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The society owns an extensive and superb library resource comprising about 300 books. These include stamp catalogues, catalogues and lists of postal stationery, post offices, also most of the key reference books that are essential for research into Swiss stamps and postal history. We also hold significant runs of many journals published by Swiss philatelic and specialist societies in the UK and Switzerland, also USA, Germany and Holland. You can search the index from this page or download it here.

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New no.BoxSubjectTitleAuthorPub'dLanguageWeightComments
11CancelsHandbuch der Maschinenstempel Schweiz. Volume 1G.Balimann,W.Guldensupp,E.Lehmann1983G2,400Machine cancel catalogue - illustrated
21CancelsHandbuch der Maschinenstempel Schweiz. Volume 2G.Balimann,W.Guldensupp,E.Lehmann1983G1,100Machine cancel catalogue - illustrated
31CatalogueZumstein Specialised 1992Zumstein1992G2,100Outdated specialised catalogue
41MilitaryDie Soldatenmarken der Schweiz Volume 1Sulser1977G400Soldier stamps catalogue
51MilitaryDie Soldatenmarken der Schweiz Volume 2Sulser1977G200Soldier stamps catalogue
61MilitarySchweizer Militarpostkarten und GanzsachenSulser1979G400Soldier stamps catalogue
71MilitaryDie Soldatenmarken der Schweiz 1914-18, 1939-45Sulser1990G800Soldier stamps catalogue
81Postal historyOrtsverzeichnis PTT1990G100Gazetteer of post offices
91StampsRegiophil De Rang 11Centre Proessionale de Sion1982F,G100Standing Helvetia issue
101Mobile Post OfficesCatalogue des Bureaux de Poste Automobile 1937-1963Pen1988G,F200Catalogue of MPO activities & cancellations
111StampsRollen-MarkenRene Amrein1987G200Coil stamps (well-illustrated)
121CancelsFreistempel Katalog Schweiz - Lichtenstein 1982H. Durst1980G400FRAMA marks catalogue - illustrated
131StampsEine Philatelistische SensationMax Hertsch1984G100Discovery of the 5c PD 'Rayed Star'
141StampsAltschweiz - was Nicht im Katalog StehtBuhler1968G300Classic Swiss stamps not in catalogues
151StampsStamps of Youth & YuleExtract from The Stamp Lover - F.J.Melville1929E100Pro-Juventute
161StampsArtists Create Postage StampsPTT Hans E Goudard1957G, F.E300Stamp design
171CancelsDie Aushilfsstempel der Schweizer PostFritz Berger1974G100Temporary / emergency cancellers
181StampsDie Basler Taube 1845Ant. Abele1945G50The Basel Dove stamp
191Postal historyBeat Fischer von Reichenbach 1641 - 1697Marc Moser1972G100Fischer Post
201StampsBemerkungen zur Poste LocaleDr. Herbert Munk1946G200Post Locale issue 1850
211CancelsNote di Storia Postale del cantone Ticino 1798 - 1848Circolo Filatelico1985I400Ticino 'ray' cancellers (photocopy)
221StampsDie Buchdruckausgabe 1882 im ZiffermusterM.Schio1968G100Cross & Numeral stamp
231Postal historyThe Cito MarkEdith M. FaulstichE200Manuscript forerunners of special delivery marks
241StampsCross and Value Figure 1882 - 1907Laurence Moore1972E100Cross & Numeral stamp
251Postal historyBy Mail Coach on the Saint Gotthard RoadOvaphil1984G,F,E250History of St Gottard mail - illustrated
261CancelsCancelling Machine - PTT Model, FM5 - 1.065PTTG,F,E100Modern cds cancelling machine
271StampsLes Timbres Cantonaux de La Suisse et Leurs FalsificationsM.A. de Reuterskiold 1920F200Cantonal forgeries (no illustrations)Retain
281Postal historyA Century Of Swiss Alpine Postal CoachesPTT1932E450History of post coaches - well-illustrated
291CancelsCentral Post and Extra. - Courier Marks 1798-1803E.M. Faulstich1964E100Pre-stamp marks
301StampsCourvoisier ImpresoresCourvoisierI800History of Couvoisier printers - well illus.
311StampsLe Creation du Timbre - Poste de Propagande - Graphic 1957Hans E. Gaudard1957G,F,E150Making of 1957 publicity issues
321StampsDesigns of Swiss Postage Stamps Issues 1936 - 1941PTT Hans E.Gaudard1945E250Design of definitives - colour illus.
331Postal historyOld Postal Documents - Chur Messenger Routes 1853Postgeschichte1984G100Old postal messenger routes
341Postal historyOld Postal Documents - Bern Postal Rates 1749 - 1761Postgeschichte1984G100Old postal messenger routes
351StampsDie Drucksteine Der Beiden Rayon 1Dr. Herbert Munk 1944G, F200Rayon 1 - plating etc, some illus.
361StampsDie Durheim - Ausgaben Rayon 1Dr. Herbert Munk 1950G, F125Rayon 1 - plating etc, some illus.
371StampsDie Durheim - Ausgaben Rayon 1 (English translation)Dr. Herbert Munk 1950G, F, E200Rayon 1 - plating etc, some illus.
381CancelsGrosses Handbuch der Abstempelungen 1843 - 1907 Volume 1Andres & Emmenegger (revised)1969G800Hardback, catalogue of cancels
391CancelsGrosses Handbuch der Abstempelungen 1843 - 1907 Volume 2Andres & Emmenegger (revised)1969G800Hardback, catalogue of cancels
401CancelsGrosses Handbuch der Abstempelungen 1843 - 1907 Volume 3Andres & Emmenegger (revised)1969G800Hardback, catalogue of cancels
411CancelsGrosses Handbuch der Abstempelungen 1843 - 1907 Volume 4Andres & Emmenegger (revised)1973G800Hardback, catalogue of cancels
421CancelsGrosses Handbuch der Abstempelungen 1843 - 1907 Volume 5Andres & Emmenegger (revised)1973G800Hardback, catalogue of cancels
432CancelsGrosses Handbuch der Abstempelungen 1843 - 1907 plates Vol 1Andres & Emmenegger (revised)1969G800Hardback, catalogue of cancels
442CancelsGrosses Handbuch der Abstempelungen 1843 - 1907 plates Vol 2Andres & Emmenegger (revised)1969G800Hardback, catalogue of cancels
452CancelsGrosses Handbuch der Abstempelungen 1843 - 1907 plates Vol 3Andres & Emmenegger (revised)1969G800Hardback, catalogue of cancels
462Postal historyDie Ersten Postfilialen in LuzernRobert Sigrist1985G150Early post office history
472Postal historyExpress Labels (from Postal History International)Ivan Tillen1973E125Cinderellas (labels)
482StampsFolk Custom StampsE. Bosshard ( PTT )1977G1251977 definitive issue
492GeneralThe Gotthard - Switzerland's LifelineArthur Wyss-Niederer1979E2,000The Gotthard - many colour illus.
502Postal historyDer Gotthard - PostwagenAndres Fuger1990G375Gotthard horse-drawn post coaches - many colour illus
512GeneralGraubunden durch die LupeJoos Gartmann1988G500Graubunden & stamps
522Hotel postHotel Post, Rotes, Kreuz und Telegraphenmarken in Der SchweizEugen D. Merki1974G,E250Hotel post, Red Cross & Telegraph stamps
532StampsThe 1936-55 Intaglio Landscapes Stamps of Switzerland (from Collectors Club Philatelist)Ernest A. Kehrc 1960E1001936 etc Landscapes
542StampsJohn Dickinson and his Silk-Thread PaperH. Dagnall1975E125Strubel silk-thread paper
552GeneralLandesausstellung 1914Georges Schild & Hansjorg Frankhauser1994G2001914 National Exhibition - many illus, some colour
562StampsLarge Geneva Eagle 1846 - 1848Gustave A. von GrossE100Reprint from journal
572StampsDie Markenheftchen Kehrdruck und Zwischsteg Marken 1904-54Ernest Muller1955G400Interspaces from booklets - colour plates
582GeneralHistore des Postes Suisse 1849 - 1949 ( 2 Volumes)PTT1949F5,750History of Swiss post - huge 2-vol work, colour plates
592Postal historyLes Marques Postales de la Suisse 1650 - 1850Marc Henrioud & Jean Winkler1945G900Early postal marks
602Postal historyLes Marques Postales de la Suisse 1650 - 1850 SupplementMarc Henrioud & Jean Winkler1961G375Early postal marks
612Postal historyHandbuch der Schweizer Vorphilatelie 1695 - 1850Jean Winkler1968G1,400Early postal history
622Postal historyLes Marques Postales de la Suisse Romande 1690 - 1850 Part 1W. Liniger, J.L. Nagel, L. Vuille1955F100Early postal history & marks
632Postal historyLes Marques Postales De La Suisse Romande 1690 - 1850 Part 2W. Liniger, J.L. Nagel, L. Vuille1955F100Early postal history & marks
642Postal historyLes Marques Postales De La Suisse Romande 1690 - 1850 Part 3W. Liniger, J.L. Nagel, L. Vuille1955F100Early postal history & marks
652Postal historyLes Marques Postales De La Suisse Romande 1690 - 1850 Part 4W. Liniger, J.L. Nagel, L. Vuille1955F100Early postal history & marks
662Postal historyLes Marques Postales De La Suisse Romande SupplementW. Liniger, J.L. Nagel, L. Vuille1976F100Early postal history & marks
672Postal historyLes Marques Postales De La Suisse Romande Transparent IllustrationsW. Liniger, J.L. Nagel, L. Vuille100Early postal history & marks
682CancelsDie Motive der Schweizer Werbestempel No.3Ernst Schlunegger1978G130Handbook of K-cancels
692CancelsDie Motive der Schweizer Werbedatumstempel 1969 -1978 No.15Ernst Schlunegger1979G130Handbook of K-cancels
702StampsThe Forgeries of the Cantonal StampsA. de Reuterskiold1907E140Forgeries - 1907 reprint
713GeneralNational Museum of the St. GotthardDr. C. Bonetti1989E700St Gotthard - many colour plates
723StampsNeu Klassierung der Strubel Ausgaben 1854 - 1862Walter d'Aujourd'hui1982G300Strubels
733StampsNew Classification of the Strubel Issue 1854 - 1862Walter d'Aujourd'hui1982E75Strubels (English translation)
743StampsDie edle kunst des Stahlstechens / le moble art de la taille-douce 1949-1963 PTT Hans E.Gaudard1966G,F,E210History of stamp engraving/engravers (many illus)
753Postal historyNota di Storia Postale e Studi Filatelici del Cantone Ticino e Lake MaggioreGino Negrini1977I,G400History of Ticino postal history - many photos
763Postal historyNote di Storia Postale del cantone Ticino 1798 - 1848Circolo Filatelico1985I400History of Ticino postal history - drawings & plates
773Postal historyDie Ortsstempel Der Zurcher AussengemeindenAlfred MullerG700History & cancels of Zürich post
783CancelsPays d'Enhaut (Bureaux de Poste Obliterations)Louis VuilleF50Eastern Swiss cancellations
793CancelsPhilatelie et Machines a TimbrerGeneva PSG80History of machine cancellers (photos & plates)
803StampsPhosphoreszierende Pigmente als Erkennungsmittel Fur Die AutomatischeVon M. Wuthrich1963G,F 70Phosphoresnce for automatic sorting
813MilitaryDie Post der Internierten in der Schweiz 1940 - 1946 G. Schild1977G60Military / Feldpost pamphlet (photos)
823CancelsDer Poststempelsammler Felix Ganz1992G250List of cancellers
833Postal historyDie Post: ein 'Geschaft' fur wen? 1648-1798PTT1989G1,600History of early post - colour maps and photos
843StampsThe Postage Stamps of Switzerland 1843-1862Paul Mirabaud & Alex de Reuterskiold1975E950Stamps & cancellers history
853CancelsPostal Cancellations and Markings In SwitzerlandFelix Ganz1994E750Book of cancellations
863GeneralDie Postgeschichte Von Winterthur bis 1900Alfred Bachman1984G425Post from Winterthur - many coloured plates
873GeneralPoste A Geneve De L'Origine 1851Dr George Fulpius1943F200History of Geneva Post Office (1)
883GeneralPoste A Geneve Volume 2Dr George Fulpius1944F100History of Geneva Post Office (2)
893GeneralLes Postes Genevoises Hier et Aujourd'hui 1830 - 1980PTT1980G200History of PTT (many photos)
903GeneralLes Postes du Valais ( Lemanex 78)Louis Vuille1978F350History of post in the Valais (many plates, photos)
913Postal historyLa Poste en Suisse 2000 Ans D'HistoireArthur Wyss1987F2,000History of Swiss post - many plates
923RailwayThe Railway Post Offices of SwitzerlandAnthony M. Goodbody1982E125Railway / TPOs (photos)
933StampsRayon I - PlatingH.Muller1973G1,000Plating early issues
943StampsRayon II - PlatingH.Muller1968G1,000Plating early issues
953StampsRayon III - Plating (Large Value Figure)Rene Gees1978F,G250Plating early issues
963StampsRed Cross & Franchise stamps 1870-71Dr. H. Leemann1970E125Red Cross & other labels (many colour plates)
973CancelsAushilfsstempel / Replacement CancelsP. Guinard1990F,G,I,E1,100Catalogue of temporary cancellers
983StampsTete-Beche, Se-Tenant and Interspace PairsDr. Frederick H. Frost1967E40List of Tete-beche etc
993RailwayDie Schweizerischen BahnpoststempelAlfred Muller ( G with E translation)1977G,E175Railway/TPO cancellers
1003CancelsDie Schweizerische Hotelpost und Der Hotel-TelegraphenH. Leutwyler1962G,E275Hotel post & Telegraph cancellers
1013StampsSchwyzer Motive auf Schweizer BriefmarkenDr. K. Michel1975G125Canton Schwyz in stamps
1024CancelsDie Schweizer Ovalstempel des Cantons TessinHauptmann Rodolfo Botto1930G,F,I100Ticino 'ray' cancels
1034StampsSchweizer Reise mit BriefmarkenZurcher & Messerli1969G150Swiss scenery on stamps (many photos)
1044Postal historySchweizerisches Orts - Lexikon mit Verkehrs - KarteArthur Jacot1933G900Gazetteer of post offices
1054StampsSehenswurdigkeiten Der SchweizW.Sturzenegger1979G125Swiss scenery on stamps (many photos)
1064CancelsThe Ship Postmarks of Lake MaggioreLaurence Moore1963E75Lake steamer cancellations
1074StampsSpezi Number 1Spezi1971G125Errors (many photos & plates)
1084StampsSpezi Number 2Spezi1971G125Errors (many photos & plates)
1094StampsSpezi Number 3Spezi1971G125Errors (many photos & plates)
1104StampsSpezi Number 4Spezi1971G125Errors (many photos & plates)
1114StampsStehende Helvetia 1882 - 1907Hans H. Stocker1967G300Standing Helvetia issue (many photos)
1124StampsStehende Helvetia - Helvetia Debout 1882 - 1907P. Guinand, G. Valdo, J. Doorenbos, M. Hertsch1982F,G1,500Standing Helvetia monograph - many colour plates etc
1134StampsSchweiz Neu Klassierung der Strubel Ausgaben Sitzende Helvetia Ungezahnt 1854-1862Hans F. Hunziker1986G1,100Strubel monograph - many colour plates etc
1144MilitarySwiss Army Order of Battle 1914 (photocopy)G150Army list - non-philatelic
1154MilitarySwiss Army Order of Battle 1915 (photocopy)G150Army list - non-philatelic
1164MilitarySwiss Army Order of Battle 1917 (photocopy)G150Army list - non-philatelic
1174MilitarySwiss Army Order of Battle 1918 (photocopy)G150Army list - non-philatelic
1184Hotel postThe Swiss Hotel PostDr. H. Lenmann1960E100Hotel post/stamps (many plates)
1194MilitaryInternment Cancels and Other MarkingsRobert C. Ross1974E50Military internment marks
1204CancelsThe Swiss Merchant Fleet (Maritime Postmark Society)Gene Peterson1961E40Journal - photos etc
1214Postal historySwiss Postal Districts mapKummerley & Fray1984G,F,I125Good quality map from 1980s
1224StampsTelegraph Stamps 1868 - 1886 (SBZ)Albert Auberson1951G,F100Interesting background booklet
1234StampsTell Pere , Tell FilsDr. B. Morand1970s?F100Tell & Tell-boy issues - illus booklet
1244CancelsTransit Marks Of SwitzerlandE. Rawnsley1992E375Spiral-bound A4 - many colour illus
1254StampsZumstein Specialised (1966) - translation of Cross & Figure and Standing Helvetia sectionsH.E. Chapman & K. MacMahon1971/73E325A4 loose-leaf - original of articles pub'd in HPS Newsletter
1264StampsEtude de Timbre du Jubillee (UPU issue 1900)M. Neveu-BalluetF325UPU 1900 issue: original study of errors, plating (many plates)
1274StampsUber Den Druckprozess und Die Abarten Der Stehenden helvetia 1882 - 1907Georges Valko1978G350Standing Helvetia: study of errors, plating (many plates)
1284StampsUber die Frankaturen der Sitzenden Helvetia Gezahnt1974G300Sitting Helvetia: study of errors, plating (many plates)
1294Postal historyUngewöhnliche Chargé-Frankaturen 1862-1918Felix WintersteinG100Registered post (many plates)
1304Postal historyFunfzig Jahre Autopost 1906 - 1956PTT1956G400History of post buses (A4, many illus)
1314Stamps50 Jahre Wertzeichendruckerei PTT 1930 - 1980PTT1980G425History of PTT printing press (many colour plates)
1324General100 Jahre Feldpost in Der Schweiz 1889 - 1989Arthur Wyss1989G200Feldpost - 100th anniv
1334Militarya - English translation of 100 Jahre Feldpost in Der Schweiz 1889 - 1989Wyss, Arthur1989E50Feldpost - 100th anniv
1344General125 Anniversaire Des Postes FederalesPTT1974G200A4 - 125th anniv feberal post office
1354CancelsPEN catalogue - Special CancellationsPEN1988G375Catalogue - special cancellations
1364RevenuesBasle Police RevenuesJ. Barefoot1978E100Booklet on local revenue stamps
1374RevenuesLes Timbres Fiscaux Cantonaux de NeuchatelDenis Gainon1985F50Booklet on local revenue stamps
1384RevenuesLes Timbres Fiscaux Cantonaux de GeneveDenis Gainon1986F50Booklet on local revenue stamps
1394RevenuesLes Timbres Fiscaux Cantonaux de ValisDenis Gainon1988F50Booklet on local revenue stamps
1404RevenuesLes Timbres Fiscaux Cantonaux de VaudDenis Gainon1989F50Booklet on local revenue stamps
1414RevenuesCatalogue of Fiscal Stamps of Switzerland - Vol 1Gene Kelly1986E200Catalogue of revenue stamps
1424RevenuesCatalogue of Fiscal Stamps of Switzerland - Vol 2Gene Kelly1987E200Catalogue of revenue stamps
1434RevenuesCatalogue of Fiscal Stamps of Switzerland - Vol 3Gene Kelly1990E200Catalogue of revenue stamps
1444RevenuesCatalogue of Fiscal Stamps of Switzerland - Vol 4Gene Kelly1991E200Catalogue of revenue stamps
1454StampsMotivhandbuch Schweiz No. 25Dr Ernst Schlunegger1990G850Handbook of publicity issues
1464StampsMotivhandbuch Schweiz nachtrag 1991 - 1995 No 28Erika Zehnder1995G250Handbook of stamps 1991-95
1474GeneralBasel im Spiegel der Philatelie No 29Dr Ernst Schlunegger1995G350Basel and stamps
1484CancelsHandbuch der Werbedatumstempel SchweizG.Balimann1993G550Handbook - K-cancels
1494StampsSchweiz UPU 1900René Gees1951/1986E650UPU 1900 issue: revised study of errors & plating
1504GeneralSASV - Schweizerischer Altbrief - und Spezialsammler - Verein (1966-1981)SASV1960/1981G600SASV journals 1966-81
1514CancelsLes Feuilles Marcophiles No.2811991F200Postmark society booklet
1524RailwayBahnen Der Alpen Franz Marti & Walter TrubG,F,E900Railways - many colour photos
1534RailwayMetre Gauge Railways in South and East SwitzerlandJohn Marshall1974E600Railways - photos
1544RailwayRhaetian railway Grisons, Switzerland1967E100Non-philatelic
1555AirmailI Dirigibili Zeppelin - Documenti Postali Mario OnofriI200Graf Zeppelin
1565AirmailL.Z.127 Graf Zeppelin - Trasporti PostaliMario OnofriI200Graf Zeppelin
1575Postal historyBritish Postal Rates to Europe 1836 - 1876G. F. Oxley1992E550Postal conventions
1585Postal StationeryDie Ersten Schweizerischen Privatganzsachen Mit Wertzeichen Ziffer & KruezSBZ1988G100First postal stationery item
1595RevenuesLes Timbres Fiscaux Cantonaux de FribourgDenis Gainon & Robert Hurlimann1987F50Revenue stamps - Canton Fribourg
1605CancelsHotel Posts and Telegraph OfficesLeutwyler Hotel Posts and T1952G200Hotel post & Telegraph cancellers
1615GeneralHelvetia Worldwide - Exhibition of Letters,Cards featuring:PTT1991G,F,E100Swiss place names abroadDispose
1625GeneralSchweiz Suisse Svizzera SwitzerlandSwiss National Tourist Office1974G,F,I,E500Tourism brochure (includes section on postal history, post-coaches)
1635GeneralStamp Collecting Weekly - Swiss Issue (incl obituary of Edward Spiro)Articles by Helvetia Members1971E100Journal
1645Cancels1968 - 1978 Studiegroup ZwitserlandSwiss Study Group1978D200Cancels
1655Railway1968 - 1978 Studiegroup Zwitserland - SupplementSwiss Study Group1980D200TPO cancels
1665CancelsErsttag und Spezialkatalog 1900 - 1984Hans H. Schwarzenbach1984G,F,E375Catalogue - FDCs
1675Postage dueDie Posttaxen der Schweiz ab 1862 Band 1 InlandZACK - Sonderdruck1990F,G125Handbook to postage due - inland
1685Postage dueDie Posttaxen der Schweiz ab 1875 Band 2 AuslandZACK - Sonderdruck1995F,G250Handbook to postage due - abroad
1695Postal historySwiss Post Offices in Foreign Countries - Their function & postmarksLt. Col H.G. de Watteville1952E40Transcript of article in Helvetia Bulletin of America 1940
1705StampsArmorial Art on Swiss Stamps ( Lecture by E.J.Rawnsley to Helvetia 1950)E.J.Rawnsley1950E60Transcript of article in Helvetia Bulletin of America 1971
1715MilitaryThe Swiss Military Trains of 1919 - 1920H.W. SheldrakeE20Transcript and booklet
1725GeneralSwitzerland - The Postal History and Early StampsLaurence Moore1967E20Issue of The London Philatelist
1735Postal historyThe RL Marks of SwitzerlandLaurence Moore1962E20Issue of the Philatelic Journal
1745GeneralThe Swiss Posts of Lake ZurichLaurence Moore, Alfred Mueller & Felix GanzE20From journal
1755Postal historyPostal Treaty Between France and the Canton and Postal District of ZurichHansuli Sieber ( SBZ)1977E20From journal
1765CancelsThe Geneva "Bulge" PostmarksCharles J. La BlondeE50From journal
1775Postal historyGeneva - The Fischer PostChuck La BlondeE20From journal
1785Postal historyGeneva After 1830Chuck La BlondeE20From journal
1795Postal historyThe Geneva Cantonal StampsChuck La BlondeE20From journal
1805Postal historyThe Postage Due Marks of Geneva 1830 - 1860Chuck La BlondeE20From journal
1815Postal historyGeneva Before 1798Chuck La BlondeE20From journal
1825Postal historyThe Fischer Post: Dates and Events ( 1641 - 1838 )PTT - Translated by Chuck La BlondeE20From journal
1835Postal historyGeneva The French CityChuck La BlondeE20From journal
1845Postal historyPostal Markings of Foreign Postal Agencies(Translation from A & Emmenegger)E20From journal
1855Postal historyStamps and Postal Stationery of 7 1/2 CentimesProf. J. de BeaumontE20From journal
1865Postal historyThe Post Offices of Switzerland in Foreign Countries (Postal agencies abroad)Colonel H. de WattevilleE20From journal
1875GeneralBahnpost & railway cancellations (photocopies of 'Tell' articles)Felix Ganz ( Tell 1976 - 1978 )1976-1978E500From journal
1885StampsMehrfarbiger Stichtiefdruck Fur Schweizerishe BriefmarkenPTT - Erwin Bosshard 1967G125Recess printing process - photos etc
1895CancelsDie Stempel Der Schweizerischen Post and PaketannahmestellenKarl Gebert & Rudulf Schaub1969G100Postal acceptance stations
1905Postal historyDas Basler Postwesen in den Kriegsjahren 1914 - 1916PTTG100Photocopy re post in WW I
1915Postal historyPostal History International - Page 194/195 Posts between Sardinia & GenevaPre-philately cantonal postal treaties with Italy
1925PerfinsCH PerfinsMartin Baer1998G,I,F,E375Catalogue of perfins
1935Postal historyPoststellenchronik Schweiz 1849 - 1999Karl Gebert1999G,F,E475Detailed gazetteer of post offices and dates etc
1945Postal historyLes Etiquettes Postales Suisses 1876 - 1997Georges Guignard, Louis Vuille1998F,G625Labels (etiquettes) etc
1955 [ Withdrawn from library - see 294 ]
1965Postal historyDie Reglemente und Tarife der Fisher'schen Post 1675-1832Paul E Heiniger1984G1,200Box of facsimile articles
1975CatalogueAmateur Collector Catalogue 1994Amateur Collector LtdE300Old classic catalogue
1985Postal historyVerzeichnis der PostleitzahlenPTT1993G,F,I125Gazetteer of post offices (two parts)
1995Postal historyHistoire de la Poste de Vevey et son EnvironnementVeyey Philatelic Society1984F500Vevey postal history
2005Postal historyDie Postgeschichte der Stadt Biel Philatelistenverein Biel1989F & G375Biel/Bienne postal history
2015CancelsTerritoire de Belfort Haut-Rhin Francais et Partie Francaise de la Suisse PomandeRobert de Fontaines1961F400Transit marks etc
2025Postal historyDie Post Der Fischer 1675 - 1832PTT 1991G & F300Fischer post
2035Postal historyGeschichte der Schweizerischen Posttaxengesetzgebung Dr Jur. Jakob Buser1912G500Historic postal rates (reprint)
2045Postal historySchweizerischer Brief Post Tarif 1869PTTG80Historic postal rates (reprint)
2055GeneralZumstein - Deutsch, French, English, Dutch, Danish, Swedish etcZumsteinG,F&E etc125Translations of philatelic terms
2065GeneralAlma Lee CollectionRapp Auction Catalogue 20012001G600Former HPS president's collection
2075StampsBasler Taube Jean-Paul Bach & Felix Winterstein1995G,F,I,E500Basel Dove stamp - monograph
2085CancelsCat. Des Vignettes Suisses de Propagande et CommemorativesPen1980F& G550Catalogue of commercial labels/vignettes (photocopy)
2095AirmailSchweizerisches Luftpost - HandbuchSchweizerischer Aerophilatelisten-Verein2000G900Airmail catalogue
2105RailwayTramways & Light Railways of Switzerland & AustriaRichard Buckley2000E325Gazeteer of railways
2115StampsThe Imperforated Sitting Helvetia 1854 - 1863Herbert Brach2000E2,500Major work on Strubels
2125AirmailAirships and Zeppelins (from Stamp Lover magazine)2002E20Short article from journal
2135Postal historyWorld War II Mail from SwitzerlandC J LaBlonde2003E600Mail to UK, US & Canada in wartime
2145Postal historyGenevaW HaemmerliE500Many colour plates
2156GeneralTimbres-poste Suisse - 2 volumesHertsch, Max1973F2,000Swiss stamps compendium - many colour plates
2166CustomsZollstempel der Schweiz auf PaketkartenVogt, Matthias2003G200Customs Cancels on packet cards
2176StampsLes Porte-Timbres Publicitaires de SuisseVuille, Louis (HNL)2003F25Kocher stamps etc
2186GeneralHelvetia Newsletter Index 1987 - 2004 Subject orderMedland, Bob2004E80Helvetia Newsletter Index 1987/ 2004 Subject order
2196GeneralHelvetia Newsletter Index 1987 - 2004 Date orderMedland, Bob2004E80Helvetia Newsletter Index 1987/ 2004 Date order
2206Postal historyPneumatic tube mailLucas, Bernard1993E20Pneumatic Tube Mail
2216StampsStudy of the Federal Admin. Issues of 1850 - 1854 and their Forgeries (on CD-Rom only)Kofranek, Prof. Anton M.2005E100Detailed study of 1850 issues and forgeries
2226Postal StationerySGSSV GABRA IV 2001Swiss Postal Stationery Collectors Society2001G300Anniversary publication - many plates
2236Postal StationeryDie Bildpostkarten P139 und ihre KlischeeunterschiedeDay, P. & Steiger, V.2002G180Postals stationery booklet
2246Postal historyReturn to Sender - The "Retour" Etiquettes of Switzerland and other CountriesMuir, Douglas N.2004E235Return to sender labels/etiquettes (article in The London Philatelist)
2256MilitaryDie schweizerischen Soldatenmarken 1914 / 1918Wittwer, Markus2004G390Catalogue of Soldier Stamps
2266MilitaryDie schweizerischen Soldatenmarken 1939 / 1945Wittwer, Markus2004G1,000Catalogue of Soldier Stamps
2276MilitaryDie Militarpostkarten und Ganzsachen der SchweizWittwer, Markus2005G500Catalogue of Soldier Stamps
2286GeneralGerman / English Philatelic DictionaryGerman Philatelic Society2005E420German / English Philatelic Dictionary
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