There are two competitions.

The Moore Bowl covers any aspect of Postal History e.g. routes, rates, postage due,TPO, censored, aerophilatelic.

The Helvetia Philatelic Silver Cup is for any subject except Postal History. Therefore entries can cover stamps, postal stationery, revenues, thematic, postal stationery, cinderella and postcards.

Each entry is to comprise 16 sheets. Double sheets count as two ordinary sheets. Judging of the entries will be by those members attending the National Meeting. The basic judging criteria are philatelic knowledge and study of the subject, condition and presentation. After due consideration of the entries members will vote for their top three entries in each competition by entering their choices on the judging slip provided. Marks will then be awarded as follows to determine the winner and runner-up in each competition: a first place will receive 3 marks,
a second place 2 marks and a third place 1 mark. (In the event of a tie the number of first places awarded shall decide the winner. If there is still a tie then members will re-judge the tied entries to reach a decision.)

Where the owner of the winning entry is not able to be present the trophy will remain with the Society. If possible, it will be presented to the winner at a regional meeting.

Further information may be obtained through the Secretary including details of arrangements for submission of photocopies to a nominated person when an entrant is unable to attend or present the original material.

Notice of forthcoming competitions will be published in the HPS newsletter usually in conjunction with the programme for the Annual General Meeting.