Electric Express Locomotive

Electric Express Locomotive

Originally released in 1994, this edition of the catalogue lists all known varieties of Swiss trial prints produced by Swiss printers P.T.T., Helio Courvoisier S.A. and WIFAG.

Trial prints are similar to postage stamps, having been produced using the same equipment and materials, but are not valid for postage. They are typically used to verify the correct operation of stamp printing presses at startup or after repair, or for testing new paper, ink, or other materials.

Updates in this edition include matrices for identifying Cross and Ball and the Fish Design. Cross and Whorls have been completely re-classified. New additions and changes to the Large Hermes Heads and Aztec Calendar. Small David has been enhanced.

A new discovery on the Electric Express Locomotive – it’s a puzzle – how can a block of 6, right-hand lower corner be uniformly paled? (page 68). Also added are a number of new Courvoisier prints and improvements. There are still so many overpriced trial prints on the market (e.g. ebay) that the catalogue also contains a guide to values.
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