conference: cancel dated 1934 200240,68qry; pmk
Basel: Spalentor small postcard, imprinted 'Drucksache' 200241ppc; qry
Business-Reply card: machine-labels used for Postage Due 200241,47pdu; qry; lbl
1994 Commemorative: Civil Aviation issue (z.859); clouds above globe 200245qry; stp
FOSSUK: Federation of Swiss Societies in the United Kingdom200246gen
Zurich: Sihlpost self-adhesive label 'Damaged in machinery'200247dyk; lbl
SBB/CFF: contract with DHL for parcel distribution200247dyk; rly
1897 cover: Cornwall to Italy; redirected Lugano; Italian & Swiss postage dues200249pdu
1850 Freight: routes, times and charges: Pistoja, Pontelagoscuro 200251qry; rly; lac
Kocher stamps: 200252lbl
Grandvaux: 'K' cancel "Village de l'Etiquette"200252pmk
Simplon Pass: Refuges & Hospices200253phs
Tell: connections with William Wallace of Scotland200254gen
Blitzingen (VS): 1932-34 disaster-relief parcels, marked "Envoi de secours, franc de port", or "Portofrei Liebesgabe" 200254phs
STAMPIT: stamps produced on PC for postcards & covers; Webstamp200255,71,79dyk
Non-postal cachets used onboard Lake Steamers:A2081 Neuchâtel-Murten; M/S Fribourg 200255dyk; lac
2002 Europa stamps: artist Hans Falk; exhibition; circus200255dyk; stp
SBB/CFF: express delivery service; RailExpress200255dyk; rly
Swiss Railways: table showing opening dates of each stage of each railway 1847-1918200255dyk; rly
Alpine Posts: table showing opening of services 1918-1946200255dyk; phs
Swiss Railways: list of reference books 200256,58,59,65rly
Handstamp: Thurn & Taxis boxed cachet 'SCHWEIZ / N.T.T.'; transit via Switzerland200257,58,65phs; pmk
Handstamp: cachet 'VERBANO'; travel via Lake Maggiore200257phs; lac
Handstamp: WALDSTATTERSEE (AW group 87/88); in use 1861 only200257phs; lac
TPO cancels: explanation of train & route numbers200259,66,67rly
Latin Monetary Union (1840-1871) - presentation by Gavin Fryer FRPS,L200260,61phs
1963 Architectural series: luminescent paper; pre-dated FDCs (see 2003:2,13,23) 200261qry; stp
Cancels: G Knüsli Zurich; trial stamps200262frg
Güller: cancellers used in Italy200263dyk; pmk
Frama: article in American Philatelist200263dyk; lbl
Postal Rates: increase in rates for parcels and letters forecast200263dyk; phs
International Reply Coupons:200263dyk; pst
Undeliverable mail: opening to identify sender's address; yellow label200263dyk; lbl
1941 Historical designs: articles in SBZ200263dyk; stp
1919 postcard: Zeppelin "Bodensee" 200264air
1960 postcard: Swiss Dhaulgiri Expedition to Nepal200265gen
TPO cancels: Ambulant Circulaire200266,67rly
1917 parcel labels for returned empty bottles200268,81lbl
Simplon Railway: history (refer to 1999:54)200269,77rly
Value of Collections: accumulated information not included when collection sold at auction200270gen
Switzerland becomes 190th member of UN: 10th September; 90c stamp; FDC dated 11th 200271,79dyk
Consilium Philatelia Helvetica: new President; Robert Wightman200271dyk
Frama: reduction in number of stamp-vending machines200271dyk; lbl
Embroidered stamp: missing value on block of four sheetlet200271stp; dyk
Non-postal cachets used onboard Lake Steamers: 200272,80lac
Territoires Conquis: where were they? 200277qry
1846 cover: Fribourg to St. Chamond, France; boxed cachet 'T.G.' (Transit Genevois)200280,86pmk; phs
1914 National Exhibition: Offizialle Künstler Postkarte; rare de Coppet cancel 2.XI.14-8 with star and 'tails' (Comet)200281pmk
Simplon Tunnel: 1906 opening; cachets (see also 2003:32,35) 200281qry; rly
1910 letter card: Federal Shooting Festival, Bern 17-31 July 1910 (see 2003:12,44,65)200282,83pst
1944 cover: Bern Phliatelic Bureau to Ulm, Germany; postal rates; censoring (see 2003:2-3) 200284phs; qry
Frama: label used for sealing registered envelope200284lbl
1878 postal card: Zurich to Antwerp; arrival mark "Suisse Anvers" 200284qry; pmk
First Day Covers: which date is correct (official date or postally used date)? 200279,85dyk; qry
1907 pc from Rome; Geneva "Inconnu al'appel" s/ handstamp (AW 25); "Adresse insuffisante" label 200285,93pmk; lbl; qry
Bern Printing Works: last new issue stamp printed200287dyk; stp
Booklet Stamps: discounted 'Tourism' stamps; Fr.1.30 and Fr.1.80200287,95dyk; stp
Cancels: cancellation service from 'Ful Philatelic'; all types of cancels200287pmk; dyk
Pro Juventute: fake cancel on 1912 forerunner (see 2000:44; 2001:31,39,71; 2003:5,55; 2004:39,47,67)200287pro; pmk; frg; dyk
1935 letter: Basel to London; value-declared; postage query 200288,92qry; phs
1896 cover: Villeret to Renan; under-franked; PDs added on two separate days 200289qry; pdu
1961 cover: Canada to Geneva; cancelled with 'PP' in octagon (see 1995:70-72; 1996:19; 1998:65; 2003:45) 200289qry; pdu
Swissair: first flight covers200292air
1954 parcel coupon: postal rates (see 2003:12) 200293qry; phs
160 years Swiss-British Postal & Philatelic Relations: display at Swiss Ambassador's residence, London200294gen
Re-directed mail: to and from Sweden; Mal Dirigé sur La Suede' machine cancel 200295dyk
Re-directed mail: to and from Thailand; 'missent to Bangkok' handstamp200295dyk
Machine Cancels: slogan flag cancels for 1919 food shortage200295dyk; pmk
1817 cover: St Gallen to Germany; forwarded to Schaffhausen; oval mark 'Schweitzer Auslag von Schaffhausen'200296phs; pmk
Cancels: St Gallen, Zurich & Ticino 'Auslag' handstamps (see 2003:2,12) 200296qry; pmk; phs
1822 cover: Geneva to Paris; P.I.P / FERNEY handstamp; octagonal 'T.3e'; diagonal line 20031,13phs; qry; pmk
1963 Architectural series: luminescent paper; pre-dated FDCs (see 2002:61) 20032,13,23qry; stp
Cancels: St Gallen & Zurich 'Auslag' handstamps (refer to 2002:96) 20032qry; pmk; phs
1944 cover: Bern Phliatelic Bureau to Ulm, Germany; postal rates; censoring (see 2002:84) 20032,3phs; qry
1896 postcard: used as parcel label; Le Sepey / Ormont Dessus / Chateau d'Oex label 20034lbl
Salvation Army envelope used in wartime; 'CP Surveillance 1009' handstamp 20034qry; mil
Pro Juventute: fake cancel on 1912 forerunner (see 2000:44; 2001:31,39,71; 2002:87; 2004:39,47,67)20035pro; pmk; frg
Luzern-Engelberg: TPO cancels, including forgery 20035rly
STAMPIT: addressed covers; Webstamp (see 2004:47,95)20037,23,95dyk
Postal Rates: posting chocolate bars (see 2000:7,15; 2004:15)20037phs; dyk
Machine Cancels: slogan cancels for 'Poverty'20037dyk; pmk
1801 cover: Prefect of Basel to French General Moreau20038gen
Rigi-Kulm: balloon railway; Arth, Immensee20038rly
Customs Cancels: translation from ArGe Schweiz200310,11,12pmk
1910 letter card: Federal Shooting Festival, Bern 17-31 July 1910 (refer to 2002:82,83)200312pst
Cancels: Ticino 'Auslag' handstamps (refer to 2002:96) 200312qry; pmk; phs
1954 parcel coupon: postal rates (refer to 2002:93) 200312qry; phs
Bulk-mailing: new 'PP' charge for letters (see also 2004:7,15)200315dyk
Bundesfeier: 1926 "Calling Boy" card (z.44); 1975 Sarnen cancel, calling cowherd200315dyk; pro
Vitznau-Rigi Bahn: information, by D Slate200316rly
1884 postcard: 'Geneva / Hotel National' cancel; late usage date200317,39pmk; dyk
Fluelen: postcard with 'Hotel du Lac, Fluelen' cachet; 40c ticket 'Strassenbahn-Altdorf-Fluelen A.-G.' 200318,28,30qry
Stampless cover: Mels straightline and Federal grill cancels; FRANCO handstamp200318phs
Zurich: International Flight Meeting; 1937; mail posted in MPOs 200319air; mpo; qry
Pro Aero: 22 May 1938; cancellations query; arrival date 31 May 200319air; qry
Weggis Rigi-Kaltbad cableway: 200319rly
Postal Rates: letter & express rate changes200320phs
Machine Cancels: 'spot the errors' quiz200320,30,35gen
Gotthard route: straightline handstamps, TPO and boxed station cancels200322rly
Simplon Railway: commemorative cards and cancels; Brig, Iselle, Aigle200322rly
Book Review: Rigi-Stempel, authors Reno Inderbitzen & Felix Weber200323dyk; lit
Book Review: Die Postkarten-Heftchen der Schwiezer Post 1912-1992, author Ernst Jaeger200323dyk; lit
Cugnasco (TI): 'K' cancel; "Gesora" (church)200323pmk; dyk
1803 Act of Mediation: 200th anniversary of Napoleon's creation of 6 cantons200323,47,95dyk
Baedeker Guides and Philately, by H Towers200324gen
1910 Dutch 'Little Switzerland' exhibition labels200325lbl
Pioneer Flights: Liestal, 27th April 1913200326,27air
PTT: apology for ink-smudged machine-cancel200327,43gen
Returned letters during WWII: 200328,41,42phs
1966 letter: Italy to Lugano with 'messenger' definitive (z.356); 'T' Due; rates 200328,35pdu; qry
Publicity (Tourist Propaganda) 'K' Cancels: definition200330pmk
America's Cup: Alinghi stamp issue200331,39,47,54dyk
Braille stamp issue200331dyk
Postal Rates: early rates from GB (1830s)200332phs
Simplon Tunnel: 1906 opening; cachets (refer to 2002:81) 200232,35qry; rly
Bâle Outre Mere cancel (see 1997:93, 2004:13,22-23)200332,71pmk; dyk
Basel: transit cancel BÂLE 2 OUTRE MER (overseas) (see 1997:87,93; 2004:13,22-23) 200332,71pmk; qry
Rigi-Scheidegg Bahn: information, by D Slate200333rly
Communications: formal addressing; 'PP' (Praemissis praemitendis); 'ML' (Meine Lieben) 200334,37gen
Faulhorn Hotel post, by D Slate200336htl
Quinten: 'K' cancel (see 2004:15)200337,55,71pmk
1969 cover: Bonn to Birsfelden; 'Circled-T' handstamp; double-franked 200337pdu; qry
Frama: new ATMs in Liechtenstein200339lbl; dyk
Labels: new 'Retour' (Return) labels200339lbl; dyk
1945 letter: Prisoner of War Post; returned; boxed cachet with missing word (see 2000:37,49,50) 200340,41,42,65,74phs; qry
1942 letter: Basel to GB; returned to sender; air mail service suspended 200341,65air; qry
Resumption of surface mail between Switzerland, UK and US; 15th Dec 1944200340dyk
Booklet Stamps: Tete-Bêche printing (z.595)200342stp; err
1924 letter: Federal Shooting Festival, Aarau 18 July-5 August (see 2004,13) 200344,65air; qry
1962 letter: Italy to Basel; underfranked; different 35c stamps with 'Circled-T' handstamp 200344pdu
Hand struck 'T' cancels on current stamps200345pdu
1950 letter: 'T' cancel; "Strafporto" handstamp (see 2007:24) 200345qry; pdu
1961 cover: Canada to Geneva; cancelled with 'PP' in octagon (see 1995:70-72; 1996:19; 1998:65; 2002:89) 200345qry; pdu
Aerophilatelic Day: Altenrhein 03.05.2003200347dyk; air
Urtenen-Schonbühl: 'K' cancel; French occupation 1798 200347dyk; pmk
Pro Patria: new issue; Swiss bridges200347,79dyk; pro
Postal Rates: Valued Declared abolished; March 2003200347,55dyk; phs
Registration: sheets of 'R' labels; Poste de campagne, Feldpost Gotthard200348lbl; mil
1914 postcard: temporary/emergency boxed cancel 'MILITARSACHE' 200348,49lbl; mil; qry
Lake Luzern: general interest recorded on stamps, by A Payne200350,51,52gen
Definitive issues: period of validity, by A Young200353stp
Roggiswil: 'K' cancel; glacial boulders200354pmk
Post Offices: closures and name changes; list200355dyk; phs
Elm: 'K' cancel; 'ray of light' (see 2004:4,47)200355,95dyk; pmk
Switzerland's Amazing Railways, C J Allen: extracts200356rly
Entlebuch: early cancel200356pmk
Cancel query: Neuchâtel 7 / Gibraltar; from 1882-1900 (see also 1999:74) 200356qry; pmk
Feldpost: background to the Swiss Army Field Post Service, by D Ripley200357,58,90mil
Luzern: Glacier Gardens, by D Slate200358,69gen
Razorblade Cancels: updated list; usage dates200359,60pmk
Altdorf-Fluelen Electric Tramway: dates of opening/closure (refer to 2003:18,28,30)200361rly
Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn: merger of Brig-Zermat Bahn and Furka-Oberalp; TPOs200361,71rly
Book Review: WWII Mail from Switzerland to Great Britain, Canada & United States, author C J LaBlonde200362lit
Postal Rates: first 85c stamp issued for 'B' post200363phs; dyk; stp
Postal Rates: increase for 'A' post rate200363phs; dyk
UNESCO: special stamps and cancels; Abbey Library, St. Gallen200363dyk; stp; pmk
UNESCO: special stamps and cancels; Müstair (GR) Monastery200363dyk; stp; pmk
UNESCO: special stamps and cancels; Old-town of Bern200363dyk; stp; pmk
UNESCO: special stamps and cancels; Castles of Bellinzona200363dyk; stp; pmk
UNESCO: special stamps and cancels; Aletsch Glacier200363dyk; stp; pmk
UNESCO: special stamps and cancels; Monte San Giorgio, near Chiasso200363dyk; stp; pmk
Liechtenstein: new stamps, cancels and maxicards200363dyk; stp; pmk
FOSSUK: Year of the Mountains; Tell / Wallace cover 200364gen
1914 letter: Bellinzona to Mendrisio; boxed cachet 'FRANCO / Direction / Postes / XI' 200366,84qry; phs
1902 postcard: Gotthardbahn; Bellinzona straightline handstamp; blue ink (see 2004:68) 200366qry; rly; pmk
Postal Stationery Card: two versions - Officielle, Officiel (see 2004:68) 200366,67,84qry; pst
Cancels: 'Blind' or 'd'annulation' - rings and wavy-lines (see 1987:30; 1988:49; 1997:37,45) 200367pmk; qry
WWII undercover mail200368,69phs
Postal Coach: horse-drawn to steam-driven; 1850 routes map; history200370,72phs; rly
Railway map of Switzerland, 1858200370rly
Interlaken-Lauterbrunnen: TPO and cachet200371dyk; rly
Interlaken-Grindelwald: TPO and cachet200371dyk; rly
Epesses: 'K' cancel; 'PP' boxed cancel200371dyk; pmk
Tenniken: 'K' cancel200371dyk; pmk
Esperanto Congress: 1913 Bern; 1925 Geneva; cancels, reply coupons, covers (see 2004:11,45)200373,88gen
Helvetia Philatelic Society: improving benefits of membership (see 2004:1)200375gen
WWI PoWs - Schweizer Freimaurer Bureau für Nacsforschung & Verschwundenen (see 2005:41) 200376phs; qry
Hotel Waldhaus: modern hotel-post stamp; un-dated cancel 200376htl; qry
Straightline Handstamps: where applied; Lake Steamers, TPOs, general information (see 2004:1)200377,84rly; lac
UNESCO: stamps with discount vouchers; souvenir postcard booklet200379dyk; stp; ppc
Embroidered stamp: '0' missing from value200379stp; dyk; err
SPI: new 'PP' machine-impressions200379dyk
Frauenfeld: 'K' cancel200379dyk; pmk
1945 letter: registered, with delivery slip intact; addressed to Prof Einstein, Zurich200380phs
SP: brochure; validity of stamps and postal stationery200381,82stp
SP: reduction in number of letter-sorting centres, 1998-2008200382,83phs
Tarasp-Kurhaus: early example of cancel, 1.IX.1872 200383pmk
1955 pc: Bern to GB; private label; s/ 'AG für Messapparate,Bern' and 'Preisaufschlag 20%' 200384qry
Postal Rates: increases in 2004 (see 2004:2,15,23)200387dyk; phs
Furka-Oberalp Bahn: TPO cancel; Brig - Oberwald200387dyk; rly
Rhätische Bahn: TPO cancel; trip 580, St. Moritz - Chur200387dyk; rly
St Gallen: 'K' cancel; OLMA200387dyk; pmk
UNESCO: Müstair (GR) Monastery; 'P.P. label200387dyk; lbl
1953 business card: machine frank 105c (25c postcard, 80c Express)200389pst
1943 cover: Swiss and GB postage; to South African escaped PoW200393phs
Straightline Handstamps: 'Ambulant / Lausanne-Pontarlier' and 'Vallorbe'; plus TPO No.6 cancel 200394qry; rly
SP: SwissPostCard; Multimedia Messaging Service (see 2004:7)200395dyk
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: cover with 'B' printing posted two years after the printing date (see 2004:4,12)200396stp
Murren: International Ballonsportwoche 'K' cancels200396pmk
Vordermeggen: straightline handstamp on TPO No.19 20041,52rly; qry
Helvetia Philatelic Society: improving benefits of membership (see 2003:75)20041,20gen
Postal Rates: new letter rates 1.1.200420042,15,23,36phs; dyk
SP: charges for new issues20043gen
Elm: Martin's Loch; Konrad Escher (see 2003:55,95)20044,47stp, pro
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862: measuring paper thicknesses 20044,12,27qry; stp
1905 postcard: St. Gallen to Tahiti (French Colonies); postage rates for Treaty States 20045,10qry; phs
Rayons: fakes & forgeries, display to the Northern Group by Cedric Dry20046stp; frg
Pro Juventute: self-adhesive stamps; printed in USA (see also 2005:79)20047pro; dyk
Rhätische Bahn: TPOs reduced to two (one goods train, one passenger train)20047rly; dyk
Matterhorn-Gotthard Bahn: TPOs still in use - Brig-Zermatt and Brig-Oberwald20047rly; dyk
SP: SwissPostCard; Multimedia Messaging Service (see 2003:95)20047dyk
Bulk-mailing: new 'PP' charge for letters (see also 2003:15)20047,31dyk
Postcards: 'hold to light' cards20048ppc
Postal stationery card: multiple 'Circled-T'; bulk payment (see 2005:72) 20049qry; pdu
1815 entire: Bern to London; General Ballingall, Royal Marine200411,20phs
Esperanto Congress: 1906; embossed vignette (see also 2003:73,88)200411gen
1924 letter: Federal Shooting Festival, Aarau 18 July-5 August (see also 2003:44,65) 200413air; qry
Basel: transit cancel BÂLE 2 OUTRE MER (overseas) (see 1997:87,93; 2003:32,71) 200413pmk
Geneva: transit cancel GENEVE OUTRE MER (overseas) 200413,23pmk; dyk
Lausanne: transit cancel LAUSANNE 11 GARE OUTRE MER (overseas) 200413pmk
Quinten: 'K' cancel (see 2003:37,55,71)200415pmk; dyk
Post Offices: closure of Zurich 25 and 66200415,23dyk; phs
Postal Rates: posting chocolate bars (see 2000:7,15; 2003:7)200415dyk; phs
Swiss Centenaries stamp issue: fading ink on red and orange bands (z.920-1)200415stp; dyk
United Nations: closure of Philatelic Office200415,23uno; dyk
Postcards: issue of new 'A' & 'B' cards200416dyk; pst
Disinfection and Quarantine of mail, by V Vandervelde200417,18,19,23,24gen
1935 wrapper: double-rate, registered; Basel City arms200420phs
Railways & TPOs: Display to the Northern Group by P Vaughan200422rly
Book Review: Post Offices of Vetroz and Conthey (Valais), author Oliver Cottagnoud200422dyk; lit
MPO cachet: Zurich-Arb/Philat/Bund; 1942 (Zurich Workers Philatelic Society)200423dyk; mpo
Cancels: Economat; stock room of stationery, stamps, etc.200422,23,36,71pmk; dyk
Güller: private cancel for A Arbenz, motor manufacturer of Birmingham 200423dyk; pmk
Lake Luzern: paddle-steamer 'Gallia' refurbishment (see 2001:79)200423lac; dyk
1960 postcard: cancelled with Göschenralp regular and temporary cancels200424pmk
Station Cancels: questions about boxed railway cancels of 1960s/70s 200424,27rly; qry
Railway Companies: abbreviations - SNB, SMB, SZB 200424,27rly; qry
Hotel Engadine-Engadinerhof: label on postcard; new discoveries200425,27,36htl
Olten: 1924/25 re-directed covers with P/Due stamp z.P39200426pdu
1904 postcard: GB to Italy; P/Dues; re-directed with label to Luzern; Swiss P/Dues200426pdu
Basel: vignette - Foire Suisse Bâle 200426lbl
Pro Juventute: pricing errors in Stanley Gibbons 2004 catalogue200427,35,38,64pro
Book Review: Poststellenchronik Schweiz 1849-1999, author Karl Gebert - PC format 200431lit; pmk; dyk
Solothurn-Niederbipp Bahn: Attiswil 'K' cancel with 'erratic block'200431dyk; pmk; rly
Book Review: Die Schweizerischen Soldatenmarken 2, 1939-45, author Markus Wittwer200431mil; dyk
SBZ: History of Soldier Stamps during WWI, articles by Reinhard Stutz 200431mil; dyk
Cancels: smallest Swiss cross; Münster 6.X.39 (Wallis) 200431pmk; dyk
Lugano: ESPA exhibition, 2-14 June 1951; MPO 3200431pmk; dyk; mpo
St Gallen: punched holes in revenue stamps; KASSIERT cancel 200433qry; rev
Vaud: 1873 'Timbre de commerce' issue; spelling mistake - Financos (Finances)200433rev
Change of Address cards: new design in 2002200434,35pst
Tax Perçue: cachet used at Liestal, 2004200436,63phs; dyk
Registration: philatelic cover 1945; Basel Dove pair; 'R' label200437lbl; phs
1924 postcard: airship 'LZ 126'; (USA ZR-3); Frank Sekula200437air
Frama: update on existing ATM machines200439lbl; dyk
Pro Juventute: fake cancel on 1912 forerunner (see 2000:44; 2001:31,39,71; 2002:87; 2003:5,55)200439,47,67pro; pmk; frg; dyk
Postcards: official PTT 'Franco' cards 200440pst; qry
Cancels: Swiss 'hammer' cancels, by M Rutherfoord (see 2005:39)200441,42pmk
Priority: new-style 'Priority' and 'Economy' labels200443lbl
Labels: new 'Retour' (Return) labels200444lbl
1916 cover: 1c P/Dues and Feldpost cancels; philatelic? 200444,51pdu; qry; mil
1920 postcard: charged letter rate; 3c & 5c P/Dues 200445,54qry; pdu
1950 cover: official PTT to UK, Express; air mail; 'PP' absent 200445qry; air; phs
1925 cover: Ido-Informerio; another synthetic language200445gen
Cancels: 2004 Athens Olympics cancel with Greek text200445pmk
FIFA triangular stamp: sold out200447dyk; stp
STAMPIT: addressed covers; Webstamp (see 2002:55,71,79; 2003:7,23,95)200447,95dyk
Priority: 'A Priority' label for mail damaged in Post Office machinery200448lbl; dyk
Parcel Labels: new labels for foreign-bound parcels; customs fee200448lbl; dyk
Zurich-Copenhagen: air mail service, 12 April 1926200449air
Development of Swiss air mail services 1919-40, by D Cairns200450,51air
SP: 'Swiss Design Classics' issue 200452,57stp; qry
SP: philatelic bureau single-stamp orders 200452,57,66stp; qry
Value of Collections: accumulated information not included when collection sold at auction200453gen
1966 cover: coil-stamp; 'T'-circle; accumulated information200453pdu
1943 centenery of stamps: rubber & steel cancels (refer to 2002:30) 200454pmk; qry
1940 luggage label: overpaid; 'Factage payé' labels200454lbl
Zurich: new Post Office; Zurich-West 8068 200455dyk; pmk
Uncut self-adhesive stamps200455dyk
Kocher stamps: multi-coloured, perforated gummed labels200455dyk; lbl
Stamp issue: designed by Emil (Swiss comedian)200455dyk; stp
Railways: 3rd class travel abolished 3 June 1956200455dyk; rly
Labels: DIY labels for 'B' letters200455dyk; lbl
Packet address label: Ambulant cancel 200456,69qry; rly; lbl
Temporary Cancel: 'Stein - - Aargau' used in July 1894 (AW group 94A) 200456,84pmk; qry
Cancel: 'Genève Rue du Stand / 8.I.07' and 'LETT' in lower segment (see also 2005:64) 200456,70pmk; qry
Cancel: straightline 'Emmishofen' (AW 30E/35 and Kreuzlingen thimble on 2c Sitting Helvetia 200456,84,94pmk; qry
Dornier DO-X flights 1929-1933, by J Cordingley200458,59,60air
Book Review: Bahnpoststempel und Streckenarchiv der Schmalspureisenbahnen,author Juris Schmidt200461lit; rly
Redirected Mail: tests with a new Automatic System in Zurich 200461gen
Postcard: Liechtenstein 'B' post; perforations surrounding printed stamp200463fls; dyk
SBB/CFF: withdrawal of TPO services; 7 August 2004 200463rly; dyk
SP: SwissPostCard; Multimedia Messaging Service; two new cards issued200463dyk
International Security Printers (ISP): includes Walsall(GB), Courvoisier(CH) and Cartor(F)200463dyk
Official Covers: 10c franking on official envelope; Industrial War Economy (IKW); registered letters 200466qry; pst
1905 telegram: redirected cover with telegram cancels; 'T' handstamp 200466qry; pdu
Jungfraujoch: postcard from Meiringen; 1935 glider flight; two different cancellers 200467,80qry; air; pmk
Jungfraubahn: Station Rothstock cachets (see 1999:65-66,74,82; 2005:44)200468rly; pmk
1902 postcard: Gotthardbahn; Bellinzona straightline handstamp; blue ink (see 2003:66) 200468qry; rly; pmk
Postal Stationery Card: two versions - Officielle, Officiel (see 2003:66,67,84) 200468qry; pst
Güller: record books; update200469pmk
1914 postcard: St. Moritz-Dorf to Belgium; address section overwritten; P/Due added 200469pdu
1916 cover: Germany to Bern; italic "T25c" handstamp; evaded censor 200470,83pdu; qry
SwissPostAuto: public bus system 'CarPostalFrance' in Dole200471dyk
Postal Charges: comparison of UPU system with private couriers (FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc.)200471dyk
SBB/CFF: Luzern-Stans-Engelberg & Brunig railways now form new 'Zentralbahn'200471dyk; rly
Cancels with double hour-reels, by M Rutherfoord (refer to 1991:1,2)200472,80pmk
1936 cover: air mail Bern to Brazil; route taken 200474air; qry
1937 cover: air mail Pontresina to Brazil; route taken 200474,75air
1935 cover: air mail Sao Paulo, Brazil to Zurich; route taken 200475air
Tombola Postcards: Don National; Festival de Sécheron 22-23 June 1918 (see 1999:41,51) 200476mil; ppc
Kocher stamps: plus ''Bela Sekula Luzern" labels (see 2001:15,20,28,29,47) 200476,85qry; lbl
Printed label: 'Volksrecht' (Folk Customs); 1950s machine-frank (see 2005:64,67) 200476,85qry; lbl
Straightline Handstamps: not listed in 'Postellenchronik' (see 2005:4) 200476,85pmk; rly
Straightline Handstamp: ENGSTLENALP (BERN) private cancel 200476,85qry; pmk
Straightline Handstamp: ZOFINGEN (Alte Winkel) private cancel 200476,85qry; pmk
Straightline Handstamp: LAMPENBERG (BASELLAND) 200476,85qry; pmk
Straightline Handstamp: SIMPLON-HOSPIZ (WALLIS) 200476qry; pmk
Straightline Handstamps: 'Paketannahmestelle / 4600 Olten Wilerweg' 200476,85qry; pmk
Railway Companies: abbreviations - SZU, WSB, BBS, SGV, LSE, RBS 200477,82rly; qry
Railway Companies: station codes, significance of first digit, e.g. SBB/STAMMHEIM 0 6024 4 200477rly; qry
1899 postcard: Appenzell to GB; part German stamp; 'T' handstamp; '1 / FB'; 'IB' in circle (see 2005:4) 200477,83qry; pdu
Coil Stamps: 'Zip-fastener' stamps sold only in rolls of 2000200479dyk; stp
Parcel Labels: new type200479dyk; lbl
Olten: special cancel for opening of the high-speed section of upgraded line Zurich-Bern200479dyk; rly; pmk
Luzern: special cancel for 150 years Strubel stamps200479dyk; pmk
Registration: marks and cancels for Registered Mail, by P Vonwiller (see 2005:5)200480phs
Lake Steamers: company abbreviations - SGV, VDGV, DGV200482lac
1935 covers: Greece/China to Gebruder Sulzer 40c Helvetia with Sword added for express delivery (see 2009:64)200483phs
Stamp issue: 'wooden' stamp FDC200485,90,95stp; dyk
SPI: new 'Frankieren Post' for business mail bulk cancellation200487dyk
SP: modern tourism cards200487dyk; psts
Hotel Cachets: cachets found on postcards, etc.200488htl
1909 cover: GB domestic mail unintentionally sent to Argentina in 2004, returned by St. Gallen Post Office200489phs
UPU: international reply letter (see also 2005:8)200494,95pst; dyk
Zurich: Tram Museum; special mail; Schlieren-Weiningen tram200494,95rly; dyk
SBB/CFF:opening of high-speed track Mattstetten-Rothrist open day200494,95rly; dyk
Brig-Bern: last day of TPO - 10.12.2004200494,95rly; dyk
Chur-Klosters: last day of TPO - 10.12.2004200494,95rly; dyk
Registration: Pro Juventute covers with series of 'R' labels20051lbl
Labels: The first 'Retour' (Return) labels, by D N Muir20052,3lbl
Official Covers: 10c franking on official envelope; Industrial War Economy (IKW); registered letters 20054qry; pst
Straightline Handstamp: ENGSTLENALP (BERN) private cancel (refer to 2004:76) 20054qry; pmk
Straightline Handstamp: ZOFINGEN (Alte Winkel) private cancel (refer to 2004:76) 20054qry; pmk
Straightline Handstamp: LAMPENBERG (BASELLAND) (refer to 2004:76) 20054qry; pmk
Straightline Handstamps: 'Paketannahmestelle / 4600 Olten Wilerweg' (refer to 2004:76) 20054qry; pmk
1916 cover: Germany to Bern; italic "T25c" handstamp; evaded censor (refer to 2004:70,83) 20044pdu; qry
Intercity Express: cover and labels20055lbl; phs
1881 cover: Signau-Berlin; registered; German 'von Ausland' label (see 2004:80) 20055lbl; phs; qry
1811 entire: St. Gallen to Firenze (Florence); St Gallen straightline and 'L.T.' handstamps (see 2006:13) 20055qry; phs
GB cover to Luzern: Bela Sekula; underpaid; P/Due not collected 20056qry; phs
SBB/CFF: revised timetable, withdrawal of last TPOs on 10.12.200420057dyk; rly
Heinrich Bullinger: (1504-1575); Austrian commemorative stamp20057dyk
SP: slogans promoting letter-writing20057pmk; dyk
Labels: new trilingual 'Retour' (Return) label20057,15dyk; lbl
1945 luggage label: machine-cancel 'ovals' on labels 20058lbl; qry
Jungfraubahn: list of cachets (see 1999:74,82)20058rly
UPU: international reply letter (refer to 2004:94,95)20058pst; dyk
Catapult Flights: across the North Atlantic; 'ss Bremen' and 'ss Europa'200510,11air
Razorblade Cancels: de Coppet; Hotel Schweizerhof, Grand Hotel Baden, etc. (see 2003:59-60)200513,23,25,26,95pmk; dyk
Razorblade Cancels: de Coppet, first cancels 1889; Lausanne, Bern, etc. (see 2003:59-60)200513,25,26pmk
First Day Covers: red bar-coding200515dyk
Yverdon-Ste Croix Railway: de Coppet cancel200515rly; pmk; dyk
Yverdon-Ste Croix Railway: no Sunday service; William Barbey of Valeyres-sous-Rances200515rly; dyk
SPI: new 'Frankieren Post' for business mail bulk cancellation (refer to 2004:87)200515dyk; lbl
STAMPIT: stamps produced on PC for postcards & covers; Webstamp (see 2002:55,71,79; 2003:7,23,95)200515,23,55dyk
WWI covers/cards with imprinted numbers 200517,37qry; mil
Commercial Development of Swiss Air Mail Services 1919-1940, by D Cairns (updated from 1980-81)200519,20,27,28,35,36,37,41air
1937 military cover: 'Amtlich' blanked; 'Official' (perforated cross) stamp added 200521,61mil; qry
1935 military cover: underfranked; P/Due added 200521,48,61mil; qry; pdu
Cantonals: fakes & forgeries, display to the Northern Group by Cedric Dry200522stp; frg
SP: SwissPostCard; Multimedia Messaging Service; two new cards issued200523dyk
Liechtenstein: new 'lace' stamp200523dyk; fls
Essays: design competition entries - 1901, 1932, 1995200523,31dyk
Pioneer Flights: Lugano-Mendrisio 8th June 1913200524air
1899 postcard: Appenzell to GB; part German stamp; 'T' handstamp; '1 / FB'; 'IB' in circle (see 2004:77,83) 200528qry; pdu
Grilled gum: information200529gen
Razorblade Cancels: Exhibition of de Coppet cancels200531,39dyk; pmk
Exhibitions: copying of exhibits for future reference and study200531dyk
Bulk-mailing: 'PP' charge for postal voting200531dyk
UPU 1900: plating the stamps, by D Houtris200532stp
Unauthorised Expertising: Renggli200533gen
Auction firm bankruptcies:200533gen
Book Review: Eisenbahnatlas Schweiz (railway atlas)200533lit
Cancels: Swiss 'hammer' cancels (refer to 2004:41,42)200539pmk; dyk
Cancels: new-issue service for cancellations; 'Flash' catalogue 200539pmk; dyk
SP: big stamp; opening of Paul Klee Centre, Bern200539dyk; stp
Swiss cancel on British and Irish stamps200541,56,80pmk
WWI PoWs - Schweizer Freimaurer Bureau für Nacsforschung & Verschwundenen (see 2003:76) 200541phs; qry
Luzern: Schiffsbureau No 2 cancel 200541qry; lac; pmk
Helvetia: background and development of early Swiss stamps, by Feliz Ganz200542gen
Cantonals: a Swiss primer, by Feliz Ganz200543stp
Rayons: a Swiss primer, by Feliz Ganz200543stp
Postcards: "Die Ersten Briefmarken der Schweiz"; fake stamps taken from designs200544ppc; frg
Postcard: picture postcard design with "Telegramm von Zurich" 200544ppc; qry
Jungfraubahn: Hotel Berghaus; cachets; Eigergletscher, Jungfraujoch (see 1999:65-66,74,82; 2004:68)200544rly
Postcards: Matrix and EAN codes on new 'A' & 'B' cards200547;87pst; dyk
SP: self-adhesive labels for the 'Ymago' project200547,63,71,85,87dyk; lbl
Registration: new 'R' labels for mail to overseas (see also 2006:23)200547dyk; lbl
Rayons: Fournier forgeries of the Rayon III stamps, by C Dry 200548stp; frg
1907 cover: St. Gallen to Germany; Nachnahme; Registered; postage query 200549,61,68phs; qry
Rayons: background information, by R Zeigler200550,51stp
The early South American air mail service, by D Cairns200552,53air
SPI: stick-on 'PP' labels for Swiss Post UK200555,61dyk; lbl
SP: closure of Swiss Parliament Post Office; '3003 Bern 3 Bundeshaus'200555dyk
Labels: Insurance company's 'PP' impression200555lbl; dyk
Stamp issue: new Fr.5 value; no FDC facility200555,71dyk; stp
1967 cover: PJ stamp used for P/Due (see 2006:45,57) 200557,68qry; pdu; pro
1967 cover: official paid OHMS from GB; treated as P/Due (see also 2006:8) 200557,67qry; pdu
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862 (Strubel): background information200558,59,60stp
1933 flight cards: 'Zurich Tourist Congress'; sent to Dr Fauchere (see 2006:35) 200561air; qry
Priority: new 'A Priority' label for damaged mail items200561lbl
Gambia stamps: transatlantic Zeppelin flights; Dornier Wal flying boat; 'Westfalen' support ship200561air
Meyrin (GE): Day of the Stamp issue200563stp; dyk
Neftenbach: different 'K' cancels; used on Sunday for local exhibition; Pro Patria stamp (z.PP157)200563dyk; pro; pmk
Parcel Labels: 1960-1970's200563dyk; lbl
Cancel: 'Genève Rue du Stand / 8.I.07' and 'LETT' in lower segment (see also 2004:56,70) 200564pmk; qry
Printed label: 'Volksrecht' (Folk Customs); 1950s machine-frank (see 2004:76,85) 200564,67qry; lbl
Cross & Numeral: bisect on 1905 cover 200564,68,77qry; stp
1911 postcard: Fuorcla Surley; FUORCLA SURLEJ straightline handstamp; Pontresina cancel 200565,80,88ppc; pmk
Frama: ATM labels, by G J Swart200566,67lbl
Book Review: WWII Mail between New Zealand and Switzerland, authors C J LaBlonde & R Startup200568,82dyk; lit
SP: new sorting offices at Harkingen (SO) & Eclepens (Yverdon)200568dyk
Helvetia with Sword: background information, by Felix Ganz200569stp
Zurich: aviation exhibition 28th June - 11th July 1933; postcard with FLUGWESEN AUSSTELLUNG cancel200569air
Book Review: Machine Slogan Catalogue, author G Balimann200571dyk; pmk
SP: closure of Post Offices and withdrawal of 'K' cancels; article in 'Tell'200571dyk
Letter Boxes: replica British letter boxes; Basel Dove200571,87dyk
Frama: ATM labels with Swiss flag200571dyk; lbl
United Nations: unusable stamp issue200571dyk; uno
Postcards: 'Amtlich' cards with multiple T-circle P/Dues for bulk payment (see 2004:9) 200572qry; pdu; pst
Labels: "Make your car smile" Pfister Auto AG, Samedan200572lbl
Private post: overprinting pre-paid envelopes for security, embossed cancel; perfins200574gen
Tell Boy: background information, by Felix Ganz200575stp
Postage Due: P/Due labels on covers to PO Box addresses, by B Medland200576pdu; qry
1926 First Flight: Zurich-Konstanz-Innsbruck-Salzberg-Vienna; OELEG200577air
Zentralbahn (Brünigbahn): bridge and rail repair after floods 200577dyk; rly
Pro Juventute: self-adhesive stamps (refer to 2004:7)200579pro; dyk
Stamp issue: varieties of rouletting on new self-stick stamps; Cartor200579stp; dyk
Book Review: Swiss TPO Cancellations, author Reinhard Stutz200579,95dyk; lit; rly
Tell: background information, by Felix Ganz200582stp
LATI flights to South America: WWII200583,84air
Basel: tramway stamps; connections with Centralbahn and Badische railway stations200585rev, rly
Napoleon & Switzerland: display to the Northern Group by Cedric Dry200586gen
Interlaken: Unspunnen Festival FDC; stone still missing!200586gen
Esperanto Congress: 1913 postcard Bern to London; 'T' and '1d/FB' handstamps (see 2003:73,88)200588gen; pdu
Kungoldingen: boxed cachet (railway?) on 1938 cover 200589qry; pmk; rly
1929 cover: Bern-Biel-Basel 'Alpar' flight; Philatelic Congress, Bern 1929; flown Bern-Hamburg200593air
Cancels: non-postal 'Union Vaudoise' cancel; pre-'de-Coppet' (refer to 2005:13,25,26)200593dyk; pnk
Embroidered stamp: Austrian textile stamp200595dyk
Landscape Definitives: 1936 issue; the sites revisited, by N Nelder20061,2stp
Journal: SVPS - issue 4/2005; for collectors of cancellations; Razorblade and Hammer cancels 20062pmk; lit
Journal: Jungfraupost; Swiss Postal Agencies abroad; maps; cancels20062phs; lit
Journal: Philatelic Literature Review; review of German/English Philatelic Dictionary20062phs; lit
Journal: BBZ - issue 12.05; article on post to and from Rigi Kaltbad20062phs; lit
Geneva: "Bulge" 1872-1888 (PD & PP cancellers), by M Rutherfoord20063,4,58pmk
1867 cover: 'GENEVE A' cancel; Elzevir; PD handstamp20064pmk
1915 postcard: Feldgraue Serie - Uniforms de Campagne; aviator 20065mil
Esperanto labels: 1961 Europa stamp design; 1969 Zurich Congress20065lbl
Day of the Stamp: Meyrin (GE); CERN (see 2005:63)20067dyk; stp; pmk
Parcel Labels: new Parcel Post labels for 'Priority' & 'Signature Required' post20067,71dyk;lbl
Postal Coach: centenery20067,23dyk; gen
1967 cover: official paid OHMS from GB; treated as P/Due (refer to 2005:57.67) 20068qry; pdu
1942 cover: POW mail; Internment camp in Jamaica; charged 60c P/Due 20068pdu
1934 cover: St Gallen-Germany; under-franked; 'Circled-T' handstamp, and additional stamp; who paid? 20069,32,45qry; pdu
Cantonal coats of arms: Uri, Schwyz, Unterwalden, by B Thurlow200610gen
Cantonal coats of arms: Luzern, Zurich, Glarus, Zug, Bern 200618,19gen
Cantonal coats of arms: Fribourg; Solothurn; Basel; Schaffhausen; Appenzell200627,28gen
Cantonal coats of arms: St. Gallen; Graubünden; Aargau; Thurgau; Ticino 200653,54gen
Cantonal coats of arms: Vaud; Valais; Neuchâtel; Genève 200661gen
Cantonal coats of arms: The Confederation200672gen
Pan-Am Clipper flights in the Pacific200611,12air
1811 entire: St. Gallen to Firenze (Florence); St Gallen straightline and 'L.T.' handstamps (see 2005:5) 200613qry; phs
1819 entire: Geneva to Belgium, via Ferney; 'TF' handstamp; Frankryk OverDinant (see 2007:28) 200613,24,29qry; phs
Day of the Stamp: Olten; railways; George Stephenson200615dyk; stp; pmk
Liechtenstein: new FDC and IFS cancels200615dyk; fls
SP: simulated stamp and cancel on 'PP' letter from Red Cross200615dyk
Embroidered stamp: Gambia textile stamp200615dyk
Post Boxes: new anti-pilfering design for 'yellow' post boxes (see 2007:7)200615,87dyk
Swiss-guarded Train Mail: Poland, Rumania; 1919-21; covers and labels200616,26mil; lbl; phs
1939 cover: air mail to passenger on P&O steamer, Stratheden and sister ships200617,26,35air
Helvetia Philatelic Society: founding & early years200619,24gen
Registration: new 'R' labels for overseas mail (see also 2005:47)200623dyk; lbl
Book Review: A Philatelic Ramble through Chemistry, authors E Hellbronner & F A Miller200623dyk; lit
Pro Patria: 20c redrawn 'plinth' on 1940 issue200623dyk; pro
Razorblade Cancels: de Coppet; Hotel Schweizerhof & Grand Hotel Baden (see 2003:59-60; 2005:13,23,25-26,95)200622,23pmk; htl
1917 postcard: Kessiloch 1914-1915; cachet 'GENIE-CHEF der St. Gotthardbefestigung' (refer to 1999:77)200624mil
1934 cover: 'Value Declared' postal items200624phs
1937 cover: Comptoir Suisse; The 'Oxford Group' (religious movement in 1920-30s)200625gen
Registration: Two-coloured 'R' handstamps 200626,34lbl; qry
Lake Constance Ship Post: 200629lac
Hotel Post stamps: blocks of Rigi-Kaltbad, Rigi-Kulm, Rigi-Scheideck, Kuort Stoos and Maderanertal 200629,34,41,52,66htl
Swiss Army: display to the London Group by Claude Mistely200630mil
Landscape Definitives: 1939 issue 40c with guillotined perforations 200630stp; qry
Stamp issue: the Ibex on stamps200631dyk
Labels: self-adhesive labels for - Registered Economy Large letter, LSI; parcels 200631dyk; lbl
Handstamps: modern 'Taxe Perçue'' (Tax Paid) 200632dyk; phs
1962 postcard: under-franked; 'T'; 'Ungultig'; 'Circled-T' handstamp 200632,58pdu; qry
1930 postcard: air mail Luzern-Basel-Prague; route taken 200633air; qry
1932 cover: air mail Triengen to Spain; route taken 200633air; qry
1949 cover: air mail Zurich to Portugal; route taken 200633,45air; qry
1926 cover: air mail Zurich to Casablanca; route taken 200633air; qry
1933 flight cards: 'Zurich Tourist Congress'; sent to Dr Fauchere (refer to 2005:61) 200635air; qry
Reply-paid cards: double-postcard from St Gallen newspaper200636pst
1911 postcard: tombola card; written in morse code200636ppc
Railway Station Cancel: 'CH-3003 BERN OZD / DGD Postablage' (Ober-Zoll-Direktion / Direction-Generale-Douane)200637rly
Cancels: 'DPF' (Department politique fédéral) 200637pmk
Postal Rates: rate changes for A and B post200639phs; dyk
Registration: new 'R' labels 200639lbl; dyk
Stamp issue: Jungfrau Massif; set of three200639stp; dyk
Kloster Wettingen: Thomas Coryate's walk from Somerset to Venice, 1608200639dyk
STAMPIT: special 'private' Webstamp promotion covers from Swiss Pst200639dyk
Value of Collections: writing-up collections for display200640,60,83gen
1922 cover: Auressio to Vergoletto; Ticino; postcode changes; AURESSIO / Wert-Valeur label200642,43,52phs; lbl
Vergoletto: Güller cancel; 'K' cancels; postcode changes200642pmk
Auressio: Güller cancel200642pmk
Aland Stamp Collectors Society: correspondence from Polish Soldiers interned in Switzerland200643,44phs
1967 cover: PJ stamp used for P/Due (refer to 2005:57,68) 200645,57qry; pdu; pro
Tell Boy: gathering apples; satirical label 200645,52,80,89lbl; qry
SP: Postpac; PostExpress; PostLogistics200647dyk
Olten: George Stephenson's proposed layout of the railways 200647dyk; rly
Simplon Tunnel: centenary; Brig cancels200647dyk; rly
Lake Steamers: centenary of renovated paddle-steamer 'Schiller'200647lac; dyk
Post Bus: centenary; Detligen cancels200647dyk; pmk
Forgeries for sale on eBay200648frg
Helvetia Philatelic Society: 60th Anniversary celebrations200649,50gen
Cancels: straightline 'ENGI Glarus' on 20c Sitting Helvetia; not listed in AW 200651pmk; qry
Cancels: boxed cancel, italicised script (__L or __HL) on Fr.1 Standing Helvetia; not listed in AW 200651pmk; qry
Cancels: Chaux de Fonds / Voyageurs cds on 2c Sitting Helvetia; unlisted coach ticket office 200651pmk; qry
Cancels: straightline '_THEN_U_' (Elzevir/serifed script); AW Group 30; possibly Rothenburg 200651pmk; qry
Cancels: straightline '__THAL' (Elzevir/serifed script); AW Group 30 200651pmk; qry
1931 cover: Luzern to Chicago; Eugen Sekula; treated as P/Due 200652phs; qry
Post Coach: split from Swiss Post200655dyk
Book Review: A Century of Swiss Alpine Postal Coaches, 1832-1932 200655dyk; lit
Stamp Issue: Sempach birdwatching FDC200655dyk; stp; pmk
Cancels: stock items from 'Ful-Philatelic'; all Special, 'K', slogans, etc.200655dyk; pmk
Güller: cancellers for Montenegro in 1911200655dyk; pmk
Labels: 'PP Priority' label in English200655dyk; lbl
Zurich: paddle steamers, and Guller square cancellers of 1882200656lac; pmk
1954 cover: Basel to Turgi; unfranked; T-circle on Publicity stamps; early use? (see 2007:3) 200657,69pdu; qry
Railway Station Cancel: boxed 'BASEL S.C.B.' (Schw. Central Bahn)200659rly
Railway Station Cancel: circular 'ZOLLSTATTE BASEL S.C.B. WOLF' (Customs station in goods yard)200659rly
Railway Station Cancel: boxed 'EIDG. ZOLL / BASEL S.C.B. WOLF' (Customs station in goods yard)200659rly
Railway Station Cancel: circular 'ZOLLAMT BASEL B.B.POST-T' (Badische Bahnhof, transit or exchange of mail)200659rly
Railway Station Cancel: boxed 'Reichs-Eisenb. / BASEL' (former French station - Elsass-Lothringen)200659rly
1912 wrapper: Lugano to Locarno; winged wheel handstamp 'VSGLB' 200659pmk; qry
Labels: Hungarian and Tibetan refugee charity labels, 1956/57 & 1968200662lbl
Liechtenstein: 200th Anniversary of Independence200663dyk; fls
SVPS: review of AW (Abstemplungen-Werk 1969-73); updates unlikely200663dyk; pmk
Postal Rates: reduced rate for local cross-border mail (Rayon Limitrophe - RL); article; list of post offices200663dyk; pmk; phs
SP: SwissPostCard; personalised photo-stamp200663dyk
STAMPIT: WebStampPrivate (WSP); Cevio 'K' cancel200263dyk; pmk
Orts-Post & Rayons: forgeries, including fake KIENBERG boxed straightline cancel200664frg; pmk
United Nations: double-print on Nations Unies Office European overprint issue (z.17)200665uno
1932 cover: re-used three times from Wattwil and Oberwinterthur 200666qry; phs
1875 pre-paid envelope: unusual watermark200667pst
Book Review: The Suspension of United States Mail to Switzerland 1942-1945, author C J LaBlonde200667lit; phs
Labels: pre-1931 collection of Swiss vignettes/labels200668lbl
Industrielle Kriegswirtschaft (IKW): overprint stamp on cover 200669,85qry; stp
Postcards: picture postcards losing popularity200671dyk; ppc
Parcel Labels: new label used by smaller Post Offices 200671dyk; ppc
Ymago labels: solds in local stores200671lbl; dyk
Lake Thun: paddle-steamer 'Blumisalp' centenary200671dyk; lac
Cancels: collect 'divided' village postmarks, e.g. Obervaz & Untervaz; Freiherren (Barons) of Vaz200671dyk; pmk
Helvetia Philatelic Society: Organisation of the Society200675gen
1938 packet cover (Päckchen) to USA; customs label for typewriter spares; P/Due levied in New York 200676,88qry
Labels: first inland 'Retour' (Return) label, by M Rutherfoord200677lbl
Book Review: Sitting Helvetia Imperforate, author Urs Hermann200679lit; stp; dyk
Book Review: Handbuch Postgeschichte von Genf, author Richard Schafer200679lit; phs; dyk
Registration: new 'R' labels for inland mail 200679,95 dyk; lbl
Winterthur: 100th anniversary of Winterthur Philatelic Society200679dyk
Aarwangen: replacement 'K' cancel200679dyk; pmk
Exhibition: NABA 2006, Baden200679,85gen
1949 cover: GB to St Moritz; P/Dues; returned to GB for postage due handstrike200680pdu
Seeberg: covers of the 1950-60s with pen & ink cancels200681,82pmk
Landscape Definitives: printing errors (see 2007:1) 200683,89err; stp; qry
1938 cover: Prague to Paris via Zurich; uprated to express mail and forwarded200684phs
Swiss railways: display to the London Group200686rly
Postal Coach: Aargau buses painted white, with black and blue logo200687phs; dyk
Cancels: Bad Sackingen (Germany) cancel with St Fridolin (patron of Glarus)200687pmk; dyk
2006 cover: unfranked; under-taxed (85c)200687pdu; dyk
Güller: SBZ article on 'Elzevir' cancelers by Pierre Guinand200687dyk; pmk
Labels: new parcel label for 'manual handling' of mail item200687dyk; lbl
Bern: new 'K' cancel without outside ring (for 3030 Bern philatelie)200687dyk; pmk
Feldpost: Militarsache; covers cancelled 'Feldpostnummer', 'TG.KP', 'Feldpost Geb.' etc. 200689mil; qry
Franco/Swiss Postal Treaties: display to the Southern Group by Fred Hoadley200692phs
Route Marks: display to the Northern Group200694phs
2000 postcard: St. Gallen to GB; uncancelled stamp; Tax Perçue cachet 200694qry; pdu
Parcel delivery: Paket Post now PostLogistics; livery changed from yellow to white200695dyk
Labels: PRI (Priority); SI (Signature required); NOM (Addressee or Nominee)200695dyk; lbl
Landscape Definitives: printing errors (see 2006:83,89)20071err; stp
1939 postcard: 'BRB 3.10.1939' (federal decree - exportation of maps, photographs, etc.)20072pst
1954 cover: Basel to Turgi; unfranked; T-circle on Publicity stamps; early use? (see 2006:57,69) 20073pdu
Censored covers to Austria and Germany after end of WWII 20073,34phs; qry
Hunt for the 1c Postage Due on cover (see 1988:25,26,51,52; 1989:43; 2008:33)20074,5,8,40pdu
Labels: NOM (Adressee or Nominee) 20077dyk; lbl
Book Review: Swiss Railway Atlas; www.minirex.ch20077dyk; rly
1935 cover: returned to sender; unknown cachet 'Erfolglos ausgerufen / Inconnu à l’appel' 20077,16,18dyk; qry
Pro Juventute: fake cancel on 1912 forerunner (see also articles in 2000-2004)20077pro; pmk; frg; dyk
Post Boxes: new anti-pilfering design for 'yellow' post boxes (see 2006:15,87)20077dyk
Exhibition: Day of the Stamp, Olten; DIY printed stamps20077dyk
1910 cover: Bassersdorf to Baretswil; Pfarramt (Priests or Parish Office); manuscript '2' 20078,19,35qry; phs
Route Marks: unknown 'ROUTE DE GENEVE' cancel 20078qry; phs
UPU: 1900 issue; forgeries20079frg
Bulk posting document (PTT form 225), plus stamps cancelled with Zurich 'PP' cds200710,11,20phs
Book Review: Poststellenchronik Schweiz 1849-1999, author Karl Gebert200711lit; phs
1908 postcard: greetings card Locarno to Luzern; marked 'BOLLI JOST' 200712ppc; qry
Stamp on the Reverse: cachet 'Franco retro' (see 1987:49,50,60) 200712ppc; qry
1931 cover: Geneva to Zurich; air mail; why multiple cancels? 200713air; qry
Post Locale/Orts Post cover addressed "Dahier" (i.e. "here" or local)200715dyk; phs
Fischenthal: railway handstamp 'Fischenthal / 265/ 29 III 1957200715dyk; rly
Ebnat-Kappel: railway handstamp 25 May 1995; last day of contract between PTT and SBB200715dyk; rly
Labels: barcode label with PPR and PostPac Promo (now Promopost)200715,23dyk; lbl
Expert Marks: key to experts' marks on the back of stamps200716gen
1870 postcard: Sulgen to St. Gallen; written in code 200716,21qry; phs
1940 cover: Gersau to London; boxed cachet 'Detained in France during German Occupation' 200717phs
Obituary: Denis Gainon200719rev; gen
1910 postcard: Teufen to India; 1c Postage Due and octagonal Telegraph cancel200720ppc; pdu
1912 wrapper: Tell Boy, Helvetia Bust and Helvetia with Sword stamps200721phs
Business franking Frankieren Post200723dyk
SP: replacing old cancellers with IFS system for large quantities of mail 200723dyk
Book Review: 1924 UPU issue, author Alex Herms (booklet and CD)200723lit; dyk; stp
Book Review: Registration and Valeur Labels of Liechtenstein200723lit; dyk; lbl; fls
Registration: new labels200723,63dyk; lbl
1950 letter: 'T' cancel; "Strafporto" handstamp (see 2003:45) 200724qry; pdu
1963 cover: 'Strafporto' handstamp; PO Box 'due' pink label remains (see 2003:45; 2005:76) 200724qry; pdu
1891 cover: Lundy Island to Prof. Moriarty; Newhaven and Geneva cancels (see also 2007:51)200725,32gen
Swiss Heraldry: simplified for philatelists, by M Rutherfoord200726,27gen
Matzingen: 'K' cancel; 1200 years of history200727pmk
Pro Juventute: 1979 special cancel; Schwamendingen200727pmk; pro
1820 entire: Geneva to Belgium, via Ferney; 'TF' handstamp; Frankryk OverDinant (see 2006:13,24,29)200728phs
Specialist expertisers in Switzerland200728gen
Postal Coach: horns and music200729gen
SP: PP bulk-mailed covers200731dyk
Registration: new labels for Inland and Foreign letters200731dyk; lbl
SP: tourist buses to remain in yellow livery200731dyk
Machine Cancels: inverted crown in modern cancel200731dyk
1936 cover: registered to USA; customs label 'Passed Free', P/Due (see 2006:76,88)200732pdu
Fribourg: 1981 commemorative issue (z.660); seal of the city; mistake in text 200733stp
Zeppelin Airships: display to the Southern Group by Martin Mantell200734,96air
Standing Helvetia: perf. 11¾x11¾ on z.73D; Tramelan postmark 5.X.99200735stp
1910 cover: Francois Fournier; sales journal 'Le Fac-Simile'200735frg
1951 postcard: Dutch 20c bisect; Swiss P/Due levied at double deficiency200736pdu
Book Review: Undercover Addresses of World War II, authors CR & AM Entwistle200736lit; phs
Book Review: Postal Relations of Italy in the 1800s', Italy - Switzerland, author Vito Salierno200736lit; phs
Bern: "Bulge" or "Tab" cancel (with 'P.P.')200737pmk
Cancels: German "horseshoe" canceller; forerunner of Razorblade, Elzevir cancellers, etc200739pmk; dyk
Stamp issue: Roger Federer; first living personality depicted on stamps200739,47stp; dyk
Postal Cheques: counter inpayment paid by recipient not sender; system under review200739dyk
Swiss Postal Agencies abroad: Domodossola straightline 'DOMO DILIGS. SUISSES' on 10c blue P/Due200740phs; pdu
Razorblade Cancels: St Gallen cancel on 1c green P/Due200740pmk; pdu
1983 cover: GB to Basel; P/Due; yellow (Basel 20) tear-off label 200740,73,74,84pdu; lbl
1863 cover: Fleurier to Canton, China; mixed-franking (Strubel/Sitting Helvetia); a fake! (see 2002:9)200742frg; cvr
Websites:; (D,F,I)200742rly
Websites: (travel information)200742rly
Websites: (transport museum)200742rly
Websites: (fakes, forgeries, experts)200742frg
Temporary Cancel: NEUENDORF 10.III.1939; used on parcels label200743pmk
Book Review: Catalogue of Replacement Cancels 1990, author Pierre Guinand200743pmk; lit
Swiss Railways: list of private railway consolidations; amalgamations; abbreviations200744,72rly
Zurich-Baden: non-postal mark 'S 8 N' (Schweizerische Nordostbahn) of 1847200744rly
Swiss Railways: extract from 1849 timetable for Schweizerische Nordostbahn200744rly
1914 cover: contents (letter) written in Braille; special tariff200745gen
Coil Stamps: unprinted strips with 'large cross' watermark 200746stp; qry
Labels: 1954 football World Cup vignette (poster stamp) 200746qry; lbl
DIY stamps: PC-generated200747dyk; stp
Gotthardbahn: 125th anniversary; special TPO 31 May - 2 June, 2007200747dyk; rly
Lötschberg: opening of new high-speed tunnel, Fruitgen-Visp200747dyk; rly
Websites: (Poststellenchronik-Gebert)200747,56lit; pmk; dyk
Book Review: Catalog of 'K' Cancels & Local Publicity Cancels, SVPS (new edition, available on CD)200747,61lit; pmk; dyk
Business Franking: example from Neopost machine200747dyk
Fournier: Datestamp Forgeries, by S MacKenzie200748frg; pmk
Helvetia Philatelic Society: change of Editor200749,55gen
Helvetia Philatelic Society: Annual Philatelic Weekend, York200750gen
Professor Moriarty; Reichenbach Falls; La Chaux de Fonds, etc (see also 2007:25)200751gen
Booklet Stamps: Tête-Bêche and Se-Tenant pairs, by D Colman200752,53,54stp
Helvetia Philatelic Society: former Editors (Edythe Rawnsley, Peter Hobbs)200756dyk
Zurich: Trams and TPOs; stamp issue (z.672); MPO cancels200756dyk; stp; pmk
Websites: (Cultural Routes of Switzerland); Pro Patria "Via" stamps200756dyk; pro
SP: decorated balloons "BalloMail" 200756dyk
SP: withdrawal of slogans for letter-cancelling machines200756dyk; pmk
Air Mail to South America; the Geneva-Marseille connection (DLH and Zeppelin mail) 1935-39, by M Peter200757,58,59,67,68,69air
Railways & TPOs: display to the Southern Group by Fred Hoadley200760rly
Exhibition: Festival of Stamps (London) 2010200761gen
Journal article: "The other Pro Patria item" (Bundesfeier cards 1938-60) - Tell (AHPS)200762lit; pro
Journal article: "Happy Birthday Zumstein", A, M & Ch. Hertsch - Tell (AHPS)200762lit
Journal article: "Rayon I dark blue, with misaligned printing", George Valby - Tell (AHPS) 200762lit; stp
Journal article: "Der Rasierklingenstempel", Peter Schlatter - Le Collectionneur d'Empreintes Postales200762lit; pmk
Journal article: "Neues vom Automobilpostbüro" (on air mail covers) - Le Collectionneur d'Empreintes Postales200762lit; air; mpo
Tell Boy: image on British 1960s slogan200762gen
Swiss Papal Guard: commemorated on Vatican City stamp issue200762gen
SP: closure of Post Offices, including Feldis (GR); see,71,79dyk
Registration: new labels for foreign mail200763dyk; lbl
Montreux: 1947 publicity slogan still in use in 2007200763dyk; pmk
Mail Sorting: new REMA coding/sorting; Zurich-Mülligen (see 2008:56, 2009:73)200763,71dyk
Stamp Issue: Fr.1 Corbusier Armchair (z.1109) withdrawn; Bernard Weber (creator of Seven Wonders of the World)200763dyk; stp
Feldpost: WWI Military Postal Stationery200764mil
Jungfrau: double print errors on 1921 Fr.10 issue (z.131); vertical strips used for mass-mailing200765,66,80stp; err
1881 Health Warning: 'Toggenburger Volksfreund'; misuse of stamp-sheet edges for dressing wounds200766gen
Booklet Stamps: blocks of four in se-tenant sheet (z.614-616); possible combinations; puzzle 200770,86stp; qry
SBB: new railway map 200771dyk; rly
Sending live animals through the post: service removed (refer to 1996:49; 1997:39)200771dyk; lbl
Handstamps: modern 'Tax Perçue' (Tax Paid) for over-sized mail200771dyk; phs
Handstamps: 'A DEMENAGER / DELAI DE REEXP. EXPIRE' (time limit for re-directed letter expired)200771dyk; phs
Handstamp: 'Retour à l'expéditeur pour cause / d' adresse insuffisante. 200771dyk; phs
Handstamp: Manque / le numéro de la succursale PTT ' (Sub-office No. not included in PO Box address)200771dyk; phs
2002 cover: GB to Luzern; Value Declared label;200771dyk; lbl
Landscape Definitives: control numbers on 1946 issue 200772,80qry; stp
Journal article: "Late Line/Grill Cancellations on Fr.1 Strubels", George Valby - Tell (AHPS) 200776lit; stp; pmk
Journal article: "Acceptable International uses of Switzerland's pre-UPU Postal Cards", Harlan F Stone - Tell 200776lit; pst
Helvetia Philatelic Society: presentations on Soldier and Revenue stamps at the Royal Philatelic Society200777gen
Fiscals: UVT/WVV labels; tourism; 200778,84rev; qry
Poster Stamps: political labels by Fritz Black200778lbl
Stamp Issue: "English Poets and Writers" 200779dyk; stp
International Reply Coupons: still in use (since 1906)200779dyk
Labels: self-service Ymago postage labels replacing closed post offices and cancels200779dyk; lbl
Postcards: to Great Britain on outbreak of WWI (see also 2008:9,10,16,30)200781,82,88ppc
Postcard: Zurich to Ceylon; Wetterhorn-Aufzug cable car (see also 2008:1,2)200783ppc
Journal article: "A Propos Alt Schweiz" (the Zurich 4 Winterthur) - Studiegroep Nederlands200784lit
Journal article: "Postage Due Stamps and the Sekula Brothers" - Studiegroep Nederlands200784lit; pdu
Journal article: "The Centenary of Tellnap (Franco)" - Studiegroep Nederlands200784lit; stp
Journal article: "Classification of Postal Tariffs" - Studiegroep Nederlands200784lit; phs
Zurich 4: perforated; fake stamp200785frg
Envelopes: pre-printed stamp (Tübli); declining sales in 1886 and 2000200785,86,94pst
Fischer Post:200785phs
Exhibition: ZUBRA 07; at Bad Zurzach; report; special cancel200787dyk
SP: new coding and sorting centre at Zurich-Mülligen200787dyk
SP: closure of post office in Parliament building, Bern; bar-code label replacement200787dyk; lbl
1909 cover: to Henri Picard & Frère (watchmakers); additional Tell Boy/Helvetia with Sword franking200788gen
TPO and railway station cancels and handstamps200789,90,91,92rly
Registration: new 'A-Post Plus' service for business use200795dyk; lbl
Bern-Brig: TPO service still in operation; sorting only (no cancelling)200795dyk; lbl
Journal article: "150 years of Swiss TPOs" - Reinhard Stutz, SBZ200795dyk; rly
Self-adhesive stamps: perforations and rouletting200795dyk; stp
Postcard: Zurich to Ceylon; Wetterhorn-Aufzug cable car (refer to 2007:83)20081,2ppc
Fiscals: display to the Southern Group by Fred Pickard20083,4,5rev
Stamp issue: Bee Tagg20086dyk
Swiss Railway Map: new 2008 edition; map of all Switzerland and railways20086dyk
Zurich: closure of Post Office at the main station; 8023 20086dyk
Zurich: Ymago self-service kiosk; replacement for closed Post Office; CH-8001 Zurich HB 20086dyk; lbl
Registration: 'R' label for mail arriving from abroad; 8010 Zurich-Mülligen 20086dyk; lbl
Liechtenstein: electronic letter sorting introduced at Schaan20086dyk; fls
Booklet Stamps: Tête-Bêche and Se-Tenants pairs, display to the London Group by D Colman20088stp
Postcards: to Great Britain on outbreak of WWI (see also 2007:81,82,88)20089,10,16,30ppc
Journal article: "Koller's Officially Printed Swiss Postal Card", Harlan F Stone - Tell (AHPS) 200812lit; pst
Journal article: "Modernisation of Mail Handling", Rudolf Keller - Tell (AHPS) 200812lit
Journal article: "A Lucky Rayon Sleuth", Eric Strebel - Tell (AHPS) 200812lit; stp
Pro Aero: special flights 1938; number of items carried in each flight 200814,27air; qry
SP: new service for people at work 'PickPost'; parcels200815dyk
Postal Buses: in use in Albania; also trams and TPOs200815dyk
Letter Boxes: new style; thief-proof 200815dyk
Mail Sorting: REMA coding/sorting; main centres, sub-centres, return & directing; map 200815dyk
Book Review: Handbuch der Werbedatumstempel Schweiz/Liechtenstein, author W Rigassi200816lit; pmk
Book Review: Schwiezer Briefmarken Katalog, VSBH200816lit; stp
Book Review: Special Cancellations Catalog, Zumstein (formerly PEN)200816lit; pmk
Mail by Catapult from Switzerland, by P Thoni200817,18,24phs
1930 cover: Stuttgart to Egg (ZH); boxed 'T'; 1.35 charge mark; multiple P/Dues 200820qry; pdu
Razorblade Cancels: Piotta straightline despatch; Bellinzona (RB 3.02) arrival 200821,22,27pmk
1906 postcard: Geneva to London; 10c Sitting Helvetia and 1874 cancel 200822,40qry; pmk
Pro Juventute: missing red colour on 5c stamp of the 1965 issue (z.210)200823dyk; pro; err
Journal article: "H.Zolly, ein Pionier des Maschinenstempel-Sammelns", G Balimann - SVPS200824lit; pmk
Journal article: "Neues von Automobilpostburo", G Balimann - SVPS200824lit; mpo
Peace Issue: plate faults on 1945 Fr.1 (z.270), by C Watson200825stp; err
Helvetia Philatelic Society: maintenance & dissemination of information200826,27gen
Postal Stationery: displays to the London Group by Fred Pickard & Eric Lienhard200828pst
Postal Terms found on Swiss Cancellations, by Felix Ganz200829,30phs; pmk
Book Review: Postal Rates Inland & Foreign 1976-2007, author Markus Seitz200831dyk; lit; phs
Book Review: Business Machine Cancellations, author Roberto Di Casola - SVPS200831dyk; lit; phs
SP: maximum weight for letters to drop from 100g to 50g200831dyk; phs
Stamp Issue: Albrecht von Haller, new stamp and cancel200831dyk; stp
Stamp Issue: football stamps; issued over last four years200831dyk; stp
Postage Dues: as they were 50 years ago, by M Guillon200832pdu
Hunt for the 1c Postage Due on cover (see 1988:25,26,51,52; 1989:43; 2007:4,5,8,40)200833pdu
Folklore & Festivals: display to the Northern Group by Tony Hoyle200836gen
Bundesfeier: display to the Northern Group by David Hope200836,40pro
Swiss Postcards sent Abroad: display to the Southern Group by Norton Wragg200837,38ppc
Pro Patria: display to the Southern Group by Norton Wragg200838pro
Basel Dove: on cover; manuscript 'No 5015'200839,48dyk
Basel Dove: part sheet of 15 in Bern Postal Museum; document discovered200839dyk
Letter Boxes: slot widened for camera film and printer ink cartridges 200839dyk
Pro Patria: reliving old historical tracks200839dyk; pro
Stamp Issue: bird stamps; Sempach; cancel200839dyk; stp
Stamp Issue: Austrian stamps for Euro 2008200840gen
Labels: black Ymago labels now used in original kiosks200840dyk; lbl
Walter Mittelholzer, His Life and Times, by D Cairns200841,42,43,47air
Helvetia Philatelic Society: Annual Philatelic Weekend - Chalcote, Stratford upon Avon 200844,45,46gen
Obituary: Max Hertsch200847gen
Websites: (Vapeur Val-de-Travers)200848dyk; rly
Postmark: Genève 2 Cornavin; with 'HC' in lower segment 200848dyk; pmk; qry
Geneva: FD cancel for CERN LHC (Large Hadron Collider)200848dyk
SP: special postcards; Lausanne underground railway200848dyk; rly
SP: studying future needs of postal service; 'PostLab' at Lausanne Technical University200848dyk
Bundesfeier: display at the Annual Philatelic Weekend by Claude Mistely200849,50,51,55pro
Feldpost: translation of '100 Jahre Feldpost in der Schweiz 1889-1989' by Arthur Wyss200852mil
Sargans (SG): old Güller cancel200856dyk; pmk
Oberhelfenschwil (SG): old Güller cancel200856dyk; pmk
Burghalden: boxed station cancel200856dyk; rly
Bahnpost/Ambulant cancels: SBB five digit train number codes and lower case letters 'a' - 'd'200856dyk; rly
Güller: pre-postcode cancels; dot ahead of time for 24-hour system200856dyk; pmk
Mail Sorting: new REMA coding/sorting; Zurich-Mülligen (see also 2007:63,71, 2009:73)200856dyk
Labels: 'SBB CFF FFS / Kontrollabschnitt / Coupon de contrôle / Tagliando di controllo' 200857,70qry; rly; lbl; dyk
Trial Print: possible subject for Pro Juventute (see also 2013:37)200857qry; gen
Jura Industrial Railway: a rail and philatelic conundrum, by N Nelder200858,59,68,75,76rly
Maximum cards: maximaphily; competitions200859gen
Self-adhesive stamps: 200859stp
Censored Mail: Switzerland to UK and United States during WWI; routes taken 200860,67phs; qry
1737 entire: Milan to Dundee via Geneva and Paris, by E Quinton 200861,67phs; qry
Book Review: Swiss Stamps - Something for Everyone, AHPS200861lit; stp
1898 postcard: Luzern to Brazil via Paris, by C Griffiths200862ppc
Exhibition: GABRA V, Bern 9-11 October 2009 200862dyk
Liechtenstein: slogan cancels in use for one day200862dyk; pmk; fls
Book Review: Index of Postage Stamp Forgeries, Fakes, Frauulent Markings, etc.200862lit
SP: electronically ordered SwissPostCard200863dyk
UNESCO: special stamps; Rhätische-Bahn 200863,78dyk; stp; rly
Stamp Issue: 3-part stamp Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau200863dyk; stp
Machine Cancels: Norwegian Krag cancelling machine; Basel 1912-1921200863dyk; pmk
1932 postcard: three gentlemen in photograph; who are they? 200864,67air; qry
1947 cover: official; registered; TPO Interlaken-Lauterbrunnen; handwritten 'R' label 'Bp 311 / 1' 200865rly; qry
Zurich-Romanshorn: TPO cancel (AW83D/28); two-digit year missing200865rly
Hotel Post: stamps, postcards, postmarks, etc., by D Dawson200866htl
Websites: (British Library - Collections)200866gen
Websites: (British Library - Philatelic Rarities)200866gen
Helvetia Philatelic Society: a peek into the past (looking back to 1948)200869gen
Stamp Issue: Old Rhine Bridge; St. Fridolin; Stein and Bad Säckingen200870,78dyk
Helvetia Philatelic Society: report of the Southern Group meeting 'Meine Heimat'200871,72gen
Book Review: Postal History of WWII Mail between Canada and Switzerland, authors C LaBlonde & J Tyacke200872lit; phs
1928 cover: air mail; Trial Night Flights - London-Stockholm via Amsterdam and Berlin 200873,89,96air; qry
Fiscals: Consular Service Passport Tax; Foreign Exchange; Service Consulaire; Bureau de Change200874,76rev
Basel: links with Beijing & London's South Bank; architects Jacques Herzog & Pierre de Meuron200877gen
Swiss Stamps: the most beautiful and the most ugly (see also 2011:66)200877,91gen
Cancels: Stein (AG); straightline of 1809; circular cancels of 1844 and 1856200878dyk; pmk
Journal article: "Introduction of the Pre-Franked Covers in 1867", Georges Schild - SBZ200878lit; pst; dyk
Journal article: "Hotel Posts of Maderanerthal", Josef Dittli - SBZ200878lit; htl; dyk
Mail Sorting: new REMA coding/sorting; Eclépens200878dyk
Slogan Cancels: favourites200880pmk
Jungfraubahn: vignettes200881rly
Internment Mail: censorship in WWII200882,83mil
Censored Mail: Switzerland to UK 200883phs
Websites: www.swisstrains.ch200884rly
1905 postcard: Claverdel to British East Africa, via Mombasa and Nairobi, by N Wragg200885ppc
Geneva-Sion: TPO cancel (AW83D/9); train no. 21 200885rly
British Library: collection of Swiss Calssics200886gen
Swiss Merchant Marine Fleet:200887dyk
PTT New Issues label200887dyk
Parcel Labels: new counter-produced label200887dyk; lbl
SPI: Mondial Sped, Chiasso; remailing facility; PPI label or handstamp200890lbl
SPI: Mondial Sped; self-adhesive labels200890,91lbl
Studiegroep Zweitserland: 40th Anniversary of the Swiss Collectors Group, Netherlands 200894gen
Cancels: 19th century French cancellers used in Switzerland; Eugène Daguin200895dyk; pmk
Stamp Designers: Beat Knoblauch; Bernadette Baltis 200895dyk
Architecture & Artwork series: Weathercock (z.542) 1984 reprint on plain paper200895dyk; stp
1902 postcards: Bear Hotel, Grindelwald to Fiji; route taken200896ppc
1908 Wrapper to Willhelmshaven - Return to sender handstamp20091,5phs
Postmasters and their personal handstamps - ‘signet ring’ (petschaft) cancels 20092,3,8phs; pmk
Swiss Society of Postmark Collectors-Schweizerischer Verein der Poststempelsammler (SVPS)20096gen, pmk
Swiss Railways Society: details20096rly
Websites: (Swiss Railways Society)20096rly
Websites: (Swiss Postmark Collectors)20096pmk
Bahnpost/Ambulant cancels: SBB four digit train number and lower case letters 'a' - 'd', and '-' 20097,15dyk; rly
1947 cover: official; registered; TPO Interlaken-Lauterbrunnen; handwritten 'R' label 'Bp 311 / 1' 20097rly; qry
Rottweil cancel: 450 years of alliance with old Swiss Confederation?20097dyk; gen
Mail Sorting: new REMA coding/sorting; Härkingen, near Solothurn.20097dyk
Book Review: Repertorio Catalogo - business franking impressions, IFS etc.20097dyk; lit
Machine Cancels: slogan cancels from St. Gallen20098pmk
1932 postcard: three gentlemen in photograph; who are they? 20098air; qry
1875 pre-paid envelope: unusual watermark (see 2006:67)20099,19pst
ITU/UIT: loss of yellow colour on 100c value (z.D.XI.13)20099err; uno
Helvetia Philatelic Society: first formal AGM 9th September 194920099gen
Trial Prints: definitive explanation - PTT booklet 'Trial Prints of the Postage Stamp Printing Office'200910gen
Swiss Settlements Abroad200911gen
Journal article: "Swiss Folded Typewriter Postcards", Wayne Menuz/Robert Bell - Tell (AHPS)200911pst; lit
Journal article: "Officially Printed Advertising on Swiss Postal Envelopes", Harlan F Stone - Tell (AHPS)200911pst; lit
Journal Article: "Switzerland’s Postal Cards 1870 – 1905", Harlan F Stone - Tell (AHPS)200911pst; lit
1943 Miniature Sheets: centenary of Swiss Stamps - unusual use,Thun to Kettingasse censored200914stp
Bundesfeier: 1919 card Gunten to Nebraska, two hollow type T marks, both deleted200914pro
1974 ppc, Italy-England, franked 50c Architectural (z.417), T 110/90 Stamp Disallowed/by Office of Posting 200914pdu
Courvoisier: printing of Liechtenstein and Luxembourg stamps200915dyk
Otto Baumberger: Swiss Poster Artist, by J Cordingley200917gen; air
Liechtenstein: plans to use Swiss stamps (a rumour or not?)200918fls
Hans Erni: 100 years old and still designing stamps!200918gen
Swiss Stamp Design: Good or Bad? - 1907 Tell Boy, 1923 Air, 1993 issues, etc. 200921stp; gen
Postal Rates: Foreign letter and Inland parcel rate changes200922dyk; phs
SP: new service 'Send Your Parcel CO2 Neutral'200922dyk
Booklet Stamps: the first booklets (refer to 1984:54,55,61-63)200922dyk; stp
Book Review: “Bahnhöfe der Stadt Zurich”200922dyk; rly
Super Con Man: Bela Sekula, by W Hornadge (see also 2010:13)200923,24,71,72,80,96gen
Censored Mail: Post-WWII mail from Austria to Switzerland (1945-1953), by Henry Towers 200925,26,27,38,39,40phs
Miniature Sheet fakes, by S MacKenzie200929stp; frg
Jungfraubahn: vignettes (see also 2008:81)200930rly
Perforations: comments200931dyk
Postmarks: How to recognise back-dated cancels200931dyk
Websites: list of useful websites200932gen
Eduard 'Kapitan' Spelterini, by Michael Rutherfoord200933air; stp
Railway Station Cancel: circular 'ALTEN HECKEN / STATION / 19-1-07/ RhB' 200940,80rly; qry
Self-adhesive stamps: change in the lower wavy-line piercing200941,66dyk; stp
Counter Labels: Pro Clima200922,31,41dyk; lbl
Post Offices: closure of village and small PO's200941,66dyk; phs
Self-adhesive stamps: new 100c Ice Hockey stamp; problems with removal200941,50dyk; stp
1941 Historical designs: background, by David Hope200943-46stp
Book Review: Swiss Post International - Activity in Italy - The Baveno Story, author C LaBlonde200947lit
Who's Who on Stamps: Heinrich Federer (1866-1928)200950dyk; stp
Gutenberg Museum, Fribourg200950,57dyk
SwissPostAuto: public bus system 200950dyk
Exhibition: INTERNABA 1974, Basel; 'black print' of unadopted design 200951-52qry; stp
Pro Patria: centenary; miniature sheet200953pro
Journal article: "Pro Juventute Foundation", B Vaney/C Scanio - Tell (AHPS)200953pro; lit
Book Review: "Tag der Briefmarke Schweiz – Journee du Timbre Suisse", authors H Bauer/Jean-Paul Jaccard200953lit
Book Review: "Pro Patria – Katalog zum Thema Bundesfeier", author Johannes Müller200953lit; pro
Carnet de Passages en Douanes, by J Cordingley200954,58gen
Telephone Nachnahme Cards, by Derrick Slate200954,58pst
Validity of Swiss Stamps: Last Day validity test200956stp
London 2010: Festival of Stamps200956gen
Journal article: "Trial Prints", Richard T Hall - Tell (AHPS)200956lit; gen
Journal article: "The Frama Saga" Jean-Louis Emmenegger - Gibbons Stamp Monthly200956lit; lbl
Book Review: Standing Helvetia issues - Production, Printing, Essays & Trials, author Alex Herms200957lit; dyk; stp
Book Review: Postmarks on Bulk Mail, author Alex Gundel200957lit; dyk; pmk
STAMPIT: stamps produced on PC for postcards & covers; Webstamp comments200957dyk; stp
St. Gallen labels - RABATTVEREIN SARGANSERLAND 200958,64rev
Swiss Exhibitions, by Eric Lienhard200959-61gen
1934 Express Covers to Gebruder Sulzer, Winterthur (see also 2004:83)200964phs; cvr
Tell Boy: sheet perforation varieties (z.146) (see 1997:36,50; 2010:68) 200965stp; err; qry
Postal Rates: Inland Rate reduced200966phs; dyk
Liechtenstein: first stamps produced in the principality200966stp; dyk
Book Review: “Schweiz - Frankreich – Transit 1798-1850”, author Richard Schafer200966phs; dyk; lit
Labels: example of a modern 'PP' on label200966lbl; dyk
Pro Juventute: design error in FD cancel for 1979 issue200966pro; dyk
Hofer & Co., printers of vignettes, maps, etc. (refer to 2009:30)200967,74rly; htl
Parcel Cards: by John Cordingley200968,69phs
Bulk-mailing: used sheet of FR.10. stamp from the 1914 issue (refer to 1997:65) 200970,71stp; qry
SP: new service 'QuickPost'; letters200973dyk
Mail Sorting: REMA coding/sorting; Zurich-Mülligen, Härkingen, Eclépens (see also 2007:63,71, 2008:56)200973dyk
Replacement Cancellers: are they still issued? 200973dyk; pmk
Liechtenstein: stamps produced in Switzerland 1924-1940, by M Rutherfoord200975,76fls; stp
Postmark: missing date of posting on postcard with Tell Boy (z.125 III) 200977pmk; qry
1869 cover: St. Gallen to Lindau, Bavaria; RL and St. Gallen-Chur TPO200977rly; pmk
German censorship of business mail between Switzerland & UK, by Rosalind Ragg200978phs
Switzerland: The basic facts; area; population, etc.200978gen
Swiss Railways Society: quarterly journal; website - 200979rly
Journal article: Sampler Album (AHPS); website -
Journal article: 'Folded Typewriter Labels' - Tell (AHPS)200980lit
Journal article: 'Official Printed-to-Private-Order Cards' - Tell (AHPS)200980lit
Journal article: 'Swiss Medical Volunteers in Finland during the Winter War' - Tell (AHPS) 200980lit
Sitting Helvetia imperf (Strubel): covers from Geneva to Jersey City (New Jersey USA)200980phs
Stamp issue: 85c stamps for the ceremonial march of the Appenzeller livestock200981stp; dyk
Exhibition: GABRA V, Bern 9-11 October 2009200981,89dyk
Labels: newsletter/price list; Markus Seitz; www.atms.ch200981dyk
Perfins: 'D' on modern stamps200981dyk; gen
Internment Mail: Mail from Internment camps in Switzerland, by D Slate 200983-85mil
1940 cover: Hopedale, USA to Sulzer Bros., Winterthur; 40c due; octagonal Telegraph cancel 200985,97qry; pdu; dyk
Exhibition: Rapperswil 2009; report200987gen
Sitting Helvetia imperf. 1854-1862 (Strubel): Fr.1 - Switzerland's first synthetic stamp200988stp
Journal article: 'The W. G. Murray Esq. Strubel Cover Census' - Tell (AHPS) 200988lit; stp
International Offices: UPU special stamp issue200989dyk; uno
Book Review: Murray's Handbook of Switzerland, Savoy and Piedmont - HPS Library200989dyk; lit
Book Review: 'Motivhandbuch Schweiz', author Ernst Schlunegger - HPS Library200989dyk; lit
ATM Labels: paper printed by Cartor of France2009